Chapter 214 Admitting His Defeat

Upon hearing Qin Sheng’s words, Qian Buping stopped subconsciously, the expression on his face changing all of a sudden. The look in his eyes was uncertain. He stared at Qin Sheng closely. Manager Feng, whom Qin Sheng had mentioned, was none other than the financial manager of Poly International, who turned out to be Qian Buping’s most trusted subordinate.

Qian Buping sneered and said, “Assistant Qin, what do you mean? Are you threatening me now?” Originally, he had intended to get along with Qin Sheng well, as he had thought that they could divide some of their gains with him. It was not necessary for them to fight with each other ferociously. After all, we are all after the benefits, aren’t we? However, when Qian Buping saw Qin Sheng’s extremely arrogant look and remembered how miserable he had been last night, he could not restrain his anger anymore. He did intend to fight with Qin Sheng and see how it would go.

Qin Sheng, who was smiling happily, stood up as he said, “Mr. Qian, you have drunk too much. Considering that I am new here, how would I dare offend a local villain like you? I am just speaking randomly, that is all.”

Qian Buping, who did not know that his financial manager had been taken into Qin Sheng’s custody, snorted and said, “Assistant Qin, in my opinion, you are audacious and capable of anything.”

‘In that case, Mr. Qian, Mr. Lyu, and Mr. Hao, you should kindly go home safely. I won’t see you off. Let’s see each other next time,” Qin Sheng said as he smiled happily.

Qin Sheng took the same standpoint as Cao Da. Therefore, it was impossible for Qin Sheng to collude with this group of people, including Qian Buping. Right from the beginning, they had been destined to stand on opposite sides. As a result, Qin Sheng did not give a damn at all whether he would offend them or not.

Qin Sheng’s resources in Hangzhou were not weaker than theirs. Cao Da was the first layer of his amulet. Zhuang Zhou and Xue Qingyan acted as the second one. Moreover, he also had friends like Xia Ding, and so on. Consequently, as long as Qin Sheng was nice, no accidents would happen to him, let alone a situation like the one that had taken place on Mount Jiuhua.

After the group of people, including Qian Buping, walked out of Bi Yun Clubhouse, Qian Buping started pondering over the meaning of Qin Sheng’s last sentence. He began to think that, since Qin Sheng had planned to probe into Poly International’s account and he had gotten nothing from Vice-President Hao, he probably would turn to Manager Feng instead. Since Manager Feng was his trusted subordinate and he had also gained a lot over the years, it was impossible for him to betray him. Plus, he had been sent out of Hangzhou.

However, the more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that there was something fishy about this. As a result, he immediately called Yang Guorong and said, “Contact Feng Qing for me now.”

Upon hearing this order, Yang Guorong, who had been busy attending to his chores in Poly International, realized that an accident might have happened. He called Feng Qing in a hurry.

“Qin Sheng actually pushes us too far. Lao Qian, are you planning to continue putting up with him?” Lv Shimin asked, rage filling his face. They had been tyrannically abusing their power over the past 2 years and they simply feared no one. However, they had become so timid and overcautious simply because of a trivial person like Qin Sheng. Lv Shimin definitely resented Qin Sheng.

Qian Buping snorted and said, “Putting up with him? Do you really think I am afraid of him? We have so many ways to deal with a young, immature lad like him. Since he’s supported by Cao Da, it’s Cao Da we are going to face instead of Qin Sheng. Do you really think the whole thing is that simple?”

It was not until Lv Shimin heard what Qin Buping said that he became serious. Then, he said, “In your opinion, what should we do? Worst-case scenario, we will all resign from our current positions. Then, let’s see how messy Yuanda will become.”

“I am also at a loss now. I need to discuss this with my brother-in-law,” Qian Buping said thoughtfully. After all, he knew clearly that if Cao Da did intend to deal with them, it would be akin to having a fall-out with his brother-in-law. Did Cao Da really want to do that?”

When Qin Sheng walked out of Bi Yun Clubhouse, the first thing he thought was: What the hell happened? Since you treated me to dinner, why did I end up paying the bill?

Chang Baji had stopped Manager Feng before he left Hangzhou successfully. The group of people, including Qian Buping, all thought that Feng Qing was currently having lots of fun in Macao. It occurred to none of them that this lad actually was going through a living hell on Mountain Tianmu.

Chang Baji tortured Feng Qing often. The means he adopted were often used to extort a confession by torture and left no traces at all. Only after people broke down psychologically did they lay down all their lines of defense.

Chang Baji only told him, “I am after the account book held by Poly International during the past 2 years.”

By taking advantage of his status as Qian Buping’s trusted subordinate, Feng Qing thought that Qian Buping would definitely attend to him if he knew an accident had happened to him. In addition to that, it would be a dead-end if he betrayed Qian Buping. As a result, Feng Qing replied, “Who the hell are you? How dare you abduct me! Do you intend to die?”

Chang Baji replied calmly, “Since you are that ungrateful, don’t blame me for what I am going to do to you. I hope you can stick around till the end.”

After Qin Sheng left Bi Yun Clubhouse, he called a taxi to the appointed place, where a car he had asked Xia Ding to arrange for him lay. He then drove toward Mountain Tian Mu. The reason he did so was to avoid being followed. Feng Qing was an imperative key for him to break the whole internal Yuanda open. He would never allow any accidents to happen to Feng Qing.

While Qin Sheng was on his way to Mountain Tian Mu, Qian Buping, who had been heading toward Poly International, finally received a call from Yang Guorong, only to be informed that Feng Qing was missing.

Qian Buping panicked all of a sudden. He also understood why Qin Sheng had said that last sentence when they had been having dinner. Obviously, Feng Qing had been under Qin Sheng’s influence. Qian Buping had already cursed eighteen generations of Qin Sheng’s ancestors in secret. It was obvious that Qin Sheng would f**king fight with him till the very end.

“Do you really want to play this way?” While grinding his teeth, Qian Buping said, “Then don’t blame me for being cold and merciless.”

At any rate, Feng Qing could not fall into Qin Sheng’s hands. He just knew too much. As a result, Qian Buping gave out an order immediately. He said, “Look for Feng Qing immediately. Even if you need to dig three feet deep, you need to find Feng Qing. As the saying goes, he is wanted dead or alive.”

Meanwhile, Qian Buping also ordered Lv Shimin to send manpower to keep an eye on Qin Sheng on a 24-hour basis from now on. He strongly believed that this sneaky fox would expose himself in the end.

It took only about an hour to drive to Mountain Tianmu, which was located west of Hangzhou. Since the place was surrounded by mountains, it was pretty easy to hide a person there.

Halfway up Mountain Tianmu, in Longmen Pit, there was a single house with its own entrance. There were no other families within a radius of hundreds of miles. This house was a place where Chang Baji’s senior brother would bring his friends to practice quietly. Chang Baji had been using it for another purpose over the past few days.

This place was indeed difficult to locate. After Qin Sheng drove to the hillside according to the navigation, he followed a young man who was leading the way by driving ahead of him. Several twists and turns later, he walked for more than ten minutes and finally arrived at the yard.

The young man was one of Chang Baji’s martial nephews. Instead of asking Qin Sheng about any bullshit, he directly led Qin Sheng to this yard. It was not until he entered the yard that he called out loud, “Senior Uncle, the visitor is here.”

Chang Baji walked out and teased Qin Sheng. “Are any followers on the way?”

“It’s impossible for them to find me that easily,” Qin Sheng said casually. “Feng Qing hasn’t confessed yet, has he?”

Chang Baji said deprecatingly, “Instead of questioning him, I have been torturing him all this time. The reason I’ve done so is that I have been looking forward to your arrival so that you can question him in person.”

“You are pretty merciless.” Qin Sheng smiled happily as he spoke. He then turned around and asked, “He must be your martial nephew, right?”

“Yes. I have asked for two disciples of my Senior Brother to give me a hand. Their fighting skills and their ways of dealing with issues are fine, you can rest assured,” Chang Baji said in a deep voice.

“Was he who dealt with Qian Buping the other day?” Qin Sheng scanned this young man from head to toe quietly. It had been dark on his way here, so he had not paid attention to this young man at all. He looked pretty young. He estimated that he was 25 or 26 years old. The young man looked slim and had a mustache on his face. The look in his eyes was as cold as ice.

Chang Baji shook his head and said, “No, his name is Gu Qingyang. The one who dealt with Qian Buping was Gu Xiaobo. Both of them have amazing fighting skills. There were some issues on my Senior Brother’s side, so Xiaobo is not here tonight. If you need manpower, they are at your service.”

Qin Sheng was eyeing Gu Qingyang up and down. So was Gu Qingyang, who had no idea how talented Qin Sheng was. He actually could make his Senior Uncle, who was an important person, serve him.

Chang Baji, who could read Gu Qingyang’s thoughts well, smiled as he said, “Qinyang, you can’t make light of the man standing in front of you. Even if you cooperate with Xiaobo to fight with him, you still won’t beat him.”

Upon hearing Chang Baji’s words, the look on Gu Qingyang’s face changed slightly. It had not occurred to him that the man in front of him was actually a martial master. He could not help but feel regretful that he had treated Qin Sheng with indifference a moment ago.

Qin Sheng smiled happily and said, “Lao Chang, don’t flatter me anymore. I was almost dead half a year ago. These days, two fists could beat four hands. However, they could not necessarily beat four hundred hands.”

“Forget it. Stop talking bullsh*t. You enter the room and attend to your official business first. Otherwise, I am afraid that the lad will not hang on anymore,” Chang Baji said with a smile.

When Qin Sheng walked into the room, he saw Meng Qing, who had been hung in mid-air by Chang Baji. He was almost naked except for the underwear on his body. His hair looked messy, and his face was pale. Apparently, he was already on the verge of death.

After picking up a basin of cold water by his side, Gu Qingyang splashed it directly onto Feng Qing’s face. Feng Qing, who had passed out, woke up immediately.

Qin Sheng, who felt a bit concerned, asked, “Is it okay to do this?”

After taking a look at Feng Qing, who was as lifeless as a dead fish, Chang Baji smiled faintly and said, “You can rest assured, he is not dead yet.”

The lighting inside the room was a bit dim. Feng Qing opened his eyes in a daze and started at the people standing in front of him. Thinking that the demon was going to torture him again, he said in a hurry, “Kill me now. Please kill me.”

Chang Baji and Gu Qingyang both took a few steps back. While picking up the towel by his side, Qin Sheng wiped the water off Feng Qing’s face, squinted and asked, “Feng Qing, do you know who I am?”

Feng Qing shook his head feebly.

Qin Sheng said in a deep voice, “I am the new special assistant appointed by Mr. Cao. You should know why I brought you here. If you want to live, you must cooperate with me and hand over the account books of the past 2 years to me. I promise you that you will be safe and sound.”

Now that he finally knew who was behind the scenes, Feng Qing smiled as if he had gone crazy and said, “Assistant Qin, it turns out that you abducted me.” Then, he added, “It is not that I am unwilling to give you the account books. I just really can’t do that. If I gave you the account books, I would have no choice but to die. Mr. Qian would definitely have me killed.”

“If you don’t give me the account books, you will die now!” Qin Sheng said maliciously, “I am not a Buddha devotee. You must have experienced this on your own today. I have multiple ways to make you feel like this is a living hell. You will close your eyes in desperation in the end.”

Upon hearing this sentence, Feng Qing started faintly trembling. Chang Baji took out a silvery needle timely and scared Feng Qing into letting out a scream.

Qin Sheng waved his hands and said, “Manager Feng, I will give you a last chance. Upon hearing my words, you must think about it deliberately. The reason I abducted you here is that Mr. Cao intended to deal with that group of people, unclouding Qian Buping. In your opinion, who has the final say in Yuanda? However, since they have been acquainted with each other for many years, Mr. Cao consequently was not willing to put on an ugly show during the two-year period when he was not here. You know better than anyone the chaotic situation they have driven Yuanda into. Mr. Cao ordered me to do something about it in the end.”

Qin Sheng added, “At any rate, Qian Buping would definitely lose, no doubt about it. As for you, you can only act as cannon fodder. However, if you cooperated with Mr. Cao, he would be lenient with you. After you handed the account books to me, you could go out to avoid trouble for a while and return when we have dealt with Qian Buping. You would still be the financial manager of Poly International. Perhaps Mr. Cao would name you vice-president if he felt happy.”

Feng Qing sneered and said, “Although you have been talking eloquently, how could I trust you? What would I do if you killed me after I handed the account books to you? What if you lost? What should I do if Qian Buping uses things against me?”

Qin Sheng laughed out loud and said, “Manager Feng, you still don’t understand your current situation. All you can do now is believe in my words and bet on them. If you don’t, do you have any other choice?”

While patting Manager Feng on the face, Qin Sheng said, “I will give you another half an hour. You can take advantage of it to think this over. In half an hour, if you still insist on acting loyally like a blind man, I will have no choice but to see you off. Anyway, even without you, we still have other ways of moving against Qian Buping. You would just be missing from now on. You would most likely be charged with fleeing from justice. Think about your family. Think about your wife and children.”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng shook his head disappointedly. Then, he left the room along with Chang Baji and Gu Qingyang. Only Feng Qing, who hung in mid-air, stayed.

Outside the room, Gu Qingyang asked randomly, “Will he agree to give us the account books?”

Qin Sheng teased him by saying, “Who knows? He is probably a true hero.”

Unfortunately, ten minutes later, Feng Qing admitted his defeat, allowing Qin Sheng to let out a long sigh…