Chapter 223 Then You Stayed

Out of those three children in the Cao family, the eldest, Cao Zhang, was sensible. Cao Da also let him be free. On Cao Zhang’s 18th birthday, Cao Da and he talked for a while, and he told him that he did not care what he did before graduating from college. He could stay with girls, play music, and travel around the world. He could arrange his time and his life. But he would have to take over the business after graduating from college.

The second child, Cao Ying, was absolutely an adolescent rebellious girl who had been acting against her parents. She wanted to try everything that her parents did not allow her to do, she smoked and drank, skipped class, fought with others, dyed her hair, got a tattoo, and went to night clubs. She never took her parent’s words seriously. She was a bad girl in the eyes of others.

The third child, Cao Yu, might have been born by a mistress. The little girl was quirky and mischievous. She was clever since a young age. She was the jewel of the whole Cao family. Everyone liked her so much.

Today, Cao Ying also hung out with a few so-called friends. They were all bad teenagers. They went to a craft beer hall on the side of Wentao Road in Binjiang to drink. The beer hall was opened by a friend of theirs. After drinking beer, they came out to walk on Wentao Road and happened to meet two rich second generations and were teased by them.

Cao Ying had a pretty face, but her temper was really bad. She had just drunk some beers, so she started to quarrel with these two rich second generations. In the end, she picked up a stone directly and threw it at the Porsche of those guys. She made serious trouble this time.

They were three girls and two boys. And there were four boys on the opposite Porsche side. But they didn’t beat Cao Ying and her friends. They just asked people to surround them, and let them find someone to solve the problem. If they couldn’t pay for it, then there were only two choices—call the police or let the girls accompany them for a week.

They were all high school kids. Facing such trouble, they all had been so frightened, and they dared not tell the family. They even dared not call the police. Cao Ying subconsciously thought of Qin Sheng, so she asked Qin Sheng come to help. If it didn’t work in the end, she would ask for her parents’ help.

“How is it going? Did you find someone to help you? I can tell you that nobody will come to help you today.” The Porsche owner squinted and smiled; he would like to see what these kids would do.

Cao Ying was afraid, but she still talked tough to them. “Just a broken Porsche 911? Any car in my home could be more expensive than this. How come you are so proud of it?”

When Cao Ying finished her words, a man next to her raised his arm and prepared to beat her. “You bitch. You really have a bad mouth. Just pay for it if you have a rich family. If you don’t pay for it, I will send you to be a prostitute.”

“You are a bitch,” Cao Ying said in anger.

This man subconsciously wanted to slap Cao Ying, but he was stopped by the Porsche owner. “Lao Ma, don’t haggle with the kid. There will be time for you to play.”

The Porsche owner stared at Cao Ying, and said coldly, “I will give you another half hour, if you can’t solve it, then I can only use my method.”

A few friends of Cao Ying were afraid of them. “Yingying, what should we do? You shouldn’t have been so impulsive. This car is so expensive. Can we pay for it?”

Cao Ying was hoping that Qin Sheng would come as soon as possible. She could only call her father if Qin Sheng did not arrive on time. And she would have to stay at home for the rest of the summer vacation.

“It’s okay, it’s nothing, I can call my parents.” Cao Ying comforted her friends.

The Porsche owner was also a young man in his 20s. He could feel that Cao Ying was not a child of an ordinary family. Otherwise, she would not dare to be so unscrupulous. That was the reason why he didn’t beat her. He just wanted to fix the car or he would be scolded by his father.

After waiting for another 10 minutes, a taxi stopped at the side of the road. Qin Sheng and Yang Deng slowly got out of the car and saw a lot of people around. They frowned and walked up to them.

When Cao Ying saw that Qin Sheng had arrived, her heart finally settled down. She pushed through the crowd and ran quickly to Qin Sheng, and complained, “I thought you were not coming.”

The Porsche owner and the others had thought that it would be a big man. When they saw these two men arrive in a taxi, they became more confident.

“What the hell is going on?” Qin Sheng said with a dark face. He did not speak nice to Cao Ying.

Cao Ying carefully explained the ins and outs of the matter. Qin Sheng was also stunned after listening. The temper of this girl was really bad. “Some people just yelled at you, and you broke his car, what the hell?”

However, Qin Sheng had no choice. He was the assistant of Cao Da, and he could only find a solution for this problem.

“Well, I know, just let me handle it,” Qin Sheng said after listening.

Cao Ying looked at Yang Deng, who was next to Qin Sheng. “Is he your helper?”

“My friend, who came with me by the way.” Qin Sheng didn’t want to talk to her.

Qin Sheng and Yang Deng took Cao Ying to walk through the crowd slowly. The Porsche owner scorned. “Your friend has come, so let me know, how can you solve this?”

Qin Sheng said, “A Porsche 911 is a nice car, you can have all the beautiful girls you want, so why would you mess with high school students?”

The Porsche owner laughed and said, “She is also a high school student?”

His friends then laughed following that, and some people teased at them in the crowd. “Look at the heavy makeup, just like a prostitute.”

“Your mother is a prostitute,” Cao Ying retorted without hesitation. Qin Sheng was here now, she was naturally unscrupulous. It was impossible to let people tease her like this.

The man said in anger, “Just say it again, and believe it or not, I will kill you.”

The car problem could be discussed and solved. But those bad words were another matter.

“Friends, disease from the mouth and out of the mouth comes evil. Mind your speaking manners,” Qin Sheng said in a cold tone.

The man did not take Qin Sheng and Yang Deng seriously. He immediately retorted, “Who are you? I just called her a prostitute. What can you do to me?”

The man was standing in front of Qin Sheng, and Qin Sheng did not give him the opportunity to continue to speak and punched him in the face without hesitation. The man was knocked down to the ground, and his nose started to bleed.

“Sh*t, you dare to beat our friends, brothers, GO!” said the big brother who was called by Porsche owner.

Almost at the same time, this group of men rushed to Qin Sheng and Yang Deng. Qin Sheng pushed Cao Ying behind him. Cao Ying was shocked, and she could only stay back with her friends.

Qin Sheng and Yang Deng, the two formal trainers, fought with eight or nine ordinary people who had no skills at all. Wasn’t it like lions fighting with rabbits?

It had been calm just now, but everyone started to fight without saying anything, and the atmosphere became boisterous. Cries and screaming was in the air. Qin Sheng took the lead to beat the enemies. Yang Deng did not stay calm anymore and started to fight without hesitation.

It was a pity that the fight had lasted only less than five minutes because the men who were hollowed out by wine were no match for Qin Sheng and Yang Deng. They were all lying on the ground.

Cao Ying worried about Qin Sheng just now, and she shouted, “Be careful.”

But in the end, she started to watch the fight her friends. At the same time, she did not forget to command Qin Sheng, and what she needed were a chair and nuts.

The chaotic fight finally ended with the loss of the entire team of their opponents.

“You guys can sit down and chat, why do you yell and scold each other?” Qin Sheng sighed and squatted on the ground. Anyway, Yang Deng fought with him today. This new friend stood by him no matter what happened. Qin Sheng had no scruples at all.

The man lying on the ground felt wronged. “You have broken my car and beaten us up. Are you crazy?”

There was only a street lamp in this area, so it was too dark to see who was speaking. Qin Sheng asked, “Who said this, come, stand up, let us talk about it?”

The group of people remained silent, no one dared to stand up.

Yang Deng felt this thing was over. He walked over to the Porsche 911 with a sullen face, and raised his fist and slammed it down on it. And a big hole was on the hood of the Porsche. Yang Deng sneered and said, “Just showing off with a Porsche, don’t you fear that you will be struck by lightning?”

The Porsche owner’s heart was already shedding blood. “What is going on? You guys continue to break my car?”

After suffering such a big loss, the men would definitely not be willing to give up. They had already made up their minds to fight back one day, but Yang Deng’s following words directly sentenced them to death. It made them dare not do anything even if they had enough courage.

“I broke the car and I beat you guys. If you want to revenge, then I’ll be waiting. I am Yang Deng, the foster son of Third Master Wu. You don’t look like ordinary people. You should be able to find me.”

Such words made the men on the ground look pale. This guy was the foster son of Third Master Wu. Who was Third Master Wu? He was the powerful hero of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. They dared not to try to get revenge even though they had much courage.

“Brother, we are in the wrong. Today was a misunderstanding. Don’t be angry, it’s our fault. We won’t do this anymore.” The friend of the Porsche owner had already reacted and bowed his head without hesitation.

Yang Deng said coldly, “Are you really begging for my forgiveness or just acting? I don’t care. Anyway, I’ll be waiting for you.”

This group of people was pale and looking grey. Today they were so unlucky. They could only admit their mistakes when they met such a powerful person.

“Let’s go and continue to drink. Don’t be overwhelmed by a few assh*les.” Yang Deng turned his back to them, and held Qin Sheng’s shoulders.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “You are taking advantage of your power to bully people.”

“It depends on the people. Who tells them to show off like this? If you want to apologize and pay them money, I will not stop you.” Yang Deng laughed.

Qin Sheng chuckled. “I have no money.”

“Then let’s just go.” Yang Deng shrugged.

Qin Sheng walked over to Cao Ying and said, “Let your sh*tty friends go back, you come with me.”

“They are not sh*tty friends,” Cao Ying ground her teeth and said.

Qin Sheng said coldly, “Okay, then I will call Mr. Cao and let him pick you up.”

Cao Ying heard this, fearing that Qin Sheng would really call her father, so she quickly turned to her friends and said, “You can take a taxi back, I will call you tomorrow.”

When her friends heard this, they felt relieved and quickly bid farewell and left. Now they finally got out of this whirlpool.

After Cao Ying’s friends had left, Qin Sheng and Yang Deng were also ready to leave. Qin Sheng shouted, “Come on!” to Cao Ying, who was still staring at the men proudly.

“We’ll just go, what about them?” Cao Ying had never experienced such a matter. Her previous fights were like kicking and hitting others, but now the trouble was serious. It seemed that it was not appropriate to go away like this.

Qin Sheng was speechless. “Then you stay.”

He and Yang Deng left after saying these words. Cao Ying heard this, was scared, and quickly caught up…