Chapter 224 Compromise with Each Other

Children of poor families start to earn money at a young age, and children of rich families would like to make trouble instead. Qin Sheng thought it was Cao Ying who had caused trouble. Maybe they had more chances to make mistakes, or perhaps because of their family life, they could be so unscrupulous.

After leaving the place and going to the roadside, Qin Sheng didn’t speak to Cao Ying. And he asked Yang Deng who was next to him, “How about finding a place to have a late-night snack?”

Yang Deng took out his mobile phone and looked at the time. “Okay, it is still early, I’ll listen to you.”

“I am not familiar with Hangzhou, and I don’t know if there is any place to have late-night snacks nearby. You are a local. Just find a place,” Qin Shen said casually. He looked back at Cao Ying, who was walking behind him and seemed not to care about what happened before, and sighed slightly.

After Yang Deng called his friend to ask, he took Qin Sheng via taxi to a famous food stall nearby. Qin Sheng and Cao Ying sat behind. Cao Ying was excited. “Qin Sheng, you were so handsome just now. You are much more handsome than the boys who fight in our school. You would be the school hunk if you were in our school. Qin Sheng, can you teach me a few moves in the future?”

“Whose kid is this with such a bad manner at a young age?” Yang Deng asked with interest.

Cao Ying listened to this and said coldly, “I just want to praise you. How could you say this to me? Well, your perfect image in my heart has collapsed.”

Qin Sheng said coldly, “Shut up. No one will treat you like you are dumb.”

“What?” Cao Ying was stunned, but she still shut up. Qin Sheng now had the right to save her or kill her. If she annoyed Qin Sheng, he might tell her dad later and it would be a terrible thing for her.

Qin Sheng continued to say, “I don’t want it to happen a second time. I am your dad’s assistant, not then nanny of your family. Don’t call me for those small things. If you have the ability to cause trouble, you have to pay the price for it. You will lose more if you seek others’ help.”

Cao Ying was a little surprised after hearing these words. She stared at Qin Sheng for a few seconds, and suddenly broke out. “Don’t scold me like you are an adult. You are nothing to me. So why do you scold me? Just because you saved me? Don’t think that I will be grateful to you. Who do you think you are? You are just a dog of our Cao family. You can only do whatever we ask you to do.”

After listening to this, Qin Sheng did not hesitate to slap Cao Ying directly, which made her feel ignorant. He was not going to spoil this rebellious girl. The driver in front and Yang Deng were scared by him. Yang Deng said with helplessness, “Qin Sheng, don’t be so impulsive, she is still a child.”

“I was just giving her a lesson,” Qin Sheng said regardless. Then he turned and stared at Cao Ying and continued, “I understand why you have trouble today. I do regret helping you. You, kid, should be taught by others. Then you will know how to behave yourself. Don’t let your parents feel ashamed when you are outside. And don’t give them trouble, they are busy enough. Don’t treat yourself as a child and be unscrupulous. Not everyone will spoil and indulge you.”

Cao Ying put her hands on her face, and was a little scared. “You dare to beat me?! You dare to beat me?! You know that my parents have never beaten me.”

When Qin Sheng heard this, he said angrily, “I will slap you again if you say it one more time. Just go back to your parents and complain, tell them that I beat you.”

Cao Ying was obviously scared. Her hands were covering her face, and she dared not speak, she only whispered and cried. She was so sad. Qin Sheng did not want to pay attention to her. He just wanted to warn her by slapping her, so she would not make serious mistakes in the future.

“Go to the Jiuxi Rose Garden and send her home first.” Qin Sheng told the driver in front of him. Yang Deng had no opinion. Anyway, he had enough with Qin Sheng today.

No one talked on the road. Yang Deng didn’t feel embarrassed. He played on his mobile phone alone. Anyway, it was not far from here to Jiuxi Rose Garden. Cao Ying kept looking out of the window. No one knew what she was thinking.

When they were approaching Jiuxi Rose Garden, Qin Sheng called Cao Zhang and asked him to come pick up Cao Ying. Cao Zhang wondered why Qin Sheng was with his sister, but he still came out at the main entrance and waited.

After the taxi stopped, Qin Sheng saw Cao Zhang, who was at the door. He turned to Cao Ying, who was next to him, and said, “Come on, get out, your brother is waiting for you.”

Cao Ying suddenly asked, “Qin Sheng, aren’t you afraid that I will complain to my parents?”

“I don’t care.” Qin Sheng didn’t pay her any mind and got out directly.

Qin Sheng walked over to Cao Zhang slowly, and then whispered to him, “You take her home. And tell your dad, I have something to do and I’ll leave first.”

“Okay. But what happened, how did she come back with you?” Cao Zhang glared at Cao Ying, who was downcast, and asked with confusion.

Qin Sheng said casually, “We just met each other. I was worried about her because it is late at night, so I took her back along the way.”

“I was planning to call you tonight. But I had a temporary emergency. I will call you later,” Cao Zhang said. By this time, Cao Ying had come over. She covered her face with her hair.

Cao Zhang said angrily, “Look at you. Not like a student. Dad hasn’t come back yet, you have to go home quickly, or he will scold you when he sees you.”

“Does Mr. Cao have something to do tonight?” Qin Sheng asked thoughtfully because he would definitely inform him, his special assistant, once he had something to do.

Cao Zhang explained, “He just called me, and told me he is coming back now. He had something to talk to his friends about tonight.”

Qin Sheng didn’t think much, then nodded. “I will go first.”

When they got into the taxi, Qin Sheng and Yang Deng left. Who ever thought that drinking could turn into fighting?

Yang Deng said thoughtfully, “If I didn’t guess wrong, it was the son and daughter of your boss, Cao Da. I didn’t expect the girl to have such a personality like this.”

“It seems that you have checked on me clearly.” Qin Sheng shook his head and smiled.

Yang Deng said with a smile, “Not so much. I just have some simple information about you. I wanted to know what you are doing in Hangzhou. But I didn’t know you are working for Cao Da. To tell you the truth, working for Cao Da is unworthy of your talents. A few years ago, Cao Da was still a figure in Hangzhou, but after suffering losses several times, Cao Da is already worse than before.”

“I just needed a job, and Mr. Cao thinks highly of me,” Qin Sheng said in a low voice.

Yang Deng said as if he was deep in thought, “If you really want to choose this way, I can recommend you to my nominal father. You will go faster and further if you work with him. Even if you don’t want to work for my nominal father, I can recommend others for you, right?”

“Thank you so much. But I’m not ambitious. I will make it step by step. I think everything works well now.” Qin Sheng refused him tactfully.

Yang Deng squinted his eyes. “Are you really not ambitious? Don’t you want revenge?”

Qin Sheng smiled and did not speak. Yang Deng did not ask anymore, but he did not believe Qin Sheng’s words.

They ate late-night snacks and drank a few bottles of beer. But they did not intend to get drunk. After that, they went back home individually. Qin Sheng offered to come again next time.

When Cao Ying went back to the villa, she went back to her room to rest right after talking to Cao Zhang, fearing that her brother or another person would discover the swollen left side of her face. It would be difficult for her to explain what happened. She could not protect herself if someone asked her what happened tonight. So she could just find a way to hide it.

Qin Sheng had been waiting for the messages of Cao Da all the time. When he finished breakfast the next morning, Cao Da finally called Qin Sheng and had him go directly to Jiuxi Rose Garden.

When Qin Sheng arrived at Jiuxi Rose Garden, Cao Da had already been waiting in the yard. He made a pot of West Lake Longjing in advance. And then Qin Sheng sat down thoughtfully.

“Do you know why I had you come over?” Cao Da said slowly.

Qin Sheng took a guess. “It seems that uncle Cao has already had an idea about how to deal with Qian Buping.”

“Qian Buping is nothing. Our opponent has been Yuan Ke from the start of the game, not the gang of Qian Buping,” Cao Da said disapprovingly.

Qin Sheng nodded silently, thinking about it for a moment and said, “What do you mean?”

“Guess,” Cao Da laughed and said.

Qin Sheng replied, “To stay in peace or to start a fight?”

“I was thinking about what to do, but I didn’t expect that Yuan Ke would take the initiative to talk to me. This result was out of my expectation,” Cao Da said with deep meaning.

“Yuan Ke took the initiative to talk to you?” Qin Sheng frowned. “To lay his cards on the table?”

Cao Da narrowed his eyes and said, “To quit.”

“What?” Qin Sheng was shocked.

Cao Da sighed. “This result is unexpected. Finance, catering, and the new nightclubs of Xin Ding Hong and Huanglong all belong to him. Then he will completely quit Yuan Da. As for the things regarding Qian Buping, they are over.”

Qin Sheng did not understand after hearing this result. Yuan Ke was the second shareholder of Yuan Da, so quitting was a bad decision for him. Or things happened that day that made Yuan Ke felt uneasy.

“You agree with that?” Qin Sheng asked.

Cao Da nodded and said, “Yes. It is time that I end the relationship with him. I can accept this result.”

“Well, this is also good, and it is good for the coming reform of Yuan Da,” Qin Sheng thought about it and said. This was also the result of mutual compromise. If Cao Da really wanted to force Qian Buping to death, Yuan Ke would not let it go.

Cao Da looked up at Qin Sheng and smiled. “Yuan Ke mentioned you specifically. He said that you are very good. It seems that he is a little bit afraid of you. Qin Sheng, tell me, is there something I don’t know that would cause Yuan Ke to make such a decision?”

When Qin Sheng heard this, he finally understood. Everything was as he thought…