Chapter 203 Husband, Father

After graduating from college, Qin Sheng had been drifting from place to place and had not to stay rooted in a single place until now. His grandfather told him that Shanghai was a place where he would receive a lot of blessings, so he decided to work his way up from there. However, he did not expect to be involved in so much drama and be forced to leave helplessly and in a bad state.

To be frank, right now, he was just an ordinary person. Facing a big family as powerful as the Yan Family, there was no way he could fight back unless he went all out and risked his life. However, such a courageous act was not wise at all. It would not be worth it.

If it was just a small grudge, Qin Sheng would have just let it go. However, Qin Sheng must definitely seek his revenge for such a blood-entrenched hatred. The only reason stopping him from doing it now was his lack of capabilities and opportunity. He would definitely seek revenge when he had the capabilities to do so in the future. Most people thought the same that Qin Sheng could not be a saint for this.

Hence, Qin Sheng did not say anything when Xia Ding, Hao Lei, and the rest felt unjust for him and asked him, with pent-up frustration, when he was going to take revenge. He held back the impulse in his heart and his grievances were already buried deep down in his heart a long time ago.

Qin Sheng only gave them his answer at this moment. An answer like this meant that he was full of determination. If he was unable to seek revenge, he would not return to Shanghai. If he were to return to Shanghai, it would be to seek revenge, even if it would be 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years, 50 years later.

“Okay, we’ll wait for you to come back,” Xia Ding said with a burning gaze as he hugged Qin Sheng’s shoulders.

The separation was not a farewell; it was not like they were not going to meet again. Hence, there was not much sorrow. They were most worried that each other would be gone without saying goodbye, like the two years when Qin Sheng went missing and the past six months. Each time, it felt endless and hopeless.

The Xia family’s driver sent Xia Ding and the rest to the high-speed rail station. It was too tiring to drive from Hangzhou to Shanghai. Today, the major cities in the Yangtze River Delta area were all connected by the high-speed rail. It was relatively more comfortable and convenient.

After they left, Qin Sheng, Lin Su, and Xia Ding stood at the entrance of the hotel. Qin Sheng asked with a deep meaning in his tone, “Lao Chang, are you willing to stay in Hangzhou?”

The last time Chang Baji followed Qin Sheng to Shanghai was because of his master’s orders. The second reason was because of Qin Sheng’s character etc. Afterward, Qin Sheng also found him a decent job, as the Assistant General Manager of Shangshan Ruoshui.

But now?

Qin Sheng had just arrived at Hangzhou and he himself had yet to find a stable footing, let alone find Chang Baji a decent job. Chang Baji was not an ordinary person, the combination of his loyalty and combat abilities could land him a job anywhere. He would still be Chang Baji even if he had to return to Xi’an.

However, Qin Sheng did want to keep Chang Baji by his side. With a highly-skillful friend and teacher by his side, he could be efficient in everything that he did.

But what did Chang Baji think?

Chang Baji studied Qin Sheng and smiled faintly as he said, “I do like this city, its half-mountain half-lake nature is enough to keep me occupied for half a year. I’ll stay in Hangzhou first, let’s talk about the rest in the future.”

Chang Baji did not reject but he did not confirm either. He only gave Qin Sheng a deadline. This was already comforting to Qin Sheng. He quickly replied, “Okay, then you go and explore during this period of time. As for accommodation, there are two rooms at the Golden Coast. You stay in one and Lin Su and me will stay in one.”

Lin Su had no objection. Chang Baji and Qin Sheng were friends that had gone through life-and-death together. Although it was not the most suitable to have an outsider live at their home, she would not say anything.

However, Chang Baji was not used to it. He rejected them nicely, “You guys don’t have to worry about it. I have friends in Hangzhou. Just call me anytime if you need me.”

Since Chang Baji had already said it like this, Qin Sheng did not insist. He nodded silently…

After the three of them had a casual chat, Qin Sheng and Lin Su returned to the Golden Coast. Living there was a little quiet, but the environment was okay. However, there was still a difference when compared to the West Lake. Qin Sheng felt that when he gets rich in the future, he would but a courtyard, like today’s Guiyu Shanfang, and live on hillside. It would really be perfect if they could overlook the West Lake’s scenery and the city’s night view. It would feel like they were hidden in the city.

Since they drank yesterday, Qin Sheng was going to adjust his condition today. After returning to the Golden Coast, he took a shower and a nap. He then spent the whole afternoon drinking tea and reading a book.

He had already discussed with Lin Su that he was going to start work tomorrow. This would then be considered integrating into the life here in Hangzhou. Otherwise, he felt like something was amiss.

During the evening, Qin Sheng called Mr. Cao and told him that he was ready and planned to start work the next day.

Mr. Cao was not surprised. He did not think that Qin Sheng was a man that could rest up to a week. Hence, he laughed and said, “Meet me at Jiuxi Rose Garden at 7:00 am tomorrow.”

Jiuxi Rose Garden was a famous villa area in Hangzhou. The geographic location was very good. It was filled with villas. The houses were near the mountains and overlooked the lake. It was second-best to the houses at West Lake. After searching on Baidu, Qin Sheng found out that Jiuxi Rose Garden, where Mr. Cao stayed at, was also on Zhijiang Road. It would take him only 15 minutes if he grabbed a cab. It would be convenient when he returned home.

After careful thinking, Qin Sheng finally understood that Uncle Zhuang probably made him stay here for the exact reason. It was more or less more convenient. These big shots had so many things to handle every day, yet they still paid a lot of attention to such details. Qin Sheng had so much more to learn.

Qin Sheng woke up at 5:30 am the next day. By now, he had already resumed his habit of running in the morning in order to keep his body in the best condition every day. He looked up the nearest gym and planned to continue training there during the evening or the weekends.

He had done a recce for the running route. He would run from Golden Coast to Fuxing Bridge and cross over to the opposite, across the Xixing Bridge and then return to Golden Coast. That is, running a full round with Fuxing and Xixing Bridges as center points. It would take him just a little more than half an hour at an average speed.

After he came back, he took a shower and changed his clothes. He brought breakfast and prepared ginger tea for Lin Su who had a weak body that got sick easily. Lin Su had just woken up. After bidding goodbye and giving her a hug and kiss, Qin Sheng then left for Jiuxi Rose Garden.

It was exactly 7:00 am on the dot when he arrived there. Mr. Cao had apparently informed the guards there and Qin Sheng headed straight to his villa.

The villas in Jiuxi Rose Garden were worth millions. Qin Sheng studied the place while on his way. The environment was excellent and every house was stand-alone and came with a garden, some even with a swimming pool, like Mr. Cao’s.

From a distance away, Qin Sheng could see Mr. Cao, dressed in all-gray sportswear, practicing his sword movements. His movements were indeed pretty and he would occasionally throw in a few tricks. It was a pity that his footsteps seemed frivolous. There was probably something wrong with his body.

Standing at the door, Qin Sheng pressed the doorbell. Cao Da stopped in his tracks subconsciously. Qin Sheng smiled and nodded at him. The caretaker quickly came and opened the door for him. Qin Sheng walked into this three-story stand-alone villa slowly.

“Young man, you’re quite punctual,” Cao Da laughed as he kept his sword and walked towards the chair under the parasol next to him.

Qin Sheng answered truthfully, “If I’m late on my first day, Mr. Cao would be so disappointed in me.”

“You’re right. I like men who are truthful and keep to their promises. The basic requirements of one are to be punctual, be trustworthy and able to keep to his promises. You young people should especially remember this point,” Cao Da said casually as he sipped on his tea. However, he was murmuring in his heart, “You’re Qin Changan’s son, no matter whether I’m disappointed in you or not, it won’t affect your future.”

He did not wait for Qin Sheng to reply before he ordered the granny, “Aunty Wu, pour a cup of tea. And wake them up for breakfast.”

“It’s been a few days since you arrived in Hangzhou. How do you feel? Are you getting used to this city?” Cao Da started chatting with Qin Sheng casually.

Qin Sheng smiled faintly and said, “I’ve always had a good feeling for this city. I’ve been here before, but I didn’t get to tour around properly, let alone thought about living here.”

“I am deeply in love with Hangzhou, so I will not move one step away from it even if I turn old or die. Others say that I have a small mindset, I say that I’m living comfortably. I fell critically-ill two years ago, so I’ve learned to let go of many things,” Cao Da sighed emotionally. When a man reached 40 and had withstood from worldly temptations, he would be able to see things much clearer. Cao Da had just entered this stage. All those so-called ambitious had scattered away like the wind.

Each successful person did not succeed casually. Each person who held a high position had an endless heart-wrenching story to tell. This was also why Qin Sheng liked talking to middle-aged people. The casual few words could be the experience that would take you 10 years to accumulate. It could save you from falling into a trap or taking a twisted path.

Qin Sheng listened silently and did not intend to butt in at all. You ask him to comfort Mr. Cao and talk to their heart’s content? He was not qualified, nor was he equipped with the skills.

“Do you know why I agreed without hesitation when Lao Zhuang introduced you to me?” Cao Da asked casually. This was from his heart and not just acting.

Qin Sheng shook his head and replied, “I don’t know.”

“I have two wives, one son, and two daughters. My son is going to graduate from college soon. One of the girls is in high school and the other has just started middle school. I can don’t think for myself, but I have to think for them. Ever since I stopped caring about things two years ago, I am basically walking downhill. After getting to this stage, who doesn’t have a few enemies? However, right now, they don’t dare to harm me. I’m worried that in the future, when I no longer have the capabilities, they will threaten me with my wives and kids. My son is a little ambitious, but he has too little experience in society, he’s not worthy to be the opponent of that bunch of old foxes. So I’m asking you to keep a close eye on them and bite them anytime.” Cao Da said a lot at one go. He had basically given Qin Sheng the full explanation. He sighed and continued, “As long as I can keep this family business going, help him to survive these few years successfully, I don’t have to worry about the future anymore.”

“Understood. This is the responsibility of a husband and a father,” Qin Sheng said softly.

For these past few years, Cao Da was indeed no longer like who he was. Be it his body or business, he felt unmotivated. He also felt tired and did not want to continue fighting anymore. The only thing he could do now was to escort his son and let him chase after what he wanted when he grows up. As for his wives and daughters, they were women after all. They could just live with a good life.

However, he did not expect God to give him a chance like this. As long as he did this right, Cao Family’s future, the rest of his son’s life, would be far beyond his imagination.

“Now let’s talk about your job. Your role is the chairman’s special assistant. You represent me and take orders from me directly. When there’s nothing to do on usual days, you can go to the company if you want. Just attend some meetings and look out for the people for me. If you’re unwilling to go, you can just rest. At night, go to those venues and keep an eye on them. Those are all my cash flow. But those people’s appetite had grown bigger these two years. It’s not ideal for me to show up. You have to help me figure it out, in case I offend someone.” “I will call if you if something happen. You will slowly learn how to do and arrange things and adapt gradually. Take care of them on your own in the future,” Cao Da said in a serious tone as he stared at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng replied calmly, “Understood.”

“Okay, that’s about it. It’s not that complicated,” Cao Da said casually. Seeing the granny come out, he got up and said, “Let’s go, let’s go in and have breakfast.”

Although Qin Sheng had just eaten breakfast, he still followed him in. He could not possibly stay here alone, right?

After entering and seeing the men and women seated at the long dining table, Qin Sheng finally understood. “Oh my goodness, Cao Da’s two wives and three children are actually living together. How messy is this? ”