Chapter 237 Can Only Endure

Yan Chaozong, who was extremely annoyed, had only feelings of grievances in his mind. In order to avoid meeting these acquaintances and being laughed at, he rarely participated in this kind of social engagements, during the past six months. But he did not expect that, although it had already been half a year, Shen Sen still brought up all these old memories. And it made him became the butt of all jokes.

Yan Chaozong, who was in no mood to be with anyone, sat at a corner of the villa backyard, with the online celebrity model, by his side. Not far away, the beautiful models invited by the executive company, sat and chatted. All of them were sexy. They were gossiping about the rich boys in tonight’s party, and wondering whether they would be able to marry any one of them, though it would not be a long-lasting love.

Ma Weiyang and Qin Ran came down without telling anyone, and avoided all their acquaintances. They were afraid they would be accosted when they came. When they reached at the backyard, they relaxed and chatted with the models, all the while observing Yan Chaozong, who was seated not far away from them.

“Chaozong, don’t be angry. Don’t lower yourself to their level.” The online model saw Yan Chaozong looking unhappy, and tried to comfort him by saying this. This was the only thing she could do.

Yan Chaozong did not speak. He did not want to talk to anyone at this moment. Those rich boys who wanted to say hello to Yan Chaozong initially, could only retreat when they saw him in this state.

“Chaozong, I know about her. No matter what happened between you two before, I don’t care, I will stay with you in the future. I love you.” The online celebrity model said this, without thinking.

When Yang Chaozong heard this, he immediately became angry, and said, “Who do you think you are? You think you can compare with her? Are you also laughing at me?”

“Chaozong, that is not what I mean.” The online celebrity model instantly knew she had said the wrong thing. She should just blame herself for being stupid, and talking about something that was taboo.

Yan Chaozong said, “Just shut up!”

The online celebrity model became teary, and did not know what to do. Now she dared not say anything. She could only sit quietly next to Yan Chaozong. She wanted to hold Yang Chaozong’s hand, but was pushed away by him.

The more Yang Chaozong thought about it, the more depressed he felt. Memories about Lin Su completely disrupted his peace of mind again. He was very annoyed at this moment. It was really impossible for him to stay here anymore. Yan Chaozong only wanted to find a place to be alone.

Yan Chaozong immediately got up and went to look for the hosts for tonight’s party. He had to leave, whether they would understand him or not. The online celebrity model stood up, when she saw Yang Chaozong getting up. She held his arm, and this time, Yan Chaozong did not reject her.

Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang already noticed that Yan Chaozong and his female companion, were on the verge of leaving. They looked at each other, and then walked over to them, with their wine glasses. Their actions were very casual and this made Yan Chaozong less alert to what they were planning to do.

When Qin and Ma Weiyang passed Yan Chaozong and his online celebrity companion, Ma Weiyang suddenly tripped on her high heels and almost fell. The red wine in the glass was directly spilled onto Yan Chaozong.

Ma Weiyang, who was helped up by Qin Ran, apologized quickly, “I am sorry, really sorry, I tripped and sprained my foot.”

Yan Chaozong’s face turned pale. He had seen this too many times before, and experienced a lot of this type of incidents. These models only wanted an excuse to talk to him, so they deliberately did this. But he was not in the mood to talk to them.

Yan Chaozong had seen all this before. The online celebrity model who had tried something like this before, was clear about what they wanted to do. She had just been scolded by Yan Chaozong, and this made her irritable. She cried out angrily, “Where are your eyes? Where are you going? You think I don’t know what you are up to?”

“Sorry, I really didn’t mean to do it. I wet your shirt and I will pay for it.” Ma Weiyang apologized again.

That online celebrity model shouted, “Pay for it? Do you know how much it costs? You think you can afford it?”

“Why are you getting so worked up? It is just a shirt, we can pay for it. What is your problem?” Qin Ran said.

Yan Chaozong didn’t want to get himself entangled in this matter. He said coldly, “I don’t need you to pay for it. Be careful next time. Go away.”

Qin Yu and Ma Weiyang did not expect that Yan Chaozong’s temper was so mild. They did not manage to annoy him. When they were about to carry out the second plan, the online celebrity model gave them a big gift. She shouted, “You two bitches, just go away.”

“What did you say, just repeat what you said?” Ma Weiyang heard what she said, and mentally she was overjoyed, as she shouted.

The online celebrity model didn’t know that she was falling into a trap, and repeated what she said, “I said you are bitches.”

After she repeated what she said, Ma Weiyang slapped her face instantly, and a resounding “pa” sound could be heard,

The air instantly exploded.

The online celebrity model did not expect that the “bitch” would dare to slap her. She looked at Ma Weiyang in disbelief. Even Yan Chaozhong was shocked.

When the model regained her senses, she rushed directly at Ma Weiyang and started to fight with her. Ma Weiyang certainly did not show any weakness, and fought back. And Qin Ran would definitely help Ma Weiyang.

Three women fighting, the situation was totally chaotic.

Everyone in the backyard had noticed the fracas, and everyone looked over spontaneously. Yan Chaozong inexplicably became the center of attention again. He naturally did not want to cause any embarrassment, in such a place. He quickly pulled the three women apart, and shouted, “That’s enough.”

In any case, the model was his female companion. Yan Chaozong was a little biased toward her when he tried to stop the fighting. He pushed Ma Weiyang and Qin Ran away, and the two fell directly to the ground.

Ma Weiyang, who was lying on the ground, shouted, “You dare to hit me. Well, today I will not let you leave here. Let’s just see how powerful you are.”

“Someone hit us. Nobody cares? Where are all the men of Sijiu City” Ma Weiyang shouted loudly.

A lot of people had come around at this moment. Someone finally recognized Ma Weiyang and Qin Ran. They shouted directly and ran into the villa. After all, there were not so many people outside, and most of them were the local rich playboys from Shanghai.

The brother was also a bad tempered sort. He shouted directly when he went into the villa, “Sister Mawei and Sister Ran were beaten up by others.”

Many of the rich playboys in Sijiu City were chatting and drinking, and the shouting stunned everyone. They thought they heard the wrong thing.

Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi took the lead in pushing through the crowd, and ran over to ask, “Who was beaten?”

“Sister Mawei and Sister Ran.” This brother and Sun Xu were the same age, and they lived and mixed with the same crowd in Shanghai. They had seen Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang several times, so they recognized the two. But he was not familiar with Yan Chaozong, and he ran in, without bothering to find out.

After Zhang Da heard that, he became instantly angry and said, “What the hell, are they looking for death?”

Then he and Fan Dezhi rushed out. Others also heard what he said, clearly. They were all shocked. How did Ma Weiyang and Qin Yu end up here? These two were not simple characters. Who would be so damn brave to pick a fight with these two girls.

All the rich playboys of Sijiu City in the villa followed Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi, and ran outside to see who had dared to do this. Others who did not know Ma Weiyang and Qin Yu, also ran out to find out what was happening.

When Yan Chaozong heard what Ma Weiyang said, he realized that something was wrong. Obviously these two women were not part of the group of models invited tonight, but were from Sijiu City. It seemed he misunderstood them.

Therefore he tried to help Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang up, “It is a misunderstanding, it is all a misunderstanding.”

Qin Lan stood up, but Ma Weiyang was still lying on the ground. She pushed away his arm, “Go away, don’t touch me.”

Yan Chaozong made a prompt decision, and told his model companion, “Apologize to them, at once!”

“She was the one who slapped me, why should I apologize?” The online model companion said vehemently.

Yan Chaozong became really angry and said, “I told you to apologize.”

At this moment, Zhang Da and Fan Deming brought all their members and rushed over. They pushed through the crowd, and shouted, “Ran Ran, Mawei, who beat you up?”

The rescuer had arrived, and Ma Weiyang was going all out to create a dramatic scene. She immediately sobbed out her grievances, “Zhang Da, where were you? They beat both me and Ran Ran. No one has ever dared to bully me in my life.”

When Zhang Da and Fan Dezhi rushed to Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang, they asked quickly, “Ran Ran, Mawei. Are you ok?”

Others tried to help Ma Weiyang up, but Ma Weiyang said wilfully. “I don’t want to get up, I don’t want to get up.”

Someone asked “Sister Mawei, Sister Ran, who bullied you? We will help you seek revenge. I want to know who would dare to bully you!”

Ma Weiyang pointed directly to Yan Chaozong and his female companion. “They bullied me!”

Fan Deming, Zhang Da and others instantly looked at Yan Chaozong and his female companion. They immediately understood what was going on. It turned out that the one who bullied Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang, was actually the young master of Yan family. This was really interesting.

“Mawei, you get up first.” Zhang Dafu lifted Ma Weiyang up. This time Ma Weiyang did not act willfully. All the rich playboys from Sijiu City cared about was whether they were injured or not.

Yan Chaozong had reached a pitch of frustration at this moment. He knew that these two women were not just any plain, simple characters, even if he was dumb enough not to know. Otherwise, these rich playboys would not be so concerned.

“Young Master Yan, what is going on here. If you don’t give me a good reason, don’t blame me for being unkind to you” Fan Dezhi said bluntly.

Zhang Da said in a strange tone, “The young masters in Shanghai are really powerful, huh? You dare to bully our people. This is the first time in my life that such a thing has happened.”

Though Yan Chaozong was arrogant in Shanghai, he did not dare to be rude to these boys of Sijiu City. The bosses behind this group of people were intertwined and complicated. It would be bad if he did something wrong to this group of people.

Therefore, he could only bow and said, “Brother Zhang, Brother Fan, this is just a misunderstanding. This friend accidentally tripped, and spilled her red wine on me. Then she quarrelled with my female companion.”

“Yes, I tripped and spilled red wine on you. But I have already apologized and said that I will pay for the damage. Why did your female companion scold us? And why did you push us?” Ma Weiyang said tearfully.

Someone asked, “Sister Mawei, what did she say to you?”

“She said Ran Ran and I are bitches. Who gave her the right to say this? Is it him? Are you bullying me because I have no man to stand up for me?” Ma Weiyang said in pitiful tone.

A few friends stood up and said, “What the hell?! You wish to die.”

Sun Xu also ran over at this moment and shouted, “What is going on? What happened?”

When someone told him what happened, Sun Xu asked, “Chaozong, is that true? You are putting me in dilemma. I have been a little follower of these two sisters since childhood. What do you want me to do?”

Yan Chaozong realized that something was wrong, and he was really trapped here. So he turned back without any hesitation, slapped the model’s face and said, “Apologize.”

This online celebrity model saw stars after being slapped. She burst into tears instantly and stared fixedly at Yan Chaozong, her face filled with a lot of grievance.

“I told you to apologize.” Yan Chaozong glared at her.

No one was on her side, this was the reality. The online celebrity model could only blurt out, “Yes, sorry, I was wrong, I should not have called you names.”

After saying that, the model slapped herself, and this made people felt sorry for her.

“Two beautiful ladies, I really apologize for that. I did not take care of her and have hurt you badly. I was just too careless, when I pushed you away.” Yan Chaozong said patiently. Today he felt really ashamed.

Ma Weiyang said coldly, “Can a mere apology solve the problem? What am I, in your eyes? You ask around and try to figure out who I am.”

Zhang Da gave Sun Xu a look. Sun Xu immediately understood and said, “Sister Mawei, Sister Ran. Just give us a chance. Chaozong is also my good friend. Can we just let it go?”

“Sun Xu, I will give you a chance, but who will show me respect? You ask your brother here, he dares to say this?” Ma Weiyang said mercilessly.

Sun Xu was at a loss, and he gave Yan Chaozong a look. His eyes obviously said, “There’s nothing that I can do now, you have to solve the problem yourself.”

“Two beautiful ladies, I solemnly apologize to you again. Tomorrow I will arrange a banquet for you, as an apology. I will not disappoint you.” Yan Chaozong said humbly. What else could he do? He could only endure it, even though he felt aggrieved.

Ma Weiyang still refused his apology, “Who wants your banquet? I will never forgive you.”

“Mawei, that is enough. There are so many people here. Give everyone a chance. If you still feel slighted, let’s go back and talk it out.” Fan Dezhi stepped in. He was really afraid that Ma Weiyang was going too far.

Yan Chaozong wanted to open his mouth to say something. Zhang Da directly waved his hand and said, “Master Yan, I am sorry, it seems that you are not welcome here. Just leave with your female companion.”

Zhang Da’s words showed his disrespect for Yan Chaozong. Yan Chaozong’s face was dark and uncertain. He had so much anger in him, which he was unable to express.

Sun Xu quickly pulled Yan Chaozong out of the aisle, “Chao Zong, don’t say anything, let’s go first.”

Yan Chaozong had no idea what to do. What should he do now?

Fight back directly?

Then the next development would be out of his control. How would they end up then?

Therefore, he could only endure it.

Tonight, all the rich playboys in Sijiu Cities and the locals of Shanghai were here. Yan Chaozong had lost his dignity in front of so many people. Everyone would learn about this in no time at all. He would become the butt of jokes again.

Qin Ran also realized that she had her revenge. But this was not the end, it was just the beginning.