Chapter 232 Such a Rewarding Cup of Wine

However influential a bigwig is, he is still a human, instead of being God. As long as he is a human, he will have various feelings and desires. However, compared with most of the ordinary people who can act unscrupulously at anytime, these bigwigs have to conceal these emotions and desires deep in their hearts. Since they were not God, they were not flawless, and could be crushed anytime.

To Qin Changan, this was the moment when he felt very moved. He could work out a successful plan with his wisdom, and make resolute decisions in the business. He also had the upper hand while planning against a group of old sneaky foxes. Though he had taken part in quite a lot of dinner parties, social intercourses and received numeous invitations to attend many feasts at home, his heart, which had always been untouched, was moved by an invitation to have a homecooked meal with an ordinary family.

When it came to anything related to Qin Sheng, Qin Changan was just like any ordinary father, and that was the gist of it all.

Feeling a bit complacent, Qin Changan said, “Gongsu, in your opinion, am I enjoying a father-in-law’s treatment, in advance?” It was a universal wish to have many children, grandchildren and enjoy a happy family life. However, for Qin Changan, when it was the Spring Festival every year, the vast siheyuan where he lived, was always so desolate and lifeless. Qin Changan could put up with such a life during the first half of his life; however, in the later half of his life, he was not willing to go through such an experience again.

Gongsun, who sat in the passenger seat, smiled happily and said, “Master, what you have just said, will happen to you sooner or later. If a daughter-in-law does not know that she should be filial to such a father-in-law like you, then she will be a bit silly.”

“The way I see it, what you have just said is inappropriate. The daughter-in-law can’t compliment and be filial to me, due to my social status and wealth. I prefer this kind of simple feeling,” Qin Changan said, feeling a bit displeased. As a matter of fact, he was accustomed to bickering with Gongsun on a frequent basis. Except for Gongsun, no one dared to talk to him in this way.

Gongsun asked a rhetorical question without any hesitation, “Do you think it is possible?’

Letting out a sigh, Qin Changan was lost in contemplation. For people at his position, actually they would have difficulty enjoying the things which the ordinary people considered as the norm. In the distinguished families, personal and emotional communication were rare, while gratitude and grudges were common. The hearts of people in distinguished families were too wrapped up with gaining their own benefits.

“Master, do you really like this child from the Lin Family?” Gongsun asked meaningfully. He did not have any personal feelings for Lin Su. Although Lin Su had done a lot of things for Qin Sheng, he did have a bone to pick with her, which could be due to the Lin Family’s attitude towards Qin Sheng, or the fact that Lin Su was the main cause of what had happened to Qin Sheng previously.

Qin Changan replied randomly, “I think she is good. She is very smart and she knows how to take care of Qin Sheng well.”

“Then what should we do with young master’s infant betrothal with the Song family, which was arranged by Old Master?” Gongsun could not help asking.

Upon hearing this, Qin Changan was soon deep in thought. He did not say anything in the end. Though the infant betrothal had been arranged many years ago, Qin Changan had considered it a headache all along. Moreover, over the years, the Song family had been helping him a lot.

What’s more, Old Master Song had said that as long as he was still alive, the granddaughter of the Song family will never get married, and she would wait for the son of the Qin Family to return quietly. If he should die, and the son of the Qin Family had still not shown up, at that time, everything should go with the wind.

If Old Master Song were deceased, of course, Qin Changan would not consider it a headache, since it would eventually come to an end; however, Old Master Song was currently alive and healthy, and the Song family’s granddaughter was not married yet. In this case, if Qin Sheng was still missing, Qin Changan would not have been driven crazy by it. Unfortunately, Qin Sheng had been found, but he also had a girlfriend. Now, this thing really freaked Qin Changan out, since it would definitely become a troublesome issue in the future.

This was one of the reasons why Qin Changan had to hold back the news that Qin Sheng had returned.

After Qin Changan rested in the hotel for half a day, he set out only when it was almost time. Since he was going to eat a home cooked dinner with his son and daughter-in-law to be, it would not make any sense at all, if they did not drink. As a result, Qin Changan bought a bottle of Red Star Erguotou from a nearby mall. Originally, he had planned to buy a bottle of west phoenix wine, which, after all, was the one with the most authentic flavor. Unfortunately, in order not to arouse Qin Sheng’s suspicions, he chose Erguotou Liquor in the end, which was Qin Sheng’s favorite. After that, he rushed directly to Binjiang Garden.

After Gongsun drove Qin Changan to the destination, he watched Qin Changan enter the residential quarter, and then left. It was not until Qin Changan walked in, that he gave Qin Sheng a call and asked for their address. After that, he went directly to their location. Qin Sheng told him that he would insist on meeting him downstairs in future, which was also what Lin Su had asked him to do.

When Qin Sheng received Qin Changan’s call today, he was very excited and happy. He got on well with Qin Changan and he regretted not having met him earlier. He could feel that this uncle was not a simple one based on his experienced, vicious style of behavior, conversation, and bearing. He was not that kind of ordinary middle-aged man, who had not experienced any ups and downs, at all.

When he had been in Xiamen, as long as Qin Changan showed up, Qin Sheng would be chatting with him, all the time. When he left Xiamen, he called Qin Changan and told him that they would get together in Hangzhou, whenever he was available. Unexpectedly, this Uncle was really in Hangzhou now.

After Qin Sheng hung up, he told Lin Su about this news. Lin Su was also very happy. They agreed to go to the market together to buy some vegetables, after getting off work. After that, they went back home and started cooking. At this time, dinner was almost ready. Only the soup was not ready yet, and was still simmering in the pot.

This should be the second time Qin Sheng and Lin Su had prepared a meal together, after they came back to Hangzhou. This time, they went to the wet market instead of the supermarket, which was noisy and lively. There, Qin Sheng saw another side of Lin Su. Though her dressing was not meant for the wet market, she still bargained hard with the stall owners, which made Qin Sheng laugh internally.

Seeing Qin Sheng smiling, Lin Su grumbled jokingly. She said, “This is what leading a normal life is about. You think I am a disgrace to you, right?”

Qin Sheng replied hurriedly, “No, I am not thinking of that. I just wonder about the extent of my capability, that I can actually make you, a talented woman specialized in financing, who had been dealing with tens of millions of capital dollars previously, fuss over a few dollars now. If any of your suitors knew about this, I would be definitely beaten to death.”

The aunt selling vegetables, smiled happily as she heard this cute couple, bickering with each other. After all, people all admired a perfect match.

When Qin Sheng got out of the elevator and walked out, he saw Qin Changan instantly. He was carrying two bottles of Red Star Erguotou. This Uncle always dressed smartly, and did not look like an old man of sixty, at all. He looked more like a middle-aged, prominent man in his forties.

Opening the door quickly and walking out, Qin Sheng said smilingly, “Uncle, why didn’t you call me in advance? I could have waited for you at the entrance, and pick you up.”

Qin Changan chuckled. He said, “Since we are very familiar with each other, we don’t need to be that polite with each other.”

“You are a senior, right? What I am doing is a necessary courtesy. If you are in Hangzhou again next time, I will pick you up at the airport personally,” Qin Sheng said, smiling happily.

What Qin Sheng said made Qin Changan feel secretly at ease. He smiled and said, “Let’s stop talking nonsense now. Since you invited me to your home for dinner, is dinner ready yet? I am already a bit hungry.”

Pressing the floor number on the elevator, Qin Sheng turned around and said, “As for that, take it easy. Though my cooking skills could not beat that of the head cook, the flavor and the appearance are almost the same. We are just waiting for your arrival, then we can start soon.”

Qin Changan smiled faintly and said, “Great! I will taste and see how good your cooking skill is today. If it is not good, don’t blame me for ridiculing you.”

When Qin Sheng showed Qin Changan in, Lin Su was still busy in the kitchen. Qin Sheng called out to her happily, “Is the soup ready yet?”

Walking out of the kitchen in a hurry, Lin Su replied, “Yes, it is. It is a bit hot. You carry it out.” It was true that the soup was quite hot. After all, Lin Su was not the usual homely type of woman.

When she saw Qin Changan, Lin Su felt quite awkward, as she was still in her casual wear. She said, “Uncle, long time no see. Kindly sit down. Let me get you a cup of water first and then we can start the dinner.”

“I will skip the water. Since I am hungry, can I sit down at the table and eat already?” Qin Changan did not regard himself as an outsider at all, and was somewhat forthright in his behavior.

Lin Su found it a bit strange and said, “OK. I will set the table now.”

After Qin Sheng carried out the soup, which Lin Su had made, there was a variety of sumptuous dishes on the table The dishes all looked good in terms of color, flavor, and taste, and they were all light-flavored cuisines. Only one dish was quite spicy, namely, the hot and sour lotus root. Both Qin Sheng and Lin Su liked spicy food, without spice, they could not even swallow the rice.

“Would you like some?” Qin Changan asked, as he picked up the Red Star Erguotou.

Qin Sheng looked at Lin Su. Obviously, he was asking for Lin Su’s permission. Lin Su scowled at Qin Sheng instead. Obviously, her thoughts were outlined as such, “During normal days, you never asked for my permission before drinking. Since you are putting up such an act of pretence today, how could I not allow you to do that?

Seeing this little scene between the couple, Qin Changan did not know whether he should laugh or cry. After getting Lin Su’s permission, Qin Sheng said happily, “Then I will try some.”

Lin Su went to get the wine cups. Qin Changan told her in a bossy way, “Lin Su, get bigger wine cups instead of the small handless ones.”

If Gongsun were by his side, he would definitely mutter to himself, “You really do not regard yourself as an outsider, do you? You’re now ordering Lin Su around, as if she were already your daughter-in-law.”

Lin Su chose the bigger wine cups, which had a larger capacity. It was true that the bigger kind of wine cups, whose capacity was at two maces, were not available at their home. The ones they had, were either beer mugs or goblets.

After taking the wine cups out, Lin Su asked, “Uncle, are these ones alright?”

Feeling pretty satisfied, Qin Changan said, “They will do.”

Qin Sheng poured the wine for Qin Changan and himself. Looking toward Lin Su, Qin Sheng asked, “Wife, would you like some?”

Lin Su was a bit embarrassed at Qin Shen addressing her as “wife”. After all, an outsider was still on the scene. Qin Changan also felt quite surprised. He despised his son secretly and thought that this lad was absolutely besotted with this female.

After hesitating for a while, Lin Su made up her mind and said, “Only one cup.”

Qin Sheng nodded and replied, “OK. Only one cup.”

Lin Su’s casual decision made Qin Changan think more highly of her. To be honest, he was completely satisfied with Lin Su. A woman like her really suited the Qin Family’s stature quite well, and she would make a good wife for Qin Sheng. Even if Qin Sheng was a lame duck, she could still support the whole Qin Family.

Lin Su and Qin Sheng picked up the glasses together and said, “Welcome to Hangzhou, Uncle.”

With a complicated look in his eyes, Qin Changan picked up the wine cup. This was the first time he had drank with his son in his entire life. What he envied most was that the father and the son in other families could sit down, sip wine together, and speak their minds; however, he did not have such a chance to do so, all along. Moreover, even his daughter disliked him. Though he was honored due to his achievement in the business field and his social status, he was ridiculed, instead when it came to his personal life.

He still remembered vividly the first time when he had drunk with his father in a formal manner. It happened when he had just got married. Though his father had never liked him previously, it was after they drank together that they really came to know and understand each other, in a sense. That day, a lot of knots in their hearts were also unraveled. He also understood what his father’s world looked like.

Today, he also wanted to have a good conversation with Qin Sheng. Some impulse made him want to tell Qin Sheng everything, and then they could drink to everything. But, in the end he held himself back.

“In future, I will be here to cache meals off you, on a frequent basis. I am afraid that you will not put up with it.” Qin Changan teased them.

Since Lin Su had chatted with Qin Changan before, she knew that Uncle’s son and daughter were both busy, and Uncle barely saw them. Uncle must feel neglected. Consequently, she smiled and said, “Uncle, you can take us as your son and daughter in future. Your frequent visits to our house will always be warmly welcomed.”

What Lin Su said really tugged at Qin Changan’s heartstrings. Laughing out loud, Qin Changan said, “OK. I will.”

Following that, he tilted his head and drank all the wine in his cup. He thought that this cup of wine was so rewarding.