Chapter 219 Too Tiring…

From the perspective of a man, a bar consists of beauty and wine. Both of which could be intoxicating. Under the influence of alcohol, men start to search for the prey in their hearts. Qin Ran’s appearance naturally became the center of attention in the bar. However, this beautiful woman was too cold in her attitude. Numerous people wanted to try, but none of them took the initiative. Eventually, Qin Sheng took the chance and managed to score, leaving countless men in their regrets.

She wore a floral dress and a pair of crystal high-heeled sandals. She had long wavy hair and carried a black chained-bag that made the brand name unnoticeable. Qin Ran crossed her arms and walked at an average pace along Huanglong Sports Center. With her outstanding temperament, she was a scenery on her own wherever she went.

There was a slight breeze in Hangzhou tonight. It was not as stuffy and warm as the previous two days. The weather forecast said that it might rain soon.

“Qin Sheng, where are you from?” Qin Ran started chatting casually. She knew the answer but she asked.

Qin Sheng followed her footsteps closely. Although this was only the second time they met, Qin Sheng felt an indescribable sense of closeness to her. If he were to meet a beautiful woman on usual days, he would more or less have the ugly side of a man. Other than appreciation, he would also develop a desire to conquer. But he did not know why he found none of those feelings in front of this beautiful lady.

Perhaps it was because of his sympathy towards her. After all, he looked like that friend that she lost. When she saw him, she probably felt grief more than anything else.

“Xi’an,” Qin Sheng said softly.

Qin Ran laughed. “You’re quite interesting. You went from Xi’an to Xiamen and now to Hangzhou. Why don’t you want to stay at home? I heard that people from Xi’an loves their family a lot. This way, you can also take care of your parents.”

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “I’m like a half-orphan, I’ve never seen my parents before. My grandfather and I depended heavily on each other since I was young. I was sent to my foster parents’ house when I went to school. I grew up in Xi’an and went to college in Shanghai. After graduation, my grandfather passed away. Since there was nothing holding me back, I went to various places, like a wanderer. I went back to Shanghai last year and stayed for less than half a year. I was forced to leave because of some reasons. I was injured and went to Xiamen to recover. A while ago, I was fully recovered, which is why I came to Hangzhou to develop. For people like me, it’s the same wherever I go. I have many friends here to help me, so it would be easier for me to stand out here.”

Although Qin Sheng said it easily, Qin Ran did not feel good after listening to it. If it was not due to life’s circumstances, who wouldn’t love a simple and easy life and chose to wander around instead? She felt that things were not that simple. Why did Qin Sheng leave Shanghai? Why was he hurt? These were all questions that Qin Changan had obviously hid from her.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a difficult time, very much similar to that friend of mine. But no matter what, life would never forsake you. The only person that could give up on yourself is yourself. I believe that you will definitely stand out one day,” Qin Ran comforted. However, she felt bad for her younger brother. If he had lived in Beijing all along, life would not be this difficult.

“You don’t have siblings too?” Qin Ran continued to ask. The duo walked and talked at the same time. The cold breeze caused her skirt and hair to dance crazily in the wind, making her more down-to-earth.

At this point in time, they had already walked out of Huanglong Sports Center and were walking towards the West Lake. They thought that the lakeside would be much cooler tonight.

Qin Sheng suddenly remembered and said, “We’ve already talked so much, yet I still don’t know how to address you and it feels weird. I’m Qin Sheng, how about you?”

Qin Ran smiled sweetly and said, “Now then you know? But you didn’t ask me!”

“You’re right,” Qin Sheng said as he scratched his head.

Qin Ran thought about it and said, “You can call me Sister Ran, the ran in ‘ran ran sheng qi’.”

“Ran ran sheng qi… hahahaha, Sister Ran, we’re quite fated!” Qin Sheng said in surprise. He then smiled and answered her previous question, “Sister Ran, have you forgotten? My grandfather and I depend heavily on each other. I definitely do not have any biological siblings, but I do have a younger sister in my foster family. I treat her like a biological younger sister. It used to be like this and it will continue to be like this. That family treat me like one of their own and gave me the warmth of a family. I will never be able to fully repay this grace. Other than that, I also have a few brothers that treat me really well. We’ve been ride-or-die buddies for several years now. Last year, I met an older sister in Shanghai who also treated me like a younger brother and she even helped me a lot. So I think I’m quite lucky.”

Qin Ran pitied him but also felt comforted. Eventually, she also felt a little jealous. She comforted him by saying, “When God closes a door, he will definitely open a window. I can tell that your heart is kind, it is a blessing that you’ve accumulated for yourself.”

When Qin Sheng called Qin Ran ‘Sister Ran’, she felt very emotional. It had been many years since she last heard him call her ‘sister’. Although many people call her ‘sister’ in real life, she always felt that this way of calling only belonged to her younger brother. Her eyes started to turn red out of no reason and she laughed and scolded herself for being useless. She then forced herself to remain calm.

“Hahaha, I won’t say that I’m kind, but I do things with a clear conscience,” Qin Sheng broke out into laughter and said. He was somewhat flattering himself.

Qin Ran changed the topic and said casually, “I see that your girlfriend seems like she’s not from an ordinary family. I didn’t expect you to be so capable! Tell me, how did you manage to get her?”

Qin Ran did not know whether to laugh or to cry. “Sister Ran, how should I say it? I also don’t know how to explain this. Perhaps I’m really lucky. My girlfriend indeed comes from a well-off family. Their family is a famous big family in Ningbo and has quite a high reputation among the Zhejiang businessmen. And as for me, I’m just a broke loser that has no car and no house. We’ve gone through quite a lot of setbacks in order to get to where we are today. However, she had sacrificed too much by roaming around with me and suffering all these hardships and tiring herself out. I always feel that I’m in debt to her.”

Hearing Qin Sheng talk of himself like this, Qin Ran was very upset. She really wanted to say, “Brother, you’re not a broke loser that has nothing. You are the only boy in the Qin Family. Only you can look down on someone, there’s no one that you’re not worthy of.”

“Seems like what you guys have is true love. But your girlfriend is not an ordinary woman, how much courage and determination she must have had in order to choose you in such an environment! You must treasure her well,” Qin Rn said emotionally from the bottom of her heart. She also thanked Lin Su in her heart, for taking care of Qin Sheng on behalf of the Qin Family and for giving up everything for him.

Qin Sheng continued to say, “I have never thought that I would be able to win her heart over, nor have I thought that she would say yes. We have a shared experience three years ago but did not contact each other for the following two years. Although I’ve already liked her since then, I had my things to do and so did she. After we met again last year, I felt that I cannot let go of her again. No matter what the outcome is, I should at least put in my effort and try. Then I’ll have no regrets in life. She had many people chasing after her. To put it bluntly, what have I done to be able to the same as them? But she chose me. Every time thought that it was absurd, including myself. But she said that this is fate, and also her destiny. What followed next was no longer as romantic. Her family would not agree and her friends also looked down on us. Her pursuers did all they could to stop us but she still stuck to her choice and broke all ties with almost everyone. Afterward, we went to Xiamen and sort of avoided all of this. Now, we want to live a peaceful life in Hangzhou.”

“I didn’t expect you guys to experience so many things,” Qin Ran said in surprise. Her admiration for Lin Su grew even more. This kind of woman was a man’s dream, but she did not expect her younger brother to score one. It was his blessing.

Qin Sheng said emotionally, “Life is just about the experiences. The more you experience, the more you understand and treasure all these that are hard to come by.”

“That was quite philosophical,” Qin Ran laughed.

Qin Sheng answered proudly, “Of course, I’m a top-scorer from Fudan University’s Philosophy major!”

“Hahahaha, okay, you’re the professional,” Qin Ran played along. It was very rare to see Qin Sheng’s playful side. However, she was actually freaking out a little. Her little brother was already vastly different from when he was still a little kid. In the past, he was filled with innocence and was very natural. There was always a cute smile beaming on his face. But today, her younger brother no longer had that liveliness in him. He was much more mature than people his age and had was filled with so much stress.

After talking about himself all these while, Qin Sheng turned the question around and asked, “Sister Ran, talk about yourself. We’ve been talking about me all along.”

“Me? My life did not have so many twists and turns like yours. I grew up without worrying about anything and was doted and loved by everyone. I got whatever I wanted and I could wherever I wanted to. No one forced me to do anything that I did not like. I probably led a life that was every girls’ dream. Other than a change in my family when I was young, there hasn’t been any pitfalls in my life,” Qin Ran said honestly. This was the life she led. Other than steering the direction of her life, he had never controlled her in any other areas, nor did he force her to learn or do anything. She did most of the things willingly. She basically lived with her grandmother when she was schooling and only went home every now and then. That was because she felt that the house was too empty. After graduating from college, she lived on her own. Everything was calm and peaceful and there was no major difficulty. On the other hand, her younger brother, who should have led the same kind of life as hers, was now leading a completely different life.

Qin Sheng felt the same way. Qin Sheng had already said last time that she was not an ordinary woman. Her family background must be very outstanding. She could also tell that an ordinary woman would not have such temperament and demeanor.

“It’s all right. Men should suffer a little, and women should lead a peaceful life and be happy,” Qin Sheng laughed and said.

As if controlled by demon, Qin Ran asked, “Qin Sheng, what would you do if your life also became like this one day?”

Qin Sheng did not understand what she meant. He replied casually, “Sister Ran, I never daydream, I don’t even buy lottery. How is it that possible in my life? I can only live that kind of life through hard work. Actually, I initially thought that no matter what, life is the same. I’m also not afraid of sufferings, being tired, or being looked down upon. However, I’m not willing to let people around me suffer along, let alone be bullied, especially my girlfriend. I don’t want others to say ‘You’re boyfriend is a good-for-nothing, he’s useless’. Since she chose me, I should give her an exciting life. Hence, I must work hard and fight for it. Besides, as a man, I should not live a normal life. Even if I’m a loser, I must make a counterattack.”

Qin Sheng was full of confidence towards the end of his speech. Qin Ran could feel the energy radiating from him. This was what a young man should be like, instead of being greedy for peacefulness and enjoyment at the age where they should be fighting for their life.

The more Qin Sheng talked about it, the more Qin Ran’s heart pained for him because she knew that it was too tiring to live like this.