Chapter 252 Don’t Cause Me Trouble

As Xin Xin was chatting with Qin Sheng, Lin Su had made a pot of pu’er tea to help Qin Sheng sober up. Qin Sheng drank the tea slowly, and Lin Su loved him dearly in her heart. When Qin Sheng drank all the tea, Lin Su and Xin Xin went to bed. Qin Sheng went back to the study and handled something that he had received today. Though he just attended a dinner party, he had to observe the details of everyone’s chatting and gestures to guess these people’s relationship with Cao Da and their attitude toward Cao Da, as well as their status in this circle, their personality, and so on. These investigations would help him a lot in the future.

Qin Sheng did not want to delay his plan. He wanted to do more while he was still affected by the power of alcohol. So he asked Lin Su and Xin Xin to go to sleep because he had to finish his business first before going to bed.

He had a notebook. It was his most private thing. It recorded many things about him, including things that happened during the two years when he was outside. He also took down notes on people he met when he was in Shanghai. He had the analysis and orientation of everyone, from which he could gain some references and make amendments about them in the future.

Qin Sheng worked unconsciously until three a.m. Finally, he lay down on the floor of the study and slept there. Luckily, it was summer. If it was winter, it would be too cold to fall asleep.

Xin Xin had stayed in Hangzhou for four days. Qin Sheng had been busy for these days and just had dinner with her once. During these days, Qin Sheng accompanied Cao Da to see his friends. Sometimes they just chatted and drank tea, and sometimes they would have dinner together and drink wine. Cao Da was like the master in ancient times who wanted to pass down his kung fu to his apprentice. He wanted to teach Qin Sheng everything right now. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about his business anymore, and could let Qin Sheng learn these things by himself.

Xin Xin would go back to Shanghai with her friends tomorrow morning. In the evening, when she finished dinner with Lin Su, she called Qin Sheng to complain. “Brother, I’ve been in Hangzhou for four days, and I will go back tomorrow. Could you come back and stay with me tonight?”

Qin Sheng just finished his dinner with Cao Da. The leader of the provincial military command had to go first, so Qin Sheng separated with Cao Da and was ready to go to Yunding International. He was helpless when he heard her words. “Then you tell me, where do you want to go?”

“I want to go to the pub. I haven’t been there in a long time,” Xin Xin said happily.

Qin Sheng thought about it for a while and then said, “Okay, just give me your address, I’ll pick you up.”

Qin Sheng didn’t drink wine tonight, so he could drive his car. However, his car was not a Honda Accord anymore. He now was the vice manager of the Yuanda Holding Company, as well as the boss of the subsidiary. He would be looked down upon if he didn’t have a better car.

So Cao Da let Qin Sheng chose a car. He could choose one from the cars in BBA, those were worth a million dollars. Finally, he chose a low-key Audi A8L. Actually he liked the Benz S better, however Cao Da thought this car was not matched with Qin Sheng’s identity. Cao Da also let Qin Sheng employ a driver, so he could be more comfortable.

This Audi A8L was sent to Qin Sheng today, so Qin Sheng drove this car to pick up Lin Su and Xin Xin.

The two girls were waiting on the roadside. When they saw a brand new Audi A8L stop in front of them, they thought there might be a dude who wanted to accost them. But when Qin Sheng opened the window and told them to get in the car, they realized that it was Qin Sheng’s car.

Xin Xin was so happy to say, “Brother, it’s you!”

“Get in, hurry up,” Qin Sheng said.

When Lin Su and Xin Xin got in the car, Qin Sheng asked, “How about this car?”

“You bought a new car?” Xin Xin said excitedly, “I didn’t know you were so rich now.”

“How can I afford it? My boss gave me this car and it is my personal car now,” Qin Sheng said. These words were also his explanations to Lin Su.

Xin Xin was happy to see her brother being so successful. She flattered him. “You are awesome, my brother. When will I have my own car?”

Qin Sheng said, “You have to study hard. I will give you a car when you graduate from university. You can choose whatever you like.”

When Xin Xin heard that, she was afraid that Qin Sheng would go back on his word, so she said hurriedly, “Really? You will be a dog if you lie to me.”

Qin Sheng thought it was funny. “You look down on me? Come on, it is just a car. You are my sister, and I can give you anything.”

“Hahaha, that is my brother,” Xin Xin said gladly.

Lin Su, who was sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, thought it was funny to see the brother and sister quarrel like that. She also had a brother, but they did not share the same mother. And her brother treated her badly, often bullying her.

“My dear, I can send you to the office starting tomorrow,” Qin Sheng said sincerely. If others saw such a beautiful girl like Lin Su go to work by bus or train, they would think that her boyfriend had to be a useless guy and they would feel sorry for her.

Lin Su shook her head and said, “That’s ok. You are too busy, so you don’t have to drive me to work. I like taking the bus and train. I’ve liked it since I was in Shanghai.”

“I still feel worried about you. This is not Shanghai, and we are living far from your office. I have to buy you a car when I get my salary next month. I’ll buy a better car for you when I have a lot of money,” Qin Sheng said after deep consideration.

Lin Su said thoughtfully, “We need to save money to buy a house. I want to live in my house. I don’t have a sense of belonging when I’m living in others’ house.”

“Okay, I hear you,” Qin Sheng responded without hesitation.

He had saved some money when he was working in Shangshan Ruoshui. After all, the salary given by Shangshan Ruoshui was not low, however it was still not enough for him to buy a house in Hangzhou. Now he was the vice president of Yuanda Holdings, and his annual salary was over a million dollars. He could afford the down payment of a house located in a nice community after working for one year.

Lin Su had her own savings, she had a lot of money. After all, she had been in Shanghai for many years. As a financial elite, it was easy for her to make money. When they were in Xiamen, they didn’t spend any money. They used Uncle Zhuang’s money during that time. No matter how much money they borrowed from Uncle Zhuang, they would record it and give it back to him one day. If the problem between the Lin family and the Yan family had been solved, Lin Su would use her own money to buy a house without hesitation. But she had to discuss it with Qin Sheng at that time. .

Qin Sheng didn’t take Lin Su and Xin Xin to other places, but took them to Guangyin LIVE directly. Guangyin LIVE was still open. It would pause operations starting next week because it needed to be decorated for half a month, just some simple modifications. The environment and equipment in Guangyin were all the best, as Yu Fengzhi had employed the most professional team for it.

Everyone knew who Qin Sheng was. So when he stepped through the door, the waiter said with respect, “President Qin, thanks for coming.”

“How is business tonight?” Qin Sheng asked politely.

The waiter said happily, “Our business is really good tonight. Sister Yu brought us many resources. Now we have many beautiful girls here. And business is great.”

“Give me a quiet place on the second floor,” Qin Sheng patted his shoulder and said. The waiter instantly called another waiter inside the club. They had to serve President Qin well since he took two beautiful women to come here tonight.

Qin Sheng took Lin Su and Xin Xin walked inside the club. Tonight it was really lively, the seats downstairs were full. It was different from the desolate scene from before. Yu Fengzhi was really good at running such a business.

The waiter led Qin Sheng to the seats on the second floor. These were the best seats on this floor, from which they could see the stage downstairs. The waiters who met Qin Sheng along the way all lowered their heads and called him President Qin.

When Qin Sheng sat down with Lin Su and Xin Xin, Xin Xin said happily, “My brother, is it your company’s club?”

“Yes, if you want to go to a Hangzhou club, just come here, don’t go anywhere else, so we don’t have to worry about you.” Qin Sheng nodded and smiled.

Xin Xin said, “Do I have to pay for it?”

“You are my sister, of course you don’t have to pay. Just tell them my name and mark your payment on my bill,” Qin Sheng said.

Xin Xin hugged her brother directly. “You are so great! My brother!”

Lin Su shook her head without saying anything. She didn’t like such a place. But this club was controlled by Qin Sheng, so it was okay to just sit here.

“That’s fine. What do you want to drink?” Qin Sheng said to the two beautiful girls.

Xin Xin was looking at the beverage menu, finally she said, “You decide, I don’t come to clubs often.”

“Let’s have some red wine, and I’ll order a cocktail without too much alcohol for you to have a taste.” Qin Sheng decided, and Lin Su and Xin Xin agreed.

When Qin Sheng ordered the wine, he also ordered fruit plates and snacks. Then he gave the menu back to the waiter.

The beverages had not been sent to them yet, as Yu Fengzhi and Yu Yixiao, two principals, were coming toward them. They had the same family name, and people who didn’t know them thought they were brother and sister.

“President Qin, you finally came to Guangyin.” Yu Fengzhi heard that Qin Sheng brought two beautiful girls to Guangyin, and she didn’t know what Qin Sheng meant, so she came to see Qin Sheng. However, when she looked at the beautiful girls, she was unhappy because Qin Sheng brought his girlfriend here. What did he mean? To announce the right of possession?

Yu Yixiao said calmly, “President Qin, thanks for coming.”

“You guys are really fast. I just sat down, then you came over,” Qin Sheng said casually.

Qin Sheng introduced them. “They are the principals of the club, and this is my girlfriend Lin Su and my sister Xin Xin.”

Yu Fengzhi and Yu Yixiao took the initiative to shake hands and say hello to Lin Su and Xin Xin. Lin Su was used to this, but Xin Xin was a little bit shy.

“I’m so surprised that President Qin has such a beautiful girlfriend and a lovely sister,” Yu Yixiao said sincerely when he sat down. He was especially impressed by Qin Sheng’s girlfriend. He now understood why Qin Sheng was not interested in girls when he came to the club. Having such a girlfriend would definitely make him lose interest in other girls.

Yu Fengzhi said in a weird tone, “Brother Yu, what do you think about it? Our President Qin is charming, he can always catch the hearts of beautiful girls.”

“Hahaha, Fengzhi, your words are going to make president Qin get punished,” Yu Yixiao said with laughter.

Lin Su argued, “I trust him.”

Yu Fengzhi thought, “You cannot trust this man, he nearly pushed me to the bed, and often bullies me.”

Qin Sheng knew what Yu Fengzhi was thinking. He was afraid this chick would cause trouble, so he needed to warn her. Qin Sheng stood up and said, “You just sit here with Xin Xin, my dear. I have something to talk about with them. I will be back soon.”

“Okay, go on,” Lin Su said.

Yu Fengzhi and Yu Yixiao followed Qin Sheng to leave. When they had walked downstairs, Qin Sheng patted Yu Fengzhi’s ass while no one was looking at them. He said, “You b*tch, don’t cause me trouble.”