Chapter 217 Who Are You Trying to Kill?

For Qian Buping, meeting his enemy at this moment caused him to develop hatred for him even more. He did not expect to meet the man who had been against him the past few days here.

Although Qin Sheng was a little surprised, he did not show it that much on his face. He only felt that this was quite interesting. Out of all people, he had to bump into Qian Buping.

“Mr. Qian, how are you? I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Qin Sheng took the initiative to ask.

Chang Baji did not know Qian Buping and Yuan Ke did not know Qin Sheng. They only realized that the other two knew other after Qin Sheng greeted Qian Buping. Yuan Ke did not think too much and was prepared to leave.

“Qin Sheng, you’re really everywhere. I must have had accumulated eight lifetimes of bad luck to run into you everywhere,” Qian Buping said frustratedly. Qin Sheng had tortured him so much that he was now head over heels. He wished to kill Qin Sheng once and for all.

Yuan Ke only glanced at Qin Sheng casually and was just about to leave when he heard that. He then stopped dead in his tracks subconsciously. So this young man is that Qin Sheng who caused Qian Buping to be so battered. This was really interesting, they were just talking about him and now he appeared.

Yuan Ke turned around directly and looked towards Qin Sheng.

“Mr. Qian, how can you say that? We are all working for our bosses and have our own tasks to accomplish, you can’t blame me for that. If you don’t do anything against your conscience in the day, you won’t have to be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, am I right?” Qin Sheng retaliated. In his heart, however, he was muttering, “Aren’t you very powerful? I took the pain to go Poly International twice to look for you and you didn’t even show up. I definitely have to punish you to set an example for others!”

Before Qian Buping could respond, Yuan Ke glared at Qin Sheng and asked in a low voice, “You’re that Qin Sheng?”

Qin Sheng then looked towards Yuan Ke and asked with seemingly many thoughts going on in his mind, “I am Qin Sheng. But who are you?”

In order to have tea and chat with Qian Buping, he must be Qian Buping’s friend or someone he called for help.

“Who is he? You rascal is not qualified to know. Even if Cao Da was here, he must also be respectful to him. Who do you think you are?” Qian Buping said arrogantly. With his brother-in-law supporting him, he must beat up Qin Sheng today. Qin Sheng would not dare to do anything to him.

Yuan Ke glared at Qian Buping before he turned towards Qin Sheng and smiled. “Young man, the waters in Hangzhou are very deep. It is not a bad thing to stay low-profile. Sometimes, when you’re being used by someone, you won’t even know how you die eventually.”

After hearing what Qian Buping and this man in front of him said, Qin Sheng seemed to understand what was going on. He guessed, “If I’m not wrong, you must be Uncle Yuan.”

Yuan Ke was not surprised. “You’re observant, you’re a smart one,” he said.

Qin Sheng said cheerfully, “I’ve heard your name for a long time but I didn’t expect to run into you here today. If I’ve offended you, hope that you can forgive me.”

Qin Sheng was respectful and courteous, yet Uncle Yuan did not take him seriously at all. He continued to put up a front as he said, “I’ve heard about what happened between you and Buping. If you stop now, I will pretend as if nothing happened. As to what happens afterward, that’s between Cao Da and I. It is best for you to withdraw from it, it will only benefit you and cause you no harm.”

Qin Sheng was indeed fearful of someone like Uncle Yuan. After all, he was not willing to offend him. But there was already no return for whatever that was happening. He said helplessly, “I don’t quite understand what Uncle Yuan is trying to say.”

“Young man, don’t be too full of yourself.” Qin Sheng rejected Uncle Yuan’s advice harshly, causing Uncle Yuan’s face to fall slightly. It seemed like this young man was really ignorant. Uncle Yuan did not want to help Qian Buping at first, but now he was interested to see what would happen.

Hearing this, Qian Buping scolded him without hesitation. “Qin Sheng, don’t refuse me when I’m trying to save you from being embarrassed. Do you really think I’m not afraid of you? Do you believe that I can torture you to death?”

Qian Buping only became so agitated such that he would trigger Qin Sheng, who would, in turn, offend his brother-in-law. This way, what followed would be easy. He need not interfere at all and his brother-in-law would step up to the front line.

Qin Sheng was not afraid of being tortured to death. He had heard that too many times. However, he was not an ignorant kid that was full of himself. He was standing next to a man whom even Cao Da dared not offend. He naturally was not going to say something overboard.

It was just that Qin Sheng did not come alone. Other than him, there were also Xue Qingyan and Su Muxue. At this moment, both of them came out of the bathroom and heard what Qian Buping said to Qin Sheng. Xue Qingyan had promised Qin Sheng before that she would protect him when she was in Hangzhou. He had not been here for more than half a month and there was already someone saying such things to him. Was this not a slap across her face?

Hence, Xue Qingyan came out with a stiff expression. She gave Qian Buping a deathly glare and said, “Who are you trying to torture to death?”

Qian Buping did not know Xue Qingyan. He was not qualified yet. Even if he heard his name before, they had no interaction. Seeing the two beautiful ladies that came out, he guessed that they were Qin Sheng’s friends. Hence, he said fearlessly, “No matter who I’m trying to torture to death, what has that got to do with you b*tches?”

Qian Buping had just dug his own grave. He was trying to path his own death when he dared to scold Xue Qingyan like this.

Xue Qingyan and Su Muxue’s expressions changed slightly. Qin Sheng was also a little annoyed. You can scold me, but if you dare to scold my older sister, I don’t care who you are!

However, after Qian Buping scolded them, Yuan Ke, who had already identified Xue Qingyan, was in an utter state of shock. Before Qin Sheng could do anything, he already gave a tight slap across Qian Buping’s face. If you want to die, don’t drag me along!

How was Qian Buping supposed to expect things to take such a turn? He was completely taken aback by Yuan Ke’s action. He turned around and stared at Yuan Ke as he cried out in despair, “Brother-in-law, what have I done?”

Yuan Ke did not explain to him anything and immediately kicked him in the chest. Qian Buping was sent flying out directly. He lied on the ground and groaned bitterly, feeling like the whole world had collapsed. What the heck is going on?

After taking care of Qian Buping, Yuan Ke arched his body slightly and nodded politely as he said, “Miss Xue, I’m so sorry. There’s something wrong with my brother-in-law’s brain, the stuff he says doesn’t count. Please don’t treat him like others.”

Qin Sheng found the situation to be a joke. He was very awed but Yuan Ke’s confident and arrogant self earlier, why did he become a flattering and fawning sycophant in the blink of an eye? This change in attitude was abnormally fast.

“I’ve heard that Mr. Yuan is quite famous in Hangzhou a long time ago, I finally get to witness it for myself. The first thing you said was that you want to torture my younger brother to death and you even called me a b*tch. This is a first after so many years of living in Hangzhou!” Xue Qingyan snorted. She did not take Yuan Ke seriously at all.

Yuan Ke had already killed Qian Buping so many times inside his heart. This a**hole was trying to get him into trouble. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that Qin Sheng is Xue Qingyan’s younger brother?

“Stop making fun of me, Miss Xue. This is all a misunderstanding. I’ll get him to make up and apologize to you and your younger brother right now.” The word ‘awkward’ was plastered all over Yuan Ke’s face. He hinted to the two bodyguards behind him with his gaze and the two of them quickly lifted up Qian Buping.

Yuan Ke glared at him harshly. If you want to continue to be alive, then do as I say! He snorted, “Where are your eyes! Quickly makeup and apologize to Miss Xue and Assistant Qin. The next time you do this again, I’ll break your leg first!”

Qian Buping was very unwilling, but what could he do? A 40-plus-year-old man lowering his head before two youngsters, he had lost his ‘face’ completely.

However, the society was all about capabilities. Even though he did not know who the other person was, if even his brother-in-law had already lowered himself so much, who was he to do otherwise?

Qian Buping could only go all out. He directly slapped his own face and said, “Miss Xue, this is all my fault, hope that you can be generous and not harp on it, just treat me like a fart. Assistant Qin, don’t take all my wrongdoings to you to heart. I’m just an insignificant person, hope you can forgive me for bullying the weak and not knowing my facts.”

Having power was really a good thing. The two people who were flaunting their power just now was in this current state. One could not help but be amazed. There were already several people at the corridor trying to watch the show. Everyone did not know what happened.

“Alright, stop embarrassing yourselves here,” Xue Qingyan said disdainfully.

Yuan Ke understood her intentions immediately. He quickly thanked her, “Miss Xue, I’m so sorry. Next time I’ll set up a feast to make it up to you and Assistant Qin. Hope that you will come then.”

Xue Qingyan was definitely not going. She answered in a lowered voice, “It won’t be necessary. I can’t afford to eat Mr. Yuan’s meal. But I’ve remembered what you guys said just now. If anything happens to my younger brother, don’t worry, the first thing I’ll do is to find you two.”

“Miss Xue, you must be joking,” Yuan Ke said with a face plastered with smiles. It had been a long time since he was like this. He had embarrassed himself completely today. This was all thanks to Qian Buping. F*ck you.

Xue Qingyan was too lazy to bother about them. Glancing at Qin Sheng, Su Muxue and Chang Baji, she said softly, “Let’s go, we didn’t look at the Huangli before we step out of the house today.”

Xue Qingyan and the rest left directly. After embarrassing himself so much, Yuan Ke did not have the guts to leave the place just like that. He returned back to the private room and Qian Buping was dragged in by the two bodyguards.

The waiters were all driven out and the door was shut tight.

After stepping in, Yuan Ke punched Qian Buping on the head once again. He shouted angrily, “If it was not for you sister, heck, I would have thrown you into the Qiantang River to feed the fishes today! Do you know who that woman is? How dare you call her a b*tch! I think you’re tired of living!”

“Brother-in-law, I know that I’ve done wrong, really,” cried the beaten Qian Buping as he got up from the floor and crawled over to Yuan Ke and hugged his leg. If he still did not understand what was going on, then he was really an idiot. Apparently, he had offended a big shot today. No matter what, he must tie himself to his brother-in-law. Otherwise, the other party would take their revenge on him as if he was a play toy.

Yuan Ke kicked him off and said, “If you want to die, don’t try to drag me in! You didn’t even figure out that young man’s background and yet you dare to come to ask me for help? Aren’t you trying to harm me? If I really did something to him, that Xue Family will torture me to death! By then, Foster Father might not even protect me!”

Yuan Ke was really boiling with anger. When he calmed down after some time, he felt that the whole situation was not as easy as it seemed and he was partially to be blamed. This Qin Sheng had the courage to face Qian Buping directly. He knew that the man behind Qian Buping was him and yet he still picked on him. That only meant to say that he had the confidence and was not simply being ignorant. He should have thought more about it back then, yet he only thought about Cao Da.

He did not expect Cao Da to climb up to the big tree, the Xue Family. Yuan Ke could not help but enter in deep thoughts. If he wanted to solve this problem, he could only have a good chat with Cao Da and see what he really wanted. When necessary, he could forsake Qian Buping this bunch of people, for they did things so half-heartedly.