Chapter 247 What a Coincidence

Back when Qin Sheng had seen Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan in the beginning, he had thought about many possibilities. He had even thought of the possibility of those two, using Meng Zhe as bait with the intention to set him up that night, in order to have their revenge for what had happened last year. After all, Meng Zhe was not as sophisticated as them.

After they sat down and talked for a while, judging from the looks in both Wu Hao’s and Zhao Xuan’s eyes, Qin Sheng was almost certain that they must have known about what had happened to him outside of Xi’an.

In that case, their apologies were somewhat meaningful.

However, Qin Sheng did not overthink at all. Since Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan were willing to apologize to him, he would accept it gladly. After all, speaking of what had happened the previous year, he had his revenge on the spot that night. After all, as he had said, even if others did not give a damn about their long term relationship at all, he could not do that. Secondary, even if they apologized to him, their relationship might not be back to what it had been before. In the future, they might be simply his nodding acquaintances. However, at that time, they would feel less awkward.

After Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan each finished drinking up a bottle of beer each, they both felt a bit exhausted. After all, they were no longer young. At that time, After drinking up three bottles of beer consecutively, they had been at ease. However, just then, since their bodies had been hollowed out by drinking and womanizing, they felt somewhat powerless. But they still persisted in drinking the beer up.

After they both finished their beers, Meng Zhe took the initiative to exclaim and applaud for them. Of course, Qin Sheng also did the same. Following that, Lin Su also offered her congratulations.

“You should eat something to ease yourselves first,” Qin Sheng said randomly. Then, he picked up the dishes for Lin Su and introduced those dishes on the table to her. In Lin Su’s opinion, she thought the barbecue in Xi’an tasted really good, since it was spicy and delicious enough. Qin Sheng smiled while he teased her of being a tough girl.

At first, Lin Su only focused on eating and did not speak often. Plus, she could tell that something was going on between the people present. After Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan recovered, all started chatting casually and did not look into the past anymore. It was at that moment that Lin Su started to take the initiative to speak and got along well with that group of people, including Meng Zhe. As a smart woman, she could handle any topic, whatever it was. Consequently, Qin Sheng was very proud of her.

That dinner lasted for two hours. In the end, they basically drank together and played with dice. However, none of them could beat Qin Sheng when it came to the skill of dice throwing. Qin Sheng seldom lost a game. The group of people, including Meng Zhe, were intoxicated with two boxes of beer.

After the dinner was over, Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan intended to make arrangements to change locations. However, Qin Sheng was not interested in their suggestion at all. He thought it would be better if they could go home early, so that Auntie Wang would not need to worry about them. So he refused their invitation.

By the time they returned to Jindi Furong Shijia, both Xin Xin and Auntie Wang were at home. So Lin Su and Qin Sheng sat in the living room together with them, chatting along and watching TV together. It was until it was pretty late that they separated to rest.

Auntie Wang had something to attend to the next day. At the same time, she needed to prepare some local specialties for Qin Sheng and Lin Su, so that they could bring them back to Hangzhou. Xin Xin insisted that she should take Qin Sheng to go shopping. According to her, only by doing so could her grievance of missing him for two years be appeased. Anyway, since Qin Sheng was vice president of a group and the president of a company, he was rich, more or less.

However, Xin Xin did not choose those high-end shopping malls in Xi’an, such as Chang’an International or Zhong Da International in South Gate. Instead, she chose Xiao Zhai Shai Ge Shopping Mall, whose items were comparatively at an affordable price. That shopping mall was also one with the highest number of visitors in Xi’an, whose income last year was within the top ten ranks internationally.

For women, if they wanted to get familiar with each other quickly, they definitely needed to go shopping together. If a woman went shopping with another, they definitely could do it the whole day. Qin Sheng could not help but think of a joke, which went like this:

After Hua Mulan was recruited into the army, she was caught by the general someday. The general said, “Mulan, you must be a woman cross-dressed as a man, right?” Mulan said, “General, how could you tell?” The general replied, “Because unlike you, men won’t buy the handsome horses in the eastern market and the saddle in the western market. Neither will they buy the bridle in the southern market and the long whip in the northern market.”

Though it was just a joke, it sufficiently illustrated that going shopping was really in women’s nature. From ancient to modern times, women were all the same, whichever age she was in and whichever country she came from. So men would conquer the world and women would boost the economy.

While feeling miserable, Qin Sheng was forced to accompany them, hanging around for the whole day. He did not care about how much money Xin Xin and Lin Su would spend. However, if he went on hanging around in that way, he would feel extremely exhausted.

At nightfall, Xin Xin, who wanted to enjoy seafood, insisted on abusing of Qin Sheng and chose a restaurant named Little White Shark, where the per capita consumption was not low. It was located beside the Southern Lake of Qujiang New District and its environment was one of the best. Since people living around Qujiang New District area were all rich ones, there were quite many high-end restaurants. As for the restaurants surrounding the region of the Southern Lake of Qujiang New District, basically, they were all high-end ones, whose items were expensive. After all, the environment around that region was the best one among all the Qujiang New District area.

Upon hearing that they were going to eat dinner in Little White Shark, Auntie Wang directly scolded her. If their family financial situation, where it was still the same as that of the Lin Family in previous days, of course, she would not say anything more. However, at the moment, the Lin family was in decline and it was not easy for Qin Sheng to make money outside. Of course, she wasn’t willing to be extravagant and wasteful. In the end, it was after Qin Sheng and Lin Su consoling her that she wasn’t angry anymore.

Little White Shark was not far away from Jinri Furong Shijia. So they directly walked there instead of driving. Qin Sheng had already made a call and booked their table. Since Xin Xin and Lin Su had eaten many snacks while they were shopping that afternoon, they were not hungry at all at nightfall. They went to Little White Shark a bit late.

While smiling happily, Qin Sheng said, “Auntie, no matter how much we earn, we should eat and drink to our fill. Never should we treat ourselves badly. Since I will be your support in the future, you don’t need to save money on food and expenses.”

While standing by Lin Su’s side, Xin Xin murmured to her as she said, “My mom gets her own favoritism. Since my childhood, she has been doting on my brother. If my brother does something wrong, he will be fine. However, if I make some mistake, I will be scolded. Well, I doubt whether she is my biological mother or not.”

Lin Su said in a low voice, “Stop feeling frustrated. Till you are in Hangzhou tomorrow, you can feel free to do whatever you want. After all, your brother will always support you.”

When Xin Xin heard that sentence, her face lit up with happiness immediately. She said, “In my opinion, I should go to Hangzhou often in the future if I have nothing to do.”

Upon finishing her words, she felt dejected again as she said, “The way I see it, I will be happy in vain. Back when I was in Shanghai, I only saw him once or twice a month at most. Sometimes, he did not even answer my calls and messages. You have no idea how busy he will be.”

While holding Xin Xin’s hands, Lin Su smiled as she said, “It’s fine. It’s true that sometimes your brother will be very busy. However, now, I am here.”

“Sister Lin, you are the best,” Xin Xin said in a cute manner. She already figured out that their relationship was Qin Sheng’s own business. Qin Sheng was free to choose whoever he liked and whoever he would be together with. As an on-looker, she could not interfere with him. Plus, she was astounded at what Qin Sheng had said that night. So she directly changed her attitude towards Lin Su. He had saidt: When I was at the lowest time of my life, she was by my side every time. What’s more, Qin Sheng told her that over the past half a year, though he had been injured, Lin Su had left everything behind and had gone there to accompany him. Knowing that Sister Lin Su was definitely not a woman from an ordinary family, Xin Xin thought that she must love Qin Sheng so deeply that she was willing to sacrifice for him to such an extent.

At that time, Qin Sheng and Wang Li, who walked in front, already walked into the hall. The manager there asked them politely, “Good day. May I know if you have a reservation?”

Qin Sheng replied casually, “Yes, we do. We booked a table next to the windows.”

Just then, a crowd of people walked out of the hall. There were approximately five or six, including both male and female. Two middle-aged men, who were dressed in Polo shirts, walked at the front. The looks on their faces were florid. They walked somewhat feebly and tremblingly. Obviously, they had drunk much. By their side, there were two ladies, who were dignified and magnanimous. Their dressing style was quite distinguished and graceful. The satchels they brought with them were branded as Hermes and Burberry. They also wore glittering jewelry and accessories on their wrists and necks. At the rear, there were two young people, including one male and one female. The female was quite beautiful and was dressed in a pink fabric skirt. She had long hair and outstanding temperament. As for the male, he was dressed in a western style with leather shoes, who looked pretty handsome. Apparently, he was a young talent.

Anyone could tell that the group of people were either rich or dignified.

The waiter was just leading the group of people to walk inside, including Qin Sheng and Lin Su. It just happened that they ran into them. While chatting with Auntie Wang, Qin Sheng accidentally lifted up his head. After he saw their faces, the smile on his face disappeared all of a sudden. It did not occur to him that he would come across that group of people at that time and place.

“What a f**king coincidence.”

If he had a choice, he would rather not eat dinner there that night. If he could choose all over again, he would definitely turn around and leave without any hesitation.

However, there was no chance left for him anymore. His acquaintances among the crowd of people also recognized him. Of course, they also recognized Wang Li by his side and Xin Xin behind him.

At the same time, both Wang Li and Xin Xin had also recognized the acquaintances across them. They were at a loss immediately. It did not occur to either of them that they would meet them there at all. That was so coincidental yet so embarrassing.

Because the acquaintances among the crowd of people happened to be three members of Su Qin’s family.

“Lao Su, what’s wrong with you? Are you drunk?” One of the two middle-aged men walking at the front teased the other one by his side. As for the other pretty learned and refined man, who had combed his glistering hair neatly, he was staring at Qin Sheng and Wang Li across him and was dazed. Obviously, he did not think of the possibility that he would meet Qin Sheng there. Plus, he had not seen Qin Sheng for three to four years.

He was Su Qin’s father, Su Yongxian.

Su Yongxian stared at Qin Sheng on his opposite side closely. The looks in his eyes were complicated. His face seemed to take on a ghastly expression. At that time, Su Qin’s mom, Meng Qiong also saw Qin Sheng. Unlike Su Yongxian, who was calm, obviously, Meng Qiong was pretty indignant.

As for Su Qin, who walked in the rear, on her way out, she had been chatting with the youth by her side absent-mindedly. She knew the purpose of the dinner that night. Obviously, the parents of those two families were intending to make a pair of them. However, she could only put one person in his heart. There was no more space available. Since she still could not forget Qin Sheng, it was impossible for her to take in another strange man. If she could put Qin Sheng behind, she would have started a new relationship earlier.

As the heads of the two families, who walked at the front, they stopped all of a sudden, Su Qin felt pretty confused and subconsciously looked at the people on her opposite side. As she looked over, time froze for a moment. She was stupefied on the spot and somewhat at a loss.

“How could they show up here?”

At that moment, Su Qin did not even notice Lin Su by Qin Sheng’s side. She cared more about what would Qin Sheng and Auntie Wang think of that thing taking place that night. How was she going to explain to them? Would they misunderstand her?

From that, it could be seen how deeply Su Qin loved Qin Sheng. Though it had been a long time, she still could not give him up, deep within her heart.

On the opposite side, Lin Su, who did not know what was going on, walked to Qin Sheng’s side. She casually glimpsed at the group of people as she asked thoughtfully, “What happened?”

Qin Sheng recovered from his surprise and said in a low voice, “Nothing. I just came across a few acquaintances and I will go over to greet them.”

Although he had broken up with Su Qin for several years, after all, Su Qin had always been his most beloved woman. She had accompanied him for six or seven years and gave him the best times of her life.

Plus, Su Qin’s parents had treated him pretty well previously. Back when he had gone to Shanghai to pursue his academic career, it had been Su Qin’s parents who had accompanied him there. At that time, Uncle Lin had been on a business trip and Auntie Wang had been busy taking care of Xin Xin. Su Qin’s parents had helped him prepare everything he needed and settled all the related procedures.

Previously, every time he had gone to Su Qin’s home, Su Qin’s mother would always cook a tableful of sumptuous dishes. She had called him often and inquired after his well-being, treating him completely as her own biological son. Even when she had gone shopping with Su Qin, she would take the initiative to buy clothes for him.

Su Qin’s father had rendered him more help. He had talked with him heart-to-heart frequently and imparted him with much life experiences. From that, it could be seen that he had intended to let Qin Sheng directly go into his company and be his successor after his graduation. In college, every time Su Qin’s father had been on a business trip to the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions, he would check on them in Fudan University and would bring them many things every time. When some mishap happened to the Lin family later on, Su Qin’s father had been busy visiting his connections to help them. However, unfortunately, the background of their counterpart had been too strong; he had been incapable of doing anything eventually.

Consequently, the Su family did not owe Qin Sheng anything. It was completely the other way around.

As a result, however harshly Su Qin’s parents would scold him that day, Qin Sheng would not avoid them and run away. He walked toward them without any hesitation.