Chapter 255 Such a Big Game

Qin Sheng had his own reason to say something like that. If Song Wei had a large horizon, he would not wait for Qin Sheng to find him. He could find Qin Sheng on his own initiative. No wonder he had been suppressed by Qian Buping during those years, and had no chance to make a breakthrough. So Qin Sheng would not put Song Wei in an important position. That man could maintain the achievements, but he could not make developments.

It was Xue Qingyan who had booked the place for the dinner with Fang Jianping. After all, this indigenous woman knew more about Hangzhou than Qin Sheng. However she didn’t chose Hangzhou dishes that night. She wanted to change her taste, so she had chosen spicy Sichuan cuisine.

That place was a private Sichuan cuisine restaurant located in a road of Mountain Tianmu. It was said that it never opened to other guests. It was only a place to invite the boss’s friend. The boss was an executive chef of a chain restaurant in Chengdu. Later he fell in love with girl in Hangzhou, so he followed his girl to Hangzhou without hesitation. And at the moment he was living a wonderful life.

Qin Sheng had some temporary matters to be dealt with, so he got there late. Xue Qingyan and Fang Jianping arrived first. Xue Qingyan said hello to the landlady, and walked into the booth she had booked before. The beautiful landlady came in and exchanged a few words with her, then she left. Xue Qingyan and Fang Jianping were drinking the excellent Daliangshan buckwheat tea while waiting for Qin Sheng to arrive.

“Chief Fang, is everything fine?” Xue Qingyan said playfully when she sat down. She knew Fang Jianping had already gotten the provincial department position, and became a second hand of political management. It was not an easy job. The provincial department could not be compared with a city department.

Fang Jianping stared at Xue Qingyan, then said, “Don’t laugh at me, I’m just a deputy director general.”

“Your position is deputy director, but your payment and treatment is of a director level. I didn’t say it wrongly.” Xue Qingyan said with a light smile. Her old friend’s career would not be limited there, since people who were in political positions in Zhengjiang could always have bright future during those years.

Fang Jianping had nothing to say. “Okay, whatever you want to call me. I can’t control it.”

Xue Qingyan burst into laughter, then she sipped her buckwheat tea. She looked at her watch and said, “Qin Sheng should be here in a moment. Let’s order some food first.”

“I just did him a little favor. It was so polite for him to invite me for a dinner,” Fang Jianping said casually.

Xue Qingyan chuckled and replied, “Just the traditional code of conduct. You may have just said something for him. But it helped him a lot. My little brother has been like this all the time. You should get used to it.”

Fang Jianping said thoughtfully, “Qingyan, what kind of brother is he? Why do you care so much about him? I haven’t seen you treating others like this.”

Xue Qingyan knew Fang Jianping would ask such a question. So she just told the truth. “I met him in Shanghai. He is a smart young guy, and I have a good impression of him. I went to other places with him, I could have been in a disaster if it weren’t for him.”

Fang Jiangping finally understood. He smiled and said, “I see.”

“Later we contacted each other a lot. I owe him such a favor, so I just treated him as my little brother,” Xue Qingyan continued. She thought things between Qin Sheng and her were interesting. Maybe it was destiny.

Fang Jianping said with deep meaning, “Since you regard him so importantly, you can arrange a good job for him, since you have the right and power. It is not necessary for him to mess in this industry. It will have some bad impact on your family.”

Xue Qingyan frowned and said, “I am me, my family is my family. It is not the same. You don’t understand Qin Sheng; he thinks big. His current job is just a training for him. What’s more, he would follow the rule. He won’t do something that he shouldn’t do. Mr. Fang, I know you fear that. After all, such a pure person like you would not like getting into trouble. Just help me based on our relationship.”

Fang Jianping shook his head and said, “Qinyan, you think too much. I just warned you kindly. I will help you whenever you ask me, if it’s within the rules.”

“Okay, that is enough,” Xue Qingyan did not continue to ask, and said with a smile.

At that moment, Qin Sheng arrived. He was led to the booth by the waiter. When he sat down, he said in a hurry, “I’m sorry for being late, brother Fang, sister. Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Fang Jianping shook his head and said, “Don’t say that, we are friends. We’ve just sat down and chatted for a while.”

“Let’s order food, eat and chat,” Xue Qingyan said in a low voice. She called the waiter and ordered dishes. First she ordered some of the famous ones, then asked for some side dishes.”

“Do you want to drink?” Xue Qingyan asked.

Qin Sheng did not respond fast. Of course he had to respond based on Fang Jianping’s willingness. Fang Jianping shook his head and said as expected, “I have many things to do during these days. And I have to handle something when I go back tonight. So I cannot drink today. Let’s drink some other time.”

Xue Qingyan shook her head lightly and smiled. Fang Jianping was way too cautious sometimes. He never drank with someone he didn’t approve of, not even with old friends of many years. Unless there were many people gathering together, he had no choice but to drink because of the lively atmosphere, or the social engagement.

That private home cuisine restaurant served the dishes very fast; all the dishes had been put on the table while they were chatting. Qin Sheng took his cup of tea and said, “Brother Fang, thanks for your help last time. This cup of tea is to you.”

“Just a small thing. Don’t take it seriously. I’m just doing what I can do.” Fang Jianping did not refuse, he took his cup and cheered with Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng showed a bitter smile, “Actually I felt embarrassed when I called you. But I had no one to turn to when I took over this job. So I just had to be bold and call you.”

“Did Qingyan say something to you? You are her little brother. Your business is her business, and her business is my business. Just some small stuff, we don’t have to stand on ceremony,” Fang Jianping said politely, “I have been working for the city government for many years; leaders in government and other government departments treat me so well. You can call me whenever you need my help. You can mention my name, as long as you are not doing illegal things, or I will fix you at once.”

When Qin Sheng heard those words, he was really happy. It was a big gift for him. He needed political sources urgently. After all, their industry relied on those sources the most. Things could be easier once Fang Jianping had those promises.

Xue Qingyan was also very surprised. But when she heard the last sentence spoken by Fang Jianping, she instantly understood what he meant. Fang Jianping was still cautious; he obviously considered that for her.

“Brother Fang, I don’t know how to thank you. Don’t worry, I will never do illegal things, and will not let you feel ashamed,” Qin Sheng said.

Fang Jianping said with a light smile, “I believe in Qingyan’s standard for judging a person.”

Having Fang Jianping’s promise, Qin Sheng had a good mood. He would absolutely drink with Fang Jianping if he was willing to drink.

The dinner was over soon since they did not drink. Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan watched Fang Jianping driving away.

“Jianping is a nice person, and he is sincere to his friends. He only helps those who can get his full approval. After all, his identity makes him taboo in many things,” Xue Qingyan said casually.

Of course Qin Sheng knew what Xue Qingyan meant. He giggled, “I know, sister. Brother Fang is helping me just because of you. I won’t let you down.”

Xue Qingyan smiled and did not say anything. She had to go back home at night to accompany her father, so she did not continue to chat with Qin Sheng, and drove away after saying a few words.

When Xue Qingyan had just left, Qin Sheng’s phone rang. It was not Lin Su calling; it was Yang Deng. That guy at the moment was close to Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng also asked him to visit brother Luo, and sent the painting to him.

“Where are you? Why are you still not coming? The competition has already started,” Yang Deng said over the phone hurriedly.

Qin Sheng said helplessly, “I told you that I had something to do tonight. I’ve just finished. I’m coming.”

“Move fast, the most important part is yet to come,” Yang Deng said excitedly.

Qin sheng hung up the phone, and drove to the transportation junction of the city hurriedly. The place mentioned by Yang Deng was over there. There was a lively underground boxing competition that night; all the participants were good at boxing, and they were henchmen of big bosses. Such a hot-blooded competition drew Qin Sheng’s attention. He wanted to watch the competition and to see the big bosses in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Mountain Tianmu road was not far away from where he was, so Qin Sheng just took twenty minutes to get there. It was a decaying shopping mall that sold products for old people. The underground boxing stadium was on the third floor of the underground parking lot. The first floor was a parking lot for ordinary cars. The second floor was for the boxing stadium, and the third floor was a reconstructed boxing stadium.

Qin Sheng called Yang Deng when he was entering the shopping mall. Yang Deng ran out and waited for him at the roadside. When he got into the car he muttered, “I thought you would be late.”

“It has already started?” Qin Sheng asked. Yang Deng showed him the way, Qin sheng drove to the entrance of the underground parking lot, from where they could get to the second underground floor. There were four checking doors for forbidding outsiders from getting in. People who went there were not ordinary. Strangers should be lead by VIP guests.

Yang Deng smiled and said, “The first ones are just small characters. The latter part is the most important. It is the last competition at the end of this summer.”

Qin Sheng was curious, “How often is the underground boxing competition held?”

“Not sure. Sometimes it is held twice a month. Sometimes there is no competition for two months. It depends on the boxers. If the boxers are too weak, no one would watch even if there were fights everyday,” Yang Deng explained. He often watched underground boxing competitions, and would take away some boxers if they were excellent.

Qin Sheng continued to ask, “How about the power of the boxing stadium?”

“I’m not kidding. It is the most powerful boxing stadium in Zhejiang. Last time it held a boxing competition was June, do you know how they were betting?” Yang Deng laughed.

Qin Sheng asked, “How much?”

“Three million dollars.” Yang Deng gave him the answer directly.

Qin Sheng was shocked after hearing that; he didn’t expect for it to be such a big game…