Cao Da and Yuan Ke had a relatively deep relationship. The two of them were considered to be friends for many years and the path they took at the beginning was similar. Hence, Yuan Ke was the second shareholder of Yuanda Holdings and also held shares of several subsidiary companies.

Cao Da then gradually changed his direction, especially when he gradually stepped out of the social circle that was all about fame and fortune after he fell critically ill two years ago. As for Yuan Ke, he managed to cling onto his Foster Father and had a very smooth life these few years. His business grew even bigger and he climbed even higher.

Perhaps it was because two people on separate paths could not work together; the two of them had a growing difference in their opinions. Towards the end, they could not work together anymore. After Cao Da paid no attention to Yuan Da, Yuan Ke then had his eyes on Yuan Da. After all, the gap between their capabilities was so wide. Yuan Ke did not fear Cao Da at all.

But now there were changes. The Xue Family and Cao Da seemed to have built a relationship. If Yuan Ke still wanted to take advantage of Cao Da, he had to think about it again.

The chaotic situation came to an end. Xue Qingyan helped by just making an appearance and now Qin Sheng had a protective shield. No matter how daring Qian Buping was, he would not dare to find trouble for Qin Sheng anymore.

Hence, Qin Sheng accomplished his task and also managed to get out of it successfully.

After eating with Xue Qingyan and Su Muxue, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji came back directly while the girls went to do shopping. Qin Sheng did not want to be a coolie.

Qin Sheng made Chang Baji go back to Tianmu Mountain. He told him to release Feng Qing now and let him go out and hide for a while. Qin Sheng subconsciously felt that if Cao Da really manages to get hold of Qian Buping and the rest, then there would be some empty spaces in Yuan Da. During then, he would then be able to let Chang Baji and Hao Lei stay in Hangzhou. He would then get Chang Baji to get two disciples from his mentor. This way, he would then have some connections in Hangzhou. This would make his future path easier to walk on.

Chang Baji drove Xia Ding’s car away while Qin Sheng returned to the company directly. He now had a stable footing in the company and need not care about Qian Buping, Lv Shimin and the rest. He called for Yu Qian and the other secretaries and said bluntly, “If you guys want to continue staying in Yuan Da, you have to answer all of my questions.”

Yu Qian was dressed in a professional outfit that wrapped closely against her chest. She frowned her beautiful brows and said, “Assistant Qin, what do you mean by that?”

“I’ll give you guys one more chance. I don’t care whose side you’re on and I’m not worried who you’ll tell once you step out of this room. But right now, if any one of you is thinking about other things, I can tell you right now that you don’t have to come to work tomorrow. You can take it as Mr. Cao’s intention,” Qin Sheng said with a sullen face. If he did not even take down these few in the company, he would really have no one to rely on.

Yu Qian said with squinted eyes, “We only work for Mr. Cao. If this is what Mr. Cao wants, then please go ahead and ask.”

In the whole afternoon, Qin Sheng stayed in the office and made Yu Qian and the other secretaries report to him the problems of every department leader in Yuan Da and person-in-charge of each subsidiary company, as well as the loopholes of the company and previous problems that they encountered etc.

Why did Qin Sheng do this?

This was in preparation for the cleansing coming up. As long as Cao Da took down Qian Buping and the rest, the others would naturally understand what was going on. Qin Sheng was not playing games with him. If everyone was not innocent, then they could stay. Whoever was found to have a problem and did not own up voluntarily, they would then go through regular procedures.

When it was about time to knock off, Qin Sheng called Yu Qian to the office. He squinted his eyes as he scanned Yu Qian who had all the right curves in her body. This caused her to be alarmed. She asked carefully, “Assistant Qin, did you need me for something?”

Qin Sheng chuckled and said, “Yu Qian, you seem like you don’t trust me a lot. Or do you think that I can’t cause the dead Yuan Da to be alive again?”

“Assistant Qin, you’re overthinking,” Yu Qian said politely. But to be honest, she was indeed unwilling to take part in the tug of war between Qin Sheng and Yuan Da.

Qin Sheng waved his hand and stopped her. “Yu Qian, but I hope that you better not be the worst kind of people that I imagine. Otherwise, I don’t go soft on women.”

Yu Qian’s face fell slightly. She was really scared of him…

Cao Da did not give him any task to do today. He was probably still thinking about how to target Qian Buping and the rest. Qin Sheng would not tell him about the small incident as it was his own issue to handle.

After work, Qin Sheng had nothing to do and since his wife was not at home, he was unwilling to head home. Hence, he settled his dinner at a random roadside stall. He gave his wife a call to ask how she was doing and flattered her by saying that she had worked hard for the country’s charity business. He got a few teasing remarks in return yet his heart felt sweet.

Xue Qingyan had arranged to visit an old person tomorrow morning with Qin Sheng but he did not tell him the old person’s identity or background. Qin Sheng was very grateful towards Xue Qingyan. He only offered casual help but got a big reward in return.

Since he had nothing to do, Qin Sheng hopped by Huanglong Sports Center and went to take a look at the nightclub that was doing okay. He did not look for the person-in-charge and only hung around for a while before coming out soon after. Finally, he came to Guangyin.

There were still no performances tonight, just the usual in-house band and singer displaying their talents. Qin Sheng was very curious. Guangyin’s environment and utilities were all very good and the standard of their service was also not bad, but why was their business so poor? Was it because this kind of live-house was not suitable for Hangzhou?

Not long after he sat down, Yu Yixiao, who came to Guangyin every day, came over to him. He teased, “Are you still not going to drink tonight?”

“My wife is not here, I can have two glasses of beer,” Qin Sheng said casually. Yu Yixiao was indeed an interesting person. Qin Sheng would not deny his love for music, but he was definitely not fit for running a business.

Hence, Yu Yixian ordered a waiter to grab a few bottles of Corona. Qin Sheng added a few ice cubes and clinked his glass with Yu Yixiao’s. He then quickly said, “Lao Yu, why is Guangyin’s business so bad? This can’t do.”

Yu Yixiao’s gaze changed a little and he said, “Assistant Qin, just say whatever you want to say. I’m not an emotional person.”

“Then I’ll be honest with you. I think that Guangyin has already been operating for a very long time and it’s not good for it to be operating at a loss. Mr. Cao and Cao Zhang admire your musical talent, that’s without doubt, but you’re not bringing them profits. They invested cold hard cash. There is an end to everything. If one day Mr. Cao steps away from Yuan Da, what’s going to happen to Guangyin? I don’t think any boss would want to keep it,” Qin Sheng said without sugarcoating his words.

Yu Yixiao was put on the spot but he had to admit that this was the truth. Without the support of the father and son in the Cao Family, Guangyin would have already shut its doors a long time ago. He would not have a working environment like this and treated the way he was now, let alone in the companion of music and good wine.

“Assistant Qin, I also have my own difficulties. As you now, after Mr. Cao stopped caring for the company, it basically stopped caring for Guangyin. I may have the desire, but I don’t have the resources,” Yu Yixiao said emotionally.

Qin Sheng pointed it out directly, “I think that this is one aspect. But another aspect is that your thinking is a bit conservative. You don’t understand the specific parts of operation and management, but you’re definitely a professional in terms of music.”

Qin Sheng was more straightforward in his words but Yu Yixiao nodded and said, “I do admit more to this point.”

“So, if you want to keep Guangyin alive, you have to make changes. After the company’s situation is settled, I want to do an overall adjustment to Guangyin. Lao Yu, do you have any objections?” Qin Sheng said casually.

Yu Yixiao stared at him and said nothing.

Qin Sheng said directly, “I want to find a professional in charge of operations, one who knows how to make Guangyin into a brand and make it become a name card for Huangzhou’s live houses. I want to differentiate Guangyin from the pubs in Huanglong Sports Center. I want Guangyin to be the first thing that comes into people’s mind when they mention live house. And you will be in charge of the whole game but mostly in the music aspect. I will contact well-known local music agencies and promise that within a year, there will be two professional performances in Guangyin every week. You can allocate the rest of the time to local musicians or bands in Hangzhou, or even local bands and musicians that have a smaller audience.”

After listening to what Qin Sheng said, Yu Yixiao was a little uncomfortable. However, he knew that Qin Sheng was doing this for Guangyin. He had to overcome his inner selfishness. After all, he treated Guangyin as his own territory.

“Whether you agree or not, I will do all these for sure. Think about it. At your age, sometimes you would rather stay at the same spot and not take one step forward. This is a psychological inert,” Qin Sheng stared at Yu Yixiao and said.

Yu Yixiao said with seemingly much thoughts going on in his mind, “Let me think about it.”

Yu Yixiao looked down and entered deep into his thoughts. Qin Sheng, on the other hand, noticed a familiar stranger sitting at the bar. She wore a floral dress and her clean presentation was a view on its own. She ordered a cocktail and squinted her eyes as she studied the singer on stage. There seemed to be old perverts who already noticed this beautiful lady and was already thinking of how to pick her up.

Qin Sheng did not say anything to Yu Yixiao before he took his glass of beer and walked over slowly. He sat beside the beautiful lady directly and smiled as he said, “Do you think that I trust we have fate or did you deliberately come here to find me?”

The beautiful woman turned around and stared at him. “Think whatever you want,” she said with a smile in her eyes.

This beautiful woman was none other than Qin Ran. She missed her younger brother so much that she rushed from Beijing to Hangzhou directly. She had just arrived in the evening and after putting down her stuff at the hotel, she asked for his location immediately and came running over.

After meeting him in Xiamen, she finally opened up the long-time sickness in her heart and her bitter longings were also alleviated. However, not long after returning to Beijing, she started to miss her younger brother again. However, there were too many things to handle and she could not go away. In addition, she also had her worries, which was why she came to Hangzhou only after such a long period of time.

Qin Sheng joked and said, “I’m very curious. That friend of yours who passed away wouldn’t happen to be your boyfriend, would he? You’re looking for me because I look like him?”

Qin Ran really wanted to smack her slick younger brother on the forehead. What are all these nonsense going through his mind! However, she held back the urge and could only drink while feeling like crying and laughing at the same time.

After snapping back from his thoughts, Yu Yixiao noticed that Qin Sheng had already run to the bar and was seated next to a beautiful woman that made one’s heart flutter. He could not help but found it funny that this man was really capable.

“How come I don’t see your pretty girlfriend?” Qin Ran asked half-jokingly. She was not asking for much, she just wanted to start by making friends with her younger brother.

“If she was here, I would not be daring to sit beside you, in case I have to kneel on the washboard when I get home.”

“Is she so stingy?” Qin Ran laughed.

Qin Sheng chuckled, “It’s not that she’s stingy, it’s just that I’m timid. I’m such a loser, yet I found a girlfriend like her, which makes me want to stifle a smile when I sleep at night! If I don’t treat her well, what if she dumps me one day?”

Qin Ran was apparently still not used to Qin Sheng’s way of making a conversation. She looked at him in surprise and he burst out laughing, “Did you really believe me!”

“Speaking of which, I consider myself a beautiful woman. Men are all disloyal animals. You talked about your girlfriend in front of me, which means that you’re not interested in me. Is it because I’m not charming enough?” Qin Ran pouted and sighed.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. To be honest, when I first saw you, I feel like I’ve known you but not because we met just once. But I can’t recall when I’ve seen you. I have a weird feeling about you, but I don’t know how to describe it.”

Qin Ran’s face fell slightly and her body started wavering. Perhaps, this was kinship. No matter how big the crowd is, they would always be able to find each other.

Qin Ran wanted to spend some time with her younger brother and have a good chat with him, but it was too noisy in the bar. Hence, she took the initiative and invited him, “If it’s possible, you wouldn’t mind going on a walk with me, would you?”

Qin Sheng was a little surprised but he nodded in the end. “Happy to offer my service for a beautiful lady.”

Hence, Qin Ran settled the bill and left Guangyin with Qin Sheng by her side. Qin Sheng forgot to even say goodbye to Yu Yixiao.

The various men in the bar, as well as Yu Yixiao, all stared at them with their mouths hanging wide-opened. What the heck? He conquered her so easily?