Chapter 241 Trivalize

Qin Sheng and Lin Su were having a fun conversation talking about the Cao family’s interesting stories. Lin Su joked and said, “When you become successful next time, will you also have two women in your arms like Uncle Cao?”

After hearing this, Qin Sheng tensed up immediately. He quickly replied, “I’m not as capable as Uncle Cao, I’m scared that you’ll come chasing after me with a knife down the street.”

“Actually, I don’t mind at all. Which man is not flirty? The society is made to be like this. Which woman does not like a successful man? They are the only ones that can satisfy all of our desires, be it material-wise or mental-wise. You can flirt with any woman, and I don’t mind you having a relationship with them. But my only request is that you never bring them home,” Lin Su said sincerely. However, no one knew if she meant it or not.

Qin Sheng did not dare to believe her. The way to a woman’s heart was unfathomable. Who would know if Lin Su was setting up a trap for him? If he were to show a slight intention, he might have to face punishment when they reach home later. Hence, Qin Sheng quickly replied, “Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of person.”

At this moment, Chang Baji’s call came in. After Qin Sheng picked up the call, his face fell. Lin Su was confused and she asked, “What happened?”

After pondering for a moment, Qin Sheng replied, “I’ll send you home first; there’s something I need to handle.”

“No need, I can just hitch a cab,” Lin Su shook her head and said. She could tell that something big had happened, which was why Qin Sheng was so worried.

Eventually, Qin Sheng decided to let Lin Su drive back and he hitched a taxi towards Poly International. He did not feel that there would be something as coincidental as this. Poly International had been under the radar for a long time. Why did something happen only as it got back on track? There must be someone playing tricks behind all this.

The cause was simple. Two batches of guests stirred up trouble after drinking and called the police after a fight broke out. If the police were to be alerted, this would definitely create an impact on Poly International’s business.

After thinking about it thoroughly, Qin Sheng still went ahead to contact Xue Qingyan’s childhood friend, Fang Jianping. After all, Chief Fang was the only one he knew that worked in the legal sector. Coincidentally, Fang Jianping worked in the city bureau. Qin Sheng must suppress this matter and not let the police car arrive at the entrance of Poly International.

When the call was made, Fang Jianping was having a gathering with a few leaders in the station. After a slight hesitation, he went out and picked up the call. He answered politely, “Qin Sheng, it’s been such a long time that you’re finally willing to give me a call.”

By right, Fang Jianping should be the one calling Qin Sheng, the one with influence. However, Fang Jianping was so busy at work recently while handing off work. After all, he was moving to the provincial office. However, as a leader of high position, he naturally knew the technique of speaking. Otherwise, how should he start the conversation?

“Brother Fang, I’m so sorry for disturbing you. I shall get straight to it. I have something to ask for your help. I wonder if you’re free?” Qin Sheng did not dare to waste time. Hangzhou’s police were usually sent out very quickly. It would not be worth it if the police car reached the entrance of Poly International after he finished his call.

Although Fang Jianping was a little not used to his straightforwardness, he was Xue Qingyan’s younger brother after all. Fang Jianping must take good care of him. Hence, he said, “Go ahead.”

Qin Sheng narrated the whole incident at Poly International for him and he also did not conceal his identity as the boss, in case Fang Jianping were to be pissed that his request was to cancel dispatching their men.

Fang Jianping frowned slightly and said, “Qin Sheng, you might not understand some of the rules here. Although this is a small incident, we have to be wary of people with intentions.”

“Brother Fang, I know what you mean. We can send both parties over and also bring along the CCTV footage and witnesses. We will cooperate with the police’s work.” Qin Sheng told Fang Jianping his own thoughts without waiting for him to finish his sentence.

Fang Jianping felt some comfortable after hearing it. He said in a low voice, “That area is in the Uptown, and the leader of Uptown’s station is eating with me right now. I will convey your message and you get the rest settled.”

After hearing this, Qin Sheng quickly thanked him. “Brother Fang, thank you! I’ll treat you to drinks next time.”

“You’re welcome,” said Fang Jianping before he hung up. After which, he quickened his footsteps into the private room and called out the leader of Uptown’s station.

After telling him the whole story, that leader chuckled and said, “Lao Fang, actually, I was the one who dispatched the men to Poly International. Someone had alerted me about it beforehand. Simply put, they were jealous of Poly International. I don’t have the guts to do anything big, so I would like to know your relationship with that side.”

This leader had a good relationship with Fang Jianping, so he just said it directly. After hearing it, Fang Jianping then realized that it was not that easy. He could not help but frown and replied, “The boss behind Poly International is my younger brother.”

“Alright, understood.” The leader first smiled faintly and then proceeded to make a call. He hung up after two simple sentences.

At this moment, two police cars were two traffic lights away from Poly International’s entrance. Although it was not a crackdown, such a nuisance would cause great impact on Poly International. The person behind this was really good at planning.

“Okay, Lao Fang, they’ve turned back. I’m really sorry about this,” the leader said politely.

These were all the underlying rules of the society. Fang Jianping had been working in this line of work for so many years, how could he possibly not know? He replied casually, “Director Liu, you’re too polite. What is our relationship? Go on in, I’ll come back and drink with you after making a call. Oh, right, which station were the men dispatched from?”

After answering Fang Jianping, Director Liu returned to the private room directly. Fang Jianping then called Qin Sheng immediately. “Yes, it’s been taken care of. Send them to Xiaoying Police Station.”

Qin Sheng, who was on his way to Poly International, was so glad to hear it. He quickly said, “Thanks, Brother Fang! I’m so sorry for having to trouble you.”

“No problem. Then I’ll return to my work now. Let’s keep in touch,” Fang Jianping replied casually. However, he was curious about Qin Sheng more or less. He had just arrived in Hangzhou not long ago, how did he end up in such a mess? Fang Jianping felt that he must ask Xue Qingyan next time.

When Qin Sheng rushed to Poly International, it was already 20 minutes after the incident happened. Chang Baji made Gu Xiaobo and the security send both parties to the police station. Both parties did not have a good attitude. Chang Baji was not courteous to them. He did not care if they were guests, they must all be suppressed and taken away.

The situation was considered to be under control.

Qin Sheng and Chang Baji sat opposite each other in Chang Baji’s office. Chang Baji joked and said, “You’re quite efficient; you managed to settle it within a few minutes.”

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “It’s not that easy. When I first came to Hangzhou, Sister Xue introduced me to one of her childhood friend who works in the city bureau. Coincidentally, he was having dinner with the station leader from the Uptown area tonight, so he settled it right away.”

“Oh. No matter what, it’s fine as long as it’s settled. We’re not like Qian Buping who has a huge network from working here for so many years. What we lack right now are such resources. We can’t always trouble someone else in the future,” Chang Baji said with great concern.

Qin Sheng said with seemingly many thoughts, “That’s what I was thinking about as well. So we have to come up with an idea. We don’t have to worry about Yunding International. As long as nothing big happens, Song Wei should be able to settle everything.”

“This is not something that can be solved in a day, and it will come in a pattern and gradually. The two private rooms are so far away from each other yet the guests still can walk into the wrong room. I think someone has ulterior motives, “Chang Baji said with a serious look.

Qing Sheng thought about it for a while and instructed him, “Take note of tonight’s incident and get someone to find out who’s the mastermind.”

“You don’t have to tell me this, I know what I should do,” Chang Baji said playfully.

Qin Sheng quickly followed and said, “Think of ways to get more familiarised with Brother Luo. If we don’t use his resources, it will be a waste of all the money we give them every year. I will try to think of various ways to get to know my government-related personnel on my side.”

“Okay, got it,” Chang Baji nodded and said.

As of today, the subsidiary company had already fallen on track, and there were people in charge of all aspects. Qin Sheng need not worry about anything and could do other things.

“By the way, I will make a trip back to Xi’an in two days’ time, and you will be fully in charge of here,” added Qin Sheng.

Chang Baji nodded and said, “Just go, I’ll call you if there’s something.”

By the time Qin Sheng finished taking care of everything, it was already nearing 11 pm. He then hitched a cab and headed back to the Golden Coast so that Lin Su did not have to wait for him for too long. He knew that as long as he did not return, Lin Su would definitely not be able to fall asleep. Besides, there was an incident tonight.

In a villa at Xixi, the mastermind behind tonight’s incident at Poly International, Yuan Ke, was currently thinking hard with his eyes closed. Beside him sat Qian Buping. Although they had already pulled out of Poly International, they did not plan to alert Cao Da and Qin Sheng right from the start, as they had greater plans.

After withdrawing his men from Poly International and Yunding International, Yuan Ke had been waiting for Cao Da to find him, as he had already told him beforehand. At least there would be no one taking over from his foster father’s side. The other big influences also would not have evil dealings with him because of this matter. After all, he had already informed them. When their level of influence rose up again, they would then have more chances to harm Cao Da.

However, he did not expect Cao Da to find his enemy, Luo Tianyou, out of all people. Was he not trying to put him in a difficult spot? That was why tonight’s incident happened.

“Brother-in-law, our men have been sent to the police station directly. The station in Uptown did not dispatch anyone at all, what is going on?” Qian Buping said angrily.

Yuan Ke said gloomily, “Lao Liu that b*stard is not picking up my call. I guess someone already informed them beforehand. Otherwise, he would not have done this. Cao Da’s side has a fast reaction.”

“In that case, what are we gonna do, Brother-in-law? Are we going to just let it go?” Qian Buping had a deep hatred towards Qin Sheng and Cao Da, so he obviously would not just let it go.

Yuan Ke scoffed and said, “Let it go? How can that be? I have ideas.”

Qin Sheng wanted to treat Fang Jianping to a meal the next day after everything had been settled. But eventually, he still gave Xue Qingyan a call and did not hide the fact that he had asked Fang Jianping for help the night before. Finally, he said that he wanted to treat Fang Jianping to a meal to thank him. No matter what, Xue Qingyan introduced Fang Jianping to him. Qin Sheng telling her this was the right thing to do.

Xue Qingyan said casually, “Jianping is quite busy recently. He’s handing over his work. He will go to the provincial office in two days’ time. When everything has been settled down, I’ll return to Hangzhou. You be the host, and I’ll be the accompany.”

Xue Qingyan’s arrangement seemed very reasonable, so Qin Sheng agreed to it.

Hence, two days later, Qin Sheng brought Lin Su back to Xi’an. He was serious about bringing her back home as his girlfriend…