Chapter 248 As Long As You Want

That was an encounter nobody would had ever expected. None of the related people in that encounter was willing to meet. Plus, in that encounter, both parties would feel embarrassed.

On Qin Sheng’s side, he had brought his girlfriend, Lin Su, home and wanted to have dinner with his family members. It was definitely an awkward thing for him when his current girlfriend met his ex-girlfriend and the heads of the Su family, who had treated him extremely well previously, were also present.

On the Su family’s side, Su Yongxian and Meng Qiong took great efforts to ask Su Qin to return from Shanghai. The biggest purpose for them in doing so was to ask her to attend that night’s dinner. The ones who arrived with them that night were people the Su family had been friends with for generations, who were also Su Yongxian’s business partners. Their son was at the same age as Su Qin. Since those two juniors were of equal social status, appearance, and ability, they were a perfect match; the heads of these two families intended for them to get together.

Both Su Yongxian and Meng Qiong knew their daughter still could not give Qin Sheng up, deep in her heart. However, since they had broken up several years ago and there had not been any news about Qin Sheng anymore, of course, they would not stand by and let their daughter stay single anymore. After all, she was at an age suitable for marriage.

However, it did not occur to them that they would come across Qin Sheng that night. Su Yongxian was somewhat at a loss.

Qin Sheng walked toward the group of people slowly. When he stood at the front of Su Yongxian and Meng Qiong, he said calmly, “Uncle Su. Auntie Meng.”

Su Yongxian did not know how to take the initiative to talk to Qin Sheng. While feeling angry, of course, Meng Qiong disliked him, who was mainly responsible for having tortured her daughter often. She sneered and said, “Don’t call me your auntie. I don’t know you.”

In any case, Qin Sheng had always been Su Qin’s most beloved man. Though they had broken up, Su Qin did not want to see her family members treating Qin Sheng that way. She walked forward hurriedly, held her mother’s hands, and said, “Mom, don’t act like this.”

After that, while holding a complex mood, she turned around, looked at Qin Sheng, and asked, “When did you come back?”

“I just arrived here the night before yesterday,” Qin Sheng replied honestly.

Su Qin continued. “When have you returned to Shanghai?”

While shaking his head, Qin Sheng sighed gently as he said, “I have never been back to Shanghai.”

The look in Su Qin’s eyes was somewhat sad. She said, “You did so to avoid me, right?”

“It could not travel that far. I met with some mishap and I couldn’t go back to Shanghai,” Qin Sheng said pretty helplessly. Su Qin’s question made him feel somewhat sentimental.

It was impossible for Meng Qiong to allow Su Qin to continue meddling with Qin Sheng in front of the family members of the Zhao family. While feeling annoyed, she said, “Su Qin!”

Su Yongxian did not want to sour the atmosphere. Nor did he want to see the whole thing break free from his hands. Then, he said to his long-time friends by his side, “Lao Zhao, let’s go out first and let Su Qin talk with her friends first.”

The man understood what was going on between them, more or less. He said sensibly, “Okay. We leave first.”

Though Meng Qiong was not happy to leave first, she was dragged by Su Yongxian and left. When they walked by Wang Li, they still greeted her and did not talk with her more. After all, the family members of the Zhao family were still present. Wang Li felt somewhat embarrassed. That scene made her feel really uncomfortable.

When Su Yongxian and Meng Qiong walked past Lin Su, they eyed her up and down calmly and seemed to have figured out something. The two elders of the Zhao family were also unable to take their eyes off Lin Su. After all, nobody could ignore such a beautiful woman. While smiling, Lin Su nodded and greeted them. She already knew what was going on. After all, she had just seen Su Qin’s photo the day before and she already knew who the beauty on her opposite side was.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Zhao Jiayi.” After the parents of the two families had left, Su Qin’s blind date was not anxious to leave at all. Instead, he stretched out his hands and took the initiative to greet with Qin Sheng. Since he was smart, he had figured out the relationship between Qin Sheng and Su Qin, more or less.

While nodding quietly, Qin Sheng said, “Qin Sheng.”

Su Qin was somewhat embarrassed. That day was the first time she had met Zhao Jiayi. She did not want Qin Sheng to overthink. However, she could not chase Zhao Jiayi away. She was in a dilemma.

Zhao Jiayi understood Su Qin’s situation. He chuckled as he said, “Su Qin, you chat first. I will wait for you outside.”

While nodding gently, Su Qin replied, “Okay.”

Now, everyone had left. Su Qin let out a long sigh.

However, at that time, Lin Su, Wang Li, and Xin Xin, who had been in the rear, all walked over. Since Su Qin was pretty familiar with them, she greeted them intimately, “Auntie Wang. Xin Xin. Long time no see.”

“Sister Su Qin, how could you not inform me at all that you were back?” Xin Xin was pretty close to Su Qin. Ever since Qin Sheng and Su Qin had been together, Xin Xin had known Su Qin, who had treated her as her biological sister. After so many years passed, they had been like relatives to each other.

Wang Li smiled happily as she said, “Su Qin, when did you come back?”

Su Qin chuckled as she said, “Auntie Wang. I just arrived home yesterday afternoon. At first, I had planned to visit you after finishing my business. It did not occur to me that I would meet you here.”

It was until that time that Su Qin finally took notice of Lin Su, who was by Qin Sheng’s side. She had rarely seen such a beautiful girl with such a good temperament; even she would feel inferior in front of her. However, when Lin Su stood by Qin Sheng’s side, she had no choice but to feel a sense of threat gnawing at her. She could not help but guess about the relationship between that beauty and Qin Sheng.

While feeling disturbed, Su Qin asked, “Who is this?”

Though Lin Su knew the identity of the beauty in front of her, she did not take the initiative to introduce herself. Instead, she was waiting for Qin Sheng to introduce her. If she did it first, Qin Sheng might feel uncomfortable. Both Wang Li and Xin Xin would have problems with her. Though she was Qin Sheng’s official girlfriend, she could not declare her sovereignty in an incisive manner. However, after all, Su Qin was Qin Sheng’s first love and she got along with the mother, the daughter in the Lin family pretty well. Of course, Lin Su, who was smart, knew what she had to do. She would stay calm under any serious circumstances. She would go with the flow. That was all.

Instead of overthinking, Qin Sheng introduced Lin Su and said honestly, “This is my girlfriend, Lin Su.” Though he knew Su Qin would be broken-hearted, he had no choice but to do so.

As expected, after Su Qin heard Qin Sheng’s introduction, the look in her eyes became dim all of a sudden. While staring at Qin Sheng, she was at a loss and seemed to be pondering on something. It did not occur to her that the worst result became a reality just then. She was Qin Sheng’s girlfriend, who was so beautiful and so elegant. In front of other women, Su Qin was pretty confident. However, while facing such an opponent, she was incapable of doing anything.

It was until that appropriate moment that Lin Su smiled gently, nodded and greeted her. “Nice to meet you.”

While feeling somewhat lost, Su Qin replied somewhat awkwardly, “Nice to meet you.”

Lin Su knew it wasn’t appropriate to stay there. So she smiled gently as she said, “Auntie. Xin Xin. Let’s go up first.”

Wang Li immediately came to her senses. She could not help but praise Lin Su’s generosity in secret as she said in a low voice, “Okay. Su Qin, you talk with Qin Sheng. We will go up first.”

“Alright. Auntie. I will visit you another day,” Su Qin said politely.

At that time, all had left. Only the pair of lovers from other days, Qin Sheng and Su Qin, stayed. Qin Sheng had not really given Su Qin up. He just hid her in the depths of his heart. Su Qin was even more so. Never had she ever forgotten Qin Sheng, the most important man in her life.

“Let’s sit down and talk,” Qin Sheng said casually.

Su Qin nodded gently. After that, she followed Qin Sheng, walked to the rest area of the restaurant, and sat down.

“Your girlfriend is very beautiful. She is more beautiful than me,” Su Qin said somewhat sentimentally.

Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said, “What about you? Is the boy showing up a moment ago your boyfriend?”

“No. He is the son of my father’s business partner. Our family members gathered tonight to have dinner,” Su Qin explained in a hurry. She was afraid that Qin Sheng would misunderstand her.

Qin Sheng could figure out the ins and outs, more or less, but he did not question further. Though he felt a bit distressed when he saw Su Qin stay with the other man.

While staring at the night view of the Southern Lake in Qujiang New District outside the windows, Qin Sheng asked, “When will you go back to Shanghai?”

Su Qin replied honestly, “In two days. Since I had not been back to Xi’an in a long time, I want to stay here for a few more days.”

“How were you doing in the past half a year?” Qin Sheng asked out of concern.

Su Qin smiled bitterly as she said, “I am still the same. If I describe my situation with your catchphrase, it is just so-so. I work and work continuously. What about you?”

“It’s also the same, just so-so,” Qin Sheng replied with the same answer.

While laughing out loud, Su Qin glared at Qin Sheng as she said, “Are you brushing me off?”

“No. I am just talking about the truth,” Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said.

Su Qin changed the look on her face slightly. She asked, “Are you sure you’re not brushing me off? What about the promise you made to me? You said that we would still be friends. You would show up by my side as long as I needed you. However, after that, you disappeared. Never have you ever shown up when I needed you by my side.”

They talked a lot of things related to their last encounter. Su Qin said she still could not give Qin Sheng up. Qin Sheng told her that he already had someone he liked.

That time, Su Qin had cried heart-brokenly. Qin Sheng could not bear to see that. He had no choice but to settle for the next best thing. That was the reason why he had made such a promise to her. Unfortunately, it never occurred to neither of them that an accident would take place in later days.

“I am sorry. I did not avoid you on purpose. The truth was that I came across many issues over the past half a year. Even Hao Lei did not know of my whereabouts. You can ask him about that.” Qin Sheng explained. He knew Su Qin had been contacting Hao Lei.

Su Qin said meaningfully, “Hao Lei told me that you had met with some mishap in Shanghai. However, even though I had questioned him for so many times, he was not willing to tell me the details. What on earth made you disappear for half a year? It was the same as the time when you had been missing for two and a half year and there was no information about you. You seemed to have completely evaporated from the world. Qin Sheng, originally, I had thought I knew you well. However, after you returned to Shanghai, every time I met you, I felt that I could not understand you and you weren’t the old Qin Sheng anymore. That feeling became stronger. Qin Sheng, what on earth have you gone through?”

“Everyone has their own paths to take. I am just walking the path I should take and experiencing what I should experience. I don’t need other people’s understanding.” Qin Sheng explained to her in that way.

To Su Qin, that explanation was not an explanation at all. Instead of being inquisitive, Su Qin said somewhat absent-mindedly, “Qin Sheng, will we still be friends? Can we go back to the old days? You can rest assured that I won’t disturb you.”

That sentence was almost equal to begging. Only Qin Sheng could make Su Qin bow her head, who had been extremely arrogant in front of any other men.

“Su Qin, we will be friends forever as long as you want it. For me, I will stick to what I’ve said before, I will show up by your side at any time as long as you need me,” Qin Sheng said resolutedly. That was the only way he could make it up to Su Qin.

Upon hearing that sentence, Su Qin was already content. She knew she could not stay there any longer. After all, that day’s situation was not a suitable one. The members of the Su family and the Zhao family were all waiting for her outside. Auntie Wang, Xin Xin, and Qin Sheng’s girlfriend were waiting for him upstairs.

As a result, Su Qin stood up as she said, “Okay. Thanks a lot. You go up first and don’t make them wait for you for too long. I should leave now.”

Qin Sheng stood up and saw her off. Out of nowhere, when he saw Su Qin’s distant receding figure, he felt somewhat sorry for her…