Chapter 207 Once and for All

Back in the office, Qin Sheng heard Yu Qian say that Mr. Qian had drunk too much the night before and would not be attending the meeting. Qin Sheng then felt that this Mr. Qian was definitely a thorn in the bush. Cao Da was the big boss behind Yuanda Holdings. He rarely came to the office and it was rare for him to call a meeting on a Friday for all of the executives. However, Mr. Qian still dared to not turn up. He was an extremely obnoxious man.

Hence, after sending Cao Da off, Qin Sheng had nothing to do and decided to come and visit this big shot. However, he did not expect him to be so disrespectful. Qin Sheng could not understand it fully; people who make it to this stage in life should be very good at handling things, especially at places like this. How could he still have such a determined attitude?

Yang Guorong drank with his clients and laughed with them as he tried his best to persuade them. He asked Qin Sheng to wait a while more. He was a leader that knew how to handle personal relationships. No matter what, Qin Sheng was the big boss’s special assistant. Mr. Qian did not dare to offend him, even though Qin Sheng looked quite young.

Qin Sheng rejected politely and said that he still had some other things to do and would be back another day. Qin Sheng paid not one penny less of the wine’s costs and tips for the service. Actually, based on his background, he could have walked away without paying a single cent.

After leaving Poly International, Yang Guorong immediately notified Mr. Qian. “Mr. Qian, that person could not wait any longer and has left.”

“Let him go then. He’s just a kid that hasn’t even gone through puberty. How dare he come and show off his power? He didn’t even bother to find out what kind of a person I, Qian Buping, am!” Mr. Qian replied disdainfully from outside a big private room upstairs. He did not treat Qin Sheng seriously at all.

Hearing this, Yang Guorong just let it go. Anyways, it was none of his business…

After leaving Poly International, Qin Sheng felt that it was about time and left to go pick up Lin Su. He called a replacement driver over to drive his car. Although he did not drink a lot, he was not willing to trample on this bottom line. A man with no boundaries would always fall over trivial things like this. Besides, it was his first time in Hangzhou. If he was really caught for drunk driving, Cao Da and Zhuang Zhou could both bail him out. But this kind of things would always be taken lightly.

The charity foundation that Lin Su was working at was located on Hefang Street. It was very near to the Uptown government area, so she ate near there as well. She had sent Qin Sheng her location a long time ago and Qin Sheng sent a driver to that location.

It was very rare for the foundation to have such a beautiful woman with such temperament. Hence, many non-attached male colleagues were very excited. Some even blatantly proclaimed that they had found their true love, while some said that it was like meeting his first love. They were all ready to launch their violent attacks in hopes to win over this beautiful woman.

The person in charge of the charity foundation used to be a successful entrepreneur. After doing some research while traveling in the west, he started to realize how poor and undeveloped that area was. Hence, after returning to Hangzhou, he handed the company to a manager and his two sons as he devoted himself into charity business. Currently, he had already built more than 10 schools from donations. At the same time, he had sponsored thousands of poor children to study and even helped many children who were critically ill.

It was said that it was a vicious cycle in the west. Why did you give birth if you could not raise one? However, this boss did not think so. The environment in the west was so bad, these ordinary farmers had no income, no way out, and no knowledge, how were they so supposed to know so many things? The only way to fix this cycle was to optimize the living environment there and let more children go out and see an even more exciting world.

No matter what, this boss had done so much good work.

Qin Changan learned about this boss from a friend, which was why he let Lin Su come here. His evaluation of Lin Su was very high. He felt that if Qin Sheng could marry such a woman, there were definitely only pros and no cons. The Qin Family was very satisfied with a daughter-in-law like her. He had never thought about sacrificing Qin Sheng’s marriage to do a joint-marriage with a big family. Besides, he knew that Qin Sheng would not agree.

Qin Sheng asked the driver to wait at the other side of the road. Lin Su would call him when she comes out.

After more than 10 minutes, the welcome feast was finally over. Lin Su’s two leaders and several male and female colleagues all came out at the same time. Lin Su was surrounded by them.

A top scorer from Zhejiang University said politely, “Big Beauty Lin, where do you live? If it’s on the way, let me send you back.”

Following which, two other male colleagues followed suit, “It’s already so late. It’s definitely not safe for you to go back home alone. Let whoever is on the way send you back.”

These were all superficial words. Their main intentions were to have a chance to get to know Lin Su better. This would be beneficial for their next step.

The two leaders were already used to such a situation. They have been in the same situation after all. A woman with both inner and outer beauty would be a good match for a gentleman; this was a way of life. If they were both willing, it would be a good love story.

Lin Su was brought into the company by the foundation’s boss, so no one knew about the details of her situation. Today was her first day at work and everyone had yet to go find out.

Lin Su smiled in response. She was already used to such a scenario. In the past in Shanghai, she had her fair share of being picked up. At that time she still had to think of what to say or directly reject the person harshly or ignore the person completely. Now, she was already attached. This was a proper and appropriate reason.

Hence, Lin Su said directly, “No thanks, my boyfriend is coming to pick me up.”

Her one sentence destroyed the confidence of all the male colleagues. Some felt heartbroken while some felt extremely let down. However, there were two of them who came from more outstanding family background, and after a moment of feeling lost, they felt that they still stood a chance.

At this point in time, they had all walked to the roadside. Qin Sheng saw Lin Su come out from far away and let the driver drive over directly.

A Mercedes-Benz S600L stopped in front of everyone’s eyes and they were all wondering who this belonged to. Just as some were admiring this fancy car, Qin Sheng got off the car slowly.

Lin Su was shocked; she did not expect it to be Qin Sheng.

“I was just about to call you,” said Qin Sheng cheerfully as he walked towards Lin Su.

Everyone understood the situation immediately. This person must be Lin Su’s boyfriend. He was also the owner of this luxury car. The confidence of several male colleagues was completely shattered. The two who thought that they had the potential had also given up completely. All of them mourned over the loss.

Lin Su pursed her lips and went up to wrap her arm around Qin Sheng’s. She took the initiative to introduce to everyone, “This is my boyfriend, Qin Sheng.”

“Hello,” Qin Sheng greeted as he smiled and nodded. He could feel the dark glare and jealousy from several men, as well as the admiration of the females.

Lin Su did not intend to stay longer. Seizing the right timing, she turned to her leader and said, “Sister Liu, then we’ll go back first. You guys should go home early too.”

“Okay, drive slowly,” the leader called Sister Liu said with smiling eyes. She watched them get on the car.

The Mercedes-Benz S600L left directly, leaving behind a group of people who had all kinds of thoughts going on in their mind. Some male colleagues have already lost the excitement they had just now and looked like a layer of frost had landed on them. Sister Liu seemed to casually say, “Don’t think about such good things. Do you guys think that Lin Su is suitable for you all? This kind of woman can never belong to an ordinary man. An ordinary girl could not have kind of temperament. You guys probably did not know that the President had personally arranged for Lin Su to enter our foundation, right?”

Everyone shrugged and smiled. They could only treat her like a normal friend now.

On the way back to the Golden Coast, with her arm still around Qin Sheng’s, Lin Su asked sternly, “Did you drink again tonight?”

“Just a little. It was my first day and I was already challenged. I was more or less frustrated,” Qin Sheng explained. He was trying to figure out if he should continue visiting Poly International tomorrow night. He did not believe that Mr. Qian would not see him. If Mr. Qian were to really trigger Qin Sheng, then the first fire would be poured on him.

Lin Su did not ask more about such trivial things. She trusted that Qin Sheng could take good care of it. She only laughed and said, “You just got the job, Mr. Cao could not possibly have assigned you such a good car, right?”

“Your man does not have that big of a charm,” laughed Qin Sheng. “I sent Mr. Cao back home after attending a dinner with him. He let me drive off the car. Tomorrow I’ll just drive this to go pick him up. But he did assign me a car, just an ordinary Accord.”

“No wonder… but you sound like you’re not satisfied with an Accord! Why not I let you rent a sports car to let you show off? You might even get to pick up some beautiful women!” Lin Su joked. However, Qin Sheng’s entrance today probably killed off all the thoughts that those male colleagues had towards her. This was a once and for all remedy, she would not be bothered by those trivial things in the future.

Qin Sheng snorted, “You’re really using me as a joke! Is your man that selfish? No matter how good a car could be, it would just be a mode of transportation. Besides, I don’t have that capability. Why should I try to pretend and act? It would be so terrible when I’m exposed.”

Lin Su held back her laughter and said, “You really took it for real!”

Behind the wheel, the designated driver was thinking, “So this is actually the boss’s car! I thought it’s yours! You’re just a driver after all, like me.”

On the next day, Qin Sheng went to Jiuxi Rose Garden to pick up Mr. Cao. Today, Mr. Cao was going to pay a visit to an old person who lived at a sanatorium by the West Lake. It accommodated retired soldiers. After sending Mr. Cao there, Qin Sheng waited outside.

After he was done, there was nothing else to do. He was free to go.

Having nothing to do, Qin Sheng did not slack. He directly hitched a cab and went to the headquarter at Euro America Center. He did not have an office yet. Cao Da had already given the orders to Yu Qian: If Qin Sheng was to come to the company, let him stay in the Chairman’s office first. They would then make further arrangements when the administrative department managed to prepare Qin Sheng an office.

After entering the office, Qin Sheng smiled and asked, “Sister Yu, are you busy?”

Yu Qian shook her head thoughtfully and said, “No. Why? Is there something on?”

“You see, I just joined the company. I want to find out more about the company’s executives from you. Otherwise, I don’t know how to start work,” said Qin Sheng truthfully. Since Cao Da trusted her so much, Qin Sheng naturally chose to believe in her as well.

However, it was a pity that Yu Qian did not trust Qin Sheng. She tried to shrug it off, “I’m just a secretary, what can I know? If there’s nothing else, I’ll go and do my work now. There’s a ton of things waiting for me.”

Qin Sheng was very surprised. He did not expect to be rejected. If he were to not make a single ally in the whole of Yuanda Holdings, how hard would it be for him to become a lone wolf and tear off the masks of those fake people?

Yu Qian left for a meeting. Cao Da flared up yesterday and the company had to start hustling again, especially the finance department. They had to reorganize all the various complete reports from the past two years. All departments have to reflect and reshuffle as well. This caused Yu Qian to be very upset. She and her boyfriend were looking at houses recently and planning to get married. Now, she did not even know when she would have to work overtime until.

It was 8:30 at night. Business in the night scene had just started. Qin Sheng drove towards Poly International. He did not believe that Mr. Qian could still be busy tonight.

But the result was still the same. This time around, it was much simpler and direct. After a few shots, Yang Guorong came over to tell Qin Sheng that Mr. Qian had a dinner meeting and might be coming late. Mr. Qian said that if Qin Sheng was willing, he could wait for him.

Qin Sheng left Poly International directly. At the entrance, he turned around and looked up as he studied this magnificent building. He blurted out, “Damn it! You’re so arrogant…”