Chapter 209 Interesting People

Qin Sheng had made a fatal mistake. He had gone to check the account of Poly International without knowing the details of Yuanda. He hadn’t thought of it. He had just left the office of Vice President Hao. However, Vice President Hao had already sold him and exposed him.

Therefore, when Qin Sheng called Cao Da and bluntly said that he wanted to check the account of Poly International and Vice President Hao needed his authorization, Cao Da said after being silent for a while, “Come over. I will talk to you again.”

Qin Sheng realized that something was wrong. Shouldn’t he check the account of Poly International?

Caojia was in Jiuxi Rose Garden. Only Cao Da and his eldest daughter were in the big villa. His wife and son had gone to his mother-in-law’s house, his second wife was out shopping with her young daughter, and the rebellious eldest daughter was playing games in the bedroom. Cao Da, who was feeling free and relaxed, was reading in the study.

After seeing Cao Da, Qin Sheng said powerlessly, “Mr. Cao, shouldn’t I check the account of Poly International?”

Cao Da did not answer urgently. He just smiled. “Qin Sheng, if there is no outsider present in the future, you can call me Uncle Cao. At any other time, call me Mr. Cao.”

Qin Sheng was somewhat surprised, but he was very touched. “Okay, Uncle Cao.”

“Well, where is your girlfriend from? Has she gotten used to life in Hangzhou? If she dosen’t work well, you can tell me. After all, you are Zhuang’s nephew, and my friendship with Lao Zhuang is firm.” Cao Da put down the book and spoke with a smile.

Qin Sheng explained, “She is from Ningbo. She used to come to Hangzhou often, so there is nothing wrong with her.”

“That’s good. Just bring your girlfriend to the house for dinner the next day. I’m going to treat you well. This is what a host should do.” Cao Da invited him straightforwardly.

Qin Sheng hesitated for a moment before he nodded and said yes. He had been lucky to meet such a boss.

“I don’t mean that you should not check Poly International’s account, but you should not check it in this way. There are many groups inside the company. You should make Hao go check it. Do you guarantee that Hao and Qian Buping are not in a group? Qian Buping already knows that you are not nice to him.” Cao Da explained slowly.

Qin Sheng’s face changed slightly. He immediately understood what Cao Da meant. He knew that he was negligent and admited so. “Uncle Cao, I am careless. I thought that the financial controller of a company must be the most trusted confidant of the boss. Someone who can be trusted.”

Cao Da got up and lowered the temperature of the air conditioner. Then, he laughed. “Hao really made me trust him. However, during the past two years, I basically didn’t participate in the events of the company. He had a bad relationship with Zhou. The internal management of the company was chaotic, and the accounts were complicated. I am somewhat suspicious of him, and I know that he and Qian Buping are very close.”

“I understand,” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully. Things had already been done like this. He could only find a way to remedy this and break the fort of Poly International when it came to other aspects.

Cao Da slowly said, “Besides me, you can’t believe anyone inside Yuanda. Not unless they earn your trust.”

When he came out of Uncle Cao’s study, Qin Sheng happened to meet the rebellious eldest daughter. The children of this rich family were used to being pampered from an early age. It was also human nature to be unruly.

The little girl was wearing a vest and shorts. There were flip flops on her feet, and she had tied her hair into a casual ponytail. Qin Sheng looked at the girl. She was already a beautiful young woman. She would possibly hurt several boys when she grew up. After all, she came from a good family and background. She would definitely be an object that most men would want to pursue in the future.

“You, come over.” Qin Sheng was planning to leave, when this girl directly told him to stop.

Cao Da’s son was called Cao Zhang, his eldest daughter was called Cao Ying, and his younger daughter was called Cao Yu. Their names were all single words. There might be some kind of rule about this. Some families were like this.

Cao Ying was not interested in the new family member that father had mentioned. Anyway, Dad loved to focus on trivial things. She needed a coolie in her life.

“Is there something wrong?” Such a rude child… Even though she was beautiful, Qin Sheng did not like her. She had directly told him to come over. This girl really had a bad temper.

Cao Ying stared at Qin Sheng and said, “Give me your cell phone.”

Qin Sheng didn’t ask much. He handed the phone to Cao Ying, who immediately dialed a number. After it rang twice, she hung up. Then, she looked up and smiled. “My dad said that you are a new member of our family. Can I call you if I have something I need to do?”

Qin Sheng nodded calmly. “Sure.”

“Well, this is my cell phone number. I have already saved it for you. I will call you in the future. You must arrive immediately,” Cao Ying said eloquently. Then, she gave the cell phone to Qin Sheng and went into her bedroom.

Qin Sheng shrugged. This little rich girl was quite special…

When Qin Sheng left the Jiuxi Rose Garden, Qian Buping had just returned to Poly International. This was his private place. Everything had to be decided by him. From the top to the bottom of the bucket, no one could insert themselves.

“Brother, you said that this kid wants to check the accounts of Poly International?” Yang Guorong was sitting in Qian Buping’s office. After hearing the news, he spoke with a sullen expression. He was not smiling anymore.

Qian Buping, who had a square face, said calmly, “Hao just gave me a call. He said that Qin Sheng asked him to check the account and was euphemistically rejected.”

“Is this kid tired of living? He’s provoking us when he just came. I really don’t know who gives him the power!” Yang Guorong said in disdain.

Qian Buping said meaningfully, “That day, at the company meeting, Cao Da’s attitude was very obvious. He may have come back to control the company. This Qin Sheng is only a chess piece of his. Without his support, how could a young person that has not reached his thirties dare be so arrogant?”

“So you think that Mr. Cao wants to clean up house? What do we do? Shouldn’t we resist?” Yang Guorong said nervously.

Qian Buping glared as he said, “Why are you so nervous? Am I afraid of him? I have already been there today. I know that there will be such a situation sooner or later, but I am not the one that will be killed by anyone. If he wants to kill me, then I will fight with him. ”

“How will we do it? You told me to arrange it.” Yang Guorong immediately understood.

Qian Buping sneered, “First, find someone to give Qin Sheng a warning and make him behave well. If he wants to live, he shouldn’t get involved in Yuanda’s business.”

Yang Guorong sneered, “Okay, I will go do that.”

It was not that Qian Buping did not respect Qin Sheng. However, he had already stood on the side of Ren Pinghua, the second biggest shareholder. Recently, the second biggest shareholder had been contacting other shareholders to force Cao Da to do the financing, control the shares, and then kick Caoda out.

In the evening, Qin Sheng drove the Accord to the Huanglong Sports Center, the base camp of Zhejiang businessmen in Hangzhou. There was never a shortage of rich people. Therefore, there was no shortage of wealthy second generations and rich kids. The Huanglong Sports Center was full of luxurious cars. When the night fell, the new day began for them.

There were two bars of the Cao Da Group here. One was a tepid nightclub, while the other one was a livehouse that had opened last year and had a resident band. The decoration was very modern, and the stage lighting fixures were very fashionable. Domestic famous bands came to perform basically once a week. However, its business was not as good as the tepid nightclub’s.

After parking the car, Qin Sheng found the bar named Guangyin LIVE, where there were no performers yet. Under the big stage were only four or five tables occupied by guests, including the people at the bar counter. It looked very bleak. The rent in Huanglong was not low. No one knew how this bar had held on until now. If it had belonged to another boss, he may have already transferred it.

Qin Sheng found a place to sit down, ordered a non-alcoholic Mojito, and chatted with some friends over nothing. His free time during the past two days had been spent coaxing Xinxin. After all, he had disappeared for half a year. When he had come back, he had just called Xinxin and Aunt Wang. How could the mother and daughter not be angry?

Aunt Wang was a senior, so she knew that Qin Sheng had a lot of things to handle and understood. She just told Qin Sheng not to suddenly disappear again. Even if something happened, he had to make a phone call to report that he was alive every month. This way, she would feel reassured.

Xin Xin, who was mad at Qin Sheng, said that she did not know him. Qin Sheng knew that she was just too angry to say this. He could only ask for mercy time after time. Summer vacation had come. She was still accompanying her mother in Xi’an. If she had been in Shanghai, she would have followed Han Bing and the others and come.

Qin Sheng could only promise her that before her summer vacation ended, he would return to Xi’an to see her. He also said in advance that he would go back to see the family with his wife.

When Xinxin heard this, she immediately gossiped. “Wife? Bingbing, are you getting back together with Su Qin?”

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “No.”

“Huh?” Xinxin was very shocked. She really couldn’t understand Qin Sheng. He was such a play boy. What kind of charm had he used to make Han Bing and Su Qin fall for him? The most annoying thing was that he didn’t even love these two beautiful women. He had really high taste. What kind of woman could make him stay?

Su Qin had been first, followed by Han Bing. Xin Xin had put down Su Qin toughly and treated Han Bing as a future sister-in-law. Who knew that Qin Sheng loved the new and loathed the old? Thus, she said coldly, “Brother, you’ve let me down.”

Then, Xinxin hung up the phone. Qin Sheng was too lazy to explain. Only those who played the game knew the game.

He took two sips of a glass of Mojito while a middle-aged man with a kind-looking face and bald head took a glass of Martini opposite Qin Sheng and said faintly, “Assistant Qin.”

“Mr. Yu, you are here. I thought that you would not be here,” Qin Sheng said calmly.

Yu Yixiao, the person in charge of Guangyin LIVE, was also a well-known musician in Hangzhou. He played guitar very well. When he had been young, he had ridden his motorcycle across the river. He used to stay in Beijing, Lijiang, Dali, Lhasa, as well as Shanghai and Shenzhen. He was a man with real stories. He had very a good temper and never got angry with others. He believed in Tibetan Buddhism, looked like a Buddha, and gave off the vibe of a real master.

The reason Guangyin LIVE had been losing money but han’t closed was because of this man, Yu Yixiao. He had a good relationship with Cao Da. Cao Da occasionally came here to sit once or twice a month. Cao Zhang also had a good relationship with him. He would come here whenever he had time. Thanks to the strong support of Cao’s father and son, even if Poly International and Yunding International were closed, Guangyin LIVE would never close.

“Everyone who knows me knows that, no matter the weather, I am here every night. Every night, I will get on the stage to sing a song or two. Music and wine are my life,” Yu Yixiao said calmly.

Qin Sheng said subconsciously, “Mr. Yu is a funny person.”

“The name Mr. Yu does not suit me. I am a musician, not a businessman. Everyone calls me Yu or Beard,” he said with a smile. He had mustache, so his smile was interesting.

“Let me call you Yu,” Qin Sheng said with a smile.

Yu Yixiao asked casually, “Is Assistant Qin waiting for Cao Zhang?”

Yu Yixiao was a musician, not a businessman. Thus, he did not participate in anything other than music. He was the most special individual at Yuanda Holdings. Because there was no profit, there was no faction.

Cao Zhang?

Cao Da’s eldest son was coming?

Qin Sheng smiled and shook his head. “No, I just came to sit for a while.”

“Oh, I thought you were with Cao Zhang,” Yu Yixiao, who didn’t think too much, said casually.

When Yu Xiao’s voice dissipated, Cao Zhang walked into Guangyin LIVE with several friends…