Chapter 226 A New Beginning

The biggest beneficiary of the change in Yuan Da was Qin Sheng. At the age of 28, he succeeded in becoming the vice president of Yuan Da Holdings, which was even better than when he was in Shanghai.

Qin Sheng’s most helpful people now were Chang Baji and Hao Lei. Chang Baji would be in charge of Poly International. He brought two fellows, Gu Qingyang and Gu Xiaobo, to help him. Currently, Qin Sheng really lacked helpful people, and he asked for Chang Baji’s help. After all, his fellows were awesome. They could be used directly.

As for Hao Lei, Qin Sheng was somewhat hesitant. He really intended to have Hao Lei come to Hangzhou, and go to Yunding to control Song Wei. It was impossible to have Hao Lei be the driver for Han Bing all the time. It was placing him in a job unworthy of his talents. However, Qin Sheng was too busy recently and had not discussed it with Hao Lei and Han Bing yet.

Qin Sheng only called three people from Shangshan Ruoshui. The first one was Ms. An. Qin Sheng thought that she was the best person to be the vice president of the restaurant and entertainment management company, responsible for the specific management. She could alleviate his burden. The other ones were Lyu Yuan and Yu Fengzhi. Lyu Yuan could help Chang Baji in Poly International, and Yu Fengzhi could work in Guangyin LIVE. They were all excellent leaders in the service industry. Ordinary guys could not work in Shangshan Ruoshui for such a long time.

But Qin Sheng had no idea whether or not Chang Baji could really bring these three people to Hangzhou. Qin Sheng’s lowest expectation for him was to take them to Hangzhou, and he would do the rest of the things.

Chang Baji had kept the phone numbers of all these people. After arriving in Shanghai, he met with Lyu Yuan first. The two met at a coffee shop on Huaihai Road. Lyu Yuan looked a little withered. When he saw Chang Baji, he said, “Mr. Chang, I haven’t seen you for half a year. Qin Sheng has disappeared. You also disappeared. We all left Shangshan Ruoshui. The things are still the same there, but the men are no longer the same ones.”

“Don’t call me Mr. Chang, just call me Lao Chang,” Chang Baji smiled lightly and said. He had a good impression of Lyu Yuan. This young man was modest and kind, and he was not a timeserving person. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to leave Shangshan Ruoshui.

After all, they were all old friends. Lyu Yuan and Chang Ba both felt amiable, and he said, “Okay, then I’ll call you Lao Chang. Why did you suddenly think of me?”

Chang Baji shook his head. “It is not me, but someone is thinking of you.”

“Who?” Lyu Yuan frowned. “Is Qin Sheng back?”

“You look a little tired. What is wrong with you? Is work not good or is there something wrong with your relationship?” Chang Baji did not answer his questions but shifted the topic.

Lv Yuan sighed and said, “Since I left Shangshan Ruoshui, I changed jobs twice. Now I have just adapted to this job. But I have to work overtime and my salary is low. Everything is not glamorous like it was in Shangshan Ruoshui.”

This is real life. Most young people are living like this. After all, most people are ordinary ones in the world. At this age, they have to face most of the problems, like marriage, buying a house, buying a car, raising children, and their old parents. These matters are all about money. Life is difficult without money. So there is a popular saying on the Internet: Most people die when they are 25, but they don’t get buried until they are in their 70s or 80s. They don’t want to die, but they have no choice.

“Now, here is an opportunity for you. It depends on if you are willing to try a new job and a new life. But it is not in Shanghai, it is in Hangzhou.” Chang Baji told the truth.

Lyu Yuan squinted and thought, “Hangzhou?”

“If you go, you will understand. Even if the result cannot satisfy you, you should see your old friend,” Chang Baji said, and deliberately kept him guessing.

Lyu Yuan guessed this old friend had to be Qin Sheng, but Chang Baji didn’t give him an answer. After careful consideration, Lyu Yuan finally decided. “When do we go?”

“Wait for my call,” Chang Baji said with satisfaction.

When Chang Baji met with Yu Fengzhi, it was already two days later. Yu Fengzhi just got back to Shanghai. After resigning from Shangshan Ruoshui, Yu Fengzhi did not find another job. She knew that it was difficult for someone to satisfy her desires, so she planned to go on a trip. She had traveled for half a year. She went to the northeast, northwest, and southwest. She wanted to see the grasslands, look at the Gobi Desert, and then look at the towering mountains in the north.

It was just in the evening when the two met in a restaurant that was not far from the community. Yu Fengzhi was still so refined, unlike ordinary women. Chang Baji was still so natural and unrestrained, he was already extraordinary.

After asking each other about the things happened in the past six months, Yu Fengzhi said with emotion, “Lao Chang, I didn’t expect that you were traveling like me. We should travel together.”

Chang Baji joked, “I have been to the mountains and forests, you may not like it there.”

“The scenery there is better, how do you know that I may not like it?” Yu Fengzhi put down the chopsticks, looked up, and smiled.

Chang Baji said casually, “Very good, we can go together if we have the chance in the future. We’ll go to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.”

“What about him? Is he okay?” Yu Fengzhi said thoughtfully. Everyone knew that there had to be something that made Qin Sheng leave without saying goodbye. But no one was clear about what had happened. Yu Fengzhi was very angry at the time. After all, she had already sold herself to Qin Sheng, and Qin Sheng left without saying goodbye. So she tried to find out the truth. Then she learned that Qin Sheng had some trouble, and nobody knew whether he was dead or alive.

After half a year had passed, there was still no news about Qin Sheng. Yu Fengzhi thought that Qin Sheng might have died. For this man who had appeared in her life, Yu Fengzhi’s feelings were very complicated. Later, she realized that she had fallen in love with Qin Sheng.

She was going to return to Shanghai and start a new life, but she did not expect that Chang Baji would call her. At that time, she knew that Qin Sheng was not dead like the rumor said, he had to be alive.

“How do you know that he asked me to find you?” Chang Baji wondered.

Yu Fengzhi said honestly, “Lao Chang, it seems that we didn’t have too many interactions at that time. You don’t have a reason to look for me.”

“I am looking for you because there is a new job in Hangzhou. I want to know if you are interested in it.” Chang Bajii thought that this woman was really smart.

Yu Fengzhi was surprised. “He is in Hangzhou?”

“You will know when you go there,” Chang Baji said in a playful tone.

The last one Chang Baji found was Ms. An, who was also the most difficult one to talk to. Ms. An did not leave Shangshan Ruoshui like everyone else had, but stayed there. She was still the deputy general manager of Shangshan Ruoshui. It seemed that everything that happened there did not affect her. However, today’s Shangshan Ruoshui had lost its glory.

On a bench in Fuxing Park, Chang Baji was waiting for Ms. An. Ms. An, who was in professional attire, found Chang Baji according to the location that he told her before. She had a good impression of this man. She thought he was restrained, calm, and humorous. And it was weird that he was unperturbed. It seemed that everything was insignificant in his eyes, which was what she could never understand.

“Why do I feel like we are secret lovers?” Chang Baji teased Ms. An when she sat beside him.

Ms. An stared at Chang Baji and said, “I haven’t seen you for more than half a year. You’re still the same, it seems that nothing has changed.”

“So are you. But you look more beautiful, just a little bit pale.” Chang Baji praised her. All women loved sweet words without exception.

Ms. An laughed. “I like your words. Yes, I look pale because of the mess in Shangshan Ruoshui. If it was run by Mr. Jiang, I would not be so tired like this.”

“Since you feel uncomfortable working there, just change jobs,” Chang Baji said tentatively.

Ms. An sighed. “Where can I find a decent job easily? I still have to work there, and live day by day like this.”

“This is not the Ms. An I know. There is an opportunity in front of you that you can try,” Chang Baji said slowly.

Ms. An raised her eyebrows and said, “What do you mean?”

“In Hangzhou, the vice president of a restaurant and entertainment management company. The salary will definitely satisfy you, and you will meet many old friends there. Are you interested in going to Hangzhou with me?” Chang Ba said bluntly.

Ms. An suddenly smiled and said, “Lao Chang, you have not jumped to a headhunting company, right? This time, you’ve come to Shanghai to bring me to Hangzhou?”

“This is part of the reason. The biggest reason is that I want to take you to meet old friends,” Chang Baji said without hiding anything.

Ms. An frowned. “Old friends, I am very curious about who those old friends are.”

“You will know once you get there. If you are not interested, you can come back. Just take it as a two-day trip to Hangzhou.” Chang Baji continued to joke with Ms. An.

Ms. An hesitated for a moment. “Let me consider it.”

Three days later, in the box of Hangzhou West Lake Zhiweiguan, when Ms. An, Yu Fengzhi, and Lyu Yuan met, they couldn’t help feeling shocked. They didn’t expect to see their other acquaintances. Everyone became more curious about what was going on. They all started to guess if Qin Sheng was back.

These people hadn’t seen each other for half a year. After greeting each other, they couldn’t help sighing with emotion. How popular Shangshan Ruoshui was when they were there at the beginning. There was a gold-lettered signboard of the Shanghai private club. However, it was acquired by others when Mr. Jiang had trouble. Now it had become an ordinary club. What a pity.

“Lao Chang, we have all arrived in Hangzhou, so it is time to uncover the mystery,” Lyu Yuan said anxiously.

Ms. An also said, “It doesn’t make sense if you still keep us guessing.”

“In fact, we all know that is Qin Sheng. We are just guessing, and it needs to be verified,” Yu Fengzhi said full confidence. If it was not Qin Sheng, she would leave here without hesitation.

Chang Baji looked at his watch and smirked. “He will be coming soon.”

When the voice of Chang Baji died down, the door of the box was opened, and Qin Sheng, who was dressed in a bright and beautiful suit, walked in slowly with a smile. The facial expressions of people in the room changed in an instant. They had guessed correctly. It would be awesome if the background music of God of Gamblers Gao Jin was coming along with him.

“Qin Sheng,” Ms. An shouted subconsciously.

Lyu Yuan went straight over and gave Qin Sheng a playful punch. “Sh*t, I knew it was you. You are still alive. We all guessed that you were dead.”

Yu Fengzhi stared at Qin Sheng with complex meaning in her eyes, but she said nothing. She felt wronged in her heart. And Qin Sheng was also embarrassed to see her.

Qin Sheng had complicated feelings when he saw everyone again. He said sincerely, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, I am so glad to see you again.”