Chapter 213 An Agreement Could Not Be Reached

Since Qian Buping had hurt Qin Sheng’s feelings and also intended to beat Qin Sheng, of course, Qin Sheng had had no choice but to fight back with his strength. Otherwise, if he had kept compromising himself, they would have ended up becoming insatiable and he would have succeeded at nothing in the end. Strength was highly-valued by people in this society. As the saying went, until one showed off one’s muscles no one would know that one was not an easy guy to provoke.

Qin Sheng had planned on being prepared for a more furious storm. However, to his surprise, as a result, Qian Buping gave in easily. He asked Vice-President Hao about his initiative to take Qin Sheng out to dinner. Though Vice-President Hao did not say clearly who would attend, Qin Sheng knew that this naturally was an order from Qian Buping.

On the way to dinner, Qin Sheng received a call from Chang Baji, who informed him that he had taken the financial manager into custody. After he heard this news, he felt extremely happy. Now, he actually had a card to play against Qian Buping.

Qin Sheng warned Chang Baji to take good care of the financial manager. After he was done with the business on Qian Buping’s side, he would meet him. He also reminded Chang Baji that if he was really idle and had nothing to do, he could find a way to force the hostage to confess the inside story of Poly International.

Chang Baji smiled and replied by saying that everything was easy to do.

The place where Qian Buping treated Qin Sheng to dinner was a restaurant named Bi Yun Clubhouse, which was located right in the central region of Xixi National Wetland Park. There was an antique yard inside the clubhouse, which made people feel like they were back in nature.

The group of people, including Qian Buping, had arrived in advance. They were currently sitting in the resting section of the lounge, drinking tea and waiting for Qin Sheng’s arrival quietly. Though another half an hour passed after the appointed time was up, Qian Buping was neither anxious nor angry.

Lv Shimin yelled out loud, “Qin Sheng actually has taken himself f**kingly seriously. He is half an hour late.” Among the people on the spot, he had the worst temperament. He would start a fight whenever he disagreed with someone. However, he was generous, loyal, and came from a gang background, so he was highly honored inside Yuanda. Even Cao Da dared not offend him easily.

If he had not been supported by his brother-in-law, Yuan Ke, of course, Lv Shimin would not have bothered paying attention to Qian Buping, who had always been opinionated. However, since he was a nobody in Uncle Yuan’s eyes, he had no choice but to suck up to Qian Buping.

While drinking tea, Qian Buping sneered. “Considering that I refused to see him when he visited Poly International twice, it makes sense that he is a bit grumpy today. After all, he is a young man.”

Vice-President Hao asked thoughtfully, “Lao Qian, are you sure the thing that took place yesterday at nightfall was related to Qin Sheng?”

With a dull look on his face, Qian Buping replied, “It is possible that the same words can only come from the same person. Who else could it be but him? Obviously, he was doing this to respond to what I did to him a few days ago. That’s why he said this phase. It is impolite not to give in return for what one receives.”

Lv Shimin felt angry as he said, “From my perspective, Lao Qian, why should we be afraid of a dumb fool like him? The issue could be solved if we asked some people to end his life. Uncle Yuan is actually behind us. Are we afraid of him or Cao Da?”

Qian Buping, who was a bit upset, replied, “Don’t involve my brother-in-law in whatever this is.” He knew that Lv Shimin had been trying to build good connections with his brother-in-law, who would act as a big protection hub for him. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law did not even bother interacting with him. Thus, Lv Shimin had no choice but to stay in Yuanda all the time. As for Qian Buping himself, since he was not willing to be enslaved along with his brother-in-law, Yuan Ke, he had chosen to be a local tyrant of Poly International.

Lv Shimin replied with an awkward smile, “I am just saying. That’s all. Even if Uncle Yuan does not show up in person, I will solve this issue with the help of a few people.”

Qian Buping said thoughtfully, “It is not necessary to fight desperately with each other yet. He intended to use his strength last night to tell me that he is also not easy to deal with. Therefore, I plan to calm him down first today. As long as we promise him some benefits, the way I see it, we could reach an agreement.”

Vice-President Hao, who had been silent all this time, smiled as he said, “In my opinion, there is no need for us to be stuck in a deadlock. As long as we value him highly and promise him benefits, he will not play against us.”

Lv Shimin let out a sigh and said, “Well, you are simply too weak.”

A few minutes later, a waiter finally showed Qin Sheng into the lounge. Upon entering the lounge, Qin Sheng yelled out loud on purpose, “I am so sorry that I am late! The traffic was so bad. It did not occur to me that the traffic in Hangzhou would be that terrible.”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng looked at the three tycoons in the lounge and said with an astonished look on his face, “I’m surprised that Mr. Qian and Mr. Lv are both here. Mr. Hao, why didn’t you tell me earlier that they would also attend? If I had known, I would have been the host today.”

Vice-President Hao smiled as he said, “Assistant Qin, you are too polite. Since we are in the same company and you are fresh in Yuanda, it makes sense that we perform the duties of a host and welcome Assistant Qin into this grand family. Unfortunately, Mr. Lv and Mr. Hao were both occupied a few days ago, so we postponed this until today.”

Qin Sheng cursed in secret and thought, What a f**king hypocrite you are! If I had not given Qian Buping a beating yesterday, would you have taken me seriously now?

Qin Sheng said casually, “Mr. Hao, by saying so, you treat me more like an outsider.”

Vice-President Hao glimpsed at Qian Buping and Lv Shimin. He smiled as he said, “Since everyone is here, let’s take a seat now. How pleasant would it be if we ate, drank and chatted at the same time?’

Qian Buping, who was smiling, said, “I agree with what Mr. Hao said.” He had been eyeing Qin Sheng up and down along with Lv Shimin, wondering who on earth this lad was. Would he dare to move against them because he was backed by Cao Da?

After they took their respective seats, Mr. Hao ordered the waiters to start serving the courses. While staring at Qian Buping, Qin Sheng smiled and said, “I finally meet Mr. Qian in person. Though I have been to Poly International twice, I have not been able to meet Mr. Qian in person before. After all, Mr. Hao is much more influential than me.”

Qian Buping said with a half-smile, “Assistant Qin, I apologize to you and ask for your forgiveness today. It is true that I was pretty busy when you visited me twice in the past. I dared not take the customers at the time lightly, as they were all important people. I sincerely hope that Assistant Qin won’t take my negligence to heart.”

Qin Sheng laughed out loud and said, “Mr. Qian, I am not a sinister person. Of course, I don’t mind at all.”

After the dishes and drinks were all served, Vice-President Hao tried to liven up the atmosphere. They all chatted with each other casually. All they discussed were some holiday topics. Meanwhile, Qin Sheng talked in a flawless manner. He thought, As long as you remain silent, I will act as if nothing has happened and consider this dinner a free meal.

Upon feeling the time ripen, Qian Buping opened his mouth and said, “I heard from Mr. Hao that Assistant Qin intended to probe into Poly International’s account. I wonder what you mean to achieve by doing that?”

Qin Sheng looked at Vice-President Hao. He could not help but feel that he actually had been a bit too reckless while dealing with those issues at the time. If he had figured out clearly what was going on inside Yuanda, he would not have turned to Vice-President Hao, neither would he have been noticed by Qian Buping.

Vice-President Hao smiled as he explained, “Assistant Qin, please don’t get angry. From my perspective, since we are in the same family and none of us are outsiders, you doing so would embarrass Mr. Qian. Whatever issue this is, it will be solved if we talk it out.”

Qin Sheng replied deprecatingly, “Mr. Hao, you are overthinking things. So is Mr. Qian. It is kind of a daily routine to probe into Poly International’s account. Since I am new to Yuanda, of course, I need to know about the situation in every subsidiary. As a result, in the following days, I will also probe into other companies’ accounts.”

Qian Buping asked him, “Then why did you deliberately start from Poly International?”

Qin Sheng smiled happily as he said, “Because I want to use Mr. Qian as a role model for all of us. Since Mr. Qian has been following Mr. Cao for so many years, who could place higher than a veteran like him? Once everyone in the company saw that Mr. Qian did not even give a damn about my probing, they would not dare object further.”

Qian Buping, who was grinding his teeth, said, “The way I see it, Assistant Qin, the reason you were doing this is that you thought I could be easily bullied. Isn’t that right?”

Feeling a bit surprised, Qin Sheng said, “Mr. Qian, what are you talking about? How could I have done that? Since I am Mr. Cao’s special assistant, Mr. Cao has let me act fully on his behalf. You also saw how angry Mr. Cao was at the meeting the other day. If I did not achieve anything, I would have no choice but to pack up and quit, wouldn’t I?”

Qian Buping said with a smile, “Assistant Qin, you are still too young and too naive. The internal situation in Yuanda is not as simple as you think.”

Lv Shimin cut in at an appropriate time. “A lot of things are not what they look like. Assistant Qin, you have simplified things. I am afraid that if you did that, you would offend people and lose more than you would gain when you were at a disadvantage.”

This was obviously a clear threat.

While laughing out loud, Qin Sheng said, “I am simply a person with a one-track mind. Speaking of the promises I have made, I will definitely fulfill them. I am not afraid of being at a disadvantage, nor am I afraid of offending people. Upon hearing what you have said, I think I do need to be more careful. After all, I almost had a mishap two days ago.”

“I also almost had a mishap last night,” Qian Buping replied. “It is unknown who would be bold enough to make an example of me. They did not inquire about my background, did they?”

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “Oh, this one is very audacious indeed.”

“Assistant Qin, based on my knowledge, you are new to Hangzhou and also have a beautiful girlfriend. Since you just settled in, it is not necessary for you to make an enemy out of everyone. Otherwise, you will eventually suffer from lifelong regret,” Qian Buping said in a seemingly casual way.

Qin Sheng hated it when other people threatened him by using his woman. Besides, the excuse for threatening him this time was Lin Su. As a result, he was a bit agitated when he said, “Mr. Qian, the way I see it, you are threatening me now, aren’t you?”

Qian Buping smiled happily and said, “Assistant Qin, I know you have some connections here. However, Hangzhou is not like other places where you could make a big scene. As far as what happened yesterday is concerned, were you really so stupid that you thought I had no idea who had done this?”

After yawning deliberately, Qin Sheng said, “Mr. Qian, I don’t get your point.”

Observing the mutual exchange and formula between them made Lv Shimin feel a bit irritated. Thus, he said, “Qin Sheng, let’s talk straight. Don’t expect that we will be kept in the dark about your intentions. Since you are a young man, your doing so could only be credited to the fact that you have a death wish. Let’s make it simple. You only need to do what you should do. Whatever you want, we can satisfy. We will award you with a monthly bonus. You will also get a house, a car, and a social status. We will let you lead a pretty smooth life in Hangzhou. However, if you really cannot distinguish between the good and the bad, in my opinion, Hangzhou is not the right city for you.”

“I am doing what I should do,” Qin Sheng replied meaningfully while holding a wine glass. “If your purpose for inviting me to dinner today was to talk about this bullshit, in my opinion, it is not necessary for us to continue eating. If you were truly innocent, what would you be anxious about? If you really have done something that failed Mr. Cao, I will have no choice but to follow the rules. No matter what you intend to do, I will stick to the same phrase. I will accompany you to the end. Let’s see who will laugh last. I am not a three-year-old child, so don’t try to scare me. Show me what you’ve got.”

Lv Shimin, who was angry, said, “Qin Sheng, don’t be so ungrateful.”

Qian Buping also sneered and said, “Then, in your opinion, an agreement cannot be reached, can it?”

While smiling happily, Qin Sheng replied, “We all focus on Yuanda’s development and we all serve Mr. Cao. What kind of agreement should we reach? Let’s all shoulder our own responsibilities. That will do.”

Lv Shimin yawned hurriedly and said, “How did you end up arguing with each other? Don’t rush. Take your time if you have something to say.”

However, Qian Buping was completely agitated by Qin Sheng. He had been bullied to this extent by a man younger than thirty years old, so it was impossible for him to hold back his temper. As a result, he directly showed his cards and said, “Qin Sheng, do you know who my brother-in-law is? If you don’t, you can ask Cao Da. If you were really that discreet, then you would have a try.”

Qin Sheng replied with a peaceful look on his face, “I will have a try then. I am just unwilling to believe in heresy.”

Qian Buping pounded the table forcibly all of a sudden and stood up angrily. He was ready to leave. He did not even think about leaving Qin Sheng here. He thought secretly, Since an agreement could not be reached, then let’s deal with each other pragmatically.

Lv Shimin and Vice-President Hao were also about to stand up and leave.

Suddenly, Qin Sheng said merrily, “Mr. Qian, kindly give my warm greetings to Manager Feng.”