Chapter 212 Getting Along with Each Other Well

As a phrase in one of John Lennon’s songs went, how long should the journey a boy should take before transforming into a grown-up man be? The so-called journey indicated in the lyric actually referred to the experience, the setbacks, the hard blows, and the torture. It didn’t matter whether one came from a rich family or a poor one. If they had the umbrella they used to protect themselves from the rain and storm disappear and had no choice but to face everything on their own, they would grow up in the end.

As a result, Cao Da did treat his son in a rather casual way. He encouraged his son to enjoy the most amazing moments of his life, to indulge himself, and to lead a crazy life. After all, his son would never relive this day.

Instead of asking Qin Sheng to see him off, Chang Baji took the initiative to order Qin Sheng to drop him off by the road. Qin Sheng did not squat. Upon taking his leave, Chang Baji smiled and said, “Just wait for my news.”

By the time Qin Sheng went back to the Golden Coast, Lin Su had already taken a shower and started reading. Qin Sheng had barely entered the apartment, when she asked subconsciously, “Did you drink again tonight?”

After Qin Sheng changed his shoes, he ran over to Lin Su’s side happily and said, “How dare I not obey your imperial order, my great wife lord? You can smell me all over to confirm whether I have drunk or not.”

Lin Su raised her head and smelled him in a pretending way. Before she could sit properly, Qin Sheng took her in his arms all of a sudden and flirted with her unscrupulously. Lin Su’s tempting lips instantly became his trophy.

It was unknown how long they acted affectionately with each other. It was not until Lin Su was drenched in fragrant sweat that Qin Sheng loosened his hold on her reluctantly. He then said, “I fear that I will deal with you on the spot if I no longer restrain myself.”

Lin Su winked at him in a tempting way as she said, “Then feel free to do it.”

As he was holding Lin Su tightly in his arms, Qin Sheng teased her and said, “Is someone in your company still trying to approach you with a treacherous motive?”

“Ever since you put up that big show the other day, nobody has dared to hit on me again. They all think I have a boyfriend who was born with a silver spoon. Little do they know that I have such a distressing fate,” Lin Su replied. In front of Qin Sheng, she acted less and less like a goddess. They were like an ordinary couple now, which was the right way two lovers should get along with each other. They had not acted the same way back in Sichuan. Otherwise, life would have been too exhausting.

Qin Sheng said shamelessly, “You can rest assured. You will enjoy sweetness after suffering through this hardship. They will definitely envy you later. Take it easy.”

While glaring at Qin Sheng, Lin Su grumbled in a flirtish manner. “I already knew that your answer would be something like this.” Then, she added, “I will go on a business trip to Gansu tomorrow. While I am not here during the week, you have to take good care of yourself. Drink less. I will check on you every day.”

Qin Sheng asked with a frown, “Although you are new in this company, you are already going on a business trip?” He had been with Lin Su for more than half a year, so he was not accustomed to parting with her all of a sudden.

While holding Qin Sheng’s neck tightly, Lin Su said, “Be obedient. I will bring you gifts when I get home.”

When Lin Su went on her business trip, Qin Sheng was lonely again. He had promised Cao Da that he would take Lin Su to have dinner with them. However, he had no choice but to postpone this plan for another day.

After Qin Sheng drove Lin Su to the airport, he directly went to the financial company under Cao Da’s orders. After getting a rough understanding of the company, he knew that the issues of this company were not as simple as those in Mr. Qian’s company. Without exception, the so-called financial company focused on internet-based peer-to-peer financing and offline usurious loans, both of which came with high interest. Without Cao Da’s resources and connections, what would this company have become?

Speaking of the main person in charge of this financial company, Qin Sheng had also come across him during a meeting the other day. The main person in charge was a middle-aged man in his early forties who apparently was not easy to deal with. Meanwhile, he was also in charge of the security guards in Cao Da’s companies since he was on pretty good terms with the tycoons from the gray field in Hangzhou.

After Qin Sheng discussed the company’s business with him randomly, he was not interested in continuing the conversation anymore. He was not powerful enough yet to conduct two battles.

Afterward, he found Song Wei and asked him to meet him at a tea house. They chatted casually. Qin Sheng mentioned randomly that he had been targeted last night. Upon hearing his story, Song Wei replied without hesitation, “Except the group of people under Qian Buping, no one else in the whole Yuanda would dare to do that. They have a large number of beaters in their hands, including Qian Buping, Lv Shimin, and Vice-President Hao. They are all people under the rule of Yuan Ke, the second shareholder.”

Lv Shimin was the person in charge of the financial company. Qin Sheng gradually figured out the situation inside the company. There were two parties whose leaders were Yuan Ke and Mr. Zhou respectively. Speaking of the people working under Mr. Zhou, Song Wei and Boss Hu from Xin Ding Hong were among them.

Qin Sheng smiled brightly as he chatted with Song Wei. Although he knew that Song Wei was not easy to deal with either, he simply wanted to get rid of the group of people under Mr. Qian with Song Wei’s help.

Qin Sheng had only one purpose: to rectify the whole Yuanda in a thorough way. Since he had Cao Da’s back, who else should he be afraid of?

Mr. Qian had fired several consecutive slackers. Thus, if he did not fight back, this group of people would indeed become slightly unscrupulous. As a result, Qin Sheng contacted Chang Baji immediately and asked him to fight back.

In the next three days, Qin Sheng finished visiting all the subsidiaries under Yuan Da’s leadership, which ranged from dining places, entertainment venues, financing companies, film production companies, medical businesses, and import and export trade. Mr. Zhou took care of the import and export trade in person. Mr. Zhou also had some shares in a medical business. The major shareholder was a state-owned enterprise. Even if there were some issues going on at the medical business, it was none of Qin Sheng’s business.

Consequently, there were issues going on in the following subsidiaries: entertainment, financing, film industry, and import and export trade. In the company were two parties whose leaders were Mr. Zhou and the second holder, Yuan Ke. Both of them were embezzling the company’s property. It was true that the issues going on in Yuanda were pretty serious.

At nightfall on another day, Qian Buping, who had been living in a residential mansion named Youngor Yu West Lake, got ready to leave for Poly International. The mansion he lived in was now priced at millions of dollars. Apparently, Qian Buping’s social status was not simple at all. However, where his money came from was self-evident.

Yang Guorong had already told him about what had happened that night. To their surprise, the six underlings they had sent over had all been wiped out. Although Qin Sheng had only had one friend on his side, he had finished the battle in under one minute.

Upon hearing the whole story, Qian Buping had been greatly startled. After realizing that Qin Sheng was not an ordinary man at all, he began to treat Qin Sheng in a pretty solemn way all of a sudden. The best solution for him now was not to have any conflict with Qin Sheng first and make the relative arrangements after a deliberate discussion. As a result, Qian Buping warned Yang Guorong not to act recklessly anymore. Then, he arranged for the financial manager to stay in Macao for a few days to stay away from the trouble in Hangzhou.

In the underground garage, the driver and the bodyguard had been waiting for Qian Buping at the entrance of the elevator. Although Qian Buping was just a principal of Poly International, he showed up with much pomp and circumstance. Moreover, since he had offended quite a few people, he was doing this for his safety.

While Qian Buping was walking toward the new-edition Volvo S90, a young man who had been waiting for half an hour in the underground garage lowered the brim of his hat and walked toward them swiftly.

The group of people, including Qian Buping, did not notice him at all. It was normal for people to show up in the underground garage. Thus, it did not occur to them that the young man was coming for them. Qian Buping was making a phone call, asking the person on the other side of the phone whether they had settled several important arrangements this evening or not.

It was not until the young man was five meters away from them that the security guard noticed him. The young man asked in a deep voice, “Are you Qian Buping?”

Since the underground garage was vast and sparse, the young man’s words sounded pretty unexpected. The several people on the spot all heard this. Qian Buping looked at the young man subconsciously and did not say anything at all.

Qian Buping’s reaction confirmed his identity. The young man suddenly sped up and rushed toward Qian Buping. It was impossible for Qian Buping’s bodyguard to leave his boss at the mercy of someone else and let him get bullied. After all, his mission was to protect his boss. Consequently, he put himself in front of Qian Buping without hesitation. Upon seeing this, the driver also got out of the car in a hurry.

At a distance of only two meters away from where the bodyguard had been, the young man jumped high all of a sudden and kicked at the bodyguard’s head, aiming several consecutive blows in the air. The bodyguard, who evaded the kicks hurriedly, was no match for the young man. He had no choice but to force himself to block the blows with his arms.

The young man was none other than Chang Baji’s martial nephew, who was also a disciple of Chang Baji’s senior brother on Mountain Tian Mu and whose power was far above the bodyguard’s. When facing ordinary people, the bodyguard could perform his duty well. However, once he ran into a strong martial master, it was self-evident how he would end up.

After the young man landed on the ground, he evaded the bodyguard’s round horse kick. Following that, he hit his abdomen with several consecutive blows. The security guard was beaten so badly that he kept stepping back several meters. The young man then lifted up his knees all of a sudden and bumped into the face of the bodyguard, who had bent over. In the end, he landed his last blow on his abdomen. The bodyguard bumped into the Volvo S90 hard, fell on the ground and passed out directly. He was not able to stand up again.

The fight between the young man and the bodyguard happened in the blink of an eye. The young man was so aspiring that he did not even bother giving the bodyguard a chance to fight back. He hit the bodyguard until he beat him completely. Then, the driver also got out of the car. He was simply an ordinary man. He had barely pounced over with determination, ready to die, when he was directly kicked out by the young man.

Qian Buping thought that someone was going to kill him. After the driver was also beaten by the opponent, he was so scared that he ran toward the entrance of the elevator in a hurry. As long as he could reach the elevator, he would be safe and sound.

Unfortunately, before the door of the elevator could open, the young man had already rushed over. While clutching at Qian Buping’s shoulders with his hands straightly, he flung him away. Qian Buping, who was dumped onto the ground heavily, whined in pain.

From the beginning to the end, the young man had been lowering his head slightly to stop the surveillance camera from capturing his face. He did not want to get in trouble.

Upon turning around, Qian Buping trembled and said, “Who on earth are you? Even if I am going to die, I want to die after discovering the truth.” He wanted to figure out who this young man actually was.

The young man lowered the brim of his hat once again and sneered, “Look at how scared you are now. Take it easy. I won’t kill you. If I intended to do that, I would not do it here.”

“Then what do you want exactly? If you are after money, I have it.” Upon hearing this, Qian Buping felt secretly at ease.

The young man said slowly, “I am here for you simply because someone asked me to do this. He wants me to tell you that, as the saying goes, it is impolite not to give in return for what one receives. He will accompany you to the end, no matter what you want to play. Let us see who will laugh last.”

Upon finishing this sentence, the young man swaggered off. When he was far away from Qian Buping, he sped up and ran out immediately…

As he was lying flat on the ground, Qian Buping could not calm down for a long time. He kept remembering that sentence. As the saying goes, it is impolite not to give in return for what one receives. He will accompany you to the end, no matter what you want to play. Let us see who will laugh last.

Upon recollecting this final phrase, let us see who will laugh last, he realized something all of a sudden. This had been Qin Sheng.

A few days ago, Yang Guorong had sent some people over to beat Qin Sheng and failed. Speaking of the message Qin Sheng had asked them to pass on, the aforementioned last phrase had also been included. As he thought over the phrase, it is impolite not to give in return for what one receives, Qian Buping thought, who else could it be except Qin Sheng?

While running over in a hurry, the driver asked, “Boss, are you okay?”

Qian Buping was flustered. He felt both angry and agitated, as he had gotten into trouble through clever means. Qin Sheng was so powerful and intransigent that he had even dared to disregard him completely. Who on earth was he?

As he was glaring at the bodyguard, who had not come to his senses yet, Qian Buping said randomly, “Get someone over to settle this.” He would have been dead by now if the young man had really intended to kill him. Although his bodyguard was supposed to be a master of free combat in the province, he had actually been beaten down after a few blows upon meeting this young man face-to-face. What the hell was this?

After Qian Buping left the residential quarters, he did not go to Poly International like he had planned. Instead, he went to a stronghold and asked Vice-President Hao and Lv Shimin to meet him there. He dared not disturb his brother-in-law, Yuan Ke, yet.

In the end, the consensus they reached after their discussion was that they would treat Qin Sheng with dinner and they would get along with each other well…