Chapter 238 Obviously Not

Yan Chaozong left the villa in a foul mood. At this moment, he regretted having promised Sun Xu to attend the gathering tonight. It had been a total disaster from start to end. First, Shen Sen resurrected his past and humiliated him in public. And now he was oppressed by the rich playboys of Sijiu City. And he dared not retaliate, and could only apologise profusely.

Of course he was unwilling to go against the playboys of Sijiu City, simply because of a woman, and also to safeguard his reputation. Otherwise the price he had to pay would be beyond his imagination.

As for Qin Ran, when she first saw Yan Chaozong, she was already trying to restrain her inner anger. She was afraid that she would not be able to hold it in and create a scene. And finally someone brought it to an end. Eventually it was Ma Weiyang, who created trouble, not her. The situation was within control.

During these two days, Qin Ran finally understood the words of Gongsun. It was not difficult to clean up the Yan family, using the power of the old man. However, if she did it for Qin Sheng, what would he think if he found out about it? A man could improve only when he had gone through an ordeal. Therefore, Qin Ran felt that this was the best she could do for Qin Sheng, and the rest would be up to Qin Sheng. When that day came, she would help Qin Sheng in any way.

After Yan Chaozong left the villa, the farce ended. Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang were surrounded by people. Everyone was most solicitous about their well being. Some even said that they would like to fight back, and would not let it rest so easily. In fact, apart from the relatively good relationship between these people, the more important thing were the identities of these two women. Their identities could not be compared with some of the ancestry of these boys. After all, their lives were shaped according to their ancestral lives. But this society was realistic, somebody who had the identity had to finish his mission. And the support behind Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang happened to be that somebody.

Qin Ran and Ma Weiyang were very familiar with this kind of party. They were over 30 now, not as energetic as other young people. They just joined without any purpose in mind.

Ma Weiyang had not been out partying for a long time already. After all, she was now a mother and a wife. She had her family to consider. Moreover, both her family and her husband’s family were not the usual ordinary families. It was rare to have such an opportunity to indulge herself like this.

Qin Ran accompanied her for a while, and went back to the small room to drink red wine alone. She was thinking about what the stinky boy was doing now, and wondering when she would see him. After all, they had been apart for more than 20 years, how could she ease her feelings of missing this little brother, if she had only seen him twice?

At this moment, Fan Dezhi walked into the room and said casually, “Why don’t you go out and get some fun?”

“You know I never join any parties.” Qin Ran said casually. She looked a little tired.

If it was anyone else, Fan Dezhi would certainly not be a part of the mess. After all, his identity was quite special. It was actually a taboo for him to join such parties. Moreover, he was not willing to mess with these rich playboys. He had his own circle of friends.

However, this person was Qin Ran, his buddy since childhood and the object of his secret crush. Anyway, many people had crushes on Qin Ran, including himself.

“You have already avenged yourself, why are you still unhappy?” Fan Dezhi asked, looking confused.

Qin Ran smiled and said, “Do you think I am very childish and wilful? Only you will do this for me.”

“I don’t think so. Everyone has feelings of love and hate; though they need to be mature as they grow older, and they have to be forbearing, especially people like us. We can’t be unscrupulous. Sometimes we get very tired. So it is okay if we want to abreact.” Fan Dezhi said with a smile.

Qin Ran raised her glass and toasted Fan Dezhi, “You people in the system are really good at talking. Anyway, I still have to thank you for coming to Shanghai.”

“We are friends, you don’t have to say something like that. Even if we did not come with you, you will still have many ways to to take your revenge. But I am curious about how what this buddy did to annoy you. Obviously he does not even know who you are. Now that everything is over, can you tell me?” Fan Dezhi’s question seemed casual, but there was a deeper meaning to his words. If there was serious trouble between Qin Ran and Yan Chaozong, he would never let it go that easily. He once said that no one could bully Qin Ran. As long as he had the ability, he would certainly protect Qin Ran.

Qin Xiao sighed. “I can’t tell you now, but one day you will find out. And then you will understand why I am doing this. I am not done with him yet.”

“I know.” Fan Dezhi did not ask any more.

At this moment, Zhang Da and Ma Weiyang came back. Everyone started to drink and stopped talking about the topic.

Qin Sheng, who was in Hangzhou, did not know that his sister, Qin Ran, had already taken his revenge for him. She shamed Yan Chaozong in front of many of the rich playboys, and Yan Chaozong did not dare to resist.

In the early morning, when Qin Sheng went for a run, the streets were already full of heavy traffic. No matter what time it was, no matter if it was late at night or early in the morning, there were countless people still hard at work So when you couldn’t keep going on in your life, think about how these people could go on. No matter if it was for living or surviving, as long as you kept going on, you will see the rainbow after the rain.

When Qin Sheng finished his run, he bought breakfast for Lin Su and left it on the table. This was what he liked doing. However, he also promised to Lin Su that he would be by her side for two days a week. She liked to see Qin Sheng, every time she opened her eyes.

Qin Sheng’s biggest event this morning was to see the big boss, whom Yang Deng had contacted. He was the only one who was willing to cooperate with Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng arrived in Xixi half an hour earlier. They decided to meet each other at a tea house in Xixi. The name was quite interesting. It was called Xixi Wencha. When Qin Sheng arrived, Yang Deng was already there.

“I didn’t expect you to be here earlier than me.” Qin Sheng was quite surprised.

Yang Deng joked deliberately,”Because I know that you will be early. So I have to be earlier than you.”

“For what?” Qin Sheng had nothing to say.

Yang Deng said happily, “Let’s go, let’s go in and drink tea first. Brother Luo will be here later, we don’t have to wait for him.”

Since Yang Deng had already said this, Qin Sheng did not say anything. The two went into the tea house first. They talked and drank tea in the box. Yang Deng was the one who did most of the talking, asking questions about Qin Sheng. After all, he was familiar with Qin Sheng. However Qin Sheng knew nothing about him.

They ordered a pot of Dongting Biluochun. This was because Qin Sheng recently drank too much of West Lake Longjing tea. He was always served West Lake Longjing. He didn’t want to drink Longjing everyday just because he was in Hangzhou.

When the pot of Dongting Biluochun was almost empty, brother Luo whom Yang Dengkou mentioned earlier, arrived. Qin Sheng had also made enquiries about brother Luo before. He even asked Cao Da, and the result made him very satisfied. The strength of brother Luo was no lesser or stronger than Yuan Ke. If Qin Sheng could cooperate with brother Luo, he could just sit back and relaxed.

When brother Luo and his two bodyguards came into the box, Qin Sheng and Yang Deng got up. But Qin Sheng’s face changed instantly, because brother Luo was the middle aged, fat man he had seen in Master Liu’s house.

“You are Qin Sheng?” Brother Luo also recognized Qin Sheng. He was very surprised.

Qin Sheng thought it was both funny and annoying, and said, “I did not know you were brother Luo.”

“It seems that we are meant to meet each other.” Brother Luo smiled.

Yang Deng asked, “Brother Luo, you and Qin Sheng know each other?”

Brother Luo explained casually, “No, I only happened to meet him two days ago. So I am quite surprised.”

Yang Deng said casually, “So that means you know each other, let’s sit down and talk.”

When the host and guest sat down, brother Luo said, “If you are not Lao Ba’s friend, I would not have bothered to meet you today. I will talk to Cao Da directly. You are not qualified enough. This is the truth.”

“Mr. Cao does not handle the business anymore. I am responsible for the affairs in Yuan Sa. So talking to me is the same as talking to Mr. Cao.” Qin Sheng said. He was neither humble nor pushy. Neither was he embarrassed by what brother Luo said.

Brother Luo said coldly, “You can represent Cao Da?”

“I will not be here if I can’t.” Qin Sheng said, with a smile.

Brother Luo looked at Yang Deng, and said thoughtfully. “Lao Ba, what is your relationship with this brother? This brother is not simple, he looks stronger than me.”

“Brother Liu, we are very good friends. I almost died at his hands.” Yang Deng said this like it was a joke.

When brother Luo heard these words, he took a long time to recover from the shock, “Lao Ba, your kid really shocks me. He was the one who injured you last time?”

When Qin Sheng heard what Yang Deng said, he couldn’t help thinking about it. He broke out in a cold sweat. He was a little afraid that today’s meeting had been manipulated by Yang Deng. It was like measuring the stature of a great man against the yardstick of a small man. But he still had to be careful.

Fortunately, Yang Deng did not notice that. Otherwise he might be disappointed. He laughed, “I’m not good enough. I had no idea.”

“Interesting.” Brother Luo stared at Qin Sheng, and said. “However, Qin Sheng, today I am here, because of my relationship with Lao Ba. But I will not say yes to you, just because of Lao Ba. Let’s talk about the business part. What is your price?”

“Following your rules, we can give you 2% more”, Qin Sheng said directly.

Brother Luo demanded an exorbitant price, “4%.”

“Deal.” Qin Sheng did not give brother Luo any further chance to negotiate. He instantly made the decision.

Brother Luo was shocked. “Qin Sheng, are you sure? Do you know how much money you will pay for this 4%?”

“If you can earn it, it will become your money. If you don’t earn it, then it is not your money. Right, brother Luo?” Qin Sheng said with a smile.

Brother Luo squinted and said. “You are a very interesting young man. Since you are so straightforward, it is a deal. I will send someone over later, for you to sign the contract. You can come over to my place tonight.”

“Brother Luo is also a straightforward person, I hope that we will have a closer relationship in the future.” Qin Sheng stretched his hands. He did not expect this to go so smoothly.

However, Qin Sheng understood. Was it his personality and charm that had conquered brother Luo?

Obviously not…

If he had not encountered brother Luo in the courtyard of Meijiawu that day, would things have gone so smoothly today. But nobody mentioned it.