Chapter 243 What Do You Know?

With a daughter-in-law like Lin Su, even a big shot like Qin Changan was impressed, so how would Wang Li possibly not like her? Who was not willing to have a daughter-in-law that was pretty and had the temperament? She would be able to show her off and her grandchildren would also have good genes.

This mother-daughter pair walked in front while holding each others’ hands. Wang Li bombarded her with all kinds of questions about her well-being while Lin Su chattered with her mother-in-law obediently.

Qin Sheng and Xin Xin were left behind and Xin Xin said rudely, “You’re finally willing to come back home huh, playboy?”

Qin Sheng snorted and said, “How dare you talk to your older brother like that? Has all my love for you for the past few years all gone to waste?”

Xin Xin replied furiously, “Did I say anything wrong? Wasn’t Sister Su Qin not bad? You let go of her after meeting Sister Han Bing. Wasn’t Sister Han Bing not bad? You let go of her after meeting this woman. Aren’t you considered a playboy yet? Do you still remember you have a younger sister? Did you know that in the two years that you were missing, Sister Su Qin had been taking care of me and always came to visit Mom? Did you know that in the half a year that you were missing, Sister Han Bing often called Mom and came to school to visit me?”

Qin Sheng did not know how to retaliate. In his words, what had he done for them to be like this?

“Xin Xin…” Qin Sheng said awkwardly.

Xin Xin interrupted him right away. “I don’t want to listen to any reasons or excuses. This is your issue, not mine, and I can’t control you. I just want to ask you, isn’t your conscience bugging you?”

After which, Xin Xin entered the lobby right away. It was already hard enough for her to accept Han Bing. It seemed impossible for her to accept Lin Su now.

Qin Sheng heaved a long sigh. How was he going to explain himself? This brat had so much misunderstanding about him.

When Qin Sheng caught up with her and entered the lift, Wang Li and Lin Su were waiting inside. Wang Li whined, “What are you guys bickering about?”

Xin Xin said with an unpleasant look, “Nothing.”

From start to end, she never greeted Lin Su. The initial excitement to meet Qin Sheng again disappeared completely with Lin Su’s presence. She thought that Qin Sheng just liked to try out new things and might end up changing girlfriend again. She really did not know why he was so blessed to gain the hearts of so many beautiful women.

After returning to the Lin family, as a mother-in-law, a vibrant smile was glowing on Wang Li’s face. After making Lin Su take a seat, she ordered Xin Xin to get Lin Su drinks while she ran into the kitchen to cut up some fruits.

“Aunite, please seat down. Let me do it.” Lin Su stood up politely and followed into the kitchen.

Wang Li then made Qin Sheng pull Lin Su back and made her sit on the sofa obediently. After pouring water for Lin Su and Qin Sheng, Xin Xin turned on the television and played her phone. She ignored them completely. Lin Su looked at Qin Sheng in confusion and he sighed helplessly, motioning for her to ignore Xin Xin, that it was just a bad habit she had. Lin Su naturally would not try to suck up to her. Besides, Xin Xin was much younger than her.

After coming out with cut-up fruits, Wang Li started to do some background check on Lin Su. She asked how they met, what she was working as, where her family was from, etc. She was pleased with all the answers.

“Lin Su, I didn’t expect us to be from the same family. Seems like Qin Sheng this fella had quite a strong fate with the Lin family! He was probably one of us in his previous lifetime,” Wang Li said half-jokingly.

Lin Su covered her mouth and smiled sweetly as she said, “Auntie, this might be his fate.”

“Lin Su, Auntie can tell you that you were not born into an ordinary family. Our Lin family was doing okay in Xi’an in the past. Then something happened, and I’m not sure if Qin Sheng told you yet. I’m just wondering if your family is satisfied with Qin Sheng or not. Do they have any requests?” Wang Li asked worriedly.

Their family’s situation was indeed not so good. They could only lead an ordinary lifestyle. But if Qin Sheng and Lin Su were to get married, they would definitely face many realistic problems. For example, if they were to buy a house or a car in Hangzhou or Shanghai, the housing prices there would not be comparable to that of Xi’an’s. They must sell the house in Xi’an in order to afford those expenses. Lao Lin was still in prison and Qin Sheng was an orphan. Wang Li had to worry about all these things, so she was both happy and worried.

Lin Su knew what she meant. She pursed her lips and smiled as she said, “Auntie, our family is very satisfied with Qin Sheng and they don’t have any requests. I’m willing to work hard with him.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Wang Li said happily after hearing that. She then retrieved a red packet from her pocket. She had prepared this for a long time. In the past, when their financial condition was good, Wang Li and Lao Lin would always secretly gave Su Qin some money when she came to their house. But today, it was different. Qin Sheng was formally bringing his girlfriend back home to visit his parent. According to Xi’an’s rules, it was a must to give a red packet. Last time when Han Bing came, Wang Li thought that she was Qin Sheng’s girlfriend and wanted to give her a red packet but was stopped by Qin Sheng. This time around, Qin Sheng himself introduced Lin Su as his girlfriend so she did not even bother asking him again and secretly stuffed the money inside when she was preparing the fruits.

“Lin Su, it’s just a small token of my appreciation. Take it, it’s not a lot. It’s for good luck.” Wang Li press it into Lin Su’s hand.

Lin Su quickly rejected and said, “Auntie, I can’t keep this.”

“Lin Su, these are all rules. You have to take it. Just don’t complain that it’s too little!” Wang Li said non-angrily. Lin Su glanced at Qin Sheng and he nodded slightly. Lin Su then received the red packet and quickly said, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Following which, Lin Su stood up and opened her luggage. She took out the gifts and said, “Auntie, these are some gifts for you and Xin Xin. It’s also a token of my appreciation.”

“Thank you, then.” Wang Li quickly received it. She did not care how expensive or how heavy the gift was. This was a totally different feeling altogether.

Xin Xin, who had been looking down and playing games on her phone, refused the gift. “I don’t want it.”

Just one sentence and the harmonious atmosphere became awkward immediately.

“You rascal, what are you doing?” Wang Li scolded immediately.

Xin Xin was too lazy to explain herself. She stood up directly and said, “I’m sleepy, I’ll go to sleep now. You guys continue chatting.”

She made Lin Su feel awkward and was not afraid of Qin Sheng and Wang Li’s presence at all. Wang Li was very angry but she still explained, “This brat is not in a good mood recently; let’s not take notice of her.”

Qin Sheng’s face fell and he said, “Lin Su, you talk with Auntie first, I’ll go in and take a look.”

Lin Su nodded and continued chatting with Auntie Wang.

Qin Sheng walked towards Xin Xin’s door and gently knocked on it a few times. Xin Xin did not respond. Qin Sheng tried again and realized that the door was not locked, so he went it directly.

“Do you need anything?” Xin Xin snorted as she laid on her bed, hugging her big teddy bear. Qin Sheng bought it for her using the money he earned from doing part-time work during his summer vacation in his first year at college. It had already been with her for six to seven years.

Qin Sheng wanted to be polite, but seeing her attitude, he lost it immediately. He felt that Xin Xin was not a child anymore, and there was nothing to hide. He said directly, “If you have anything against me, I won’t blame you for anything that you do, because you’re my younger sister. But I hope that you won’t treat Lin Su with this attitude.”

“Wow, you lost it already,” Xin Xin sneered and said.

Qin Sheng said assertively, “Lin Xin, there are many things that are not what you think they look like. What do you even know? You always look at the surface only. Do you understand my life? Do you know what I’ve been through these past few years? Do you know my stories with them? You know nothing, so who do you think you are to criticize me?”

It seemed like it had been a long time since he last flared at her. He rarely called out her full name so seriously. He had always doted on her. Even when she made a mistake, he would take the initiative to accept the punishment for her. But today, he did not want to let her be so reckless.

“You’re flaring at me because of her?” Xin Xin said in shock. Tears started flowing out soon after.

Qin Sheng did not comfort her. Instead, he continued, “Did you know that that woman sitting outside on the sofa was always there for me during the two worst periods of my life? Did you know why I was missing the past six months? Because I nearly died. She was the one who did not leave my side a single step. From the hospital to Hefei, from Hefei to Xiamen, from Xiamen to Hangzhou. If it was not for her, I would have become a vegetable. For me, she went up against her whole family. For me, she gave up all that she had. I can let down anyone but her.”

“Bro, what are you talking about? Explain to me clearly, what have you experienced for the past six months?” Qin Shengs’s words stunned Xin Xin directly, especially when he said he nearly died and might have ended up as a vegetable.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “One day you will know. I only hope that you can understand me.”

After which, he sighed and turned to leave the room, leaving behind Xin Xin whose eyes had turned red. She really wanted to chase after him and ask, but she was afraid that when her mother found out, she would be more upset and worried than her.

Until now, Xin Xin never left her room.

Lin Su and Qin Sheng kept on talking with Auntie Wang. When it was about time, Wang Li stood up embarrassedly and then called Qin Sheng into the room. She asked, “Qin Sheng, where is Lin Su going to sleep tonight?”

Qin Sheng was not embarrassed at all when he replied, “Aunt, she’s my girlfriend.”

“You rascal, you’re so thick-skinned!” Wang Li was a little shy hearing his direct answer.

After which, Wang Li went into the room to help prepare it for Qin Sheng and Lin Su. When she was done, she came out and said towards the couple sitting on the sofa, “Lin Su, I’m going to call it a night now. You guys should sleep early too, don’t stay up talking.”

Wang Li’s words caused Lin Su to feel extremely embarrassed. Yet, she put on a front and replied, “Okay, Auntie. Good night.”

When Wang Li entered her room, Lin Su then hit Qin Sheng’s chest and said, “How am I supposed to face them tomorrow?”

“What’s wrong? You’re my future wife! Okay, honey, time to sleep!” Qin Sheng replied as-a-matter-of-factly. After which, he scooped her up directly, causing her to almost let out a scream.