Chapter 234 Are You Going to Give Up That Easily?

The weekend was here again. For most office workers, the weekend was something they looked forward to, since it was the only time they could enjoy themselves, after getting off work on Friday. However, for people like Qin Sheng, they were on duty, even on weekends. After all, the night show business in the club, was the most lucrative, over the weekend.

Qin Sheng paid a visit to Poly International on Friday evening. Unlike before, when he visited Poly International, this time, all the employees knew that he was the newly-appointed boss, as Qin Sheng had held a meeting with all of them already. As a result, when they saw him, they all addressed him Brother Qin in a respectful way. The ladies in the Public Relations Department, however were quite coquettish with him. Some of them even flirted openly with him. Qin Sheng was already accustomed to it.

Since Yang Guorong, who had been in charge of the Security Guard Department previously, left together with Qian Buping, consequently, the one in charge of the Security Guard Department now, was Gu Xiaobo, Chang Baji’s martial nephew. Gu Xiaobo was already twenty years old this year. Ever since he graduated from high school, he had always been by his master’s side, practicing martial arts and cultivating skills. Leaving his master behind and following his Senior Uncle to take up an official post this time, he was pretty aspirant and ambitious. As a result, when he started at Poly International, following Chang Baji’s order, he was already familiar with all the security guard surveillances and loopholes in Poly International. After that, he trained all the secuirty guards. For the ones who did not make the mark, he terminated them and recruited new ones. He was a very busy person these days.

“Brother Qin, you are here,” Gu Xiaobo greeted him politely. Compared with Gu Qingyang, who was a bit simple-minded, Gu Xiaobo was more sophisticated. For example, after he joined Poly International, he already made the acquaintance of every employee across all the departments in Poly International, within a short period. But there was one point about him that Chang Baji disliked, namely, he was too close to the ladies in the Public Relations Department, which was not a good thing at all.

Though Qin Sheng had been elevated to the post of vice-president of Yuanda Holdings, he looked almost the same as when he first joined Yuan Da. He was still driving the same Accord. After all, he simply did not have time to attend to those trivial things.

Qin Sheng smilingly asked, “Where is Lao Chang?”

Gu Xiaobo replied, “Senior Uncle is in the office, I will bring you over.” Since he knew the relationship between Qin Sheng and his Senior Uncle, he was also aware that Qin Sheng was the authentic tycoon behind the scene. Thus he deliberately made friends with Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng knew Gu Xiaobo had amazing skills and had handled Qian Buping’s affairs that day, by himself. Besides, he preferred the young ones, who had a calm disposition, for example, Gu Qingyang. He always thought that Gu Xiaobo was too impulsive.

Qin Sheng said randomly, “It’s not necessary. You attend to your chores first and I will go there on my own. Be more careful these few days. If there is anything unusual, inform Lao Chang first. You will feel easier, after going through this buffering period.”

“Brother Qin, rest assured, I know what to do,” Gu Xiaobo replied confidently.

Patting Gu Xiaobo on his shoulder, Qin Sheng said, “If so, that is good.”

Qian Buping was a guy who believed in enjoying himself, which could be seen from the luxurious way his office was done up. Unfortunately, all his efforts were wasted. Chang Baji removed all the flashy things in the office, so that he would not feel disturbed every time he saw them.

There were three important departments in the whole Poly International. They were the Public Relations Department, Reception Department, and Security Guard Department. As for the other departments, they all existed, because of these three ones. As a result, Chang Baji focused on managing these three important departments. Even so, quite a lot of ladies still resigned from the Public Relations Department. He had no choice, but to contact his sources to get a replacement.

Since Qin Sheng had not visited Poly International for several days, he asked, “Lao Chang, how is it going? Any issues?”

“I went through the financial numbers today, and it is better than expected. While for others, they are within our control and they can operate as normal. Admittedly, the business here is extremely flourishing, as the club is always crowded on Friday.” Chang Baji explained slowly. Since he had worked for this kind of place for so many years when he was in Xi’an previously, he knew the internal rules better than anyone else.

Qin Sheng nodded as he said, “That would be good. What I fear is that the group of people, including Qian Buping, would plot against me.”

“How is it going on your side with regards to the manpower in the Security Guard Department? Moreover, since we do not have the same background as Qian Buping, if anything occurs, how should we deal with it?” Chang Baji inquired.

Qin Sheng replied thoughtfully, “I am getting in touch with some sources. The update should be available during these two days.”

“Okay. I will keep an eye on the security system these two days,” Chang Baji said in a low voice.

Qin Sheng questioned him closely and said, “Have you ever visited Yunding International?”

“Not yet. However, since it has always been under the charge of Song Wei, there should be no problems. According to Qinyang, everything is per normal there. Since Song Wei has recruited a lot of new security guards, there should be no big issues at all,” Chang Baji replied.

Qin Sheng said in a low voice, “After Hao Lei is here, I will send him to Yunding International. Lyu Yuan will stay here to help you. In this way, we can control both sides.”

“Did Hao Lei agree to come to Hangzhou? Is Han Bing willing to let him go?’ Upon hearing the news that Hao Lei would be in Hangzhou soon, Chang Baji felt pretty happy. After all, it was not good that they had to leave Hao Lei alone in Shanghai.

Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said, “I called Han Bing yesterday and she was a bit moody. I have asked Hao Lei to talk with her today. I have no idea how it is coming along now.”

Chang Baji was not surprised at this at all, since he had known that this situation would take place sooner or later.

After Han Bing’s company moved to a nearby office building, Beili, Xintiandi in Shanghai had already become her citadel. Whether it was for eating or meeting her friends and clients, she would usually choose this place.

After getting off work in the evening, Hao Lei was not looking forward to drive Han Bing home. Han Bing did not have any social interactions at all. She had been in a sullen mood the whole day. When Hao Lei said he would treat her to dinner, she already knew what was coming. As a result, she resented Qin Sheng even more. If Hao Lei took the initiative to leave Shanghai, she really had no way to stop him.

Specializing in western food, Calix restaurant located in Beili of Xintiandi, was flourishing and prosperous, as usual. After all, a restaurant like this, was very popular in Shanghai, since Shanghai was ever a metropolis filled with foreign adventurers.

Han Bing and Hao Lei sat across from each other. People who did not know them would assume they were a couple. Though Hao Lei looked ordinary and his skin was a bit dark, he had become as fair skinned as the people in Shanghai. Since he visited the gym three times a week, to exercise, his body was quite fit. Han Bing still had an aura of elegance of a rich princess. Anyone could tell she was not an ordinary woman at all, since she gestured, gesticulated, and moved with the grace of a celebrity. She attracted a lot of attention from men.

“Why are you treating me to dinner today?” Han Bing did not take the initiative to bring up the topic. Because of Qin Sheng, instead of treating each other as a boss and a driver, she and Hao Lei were friends.

Now, Hao Lei was more familiar with Han Bing’s life and her social circle than anyone else. But he always kept his distance from her, which he chose to do on his own accord.

After they were done ordering the dishes, Hao Lei said smilingly, “Since you are always the one to treat me to dinner, it is only right that I should give you a treat, once. What’s more, it is normal that friends treat each other with dinner and food, right?”

Pursing her lips, Han Bing smiled as she said, “Okay. I will rip you off today.” Her smile was etremely enchanting and could melt people’s hearts.

Originally, Hao Lei had planned to order a cup of juice; however, Han Bing insisted on drinking beer with him. In the end, he chose a bottle of red wine, which was quite a moderate one. They started drinking with each other.

After enjoying a few mouthfuls of dishes, Hao Lei said randomly, without even lifting up his head, “Are you going to give up that easily?”

Han Bing was stupefied, subconsciously. She looked at Hao Lei and asked, “What do you mean?”

Qin Sheng smiled as he said, “I am talking about Qin Sheng.”

With a gloomy look on her face, Han Bing replied, “He already has a girlfriend.”

Since Hao Lei barely knew Lin Su and had known Han Bing for such a long time, of course, he would back Han Bing. Moreover, even if he did not support Han Bing, he would support Su Qin instead. Anyhow, Su Qin had been inquiring about news of Qin Sheng from him frequently, over half a year. It was not until he told her that Qin Sheng was already back home, that she eventually felt at ease.

Hao Lei said resolutely, “When it comes to beauty, academic degree, career, and so on, you are no worse than Lin Su. If you do like Qin Sheng, you should work hard to win him over. Since life is short, if you let him slip away, you will regret it eventually. You won’t let go of him, nor are you willing to take other people into your consideration. If so, you go for him. What are you afraid of? It is no big deal at all, even if you lose and get hurt. Admit defeat and you will have a clear conscience, and have no regrets at all in the end.”

Han Bing was stupefied at what Hao Lei had said. She didn’t know how she should react at that moment. It was true that she would always feel incompetent in the presence of Lin Su. As a result, when she knew Lin Su and Qin Sheng were officially together, she flinched at the news.

“But he is in Hangzhou and I am in Shanghai,” Han Bing said uncertainly.

Hao Lei offered her this advice and said, “Since the issue of Guo Ping Bloc is over, as its shareholder, you have nothing to do now, except for attending its meetings. As for your design company, you can run it independently and set up a subsidiary in Hangzhou, at the same time. In this case, you won’t miss out on anything at all.”

“You mean I should go to Hangzhou, right?” Han Bing said.

Nodding quietly, Hao Lei said, “Exactly. If you are so far away from him and they are together day and night, you definitely have no chances at all. So you have no choice, but to go to Hangzhou instead. If you do that, at least you will have a chance and I will be at your side.”

Han Bing was lost in thoughts. She burst into laughter later and said, “The way I see it, Qin Sheng must have asked you to go to Hangzhou. You are afraid that I will be angry, so you are trying to trick me into going there also. Rest assured, I will not get mad at all. If you would like to go to Hangzhou, feel free to do it.”

Hao Lei was speechless. It did not occur to him that Han Bing would misconstrue what he said. As a result, he made up his mind and said, “That was not my intention at all. I will say something you won’t like to hear. Qin Sheng and I are like brothers, and I followed him to Shanghai previously, so even if you do not allow me to leave Shanghai, I will still do so, at his request. The reason I am saying these words, is for your good. I do not want to see you staring at his photo and falling into a daze frequently. Why are you torturing yourself in this way? You should live your life in a straightforward way, especially when it comes to the relationship between men and women. As the saying goes, he who hesitates is lost.”

After hearing him out, Han Bing felt a bit sad. But she could understand Hao Lei’s attempt.

After a long time, Han Bing let out a sigh and said, “When will you go to Hangzhou?” She had already accepted the reality.

Frowning, Hao Lei said, “Within these three days.”

“I will think about what you have suggested,” Han Bing said, with a complicated look in her eyes. What she feared was that once she put down everything and went to Hangzhou, she might lose everything in the end.

After dinner, Han Bing and Hao Lei did not linger at the restaurant. Hao Lei ordered a designated driver to drive Han Bing home. After that, he went back to Shilin Huayuan and called Qin Sheng, saying Han Bing had agreed to let him go to Hangzhou and he would meet him there in three days. Qin Sheng was overjoyed. When he asked Hao Lei how he had managed to convince Han Bing, Hao Lei brushed off his question in a casual way.

At ten o’clock in the evening, several distinguished guests from Sijiu City arrived at Yuerong Manor in Bund. They were Qin Ran and her sworn followers. They were in Shanghai this time to seek big revenge. The Eldest Young Master of the Yan Family was not aware that he had become a scapegoat.