Chapter 236 It Was Your Turn

Since Yan Chaozong was the only lead role, to make this show amazing enough, several supporting roles were also required. Every supporting role was not that easy.

Speaking of the ones showing up at the party tonight, all of them were from extraordinary backgrounds. Some of them were rich playboys from Sijiu City, fooling around in Shanghai. Some others were local tyrants, who had originally thrived in Shanghai. Both sides seemed to get along with each other well, chatting happily and drinking merrily with each other. It was easy to tell that they were from different circles. As for those rich playboys from Sijiu City, they huddled together in twos and threes. Those local tyrants from Shanghai grouped together instead. Usually, those local tyrants from Shanghai would try their best to blend into the circle where the rich playboys of Sijiu City were in. Consequently, one could immediately discern which was the inferior group and which was superior.

Among them, Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi were not the ones with the most powerful background; however, they could be counted as two of the half leading roles tonight. It was also due to their presence that this trap could be set up. Both Fan Dezhi and Zhang Da were talking with several friends at this moment, who were all almost of the same age.

After Sun Xu brought Yan Chaozong and his female companion over, he greeted them and said, “Brother Da and Brother Ming, I am here to introduce a friend to you.”

Both Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi looked at Sun Xu and Yan Chaozong, in a playful manner. Zhang Da said happily, “Xiaoxu, you have so many friends. It seems you are thriving pretty well in Shanghai. No wonder you are not willing to go back to Beijing.”

His friends at his side also echoed what he said, “Lao Zhang, I guess you don’t know that Xiaoxu is actually a social butterfly and he can be seen everywhere. This lad is a people person, whose personality is completely different from that of his brother.”

“Brother Chen, kindly do not tease me. I am not as popular as what you make me to be,” Sun Xu said smilingly.

One of his friends said, “If you are not popular, how can you know the famous Big Master Yan, in Shanghai? Do you agree with me?”

Several friends of his laughed unanimously. Yan Chaozong did know some of them too. In front of these people, he really dared not to put on any airs. He said modestly, “Brothers, kindly don’t make fun of me anymore. In front of you, the title of Big Master Yan is simply a slap in my face.”

“Chao Song, do not be so modest,” one of his friends said, smiling happily.

Fan Dezhi asked with great interest, “It seems you do know each other well. Xiaoxu, introduce him to us quickly, since we are from other provinces, so that we can pay him a visit.”

Sun Xu replied merrily, “Ha, ha, ha. This is my good friend, Yan Chaozong, the grandson of Old Master Yan. He is famous in the Bund.”

Stretching out his hands, the drama queen, Zhang Da said, “Oh, it turns out he is the master of the Yan Family. It seems that I have heard of him before. I did not think that I would have a chance to meet you in person today. Nice to meet you. My name is Zhang Da and I just arrived in Shanghai yesterday. Thanks for being here, Young Master Yan.”

Shaking hands with Zhang Da, Yan Chaozong bowed slightly and replied, “Brother Zhang, you are so polite. You can just call me Chao Song.” He was accustomed to this kind of compliments, more than anyone else.

As a civil servant, it was inappropriate of Fan Dezhi to hang around, at this kind of occasion. Consequently, he kept a low profile. It was not until Yan Chaozong and Zhang Da were done shaking hands with each other, that he said in a low voice, “Fan Dezhi.”

Yan Chaozong shook hands with him politely, chatted randomly and offered his greetings.

Others on the scene knew Yan Chaozong. After all, they were in the same circle, and they had seen each other on various occasions. Everybody was drinking champagne and chatting.

“Lao Zhang, if you have any issues that you could not settle, you can turn to Chao Song. You two seem to have met only today,” someone said, hoping to bring them together.

Somebody on the scene tried a little flattery and said, “Lao Yang, what you have said is simply slanderous to Lao Zhang. Lao Zhang can settle everything. What’s more, who will dare to offend him?”

Yan Chaozong was not familiar with them yet, and he felt a bit uncomfortable, so he winked at Sun Xu, signaling to him. Consequently, Sun Xu immediately said in a sensible way, “Brothers, you can talk first. We won’t disturb you anymore. Once we are available later, we will drink with you.”

“Xiaoxu, treat Chao Song well for me. Don’t make light of our distinguished guest,” Zhang Da said smilingly.

Though Sun Xu was the one setting up the party tonight, he was able to do it successfully because of Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi’s social influence. As a result, in others’ eyes, he was just like a superstar. He was frequently stopped by the invitees, who wanted to chat with him. He had no choice but to brush them off.

After seeing what was going on, Yan Chaozong did not stay together with Sun Xu anymore. After informing Sun Xu, he left with his female companion, the internet celebrity model. Soon he was surrounded by the local tyrants in Shanghai. After all, there were some people who got along with him pretty well in the group. The whole atmosphere was cordial and harmonious.

At this time, surrounded by others, the Eldest Young Master of the Shen family sneered faintly. He stood up and said, “Come. Let’s meet the Young Master of the Yan family.”

It was well known that Shen Sen, the Eldest Young Master of the Shen family, did not get along well with Yan Chaozong. There was so much bad blood between them. As a result, people surrounding them, came from different circles, and most of them barely hung out together. When the people on the scene heard what he said, they knew that an amazing show was going to start soon. It was a known fact that Shen Sen was good at saying cutting remarks.

Smiling sinisterly, Shen Sen walked over and yelled out loud, “Whoops, isn’t it the Young Master of the Yan family? Long-time no see, Young Master of the Yan family. I wonder what you have been up to these days? According to the hearsay, your girlfriends came and left, one after another. Is this your new girlfriend? She looks pretty happy.” Apparently, he was not easy to deal with. Compared with Yan Chaozong, he was an authentic rich playboy.

Yan Chaozong was surrounded by four of his friends. Two of them were accompanied by their female companions. Though Yan Chaozong had yet to see Shen Sen in person, he had already heard his voice. His expression altered slightly. Though they had not seen each other for two to three months, there would always be a conflict every time they met.

Turning around, Yan Chaozong replied tersely, “Speaking of my girlfriend, the way I see it, it is none of your business, right?” When it came to dealing with Shen Sen, he was always very straightforward.

By the time Yan Chaozong finished talking, the group of people, who were with Shen Sen had already appeared in front of him. Smiling happily, Shen Sen said, “Of course it is none of my business at all. I am neither your father nor your mother. It is true that it is none of my concern. However, since we are friends, I will always look out for you.”

Shen Sen leered at the internet celebrity model and said, “Her body figure is amazing. She is bootylicious. She has a slender waist. But her breasts are somewhat small. Her height is somewhat compatible with yours. I guess you can try out various positions when you have intercourse with each other. Speaking of her appearance, it is just so-so. After all, all internet celebrities look alike. As for her temperament, I think it is far worse.”

When she heard what Shen Sen said, Yan Chaozong’s female companion blushed deeply. Glaring at him, she did not dare to get angry at all.

“Shen Sen, what are you trying to do, exactly?” Yan Chaozong was very angry, and asked him in a low voice.

With a glass of champagne in his hands, Shen Sen smoked a cigarette as he replied happily, “Young Master of the Yan family, why are you so angry? The way I see it, you can’t even take a joke, right? You can also make fun of me. I don’t give a damn at all. As your friend, I am just being honest with you. Your taste in girlfriends is getting worse. In my opinion, you and your fiancee, the Eldest Miss from the Lin family were the perfect couple, even I want to marry her and take her home. Unfortunately, she is just not into you, and ended up eloping with her wild man. What a funny thing to happen.”

When Shen Sen finished his taunting, several of his friends laughed uproariously. In this case, it was really a direct slap in Yan Chaozong’s face.

The look on Yan Chaozong’s face was indecipherable. Staring at Shen Sen rigidly, he did not say anything at all.

In order to lighten the atmosphere, a friend of Yan Chaozong’s said, “Lao Shen, the way I see it, you don’t need to do this.” He was afraid they would ruin the party tonight. After all, the place where they were at now, was not their domain at all.

Shen Sen said casually, “Sixth Brother, I was just joking with Chao Song, since we usually do so. Could it be that you are still not accustomed to it?”

After that, he stared at Yan Chaozong and said in a contemptuous manner, “What do you think? Chao Song?”

The reason why Yan Chaozong stayed silent was that he did not how to deal with Shen Sen’s taunts at all. After all, what Shen Sen revealed about him was really embarrassing. Everone in the whole Bund knew about it. Now, this humiliating experience had been brought up by Shen Sen again. All the others must be secretly mocking him, which made him feel even more resentful towards Qin Sheng and Lin Su. This bitchy couple was the root cause of all of his grievances.

“Shen Sen, you are trying to make me angry, aren’t you? Based on your current capability, you are still far from that. Go back home and learn from your father.” Yan Chaozong managed to contain his anger in the end, and did not turn hostile immediately. After all, all the people who were present today, were all highly respectable people. Most of them were the rich playboys from Sijiu City. If he turned hostile, at this time, it would only make things awkward.

Shen Sen said in a playful manner, “Why would I want to make you angry? I am just telling the truth. Remember how arrogant you were when you were engaged to the Eldest Miss of the Lin family, even I admired and envied you a bit, then. Unfortunately, in the end, the Eldest Miss of the Lin family looked down on you and eloped with a poor boy. I wonder whether the problem was due to you?”

“Shen Sen, you have gone too far.” One of Yan Chaozong’s friends could not help himself, and stood up for him.

With a despondent look on his face, Shen Sen said loudly, “Let me be frank, you all think I am ignorant of the fact that you have laughed at me behind my back, right? We all know the people in this circle well. True friends don’t exist at all. People in this circle like to make fun of others.”

On a nearby landing, sitting on the sofa, both Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi had been watching the event taking place, on the other side, calmly. It was not due to their social influence that Shen Sen dared to take the initiative to humiliate Yan Chaozong personally today. The reason why Shen Sen acted so arrogantly today, was because a tycoon had already given him the go ahead.

“Though they are enemies, do you intend to leave them alone and turn a blind eye to them? I am afraid that they will start a fight soon,” a rich playboy sitting on the sofa, said in a low voice.

Zhang Da said disapprovingly, “Since it is their own personal vendetta, it’s none of our business at all. If they dare to fight with each other, they are not respectful of us. At that time, we will make our presence felt.”

“You are such a sneaky and experienced fox,” Zhang Da’s friend said.

Yan Chaozong’s face took on a ghastly expression. The anger in his heart was already overflowing. It did not occur to him that he would come across Shen Sen today. Surprisingly, something seemed not right on Shen Sen’s side. He actually dared to humiliate him to such an extent.

At this moment, Sun Xu showed up. Running over in a hurry, he said, “What’s going on here exactly? Why are you arguing with each other again?”

“Nothing. I was just joking with Chao Song,” Shen Sen replied sensibly.

Sun Xu replied purposefully, “Two brothers, kindly stop it for my sake. The people on the scene are not easy to deal with. Please don’t let others make fun of us, since we come from the same circle in Shanghai.”

“Sun Xu, listen to what you just said. It can’t be that serious”. Since Sun Xu had already completed his mission, he shrugged as he said, “Alright. Since there are a lot of beauties present today, I will not stay with you then. I am going to the beauties’ side.”

Smiling happily, Shen Sen left, with several friends of his. Only the group of people with Yan Chaozong remained, feeling awkward.

Yan Chaozong had no way to make himself feel less awkward, and even if he stayed here, he would only be laughed at. As a result, he said in a low voice, “You have a good time by yourselves. I will leave first since I have other issues to attend to.”

When he heard this, Sun Xu became anxious. If Yan Chaozong did really leave, how could they continue the show? Consequently, he pulled Yan Chaozong aside and said, “Brother Yan, kindly do both me and those masters a favor. It is inappropriate for you to leave in this way. I will just save my words, and I know you will understand my point. As for Shen Sen, you can just ignore him.”

After hearing Sun Xu out, Yan Chaozong calmed down. He had no choice, but to force himself to stay on. But he did not plan to stay inside. As a result, he took his female companion directly to the yard at the back.

At this moment, Sun Xu immediately notified both Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang. He said, “Sisters, it is your turn now.”

Staring at Qin Ran, Ma Weiyang said somewhat eagerly, “Ran Ran, I am seeking revenge for you now. After that, I promise you that he will avoid us every time he sees us.”