Chapter 235 A Show is Going to be Put on

Shanghai is a pretty snobbish city. If you want to establish a solid footing in this city and be accepted by it, you definitely need to have sufficient status in order to rise to a higher level. Otherwise, you could not blend in with the elite circles, even if you jockeyed for it in a deliberate way.

However, the circles where the rich playboys frequented in Sijiu City, were completely different from that in Shanghai. When it came to the circles where the rich playboys were in Shanghai, however hard you tried, you could not break into it, unless you were blessed by your ancestry, and your elders generation were of a higher social status.

As a result, the rich playboys in Sijiu City stuck together. Meanwhile, they maintained exclusivity, looking down on the ones, who came from another province. Of course, the situation was exactly the same in Shanghai, where one’s social status was ranked according to one’s fortune. The rich playboys in Shanghai valued social status from the perspective of power and family background. In this snobbish society, all was nothing but subordinates to power.

It was also simply because of this, that Qin Ran rushed to Shanghai with several of her sworn friends. Even if Yan Chaozong and the Yan Family were a compelling force in Shanghai, she and her sworn friends still made light of them. After all, in nature, they were not at the same level as Yan Chaozong.

After they were done with the check-in procedures, Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang stayed in a room, while Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi took the other room, next to them. After settling their luggage, they went to the lounge bar, chatting with each other.

“Is everything in place already?” Qin Ran asked, as she smiled faintly. She was eager to see the amazing show to begin, since she had resented Yan Chaozong for a long time already.

Zhang Da replied in a playful way, “You can be assured that everything is ready. I have asked Xiaoxu to charter a villa in Hengshan Middle Road. He has invited a lot of people to attend a party there tomorrow evening, among them, Yan Chaozong and the Eldest Young Master of the Shen family, both of whom are not on good terms with each other, were included. At that time, we will let the Eldest Young Master of the Shen family act first, and we will turn up during the last showtime.”

Ma Weiyang could not help reminding them. She said, “Nothing should go wrong and we should not disgrace ourselves. This time, we definitely need to seek big revenge for Ran Ran. He even dares to bully the goddess in Sijiu City. How audacious and reckless he is.”

“Since Zhang Da and I have set up the trap together, how could anything go wrong? Moreover, the one in the key position, is on our side. If anyone dares to leak the news out, they will never be able to hang around Sijiu City anymore in the future,” Fan Dezhi said confidently. Since he worked in the system, which was quite sophisticated, of course, his plan would be flawless. What’s more, since they were in the dark, and Yan Chaozong was an easy target out there, they could easily defeat him.

As for how they were going to beat Yan Chaozong and work off Qin Ran’s anger, it would be only be revealed tomorrow evening.

There were a lot of villas along Huaihai Road and Hengshan Road. Zhang Da had asked one of his friends to rent an old-fashioned villa in Hengshan Road, where parties were frequently held. After that, he had turned to a company specialized in event management, to be in charge of the party. As long as he paid them, he did not need to take care of anything at all. His friend was part of the circle of Sijiu City, and did his business with skill and ease in Shanghai. Previously, he had been nothing, but a little boy hanging around with the circle of Sijiu City. When he grew up, he actually transformed himself into a fiend in human shape. Since he came from a distinguished family, and had many connections, the rich playboys in the Bund all respected him. That was the reason why Zhang Da turned to him for help.

As for the people invited to the party, basically, they were all rich playboys hanging around the Bund. Among them, some were from the old generation, while some came from the new generation. What’s more, all the local famous rich playboys in the Bund were sure to turn up. In this case, this party would be extremely lively.

When Yan Chaozong, the lead role, received a call from the rich playboy named Xiaoxu, he gladly accepted the invitation. After all, according to Xiaoxu over the phone, several friends of his from Sijiu City were now in Shanghai, and he was having a party to welcome them tonight. He told Yan Chaozong that if he had nothing to do tonight, he could go over and have some fun.

Upon hearing Xiaoxu out, of course, Yan Chaozong could not refuse the invitation at all. After all, however big the circle in Shanghai was, it could not be comparable to the big one in Sijiu City. Speaking of the parents and the ancestors of those rich playboys in Sijiu City, they were all tycoons who held genuine authority. If Yan Chaozong wanted to advance his status, of course, he needed to make friends with these people.

Yan Chaozong had been busy attending to his business for over half a year. What had happened between Lin Su and himself, had made a fool out of him. Till now, Yan Chaozong still could not locate Lin Su’s whereabouts. He also didn’t know whether Qin Sheng was still alive or dead, so he gave up tracing them in the end.

As for his personal life, he began to act a bit unscrupulously. Speaking of female companions, several had come and gone; however, he did not officially declare any of them to be his girlfriend. After all, it was not his call. He could only do so if the members in his family thought highly of his female companion.

In the evening, Yan Chaozong was together with his new girlfriend, an internet celebrity model, whose beauty, body figure, and temperament were all good. This internet celebrity was good at pleasing Yan Chaozong. She was extremely loving all the time, and was trying her best to climb to a higher status. Unfortunately, however hard she tried, Yan Chaozong would not marry her. After all, Lin Su was still in Yan Chaozong’s mind. Moreover, Yan Chaozong’s family members would not consent to this marriage.

In a Bentley Mulsanne, dressed in formal wear, Yan Chaozong was squinting at the crowd. The internet celebrity by his side, was dressed in a long light-purple gown. She looked elegant and attractive, and held Yan Chaozong’s arms tightly. The expression in her eyes was quite alluring.

The driver was Feng He. After recovering from his injuries, he was back at Yan Chaozong’s side. What happened between him and Qin Sheng would be something ingrained in his memory for his entire life. But, he considered himself lucky that Qin Sheng and Chang Baji had not killed him that night. If Qin Sheng had not been injured, he probably would have been the one to disappear on Mount Jiuhua. He really could not understand how capable this Qin Sheng was. He actually managed to elude them, time and again.

“Young Master, I received an update today that they showed up in Xiamen.” Before Feng He got into the car a moment ago, he got a call from his underlings. Even though Yan Chaozong had given up looking for Qin Sheng and Lin Su, Feng, he was still trying his best to get any information about them. He would definitely figure out the truth and see whether Qin Sheng was dead or not.

Upon hearing this, Yan Chaozong’s eyes widened. He frowned as he said, “Are you sure about that?”

“Not yet. I have sent someone to Xiamen. If there is any update, I will be informed immediately,” Feng He replied.

Originally, Yan Chaozong had been in a good mood; however, upon hearing this news, he felt quite irritated. When he thought of the possibility that Qin Sheng and Lin Su might be enjoying their lives in a city somewhere, he felt somewhat resentful.

Never had he felt so frustrated in his entire life. Qin Sheng was the only one who could make him feel this way. As a result, in any case, he would definitely have his revenge. As for Lin Su, if he could not get her, then he would destroy her. He would not be lenient and soft-hearted this time.

“Husband, who is in Xiamen?” The internet celebrity asked in a charming manner.

To a certain extent, Yan Chaozong liked her very much, at least, he was content with her in bed. What’s more, she was cute, lovely, and sensible. That was the reason why she was always by his side.

“They are just two friends whom I have not seen for a long time,” Yan Chaozong said randomly.

At this moment, the outside of villa in Hengshan Road, was crowded, with parked large premium cars, which made all the passers-by turn green with envy. A lot of people stopped to watch. The whole villa took on an entirely new look, as well as the yard. The event management company was highly efficient, and had settled everything within one day.

The invitees were all early, including Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang. They were chatting randomly in a room on the third floor of the villa. Sun Xu, a leading actor, was also there. He had a fine color in his cheeks, and looked handsome and energized. Originally, he had thought there were only two elder brothers, namely, Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi, in Shanghai. But upon entering the room, he instantly saw Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang. He greeted them effusively and in a flattering way.

Sun Xu was about 26 or 27 years old, a few years younger than Qin Ran’s gang. Previously, he had been following them around. Unlike Sun Xu, who was still going wild, now Qin Ran’s gang were on the right track.

“Xiaoxu, thanks for what you did today,” Qin Ran took the initiative to say.

Sun Xu replied nervously, “Sister Ran, it is just a small issue. We are on the same side. Even if I need to give the guy a good beating today, I would do that. At worst, I can just go back to Beijing. What else can he do to me?”

“Xiaoxu, I like your attitude. If I were not married yet, probably I would have hit on you,” Ma Weiyang teased him.

With his grey hair, Sun Xu was startled and said, “Sister Pony, don’t ever say that. If your husband hears of this, he will lead a regime to deal with me right away.”

“Look at your scared look,” Ma Weiyang taunted him.

With a sullen look on his face, Fan Dezhi asked, “Xiaoxu, is he here yet?”

“Not yet. He will probably be here soon,” Sun Xu replied.

Zhang Da said smilingly, “Lao Fan, we will be out to mingle in a moment. Ran Ran and Sister Pony, you can show up later. At that time, you will be in charge of stirring up trouble. As long as you can make him angry, feel free to do whatever you like. Just leave the rest to us.”

As soon as he finished talking, Xiaoxu walked out nervously. He wondered how Yan Chaozong had dared to go against this gang. They actually came all the way from Shanghai to seek revenge on him.

Given a choice, he would definitely back these brothers and sisters. He would never choose Yan Chaozong unless there was something wrong with him. Speaking of these brothers and sisters, they came from pretty powerful families and they could do whatever they wanted in Shanghai, and nobody would dare to offend them. He had no choice, and could only pray for Yan Chaozong.

After Sun Xu came out, both Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi followed soon after. They had attended too many drinking parties like this before. Normally they would just talk about the past with their old friends, meet new friends and do some introductions, which was basically their routine. However, in order to add some color, the company in charge of the activity execution had also invited a lot of beauties, so that there would be some competition. When the rich playboys showed up at the villa, they were already flirting with the beauties.

When it was amost eight o’clock, Yan Chaozong walked in, with his female companion. Hardly had he entered the yard when Sun Xu went up to meet him and greeted, “Whoops, Brother Yan, I originally thought you would not show up.”

“Since you have invited me personally, how could I not be here?” Yan Chaozong said politely. Though he was not so familiar with Sun Xu, he should at least show him some respect.

Sun Xu smiled happily, “Brother Yan, you are so reliable. Go, go, go. I will introduce you to several leading roles tonight. When I was little, I was their follower.”

Following Sun Xu, Yan Chaozong walked into the villa. On his way, he came across a lot of acquaintances, who all greeted and complimented him politely. His female companion, the internet celebrity, enjoyed all the attention. In her daily life, she did not have a chance to experience this kind of life, happening only within the upper class. Only Yan Chaozong could show her what the real world was, since his friends were all well respected. She would blow her own trumpet in front of her friends, later.

Most of the women were always vain and superficial, especially the ones who had not seen much of the world. Of course, they would enjoy this kind of scene very much.

By the time Yan Chaozong walked into the villa, both Zhang Da and Fan Deming had noticed him. Their expressions altered slightly and they set out to exchange courtesies with him, in a polite way.

At the same time, sitting at the corner, the Eldest Young Master of the Shen family was getting ready. Since someone had notified him in person and told him to humiliate Yan Chaozong at his own free will today, how could he let such a good opportunity go? After all, the one giving him the order, was someone that he dared not confront, and was the one Yan Chaozong had displeased.

An amazing show was going to start soon.