Chapter 208 Sending News Secretly

Right after becoming a special assistant to Mr. Cao, Qin Sheng kept visiting Qian Buping for two days. He showed his respect to Qian Buping, but Qian Buping did not take him seriously. It was impossible for Qin Sheng to have no temper.

He was not utterly discomfited yet, so Qin Sheng’s mentality was okay. It was okay if he didn’t want to see him. It was not a big deal. This showed that he had a ghost in his heart.

After leaving Poly International, Qin Sheng went to Yunding International, No. 2, Baochu Road, West Lake. This place used to be called Huayangnianhua, so it was similar to Poly International. Later, it had been re-designed and renamed and new shareholders had been introduced.

Yunding International’s business was not bad, as this was a famous nightlife area in Hangzhou. Next to it was the Queen’s Bar, the hottest nightclub in Hangzhou. Across the street was Dongfangmeili, the new representative of Hangzhou nightclubs. Although there were many bars and nightclubs there, it was still not as lively as the place in the Huanglong Sports Center.

Because there were too many competitors in the industry, Yun Ding International was located in a lively place. The business there was not as good as at Poly International, and the last one was Xindinghong, which was a little bit ordinary.

Qin Sheng still didn’t feel the nightlife of Hangzhou. After coming over, he realized that it was really lively here. The business of Queen’s Bar was really good. In combination with several other nightclubs and bars, the visitor flow rate here was really bursting.

Qin Sheng was not interested in going to the Queen’s Bar. His goal was Yunding International. He wanted to see whether Mr. Song at Yunding International’s Song was the same as Mr. Qian at Poly International, who did not respect a new special assistant like him.

This was still a familiar routine. Qin Sheng, who had only been at nightclubs a few times, would have to go to the nightclubs in Hangzhou all the time during the following days. He had no idea whether his wife would suspect that he was messing around with a woman outside.

When he entered the private room, Qin Sheng did not intend to drink. He called the waiter right away. “Please ask Mr. Song to come. Tell him that I am Qin Sheng.”

The waiter, who was wearing a suit, a tie and a headset, was a little surprised. He was so kind as to let Qin Sheng waited for a while before he went out. A few minutes later, a beautiful woman in a cheongsam entered the box. This woman looked really cheap. Qin Sheng was somewhat disgusted by the perfume on her body.

“Handsome, are you looking for our Mr. Song?” the beautiful woman, who had pinned her hair up and powdered herself heavily, said with a smile. The lower hem of her cheongsam was knee-high, but the slit reached the top of her thigh. The woman’s butt twisted a lot when she walked, and her black underwear could be seen. Qin Sheng thought that this woman was really coquettish.

After Qin Sheng looked at the beauty, he whispered, “Who are you?”

“I am the public relations manager of this place. My name is Yin Jing.” The beautiful woman smiled lightly. Her eyes were a little contemptuous, yet she seemed to be seducing Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng didn’t take her seriously. This woman was the lead prostitute of this place. However, he still laughed. “Well, is Mr. Song not here, or doesn’t he want to see me?”

“I don’t know who you are, but I will inform Mr. Song.” Yin Jing bowed slightly, revealing a perfect curve. Her hips were fascinating, but Qin Sheng was not attracted to her.

Qin Sheng truthfully explained, “I’m Mr. Cao’s special assistant. You tell Mr. Song. He naturally knows who I am.”

“Which Mr. Cao?” Yin Jing felt that this man was different from ordinary men, so she was somewhat interested in him.

Qin Sheng frowned slightly. “You talk too much.”

The beauty’s eyes changed slightly. Few people would talk to her like this. She could only answer with jokes. “You are really funny. I will inform Mr. Song. Just wait a moment.”

As Yin Jing was leaving, she asked the waiter to send some fruits over first and take care of the guest. Someone who would call Mr. Song directly was obviously not an ordinary person. She still had the eyesight to notice this. He said he was Mr. Cao’s special assistant. Yin Jing was not sure which Mr. Cao he was referring to. After all, they did not know much about the big bosses.

Five minutes later, the box door was opened again. Song Wei, the person in charge of Yunding International, came in with a smile and shouted, “Qin Sheng, my brother! How come you didn’t say hello to me earlier? I would have arranged a reception in advance.”

Song Wei, the leader of Yunding International, was short and thin. His head was slightly bald, and he always smiled at everyone. Qin Sheng had met him at the executive meeting before.

However, the fact that he had called Qin Sheng brother was a little bit intimate. After all, this was the second time they met each other and the first time they talked.

Qin Sheng slowly got up, took Song Wei’s hand and smiled. “I thought Brother Song wouldn’t see me either.”

“It seems that you have been rejected by Mr. Qian.” The savvy Song Wei immediately understood what was going on and bluntly joked about it.

Qin Sheng was shocked. “How do you know, Brother Song?”

Song Wei did not answer the question in a hurry. He waved his hands to ask the waiters to go out and then he told Yin Jing, “Xiao Jing, go get a bottle of good red wine and bring my cigar box.”

In the blink of an eye, only Qin Sheng and Song Wei were left in this luxuriously-decorated European style box. Song Wei handed Qin Sheng a Liqun cigarette and smiled. “Among the three nightclubs under Mr. Cao’s leadership, we are in the best location. Unfortunately, Mr. Qian’s Poly International runs the best business. You came to Yunding, which indicates that you have been to Poly. You asked if I won’t see you either, so it was obvious that you hadn’t seen Mr. Qian.”

“Thanks for seeing me, Brother Song. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to tell Mr. Cao anything,” Qin Sheng said with a laugh. He could understand this simple logic, but he did not understand the people in charge of these various venues and subsidiaries. Qin Sheng would not treat anyone heartily.

Song Wei laughed and said, “You are joking. I’m not like Mr. Qian. Mr. Qian is the brother-in-law of the second biggest shareholder of the group. How would I compare to him?”

“The second biggest shareholder is just a small shareholder. Yuanda will always follow what Mr. Cao says. No matter what he did, he is also under Mr. Cao’s control.” Qin Sheng didn’t take this for granted, but he knew this information.

Song Wei shook his head. “A few years ago, no one dared to cause trouble under the control of Mr. Cao. In the past two years, Cao has retired from the scene. He is not in charge of many things now. The veterans of the company are building up their own branches. They are thinking about how to make money, who cares about the company’s profits… Thus, the company has been going downhill in the past two years. Our profits are plummeting.”

“This is why Mr. Cao asked me to be his special assistant,” Qin Sheng said bluntly.

Song Wei stared at Qin Sheng. He was slightly absent-minded, so he did not know what he was thinking. He and Qian Buping had always been opponents. As for Mr. Hu, who was responsible for Xindinghong, he was a relatively close ally. Qian Buping had always pressed them.

“Do you read the company’s semi-annual report? We have made a steady improvement in Yunding. After all, I have made great efforts to rectify it. Besides, the position here is so good that I will lose my reputation if I can’t do anything. Poly International has been declining. However, I have observed the passenger flow of Poly International, and it has not lessened so severely. Smart people know the tricks, and Cao always knows. If you want to satisfy Mr. Cao… Hehe…” Song Wei now was showing Qin Sheng a way.

Qin Sheng said playfully, “I know that Brother Song and Mr. Qian are not friends.”

“We don’t have the same opinions. Everyone knows this, I’m just telling the truth,” Song Wei said faintly.

Qin Sheng counterplotted. “Brother Song, tell me, is there any way to find Mr. Qian’s shortcomings?”

Song Wei smiled silently. Suddenly, public relations manager Yin Jing and the waiter came with the red wine and the cigar. They served Qin Sheng and Song Wei by themselves. After walking up with the wine and cutting the cigar, they left happily without forgetting to give Qin Sheng a wink.

Song Wei handed the cigar to Qin Sheng. Although Qin Sheng was not used to smoking cigars and he seldom smoked, he was not a guy that had never seen the world. He skillfully lit the cigar and then spit the first fruity smog.

“Mr. Cao has high hopes for you, Brother Qin. If you really win Mr. Qian’s trust, then you will be able to control people,” Song Wei said meaningfully.

Qin Sheng said politely, “I still hope that Brother Song will show me the way. I would be very grateful.”

“You are welcome. I’m not showing you the way, I’m just telling you something that I know that may be useful to you,” Song Wei said with interest. “I heard that the Finance Manager of Poly International often goes to Macau. He’s a finance manager whose family is not so rich, so it’s a little bit strange that he goes to Macau so often. You can make the company check the account of Poly International and find a way to get through this. This can be figured out once you find the right way.”

“I know. Thank you, Brother Song.” Qin Sheng smiled.

Song Wei said casually, “I don’t have a high position in the company. I will have to rely on you in the future, so you don’t have to be so polite. What do you want to ask? As long as I know, I will tell you. Then, we will talk and drink. Xiao Jing, come in.”

Yin Jing, who had been at the door all this time, immediately knocked on the door and came in. “Mr. Song, what do you need?”

“Ask Weiwei and Qianqian to come over,” Song Wei said. These two were the top girls of Yunding International who used to serve VIPs on weekdays.

Qin Sheng did not refuse. Otherwise, Song Wei would get sensitive. As long as he saw the bottom line and stuck to his principles, he would be fine.

He had made a breakthrough tonight. He had not been turned away at Yunding. The next day, he directly found the director of the finance department and the deputy general manager of the company. Qin Sheng said straightforwardly, “Mr. Hao, help check the account of Poly International. If you are too busy, I can ask an accounting firm to do it.”

Mr. Hao, who was a man in his forties, worked very hard and knew how to stay in his position by obeying the rules. Thus, he whispered, “Assistant Qin, this is inappropriate. If you really want to check the account, you have to get the permission of the boss and Mr. Zhou.”

“You forgot. The big boss said that day that I can represent him in the company,” Qin Sheng said with a smile.

It seemed that plump Mr. Hao did not agree with that, as he insisted. “I know, but the company has its rules and regulations. You have to ask Mr. Zhou or the big boss.”

Qin Sheng was somewhat helpless. He could only call Cao Da for help.

Qin Sheng felt uncertain, for as soon as he left the office of Vice President Hao, Vice President Hao directly sent a message to Qian Buping.