Chapter 240 Cao Da’s Plan

For visuals, you could always do plastic surgery, although all-natural was best. For body figure, you could always do training, be it doing yoga or going to the gym. But things like temperament could not just come so easily. It was the result of one’s life experiences. As the Chinese saying went, “As long as you read enough, temperament and talent will come to you naturally”. If you did not ever read books, how could you ever attain such temperament?

Although Lin Su’s mother became Lin Changting’s lover because of love, she was born of a family of educators. Her parents were strict teachers and she herself was a high school teacher. Hence, she put in a lot of effort to train Lin Su when she was young, such as reading, drawing, playing the piano, etc. After she came to the Lin family, Lin Su had better conditions and Lin Changting was very strict with her and made her learn many skills. On top of that, the old lady also taught Lin Su herself. Hence, Lin Su became a typical all-rounded achiever from a wealthy family.

After graduating, Lin Su entered the family business and she thrived in Shanghai’s financial sector. The level of work that she was exposed to and the people she met were incomparable to those of ordinary women.

The temperament that Lin Su had today was through the accumulation of her past experiences. Even if she led an ordinary and peaceful life with Qin Sheng, the unordinary temperament of hers could not be hidden. Besides, Lin Su was not a simple woman.

Hence, it was not difficult to understand how Lin Su, who already had the visuals and the temperament in the first place, managed to stun the Cao family after she dolled up.

Cao Da was the only one in the Cao family who knew Qin Sheng’s background. The others were not so sure. They all thought that Qin Sheng was just a normal assistant that Cao Da hired and he only deliberately trained him because Qin Sheng had the capabilities.

Hence, before Qin Sheng brought his girlfriend to the dinner, plainly speaking, the rest of them did not have high expectations of his girlfriend. She might be pretty and have the temperament, but they were not as shocked as when they saw her.

After snapping back from his thoughts, Cao Da understood what was going on. He could now easily accept any kind of surprise or shock that Qin Sheng gave him. This was because Qin Sheng was Qin Changan’s son. Could Qin Changan’s son be an ordinary person? A successful father would not give birth to an ordinary son. No matter what, Qin Sheng would have inherited Qin Changan’s genes. It made perfect sense that he could find a girlfriend like this.

Others might think that Qin Sheng was not worthy of Lin Su, but Cao Da was the only one who knew that Lin Su had found a gem. However, since Qin Sheng did not know his identity now, Cao Da was worried that if Qin Sheng were to return to the Qin family one day, everything would be different. Would he still choose Lin Su then? Would Lin Su satisfy the Qin family?

After pondering about it, Cao Da felt that he was poking his nose into others’ matters. These things are beyond his control…

Lin Su sat in between Cao Da’s wives who held her hand in theirs and bombarded her with questions about her well-being. The first wife, Ji Min, complimented Lin Su’s good skin and how pretty her eyes looked. The second wife, Mi Na, asked Lin Su what cosmetic products she used, told her that her outfit looked pretty, asked her where she bought it, and said that she would also try it out next time.

On the other hand, Cao Da pulled Qin Sheng’s hand and said, “They talk about theirs, we talk about ours. Women are all the same.”

“Uncle Cao, you look good,” Qin Sheng said casually. This was indeed the truth. When he first met Cao Da, he already knew that there was something wrong with his body and that he was very anxious. He then found out later on that Cao Da had a big illness once.

Cao Da was not surprised when he replied, “Maybe because things have been going smoothly recently. This is all thanks to you; you’ve lessened a lot of my worries. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to clean up this mess.”

“Uncle Cao, you give me too much credit; these are things that I should do,” Qin Sheng chuckled and said. He then quickly continued, “I see that you pay a lot of attention to maintaining your health. When you’re free, I’ll bring you to visit a highly-respectable person. He’s an expert in this aspect. He should be able to help your body.”

Cao Da did not look down on the invitation. He replied very seriously, “Sure, pick a time and just notify me.”

Cao Da and Qin Sheng had a joyful conversation and the women also had a heated discussion. Mi Na could not help but say, “Qin Sheng, quickly tell me! How did you manage to kidnap such a beautiful girlfriend?”

“Second Aunt, I’m not that capable. I’m the one that got chased, and you can ask her if you don’t believe me.” Qin Sheng took advantage of Lin Su and was still so cheeky about it. His statement made everyone burst into laughter. The three children of the Cao family were naturally not qualified to say anything. They could only intersect every now and then and listened obediently during the rest of the time.

Cao Ying glared at him directly. “Why are you boasting? This beautiful woman was definitely blind!” Cao Ying still remembered clearly the slap from last time. Although she did not report it to her parents, she did not feel like this thing was over just yet.

Lin Su was too lazy to bother about him. She dismissed and said, “Do you think anyone would believe that?”

The crowd burst into laughter again. Lin Su might have just embarrassed him, but they could tell that they were very loving.

Ji Min asked out of concern, “Lin Su, when do you guys plan to get married? Will it be at Hangzhou or somewhere else?”

“I’ll listen to his wishes,” Lin Su said slightly embarrassedly as she looked up and glanced at Qin Sheng. However, she did want to know what his answer would be. After all, she had never asked him.

Mi Na covered her mouth and smiled. “Qin Sheng, do you not get it? Quickly make a stance! When are you going to marry Lin Su? We’ll give you a big red packet during then.”

“Second Aunt, don’t worry, I’ll definitely marry Lin Su. I’ll marry no one else in this lifetime. But I want to wait until my career and life are settled down before I decide anything. This is also being responsible for the marriage and for her,” Qin Sheng said honestly. After which, he looked at Lin Su.

Cao Da understood his intention and tried to help him out. “This is both of their business; let’s not worry too much about it. No matter where they get married, we will still give our red packet for sure. Cao Zhang, go to the kitchen and see if dinner is ready yet.”

Cao Zhang got up obediently and Yu’er followed him into the kitchen. The whole family doted on this girl full of crazy ideas the most…

Cao Zhang returned not long after. He said, “Dad, Chef Song said that we can eat now.”

Cao Da asked the rest, “Then let’s eat first and talk over dinner, how’s that?” But actually, he was trying to get them to start moving.

Both Ji Min and Mi Na liked Lin Su quite a lot. They did not even waste the chance to talk to her on the way to the dining area. They laughed as they talked about women’s topic. They were all smart women. Cao Da valued Qin Sheng so much, so they must obviously not mistreat Qin Sheng’s girlfriend. This was the only way that Qin Sheng would work for Cao Da willingly.

They had a more formal French Western meal for dinner. The ingredients were all sourced by the main chef himself. They all chatted over wine and time passed by unknowingly.

After dinner, Cao Da smiled and said, “You guys talk to Lin Su first; Qin Sheng and I will go to the study to talk about something.”

“Go, go. Men always cannot put down their work,” Ji Min said half-jokingly. She then turned around and said to Lin Su, “Don’t mind them, we talk among ourselves.”

In the study, Cao Da questioned, “I haven’t had the chance to ask about the subsidiary company. How’re the operations like after you took over? Is there any problem?”

“I invited an old friend of mine to help and she’s in charge of the company’s management. Poly and Yun Ding is also getting on track. Brother Luo’s staff had already started coming two days ago, and there is someone in charge at every venus. As for Guangyin LIVE, I have my own ideas about it and I’ve already discussed with Brother Yu. He’s very supportive of it. I also sent someone to work with him and we’re now preparing a proposal. I’ll show it to you once it’s done,” Qin Sheng answered truthfully.

Cao Da nodded silently and said, “Over at the headquarter’s side, Lao Zhao will support you fully. Do whatever you want. If you have the capabilities to start a new project, I’ll support you too.”

Qin Sheng naturally understood what Cao Da’s hidden meaning was. However, Qin Sheng did not have such plans as of now. After all, he still lacked knowledge about this industry.

“I’ll wait and see,” Qin Sheng chuckled and said.

Cao Da answered with seemingly many thoughts running in his mind. “Qin Sheng, I appreciate you a lot. After you’re done doing all of your work, I’ll introduce you to some friends. They are all connections I’ve gathered over the years. Cao Zhang does not have the capabilities to take over. I think you’re more suitable.”

Judging from these words, Cao Da obviously valued Qin Sheng significantly. Qin Sheng was shocked and scared. “Uncle Cao, this…”

“I know what you want to say. You don’t have to think too much about it. If the time is right, I will split this subsidiary company and you will be in charge of it directly. After Cao Zhang graduates, he will go to the headquarters directly,” Cao Da said directly. This was his initial plan. Cao Zhang was truly not suitable to touch these things.

Qin Sheng’s eyes burned passionately. “I will definitely not let you down.”

Cao Da patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder and said, “Qin Sheng, I know your abilities. You just lack opportunities. I’m giving you one now. Actually, I do have some selfish intention. That is, in the future, no matter how successful you become, please help me to take care of my children. After all, I cannot be with them forever.”

Qin Sheng said assuredly, “Uncle Cao, don’t worry, I will treat them like my biological siblings.”

At this moment, Qin Sheng was very grateful towards Cao Da. “If he treats me like how a ruler treats a pillar of the country, I must make contributions for him like how a pillar of the country does for the country…”

After talking about their work, Qin Sheng then said, “Uncle Cao, I want to take two days off next week. I want to bring Lin Su back to Xi’an to visit my closed one. I’ve not returned for more than half a year.”

“Qin Sheng, you don’t have to tell me such things in the future. You should make decisions for yourself,” Cao Da waved his hand and said. Of course, he agreed.

Qin Sheng quickly said, “Got it, Uncle Cao.”

“No matter what, you should always go back home frequently. We cannot forget our true selves,” Cao Da reminded.

After staying in the study for about half an hour, Qin Sheng and Cao Da came out. The women were having such a joyful conversation in the living room. Their laughters were heard all the way from the second floor.

“First Aunt, Second Aunt, it’s getting late. Lin Su and I should get going,” Qin Sheng smiled and said after reaching the first floor.

Ji Min tried to retain them. “It’s still early. Stay longer! We haven’t finished talking.”

Cao Da was a little displeased. “The lovebirds are used to having a world of two; let’s not disturb them.”

Mi Na quickly said, “Alright then, I shall not keep you longer. Lin Su, you have to come more often. When you’re free we can also go shopping and do spa together.”

“First Aunt, Second Aunt, then we’ll get going,” Lin Su smiled and said as she stood up. “Sorry for bothering you all today.”

Ji Min pretended to be angry and said, “What are you talking about? We are one family, don’t say such overly-courteous things in the future.”

Cao Da and his two wives sent Qin Sheng and Lin Su out of the door personally and only returned home when they saw that they had driven off. Both wives had something to say but Cao Da did not give them any chance as he returned to the study.

On the way back home, Qin Sheng and Lin Su had only chatted for a while when Chang Baji’s call came in. Something cropped up at Poly International…