Chapter 204 Start the Meeting Now

The resources of society always tended to gather in the hands of the wealthy. This was undeniable.

This applied to women as well. Outstanding women would naturally choose successful men. Since ancient times, beautiful ladies were paired with heroes and men with talent, never with losers. Even if one had Wu Tailang’s life, one would never be blessed enough to enjoy such treatment.

Qin Sheng had seen many wealthy men who kept women outside, sometimes not just one or two. To them, women were merely by-products that came with money and power. When they had both of these, women would naturally flock to them. After all, this was a materialistic society.

However, Qin Sheng had never seen a wife and a mistress staying under the same roof. At most, the wife would either allow the husband to fool around outside but not to bring home any women. Otherwise, she would live separately from her husband. The wife would tend to value status over their relationship and would keep her eyes on the mistress.

Hence, Qin Sheng was full of admiration for Mr. Cao for handling the two ladies’ relationship so well. This was not something a normal person could achieve.

“Let me introduce you. This is the new member of the family, Qin Sheng, my special assistant. In the future, you guys can look for him if you need anything related to the family,” Cao Da explained. He naturally had a secret intention. He wanted to make his children interact with Qin Sheng more. This way, as time passed, they would develop relationships with each other and Qin Sheng would more or less not forget them.

However, Qin Sheng was very surprised that Cao Da would introduce him as a new member. It seemed like he was going to be very busy taking care of their family matters. Qin Sheng felt so tired that he had no more energy to take care of someone else.

The others initially thought that he was just an ordinary person. They had not expected him to be Cao Da’s special assistant. They subconsciously lifted up their heads to study him from head to toe. The son and eldest daughter looked like they had yet to wake up and had no intention of caring about Qin Sheng. After taking a glance at him, they continued to eat and play on their phones.

However, the youngest daughter, who wore a white one-piece, took an egg and ran up to Qin Sheng with smiling eyes. She passed it to him and said, “Brother Qin Sheng, have an egg.”

Cao Da caressed the little girl’s head. She was always full of strange ideas. He laughed and said, “Our Yu’er is the most sensible one!”

Cao Da’s second wife was very pretty. She had just entered her 30s. She had become his lover during her university days and then gotten pregnant and given birth to his youngest daughter. This was how she had been accepted into the Cao household by the first wife. She had never left ever since.

When Cao Da was around, the two wives got along well. However, there was bound to be awkwardness, since their relationship was special.

The second wife smiled at Qin Sheng and nodded. The first wife did not say anything. She was not qualified to be brought to the table.

The first wife finally snapped back to reality and quickly welcomed him. “Qin Sheng, come and sit quickly! Have you eaten breakfast? Auntie Wu, add a set of tableware.”

The second wife, who knew better, got up to let Qin Sheng sit beside Cao Da. She made her youngest daughter move a seat over. An ordinary woman would not have an eye for such things.

Qin Sheng felt a little awkward. He did not know how to address Cao Da’s first and second wive. If there had only been one of them, he could have just called her ‘Auntie’.

Cao Da’s first wife saw that he was in a dilemma. After all, she’d had her fair share of such incidents. Thus, she said, “You can just call me First Auntie and call her Second Auntie.”

Qin Sheng greeted them respectfully. “First Auntie, Second Auntie.”

“Dig in,” Cao Da said casually. The others stopped talking and lowered their heads as they began eating their breakfast. Qin Sheng had his meal, feeling helpless.

It was already past 8 am by the time they were done with breakfast. Cao Da had a designated driver who was a standard retired soldier. He had been with Cao Da for many years already, but there was nothing special about him.

The Cao family was big, so there were six cars in total. Cao Da had an Infiniti QX80 and a Mercedes-Benz S600L. The first wife owned a standard Audi A7, and the second wife had a Porsche 911. His son owned an eye-catching Ferrari, and the family had an ordinary nanny van. Hence, it was not necessarily a good thing to have a big family. Actually, it was a waste of money.

Cao Da’s Yuanda Holding Company was located in the Euro America Center in Huanglong CBD. Other than the entertainment industry, his company was also involved in food and beverage, audio-visual, finance, medicine, and export trade. Even so, he was not one of the richest people in Hangzhou. There was a number of people with net worth more than 10 billion.

“Do you know how to drive?” Cao Da asked casually as he read the news from the backseat.

Qin Sheng, who was sitting in the passenger seat, answered, “Yes.”

“Lao Li, get the logistics department to arrange a car for Qin Sheng,” Cao Da ordered the driver. The dutiful driver nodded silently. He was basically a man of no words. He only nodded at Qin Sheng as a form of greeting and did not say a single word.

No one spoke a word during the whole ride. Bosses usually had a high profile, so they would not talk to their drivers like they would with their friends. Qin Sheng paid attention to the route and the scenery on the way. He did not even look down at his phone.

The Euro America Center (EAC) building was one of the more well-known buildings in Hangzhou’s CBD. This area was filled with big companies that everyone knew of. Cao Da’s company’s headquarters were located here, while the branches were nearby.

After arriving at the Euro America Center, Cao Da led Qin Sheng straight to the company. He had already notified the day before that they would have a meeting that day. Hence, all the people in charge of the branches and entertainment centers were present.

Qin Sheng slowly understood Cao Dao, even though he was still half-sure about this job as a special assistant. After arriving at Cao Da’s company’s headquarters, he finally realized that this man was not simple. Just the headquarters alone occupied an entire floor.

The entrance of Yuanda Holding Company was very welcoming. There were three beautiful receptionists. The company was very modern, unlike the old-fashioned enterprise Qin Sheng had imagined it to be. Luckily, he was dressed formally. Otherwise, he would have seemed like the odd one out here.

Cao Da’s secretary was waiting at the entrance for his arrival with lots of documents in her hand. She started to brief Cao Da on today’s agenda, things to handle, etc. While walking, the staff members that they met all lowered their heads and greeted Cao Da respectfully. Qin Sheng followed closely behind, feeling everyone’s greeting gazes. He was very used to this kind of situation. Everyone was guessing who this young man behind their boss was.

When they entered the Chairman’s office, the classy secretary, who had just entered her 30s, was still talking. She looked very experienced based on what she said and the things she did. Otherwise, she would not have been able to be the secretary of the boss of an enterprise like this.

Cao Da had three secretaries, but this beautiful lady called Yu Qian was the main person in charge. She had been with Cao Da for four to five years already. She was very experienced in her work and Cao Da liked and appreciated her a lot.

“Xiao Yu, this is my new special assistant. His name is Qin Sheng. You guys should take some time to get to know one another, for you’ll be contacting each other quite regularly. Later on, take him to fill in the employment paperwork. When I’m not here, you can just contact him directly,” Cao Da said casually. However, his last words had already cleared up everything. Yu Qian immediately took note of this young man’s importance.

Yu Qian put the documents in her hand onto the office desk. Then, she turned to Qin Sheng and took the initiative to put out her hand. She smiled gently as she said, “Hello, I am Yu Qian. Nice to meet you.”

Qin Sheng did the same and said, “It’s my first time here. I hope that Sister Yu will take care of me in the future.”

It was a quick handshake that lasted for a very short time. She did not even give him the chance to take advantage of her. However, Qin Sheng could still feel the woman’s smooth skin.

“Are all the representatives from the other branches and department managers here already?” Cao Da asked as he took a cup of tea that was passed to him by another secretary.

Yu Qian frowned slightly and said, “Other than Mr. Qian from Meili Jinzuo and Mr. Sun from the audio-visual company, the rest are already waiting in the meeting room.”

“Why didn’t they come?” Cao Da was very puzzled.

Yu Qian explained truthfully, “Mr. Qian said that he drank too much last night while hosting some VIPs, so he won’t be coming today. Mr. Sun went to Hengdian to start filming and won’t be able to rush back.”

A trace of anger flashed cross Cao Da’s eyes. However, he replied without a change in his voice, “Okay, I got it. Let’s start the meeting.”

One hand holding onto the teacup, Cao Da led Yu Qian towards the meeting room. At the same time, he motioned for Qin Sheng to follow along. On the way there, everyone felt that Cao Da seemed different. He was full of a deadly aura. After all, during the past year, he had basically come once a week for the meeting on Monday mornings. He had not been at the company at any other time, let alone held a meeting on a Friday. Why had he gathered all the leaders of the branches and various departments? What kind of show was he putting on?

The ginormous meeting room was already filled with people. Anyone who ought to be present was already here. They were all discussing what was going on. What would make Big Boss want to hold a meeting on a Friday?

When the doors to the meeting room were pushed open, everyone looked at the door. When they saw Big Boss, whom they had not seen for several days, they all stood up at the same time. They then noticed Qin Sheng, who walked in closely behind, and could not help but ponder.

After walking to his seat, Cao Da looked up, scanned their faces, and said calmly, “Firstly, I would like to introduce a new colleague to everyone. This is my new special assistant, Qin Sheng. Please give him a round of applause.”

What did he mean?

Everyone had a shocked expression on their faces. They were very surprised, as they did not understand why Cao Da would suddenly hire a special assistant and introduce him to all of the executives. What was this for?

Qin Sheng could not be bothered to think about their responses. He bowed slightly before everyone and did not say anything unnecessary or courteous. Cao Da had told him to be a wolf, so Cao Da already knew what kind of role he was playing. He had to make this bunch of people fear him and clear all obstacles for Cao Da’s son, Cao Zhang.

When Yu Qian saw that no one was clapping, she started clapping herself. The rest then snapped back from their thoughts and quickly applauded and welcomed Qin Sheng’s addition.

When the applause started to die out, Cao Da motioned for them to stop. Satisfied, he said, “You all know that ever since I fell critically ill two years ago, I started to slowly let go of the company’s matters. During the past year, I rarely came to the office and basically handed everything to Mr. Zhou. In order to lessen his workload and stress, I have decided to return to the company.”

After he said those words, a number of faces fell. They realized that the sky was turning dark. For the past two years, a number of them had been squandering their pockets and embezzling the company’s profits. The management had been very loose. Otherwise, the company would not have been in a standstill. However, the Big Boss was coming back, so they would have to be careful now.

Cao Da quickly added, “Although I may have the intention, I might not have the ability to do so. I don’t have that much energy, so I made Qin Sheng my special assistant. In the future, if you have anything to report to me, you can contact Qin Sheng directly. I will ask him to report everything to me and not bother Mr. Zhou anymore.”

The eyes of the man seated in the first seat on Cao Da’s left wandered when he said this. He was unsure what the boss meant. Did he not trust him, or was this a routine practice?

The others also started whispering and discussing among themselves in lowered voices.

Cao Da did not care. He pointed to a seat nearby that probably belonged to the absent Mr. Qian or Mr. Sun and said, “Qin Sheng, you can sit there first.”

He then turned towards the others and said, “Let’s start the meeting now.”