Chapter 239 Amazing

Third Master Wu was one of the powerful masters in the Jiangzhe area. He had a great influence in the Jiangzhe area and also in Shanghai, so he was involved in a lot of things, and brother Luo was one of his contacts.

In the early years, he was running a small business. And later when his efforts were recognized by Third Master Wu, he began to start off on the right track. His operation involved all the gray industries. His security company was well-known in Hangzhou and had contracts with many high-end residential malls. His company was responsible for the security of many places that were owned by Third Master Wu. A few years ago, Yuan Ke and he had some problems, due to competition for customers. They hated each other, so he did bother too much about Yuan Ke.

Therefore, Yang Deng could safely tell Qin Sheng that Brother Luo was the best choice.

Brother Luo was not a person who liked to fight with others, unlike before. Now he was basically the person controlling everything behind the scenes. He had many followers who were willing to get their heads sharpened, to be on top. Therefore, as long as he could control the general direction, he did not need to bother about other things. Moreover, things had changed. Now the competition was all about resources and interpersonal connections. There was no need to fight at all. And the government did not allow the people to do these sort of things anymore.

When Third Master Wu semi-retired, these people began to build their interpersonal relationship based on Third Master Wu’s resources. Brother Luo was the best among them. He knew a lot of influential people in the political and business areas. Master Liu was another influential person. The prices for his calligraphy and paintings had risen in recent years. And Jiang Xianbang was one of his promoters.

The meeting today with Qin Sheng was just as Brother Luo had stated; Qin Sheng was not qualified enough. He met him out of respect for Yang Deng. After all, Yang Deng was the foster son of Third Master Wu. Third Master Wu had only two foster sons. The elder foster son inherited Third Master Wu’s business. Now he was renowned among the young guys in the Jiangzhe area. Yang Deng was not interested in this. But he was familiar with these people, and he ranked No.8 among Third Master Wu’s followers. So Brother Luo naturally respected him.

He did not expect to see Qin Sheng there. He was actually the young man that Brother Luo met at Master Liu’s place, two days ago. At that time, Brother Luo was still trying to figure out who the young man was, when he walked into Master Liu’s courtyard. At that time, he looked quite familiar.

Therefore, due to various reasons, Brother Luo would choose to cooperate with Qin Sheng without hesitation. For him, this kind of cooperation was insignificant. But if Qin Sheng had a powerful background, that he looked forward to build a relationship with Qin Sheng.

They had lunch in Xixi Wencha. Qin Sheng took the initiative to pay the bill. Brother Luo respected Qin Sheng for that. After chatting with Qin Sheng, Brother Luo knew that Qin Sheng was not a Hangzhou native. He was a newcomer to Hangzhou. So Brother Luo became even more curious about him.

After lunch, they went their separate ways. Brother Luo and Yang Deng left together. What Qin Sheng was worried about, had been settled. He immediately called Chang Baji to get him to contact Brother Luo.

In the next few days, Ms. An, Yu Fengzhi, Lyu Yuan and Hao Lei came over to Hangzhou successively. Ms. An took over and started work immediately. After all, the functional department of this subsidiary was still not perfect, and it was urgent for her to take charge of these.

Hao Lei was different from the rest. When he arrived in Hangzhou, Qin Sheng asked Chang Baji to come to his home, and he cooked dinner for Hao Lei that night. The dishes were more lavish than those served to Qin Changan few days ago. After all, they all loved meat. They were very happy with meat and wine. The wine was naturally authentic Xifeng wine, which tasted good.

Qin Sheng, Hao Lei and Chang Baji drank and chatted happily. The relationship between these three was irreplaceable. They all came from Xi’an. After going through so many experiences, they were finally reunited in Hangzhou. Nobody could possibly understand what they had gone through.

Lin Su did not talk much, she was just responsible for pouring wine for these men.

“There were too many people last time. So I didn’t have a chance to say something that I wanted to say. Today we are all here. I have something to say. Don’t blame me for being so emotional.” Qin Sheng laughed as he sipped his wine.

Lin Su refilled Qin Sheng’s glass once again. Chang Baji and Hao Lei looked at each other, waiting to hear what Qin Shen had to say.

Qin Sheng said emotionally, “It has been a year. I remember that in October last year, you all followed me to Shanghai. We wanted to build up our business in Shanghai, but something went wrong and I nearly lost my life. Even though I’m still alive, I always feel sorry for you all.”

“Qin Sheng…”

Hao Lei wanted to speak, but Qin Sheng interrupted, “Lei, you listen to me.”

“Lao Chang and I have a close relationship. And he took risks and saved me several times. Now we are like Damon and Pythias. For you Hao Lei, we have known each other since junior high school. You are the one who is still close with me, after these many years. When we were in Shanghai, I left you behind to protect Han Bing, and you had no regrets. Even though I disappeared for half a year, you still insisted on doing your job, and did not complain. Thank you so much. You two believed in me, and followed me to Shanghai, which was not a familiar place. I did not realize what I promised to you, but you still believed in me as always. How did I deserve such friends like you?” Qin Sheng was telling what was on his mind.

Hao Lei could not help saying, “Qin Sheng, if we really minded these, it would be impossible to sit with you at this moment. You feel sorry to us, due to the incidents that happened in Shanghai, but we also feel sorry for you. When you were in danger, we could not be by your side and you nearly lost your life. Fortunately you survived, or we will feel guilty forever.”

“I used to be proud. And I made everything looked so complicated. In the end I was enmeshed in a web of my own spinning. I can’t blame others, but I will never regret it.” Qin Sheng looked at Lin Su, who was sitting next to him, and smiled as he said this.

Chang Baji held up his glass and said. “Those times are over. Don’t mention it anymore. Now we are at a brand new beginning. It is much better than in Shanghai. What you have to do now is to look ahead, move forward, and to see how to lead us to go on. Now, not only do you have us, you have Lin Su, as well”

“A woman has to follow the man that she marries to. No matter what Qin Sheng does, I will support him. No matter what he will be like in the future, rich or poor, I will be by his side.” Lin Su grinned.

Qin Sheng was very touched. For Lin Su, words were useless, so he had to respond to her with actual actions. He told her that “The man you chose will not disasppoint you.”

Qin Sheng looked at Chang Baji, took a deep breath and said, “Well, Lao Chang is right. Since Hao Lei has just arrived in Hangzhou, I took this opportunity to ask you guys to come here, and have a talk. Whatever happened in Shanghai is over, so we will not mention it anymore. Now we are in Hangzhou, and it is a new beginning for us. So I will still say the same words, no matter if I’m good or bad, as long as I am successful, I will not let you down.”

“You don’t have to say this, we all believe in you.” Hao Lei raised his wine glass.

Chang Baji said half jokingly, “I hope that you will be successful soon. The situation is much better now than in Shanghai, at least you have the confidence.”

“Well, Mr. Cao trusted me. I will take full responsibility for this subsidiary. As for how far we can go, it depends on our ability and luck”. Qin Sheng nodded silently.

Hao Lei said thoughtfully, “Our ability is good, so our luck will be good too. It is a new start, and we will work hard together.”

“Work Hard.” The three of them said this in unison.

Lin Su picked up the wine glass, and toasted them, saying, “This glass of wine, cheers for the past and the future, I wish you all the best.”

Originally, Qin Sheng wanted to wait until everyone arrived in Hangzhou, to welcome everyone, as well as let them get to know each other well, in this small circle. However, they had just taken over the work. In addition to adapting to the new work and living environment, there were still a lot of things that needed to be done. So Qin Sheng could only wait until everything was on the right track, and then gather all the others together.

During this time, Qin Sheng rarely took part in anything in the headquarters of Yuanda Group. The whole headquarters was controlled by Cao Da directly. It was no longer controlled by Mr. Zhou. Qin Sheng only went for meetings occasionally. Most of the time he was still responsible for the subsidiary’s business.

It was now September, they had been busy for almost a month. Qin Sheng was going to find a time to return to Xi’an, in the days to come. This was what he promised Auntie Wang and Xin Xin, and he could not break his promise. Today, Qin Sheng took Lin Su to the Jiuxi Rose Garden for a feast. He then took the chance to ask for two-day leave from Cao Da.

Today, everyone from the Cao family were here, whether it was Cao Zhang who was ready to enjoy the last year in university, or Cao Ying who was at a rebellious stage. Of course, the two wives of Cao Da were also here. After all, Qin Sheng had helped the Cao family a lot during this time. If there was no Qin Sheng, it was impossible for Cao Da to reorganize the whole of Yuanda so soon.

As for Cao Da, he had put Qin Sheng in such an important position. For whatever reasons, he had bound Cao family and Qin Sheng together. Therefore, even though this seemed like an ordinary family feast, Cao Da attached great importance to it. He had specially invited the chef from Radisson Longjing Manor Hotel, and even the two wives felt surprised. After all, no matter how Cao Da appreciated Qin Sheng, Qin Sheng was still his subordinate, and there was no need for such a grand occasion.

Qin Sheng and Lin Su arrived at Jiuxi Rose Garden just after 6 o’clock in the evening. In order not to let Qin Sheng down, Lin Su deliberately dressed up today. Her carefully selected gray tassel dress was elegant and charming, and suited her very well. She also asked Xiao Ruoqing to accompany her to the hair stylist, and even borrowed a few pieces of jewelry from Xiao Ruoqing.

Lin Su who was 172 cm tall, wore high heels and walked with Qin Sheng. She was almost as tall as Qin Sheng. It would not be possible to say that they were evenly matched. It looked more like Qin Sheng was with a girlfriend, who had a higher social postion than himself.

It was said that in order to evaluate a man, you need to look at his woman. Of course Lin Su was doing this for Qin Sheng. She would not let anyone look down on Qin Sheng.

When the two walked into the living room of the Cao family’s Villa, all the Cao family members who had been waiting for Qin Sheng and his girlfriend’s arrival, were shocked. All eyes were on Lin Su. No one had ever thought that Qin Sheng’s girlfriend could be so glamorous.

Lin Su had seen much of the world, and she was not in the least embarrassed. She smiled at everyone. Qin Sheng did not pay attention to the surprised expressions from Cao’s people. This situation was in accordance with his expectation. He liked how surprised others were when they saw Lin Su.

“Uncle Cao, aunt, second aunt.” Qin Sheng greeted them politely, Lin Su also followed him and bowed her head and said hello.

Cao Da’s first wife regained her senses first. She did not bother about her own gaffe. She quickly got up and smiled, “Hey, Qin Sheng, this is your girlfriend?”

“Yes, aunt, this is my girlfriend Lin Su.” Qin Sheng was a little embarrassed.

Lin Su greeted her in a gentle voice, “Aunt.”

“Hey, you really scared me, I didn’t expect Lin Su to be so beautiful. Look at her face. Come on, don’t just stand there, sit down and talk.” Cao Da’s wife greeted to them. Then she said to Cao Da, “What are you doing?”

Cao Da, who was still in a daze, felt a bit embarassed as he greeted them, “Sit, sit down.”

Cao Da’s second wife smiled, took Lin Su’s hand, and sat Lin Su between herself and her elder sister. Cao Zhang who was sitting behind, looked at Qin Sheng with new eyes. Qin Sheng’s girlfriend shocked him today. He had not seen such a beautiful woman like her, for a long time.

Cao Ying was inexplicably jealous. She subconsciously compared herself with Lin Su, but unfortunately she lost, without any doubt.