Chapter 215 Marvelously Quick

As the saying went, a living dog was better than a dead lion. Since Feng Qing had been leading quite a splendid life in the city of Hangzhou, he had both money and a social status. There was always quite a number of women by his side. How could he sacrifice his own life for the sake of other people’s future careers? Plus, he also had a family.

Although he had been striving so hard to reach such a phase, he would be replaced by another man if he died. This man would live in his house, do his wife, and beat his children. Upon thinking of this, Feng Qing admitted his defeat without any hesitation.

When Feng Qing admitted his defeat, Qin Sheng told Chang Baji to put him down on the ground. He then started to have a good conversation with Feng Qing. After an interrogation that lasted half an hour, Feng Qing finally told him that he owned a housing suite in Xixi National Wetland Park. Year in and year out, nobody had been living there. There was a strong box in the study where a USB stick lay. Over the years, he had been backing up all the shady deals going on at Poly International there. It could be said that everything Qin Sheng wanted was right inside that USB stick.

The reason Feng Qing had done this was that, since he knew so many inside stories, he was afraid that he would be murdered by Qian Buping someday. As a result, he had also made some preparations.

The arrangement Qin Sheng had set up for Feng Qing was simple. No matter where he wanted to go, he should avoid trouble and return to Hangzhou after the issue going on here was solved. Feng Qing was advised not to contact anyone except his wife.

Feng Qing was so helpless that he had no choice but to do so.

Feng Qing explained that the key to the house was in the hands of one of his mistresses. Since the key to the strong box lay inside A Global History on the bookshelf, Qin Sheng could directly turn to his mistress. However, before Qin Sheng got the things he wanted, Feng Qing definitely needed to stay there. Only God knew whether Feng Qing was playing a trick to gain time or not.

After Qin Sheng and Chang Baji knew what they needed, they rushed back to Hangzhou overnight. According to Feng Qing, his mistress was a fan of the nightclub, so she would definitely go to the nightclub to fool around every evening. Her personal life was quite messy. Since she had done Feng Qing a favor previously, Feng Qing had consequently allowed her to fool around at her own free will over the years.

Qin Sheng only asked Feng Qing for this woman’s cell phone number. It was not until he almost arrived in Hangzhou that he gave the woman a call. When the call was put through, it turned out that, as expected, it was pretty noisy on the other side of the line. The music passing over the phone almost made Qin Sheng’s ears explode.

“Who the hell are you?” the woman yelled out loud.

Qin Sheng got straight to the point. “Sister Liu, Manager Feng asked me to come here to pick you up. He has something to discuss with you.”

“If he wanted to see me, why didn’t he call me?” the woman asked in a daze after drinking so much wine.

“Manager Feng could not call you at this time. You will know why once you see Manager Feng in a moment,” Qin Sheng said politely, which had also been his initial plan. His second plan had been to directly go to the nightclub and hit on this woman. Then, he would coax her into leaving the nightclub. After all, he was still capable of doing that.

“I am at the Queen nightclub. Come here now and call me when you arrive,” the woman said thoughtfully. She had not seen Feng Qing for half a month and her life recently had been a bit worse, so she intended to ask Feng Qing for some money. As a result, she did not overthink this. Besides, she had drunk too much wine.

Half an hour later, Qin Sheng was already outside of the Queen. As Chang Baji sat in the car, Qin Sheng called Liu Jie. Soon, a woman walking in their direction drunkenly came into view. She was wearing heavy makeup and seductive clothes. She was indeed good-looking.

Qin Sheng smiled as he said, “Sister Liu, you have drunk too much.”

She held Qin Sheng’s arms tight as she said, “You actually look pretty handsome, young lad. Would you like to have fun with me tonight? I promise you that you will definitely feel contented.”

While touching Liu Jie’s butt indifferently, Qin Sheng said, “Sister Liu, get in the car first. Mr. Feng is waiting for you. If you like, I will accompany you and have some fun with you another day.”

Sister Liu pushed Qin Sheng and said, “You are naughty.”

Qin Sheng pulled the car door open for Liu Jie. It did not occur to Liu Jie that there was already someone else in the car. It was too late, as she had already gotten in the car completely. Chang Baji pulled Liu Jie over directly. Before she could let out a cry, Chang Baji had already covered her mouth.

Then, Qin Sheng got in the car slowly and drove away from the Queen nightclub.

It was not until Qin Sheng drove to a quiet place that he stopped the car. He turned around and told Liu Jie behind him, “I can let you go, but you can’t make any noise. Otherwise, I will kill you.”

Never had Liu Jie experienced such a scene. She had been scared to death, so she nodded in a hurry.

Upon seeing that, Chang Baji let go of Liu Jie and promised that he would not allow her to act recklessly. Liu Jie trembled as she asked, “Who on earth are you?”

“Mr. Feng asked us to get the key to his housing suite in Xixi. You tell me where the key is and I can promise you that you will be safe. If you dare to scheme against me, then you probably will not see the sun tomorrow,” Qin Sheng said threateningly.

Liu Jie thought, As long as they are not after my money, my beauty, and my life, I can sacrifice a key. After all, it’s just a key. She then said in a hurry, “The key… The key is at my house. I will get it for you right away.”

Qin Sheng frowned and asked, “Where is your house?”

More than ten minutes later, Qin Sheng drove to the outside of a residential quarter located uptown. As he took charge of Liu Jie, he ordered Chang Baji to fetch the key they wanted with the key to Liu Jie’s house.

Everything went smoothly. Ten minutes later, Chang Baji walked out of the house with the key successfully.

“Could you let go of me now?” Liu Jie asked cautiously. She knew she was a bit good-looking and she feared the mobs would rape her first and kill her in the end. After all, she had read quite a number of news stories, especially in the summer.

Qin Sheng laughed faintly and said, “Take it easy. We will definitely let you go after we get the things we want.”

Another half hour passed. Qin Sheng and Chang Baji took Liu Jie to a residential quarter named Xixi Garden, which lay next to Xixi National Wetland Park. This time, it was Chang Baji who controlled Liu Jie outside of the residential quarter. Qin Sheng held the key and walked in. He headed toward the location by following Feng Qing’s instructions.

After Qin Sheng found the house mentioned by Feng Qing, he opened the door and walked in slowly. The interior decoration of the house was f**king lavish. It was unknown why Feng Qing didn’t live here and why he insisted on keeping such a nice house vacant. Moreover, the air quality and the environment in Xixi were quite good.

Qin Sheng had no choice but to sigh with emotion. It was unimaginable how the rich led their lives.

Qin Sheng took a stroll around the house. After he found the study, he then found A Global History successfully and discovered the key to the strong box among the book pages. He opened the strong box in an orderly manner.

There was no cash inside the box, only some documents and a USB stick. Qin Sheng had just picked up the USB stick when he realized he had finally completed his task. Afterward, Cao Da would challenge Qian Buping, which was none of his business. As for how Qian Buping would deal with him, Qin Sheng would sit and wait. After he looked over all the documents inside the strong box, he took those related to Poly International and left the others to Feng Qing, which was sort of sophisticated of him.

More than ten minutes later, Qin Sheng walked out of the Xixi Garden residential quarter.

“Did you get it?” Chang Baji asked Qin Sheng after he got in the car.

Qin Sheng nodded quietly.

Liu Jie, who was feeling a bit anxious, said, “Since you got what you wanted, could you let go of me now?”

Qin Sheng did not say anything. It was not until he had been driving for about 20 minutes that he finally stopped his car steadily. Then, he turned around and said maliciously, “If you don’t want to die, you should forget what happened tonight. Even if someone approaches you, you need to pretend that you know nothing at all. I don’t give a damn whether you call the police or not. We have connections in the police bureau. Once we know that you called the police, you will definitely be forced to be silent forever. Could you do that?”

Qin Sheng was coaxing and scaring Liu Jie at the same time, so she was already scared to death. There was no way she would dare to act recklessly anymore. Helplessness filled her face as she nodded and said, “Yes, I could. I won’t act recklessly.”

“Get off the car,” Qin Sheng said in a low voice.

Upon hearing this sentence, Liu Jie was really relieved. She opened the car door in a hurry and got out of the car as if she were a criminal who had first been sentenced to death and then been acquitted of a charge all of a sudden.

Qin Sheng and Chang Baji then drove away happily.

As she stood still on the spot, Liu Jie was at a bit of a loss. She simply dared not call the police. However, Feng Qing’s stuff had been taken away, so if he learned this, he would definitely not let go of her easily. As a result, after Liu Jie had been hesitant for a while, she finally decided to call Feng Qing. Unfortunately, Feng Qing’s cell had already been switched off.

Liu Jie was completely panicked. She thought that Feng Qing was dead. Now, she did not even dare to return to her house, as she had lost all sense of security. She had no choice but to find a hotel to rest.

After Chang Baji and Qin Sheng got the things they wanted, they went back directly to the Golden Coast. This thrilling yet dangerous evening finally came to an end.

While Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were running randomly around the whole Hangzhou City, the group of underlings under Qian Buping and Lv Shimin were busy searching the whole city for Qin Sheng and Feng Qing. They had also employed quite a number of connections of Yuan Ke’s. Unfortunately, there were no traces of Qin Sheng and Feng Qing.

It was not until Qin Sheng went back to the Golden Coast that the underlings who had been watching over the Golden Coast informed Qian Buping’s group that Qin Sheng was already at home.

Lv Shimin insisted on eliminating Qin Sheng completely and getting rid of potential trouble directly by asking Uncle Yuan for a few martial masters. Qian Buping did not agree with him, as he believed that they should not act rashly and alert their enemies. They would talk about the solution when they met his brother-in-law the next day.

After Qin Sheng went back to the Golden Coast, he went through all the back-ups in the USB stick overnight and finished reading the hard-copy documents at the same time. It was already 3 o’clock in the morning when he finished reading all the files he had gotten. Chang Baji had fallen asleep early.

However, Qin Sheng was so excited that he was wide awake. He would definitely win the first round. Then, he would decide his next steps depending on Cao Da’s decision.

In the morning, Qin Sheng headed to Xixi Garden at 7 o’clock. Cao Da had been waiting for him since early morning in the garden. He stuck to regular hours in his daily schedule. During the past two years, he had barely gone out in the evening, except when social interactions were unavoidable. Basically, he would stay at home. Even if he went out, he would definitely come back home before 10 o’clock.

When Qin Sheng met Cao Da, Cao Da asked the housemaid to pour a cup of tea for him. Then, he smiled as he asked, “Why did you request to see me in such a hurry? Is there anything important?”

While placing all the documents along with the USB stick on the table, Qin Sheng said in a deep voice, “These are all the issues that have been going on in Poly International over these 2 years. I have already acquired the relative evidence successfully. What I will do during the next few days will depend on your decision, won’t it?”

Cao Da’s expression changed slightly. It had not occurred to him that Qin Sheng would be so marvelously quick in completing this task. Originally, he had thought it would probably take him a couple of months to make any progress. Surprisingly, he had hardly freshly joined Yuanda Holdings, yet within less than ten days, he took Poly International down, which had been way out of his expectations. Everyone knew that Qian Buping was an experienced sneaky fox.

Cao Da stared at Qin Sheng thoughtfully. Several minutes passed before he came to his senses. After picking up the stuff, he stood up slowly and said, “You have breakfast first and we will talk after I finish reading them.”

Qin Sheng and Cao Da walked into the villa side by side. With a dull look on his face, Cao Da rushed directly toward the study. Since Qin Sheng had not eaten anything ever since the last evening, he walked into the dining room instead.

Except for Cao Da’s legal wife, who was absent, everyone else had been waiting for Cao Da and him by the dining table. While looking at the young woman, who looked extremely beautiful that day, Qin Sheng said respectfully, “Second Aunt.”

The young woman, who had a smile on her face, said, “Qin Sheng, you are finally here. Take a seat quickly.” She was quite kind to Qin Sheng.

When Qin Sheng looked at Cao Zhang, unexpectedly, the rich playboy was actually nodding at him with a smile. He also called him Brother Qin at the same time.

Qin Sheng, who was confused subconsciously, thought, What kind of show does the eldest master intend to put on exactly?