Chapter 25 Walking the Tightrope…

Who was this Zhao Dongsheng? He must be a formidable character, who managed to rise to such high standing in the company, being just second to Han Guoping. He was even able to suppress the elders under Liu Hejun’s lead and even Liu Hejun was afraid of him.

This young man was such an ignorant lad to have dared speak to Zhao Dongsheng in this manner. Indeed he was declaring war, not simply threatening him.

Both Liu Hejin and Zheng Ping did not dare to breathe a word. Since Zhao Dongsheng was willing to stand up on this matter, they would just let him. As they glanced at Qing Sheng, their thoughts were on what happened in Tianshui. Surely they knew about what happened. They were just not sure who exactly was involved. Nevertheless, it was to their advantage that Old Wu and Chen Beiming had been eliminated.

As for the young man Qin Sheng, they were in the process of finding out more about him. There was not much information they could lay hold of. They merely knew that he appeared just days before Han Guoping died, and that he had been by Han Bing’s side 24/7 protecting her ever since that day. He had followed her to Tian Shui and came back in one piece. If not for him, Han Bing could have died in Tian Shui.

Who exactly was this young man?

Was he trying to commit suicide by going against Zhao Dongsheng upfront?

Not at all. It was necessary for him to do so at this juncture. To play this conspiracy game, he had to come down hard otherwise his opponents would become even more ruthless.

“Are you afraid to die?” Zhao Dongsheng said, lighting a cigarette and blowing smoke into Qin Sheng’s face. Zhao Dongsheng was clad in a smart suit, looking like an elegant old Shanghainese gentleman.

Qin Sheng was not provoked to anger at all. He chuckled and said, “Are you?”

Who would be the winner in this diametrically opposed war?

“Young man, don’t forget this is Shanghai. I truly wish you luck during this period of time for saying those words,” Zhao Dongsheng said through gritted teeth. He was aware of Qin Sheng’s background as well as his capabilities. There would be ample opportunities to play along with him, but now was not the time.

He pushed Qin Sheng aside and stood up slowly, while saying, “Since Han Bing has made up her mind about the bankruptcy and restructuring, let’s just go our separate ways harmoniously.”

Zhao Dongsheng with ashen face, left after speaking these words. The rest of the people did not dare to say anything since Zhao Dongsheng expressed that he was agreeable to Han Bing’s decision. Even if that was not the case, the Han’s were still in control and Han Bing’s words were what counts. If she said to announce bankruptcy and restructure, it had to be so.

The meeting adjourned with many unsatisfied. Zheng Ping remained behind to discuss with Han Bing other matters such as signing documents to take over Han Guoping’s shares. Right after this, Han Bing had to contact the creditors and handle loads of other matters.

Qin Sheng left Hao Lei and Chang Baji in the office while he went to the Guojin Center nearby. He really needed Jiang Xianbang’s help from then on.

As Qin Sheng got himself into deeper trouble, there was no way he was going to get out of this without Jiang Xianbang’s help. When Qin Sheng was led into Jiang Xianbang’s office by his secretary, Jiang Xianbang looked severely at him and asked, “Have you found your helpers?”

With a cheerful countenance, Qin Sheng said, “I have come to pour you some Pu’er tea. Don’t give me the expression as if I owe you a million bucks.”

“If it was just owing me a few million bucks, I am fine with letting go the money or even lend you more money. What is this you have gotten yourself into this time?” As Jiang Xianbang waited for his secretary to prepare the tea, he thought that all troubles which could be settled with money were no troubles at all. What was most troublesome would be those that could not be settled with money.

Sitting beside Jiang Xianbang, Qin Sheng took and lit one of his cigars and said with a smile, “My helpers have arrived. Today, Han Bing her decision to announce bankruptcy and restructuring of the company to the directors in the directors’ meeting. I am sure you know how they would react.”

“Whether the company announces bankruptcy and restructure or not, they have already acquired what they wanted, more or less. At their level, I am sure they have other means to keep up. After all, Han Guoping had already handed them the lucrative businesses,” Jiang Xianbang said. He had seen so much of the ups and downs of people like them, and did not think it was a big deal.

Qin Sheng laughed in a self-deprecating way and said, “Exactly! Uncle Han had already laid everything on them. Now, they want to divide the Han Family’s wealth. How greedy of them!”

“After Han Guoping died, everyone is for himself. Who would still be considerate to others? I would have done the same if I am one of them. This is the best time for an ambitious person who to go further and climb higher,” Jiang Xianbang said seriously.

Qin Sheng could not deny this statement. However, how could they bully a helpless woman? This was what Qin Sheng could not stand.

“Do you know Third Master Wu, Uncle Jiang?” Qin Sheng asked with interest, as a risky idea took form in his mind.

When Jiang Xianbang heard the name, he was stunned. Then he glared at Qin Sheng and said, “What do you think you are doing, Qin Sheng? I am warning you not to be impulsive. Do you even know who Third Master Wu is? There are ten thousand ways he could kill you! Be sensible.”

“Uncle Jiang, I don’t have other intentions. I know my own capabilities. I can toy with other people but not Third Master, otherwise, I would be digging my own grave. I just would like you to pass him a message on my behalf, that he may take away whichever part of the Han Family’s business, just don’t touch Han Bing. Since Han Guoping is dead, and Han Bing had cut herself off from her father’s businesses. I guess he doesn’t have to be calculating things with a little girl?” Qin Sheng said, sounding serious.

Jiang Xianbang was washed over with relief. However, for him to pass a message to Third Master Wu may become irritated with him. After some consideration, Jiang Xianbang said to Qin Sheng, “To protect you from danger the other time, I gave Third Master Wu an exquisite porcelain vase with peony prints. Do you know how valuable that vase was? Of course, I can pass a message for you. I will treat it as repayment to your grandfather’s kindness to me. However, can I have a say about something?”

“What is it you want to say?” Qin Sheng asked, puzzled. At the same time, he was surprised to know that Jiang Xianbang had a collectors’ vase. He was indeed an avid collector of antiques. What a waste to have given one of the vases Third Master Wu.

You have to claim that Han Bing is your girlfriend. It would then be easy to tell him that she is my future daughter-in-law,” Jiang Xianbang said thoughtfully.

Qin Sheng did not think that was a big deal, he could simply tell a white lie. Therefore he agreed without any hesitation. “Of course, you may say whatever you like.”

Jiang Xianbang let out a hearty laugh when he managed to take advantage of Qin Sheng as Qin Sheng rolled his eyes at him.

“It’s still easy to ask this favor from Third Master Wu. After all, Han Guoping is dead so he would not make things difficult for Han Bing. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be that easy to appease Zhou Wenwu is after all enemies with Han Guoping. He would not let her off,” Jiang Xianban sounded concerned.

Anxious, Qin Sheng asked, “Uncle Jiang, what is Zhou Wenwu’s standing in Shanghai?”

“Honestly, Zhou Wenxu is not considered a big shot here. He could be Han Guoping’s peer so he cannot be compared to Third Master Wu. The truly very powerful people in Shanghai are usually low key. The reason Han Guoping had gained a higher profile because he was engaged in shipping in Jiangsu. It was just too bad that his ship sunk and he became the sacrificial lamb. For the same incident, he offended Third Master Wu and that was why Master Wu tried to bring him down,” Jiang Xianbang was very resourceful in term of human relationships. He was no ordinary guy given that even Third Master Wu gave him some respect.

Qin Sheng’s face lit up suddenly as he exclaimed, “What if I kill him?”

“Are you crazy, Qin Sheng?” Jiang Xianbang’s face turned ashen. “This is great Shanghai. Don’t you be reckless. Zhou Wenwu had a lot of powerful backings.”

“I am sure he has made himself many enemies. If I were to be extra careful, no one would find out it was me. I am not trying to toy with them using dark tactics. I’m simply taking a risk,” Qin Sheng said, sounding reasonable.

Jiang Xianbang squinted as he went into deep thoughts. What Qin Sheng said had some truths in it. In order to protect Han Bin, he had to go against Zhou Wenwu. It was just that Zhou Wenwu was not as magnanimous as Third Master Wu.

“How confident are you doing this?” Jiang Xianbang asked with gritted teeth.

Qin Sheng pondered and said, “I have invited a disciple of an old saint here from Zhongnan Mountains who possess some real capabilities. If he works with me at an opportune time, we will definitely succeed in one attack.”

Zhongnan Mountains?

Jiang Xianbang was a little surprised to know that these two friends whom Qin Sheng engaged for help were from Xi An. This was getting interesting.

“Alright then give it a try if this is what you want, but be very careful. If its doesn’t work, don’t push it. We can always look for other ways,” Jiang Xianbang replied after weighing the possibilities.

Qin Sheng was surprised that Jiang Xianbang was agreeable so easily.

“Do you know why I agreed to this so easily?” Jiang Xianbang saw the puzzled look on Qin Sheng’s face.

Frowning, Qin Sheng asked, “Why?”

“It is because I heard some news regarding the incident in Tian Shui. It seemed that Zhou Wenwu was the one behind it, and his accomplices were none other than Han Guoping’s henchman, Zhao Dongsheng. They had been rather close recently,” Jiang Xianbang explained.

“It was indeed him,” Qin Sheng gritted his teeth when he thought about Old Wu and Chen Beiming’s sacrifice and the entire incident on that night.