Chapter 249 Let’s Have a Talk

Sometimes, Qin Sheng was pretty paradoxical and thought of himself as naive. Lin Su was the first woman in his life. She had accompanied him for six or seven years and given him her most beautiful things. Though from the beginning, it had been Su Qin who had taken the initiative to break up with him, he had left her directly without ever looking back. He had not even tried to retrieve her. Eventually, as time went by, their relationship was flushed away. He ran into Lin Su in the end.

If so many issues had not taken place at that time, he and Su Qin might have ended up getting married by then. After all, the way everyone had seen it, they had been the most enviable couple.

Qin Sheng knew that breaking up had not been Su Qin’s real intention. At that time, Su Qin had intended to know what on earth he had been thinking about. Unfortunately, he had been a proud man in those days and had not tried to retrieve her. So had Su Qin. She had not taken back her words. It was by some strange chance that they ended up like that.

However, after meeting Su Qin for several times, Qin Sheng was pretty sure that Su Qin still loved him deeply and had not given him up deep down. That made Qin Sheng feel puzzled about their relationship.

After Su Qin walked out of the restaurant, Qin Sheng stood up and walked upstairs. Wang Li and Xin Xin were chatting with Lin Su at the moment. They had already finished ordering the dishes. Sensibly, none of them mentioned anything about the things between Su Qin and Qin Sheng. Since Lin Su knew Su Qin’s identity, of course, she would not bring her up. Of course, neither did Wang Li or Xin Xin take the initiative to talk about her. After all, what had happened between Qin Sheng and Su Qin was over. If they mentioned Su Qin, Lin Su would feel uncomfortable in secret. In that case, she would be in conflict with Qin Sheng again.

After Qin Sheng went up, Lin Su moved her bag away as she said, “We finished ordering the dishes. You can check and see if there is anything else you’d like to eat”

After sitting down, Qin Sheng chuckled as he said, “I would eat anything you’ve ordered since I’m not picky about food at all. You can feel free to order whatever you like.”

Wang Li and Xin Xin stared at that couple in front of them in a peculiar way. They seemed to feel the atmosphere was somewhat weird. They might be overthinking.

Lin Su passed the menu over to the waiter by her side as she said politely, “Waiter, please serve the dishes. Thanks.”

Outside the Little White Shark restaurant, before Su Qin walked out, the family members of the Su family and the Zhao family had been chatting outside. There were many common topics among them. The episode taking place a moment ago did not make them turn indifferent toward each other at all.

After Su Qin was out, Su Yongxian and Meng Qiong looked at each other. Originally, they had planned to ask Zhao Jiayi to take Su Qin for a stroll around the Southern Lake. However, they knew Su Qin emotions were unstable after meeting Qin Sheng. If they did so, they would just make things worse.

As a result, Su Yongxian said in a low voice, “Lao Zhao, let’s end the night here. We will get together another day.”

Originally, theZhao family couple had intended to ask their son to stay with Su Qin alone. However, they were pretty surprised at Su Yongxian’s wording.

Meng Qiong asked in a hurry, “Jiayi, are you available tomorrow?”

“Auntie. I am on leave tomorrow. I have nothing to do,” Zhao Jiayi replied respectfully. As a little sneaky fox, who had been hanging around society for multiple years, of course, he knew pretty well how to behave in front of elders. Plus, he was showing off in front of his future mother-in-law and father-in-law; of course, he would not disappoint them.

After that, Meng Qiong said, “In that case, take Su Qin out to look around tomorrow. She does not have any friends. Every time when she is back, she basically stays at home. You can take it as a favor I ask of you.”

“Auntie. You are too polite. This is what I should do. If you have any issues in the future, you can feel free to tell me,” Zhao Jiayi replied in a hurry.

“Mom,” Su Qin said discontentedly.

Su Yongxian directly made the last call as he said, “As for this thing, let your mom arrange it for you. You should be obedient.”

Obviously, it was not appropriate for Su Qin to say anything further. After all, Zhao Jiayi’s parents were still there, whom she needed to respect, more or less. So she did not say anything at all.

Since the two families both lived in Qujiang New District, they just lived in different residential quarters. The members of the Su family lived in Unit #108 of Hua Qiao City, which was pretty close, so they directly walked home. They simply took it as a boost for their digestion.

“This should not be the first time you have seen each other, right?” On their way home, Su Yongxian asked mildly. “When did he come back?”

While feeling disturbed, Su Qin replied, “According to Xin Xin, he was back in October last year. Back when I saw him, it was already November.” She was afraid that her parents would scold her for that.

While suppressing her anger, Meng Qiong said, “Was it you who initiated contact, or was it him?”

“Neither of us. We just came across each other by accident,” Su Qin explained honestly.

Meng Qiong immediately burst into a fury as she said, “Su Qin, you’re still so ignorant. Since he had been in a relationship with you for almost seven years and had been missing for almost three years, he did not contact you after he came back. From this, it could be seen that he no longer had you in his heart. You are still so impenetrably thickheaded. How silly you are! Could it be that all the men in this world have died and nobody is a match for you?”

While feeling wronged, Su Qin said, “Mom, don’t say that.”

Meng Qiong was quite angry. At the moment, she hated Qin Sheng the most. In the beginning, it had been he who had left inconspicuously and abandoned everyone. He had made Su Qin wait for him for almost three years. However, until the time when he had returned, he had not made any amendments at all. He had just simply broken up with Su Qin. However, he just had no idea how much torture Su Qin had been suffering in that long period.

Su Yongxian said gently, “Daughter. If it were in previous days, I would not have scolded you. After all, I always liked Qin Sheng a lot. Since you had been in a relationship for many years, you definitely loved him deeply. Though you were in conflict with him at that time and he directly left without saying goodbye, he must have some secret sorrow. We noticed that you have been waiting for him for a long time. If your relationship could be restored, we would be glad to see that. However, now, he is back and you also have met him. How is your relationship going? If I guess it right, the women by his side tonight should be his girlfriend. Since the situation has evolved, of course, I would not stand by and watch you go on refusing to admit your own error. If I still held back my scolding you, your lifetime happiness would be ruined.”

“Dad.” Su Qin was speechless at what her father had said. She really did not know what she should do.

Of course, Su Yongxian was not willing to see his daughter feeling heart-broken. He said helplessly, “Daughter. It’s time to give him up. Time for you to wake up. Perhaps you two were destined to meet but not fated to be together.”

At that time, Su Qin’s face was already covered with tears. In her life, except for Qin Sheng’s issue, nothing else could make her feel confused and troubled. It was Qin Sheng who had become her lingering fated lover.

“Daughter. Take mom and dad’s advice. Since he already gave you up and started a new relationship, you should give him up and move on too. You should start your new life. This Zhao Jiayi is pretty nice. You can try to get along with him. Maybe, after you try to start a new relationship, you will forget Qin Sheng.” Meng Qiong did her best to convince her daughter.

Su Qin directly embraced her mother tightly. If she could give him up that easily, she would have done so already, having started a new relationship and a new life. After all, among the men courting after her in Shanghai, many of them were better than Zhao Jiayi.

It was simply not easy for her to give up a relationship that almost lasted seven years and the first man in her life that easily.

Su Yongxian saw his daughter’s reaction out of the corner of his eyes. He felt pretty helpless. He had no choice but to think of other ways.

In the Little White Shark restaurant, Qin Sheng and Lin Su were enjoying their dinner to their hearts’ content with Auntie Wang and Xin Xin. Xin Xin’s appetite for seafood was totally satisfied that night. Ever since her childhood, she had been eating seafood. After all, she had lived in Ningbo previously, which was a city on the coast. Especially the seafood in Xiang Shan was pretty well-known. They also drank up a bottle of red wine. After all, red wine was pretty good for women and it did not cost much at all.

After finishing their dinner, they walked back to Jindi Furong Shijia. Qin Sheng and Lin Su needed to pack up things that night, including many local specialties Wang Li had prepared for them. Since they would go back to Hangzhou the following day, Wang Li hated to part with them.

While feeling that something was wrong with his stomach, Qin Sheng went to the bathroom. Before he was out, he received a call from an unknown number. Though Qin Sheng did not know whose number it was, he still picked it up.

The man on the other side of the phone directly said, “Qin Sheng, this is your Uncle Su. I wonder whether you are available now. I want to have a talk with you.”

Qin Sheng was at a loss. It did not occur to him that it would actually be a call from Su Qin’s father. Was he calling to get even with him?

Qin Sheng was silent all the time. So Su Yongxian waited for his reply quietly. At that time, they had already gone back to their own rooms. Su Qin locked herself up in her room, which made Su Yongxian feel concerned for her. So he had no choice but to find ways to get Qin Sheng’s number.

As the saying went, who started the trouble should end it. Only Qin Sheng could help Su Qin.

Qin Sheng thought for a few seconds and consented to his request in the end. He said, “Uncle Su, you name a location and I will be there right away.”

“Okay. I will send you a location later,” Su Yongxian said pretty politely. He was a learned and refined businessman. His business had been flourishing over those years. He was sort of a respected man in Xi’an’s business field. Though he was vigorous and speedy in business, he kept a low profile in daily life. While leading an ordinary life, he loved his wife and child very much. So Su Qin’s issue had been his heartache all the time.

After walking out of the bathroom, Qin Sheng said to the three women in the living room, “Auntie Wang. You chat with each other first. I will be out now since there are some issues to attend to.”

The look on Wang Li’s face slightly changed. She asked in a hurry, “Since it is so late now, what are you out for?”

“A friend knows that I am back and asked me to meet,” Qin Sheng explained.

Wang Li doubted that he was going to meet Su Qin. If he did go, Lin Su would feel unpleasant. If he didn’t go, Su Qin would be unhappy. In the end, she said helplessly, “Come home early and watch out.”

Xin Xin and Lin Su were also staring at Qin Sheng. The look in Lin Su’s eyes was somewhat flickering. However, she did not interfere with him. Neither did she say she would accompany him there. If Qin Sheng was willing to have her as his companion, he definitely would tell her. If he was not willing to do so, her request would only put Qin Sheng in a difficult position.

“Wife. You accompany Auntie Wang. I will be back soon,” Qin Sheng said to Lin Su in a low voice. Since he called her wife right in front of Auntie Wang and Xin Xin, Lin Su directly blushed.

Lin Su replied in a bashful manner, “Alright. You should be careful.”

After walking out of Jindi Furong Shijia, Qin Sheng received Su Yongxian’s text right away. The location where they were going to meet was next to the Southern Lake of Qu Jiang. It was a pretty quiet Jazz bar, whose environment was quite good. Qin Sheng had been there before. The seats outside were close to the lakeside. In the evening, the cold breeze would blow gently, which made people feel comfortable.

Though it was already around ten o’clock at the moment, there were quite many customers in the bar. Most of them sat outside. After all, they were all rich ones and they could afford to consume there.

After Qin Sheng arrived, he easily found Su Yongxian in the seats nearby the lakeside. Su Yongxian sat there alone, who was out of tune with most of the young people there.

He had already ordered a bottle of whiskey. There was also a plate of fruits on the table. He was lighting up a cigarette just then. By his side, there was a small portable cigar box.

Qin Sheng slowly walked over. It was not until he walked to Su Yongxian’s side that he said, “Uncle Su. Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“Well. Qin Sheng, you are here. Have a seat,” Su Yongxian smiled casually as he said. He did not want to make Qin Sheng feel stressed. After all, he was an elder and Su Qin’s father. Inevitably, Qin Sheng would overthink.

After Qin Sheng sat down, Su Yongxian took a Cohiba Cigar out of the box and gave it to Qin Sheng. He said, “This is the Number 4 Cohiba Cigar produced in the year of 2000 I have collected. Have a try and see how it tastes.”

Su Yongxian knew Qin Sheng did smoke. He had no problems with that at all. It was normal for men to smoke and drink. So back when Qin Sheng had gone to his home at college, Su Yongxian had taught him how to smoke a cigar. He knew that point quite well.

Instead of refusing him, Qin Sheng took over the cigar naturally, placed it on the tip of his nose and smelled it over. After that, he cut off the crust expertly and lit up the bay leaf with a lighter. Following that, he tilted the fire of the bay leaf by 45 degrees and lit the cigar up.

After Qin Sheng lit up a cigar, Qin Sheng dragged at it pretty comfortably and puffed out the smoke forcibly. While savoring the fragrance lingering in his mouth, he was waiting for Su Yongxian to speak up first.