The underground economy was quite common in every place. As long as people could get adequate benefits out of it, anyone would dare to rush into danger. Plus, if the underground economy was backed by powerful connections and background, the local government would turn a blind eye to many things related to it.

Speaking of that kind of underground boxing field, it was quite common in every place. Men all liked that kind of violent, hotblooded, and exciting scene. Since there were so many rich tycoons in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions, who had an abundant fortune and who liked to spend money on having fun, some people cleverly catered to what they liked.

At the entrance of the underground garage, the security guard on the first security protection line only inquired them about where they were going to. After confirming that they were heading for the boxing field, the security guard allowed them to pass. Otherwise, if they had intended to go to the mall, they would not have been permitted to go through that way. After they arrived at the underground garage and parked their car, they passed through a blank door. There, they met the second security checkpoint. At the entrance, there were several men, who were in charge of security. Yang Deng handed over a black card to them, where no sign was available. It was not until they confirmed Yang Deng’s identity using the computer that they let Yang Deng and Qin Sheng go in. When Yang Deng and Qin Sheng almost went into the corridor of the underground boxing field, they came across the third security protection line, where professional inspection equipment was present. Whoever the visitor was, they all needed to be frisked. It was not until the body check was over that they were permitted to enter the boxing field. The last security protection line was at the entrance of the boxing field. At that point, the security guard needed to check over their tickets. At the same time, they were asked to place the things they could not bring inside the boxing field in the VIP room, for example, their mobile phones. Never could any video related to the boxing field be allowed to be leaked out.

At this time, the door to the boxing field was pushed open. It was not until this time that they were permitted to go inside. A beauty was leading them to the seats they had booked. According to Yang Deng, the price for each ticket was not low at all. As for the most expensive tickets, which were to book front row view, they would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. As for the cheapest ones, the seats closer to the rear, they were only going for several thousand dollars.

After Qin Sheng followed Yang Deng into the boxing field, he found out there was a place of unique beauty inside, which was almost the same as that of professional boxing fields. However, it was more of a heavy metal style. There was a vast ring in the middle position. As for the surroundings, seats filled all over the place, whose number probably was at more than five hundred. In a place lying close to the ring, which was two meters away from it, one could find the resting section for the players and the bosses.

At that moment, the boxing field was filled to the brim. The competition was ongoing in the ring. As for the audience sitting on the seats, they all exclaimed and cheered excitedly as if they had been pumped. There were quite many staffers walking around. Besides providing the audience with the drinks and the food, they focused on raising bets the most. Gambling actually was born out of human nature. As for human nature, it was unpredictable. It was especially true when it came to greed and confidence. As a result, sometimes, if those rich tycoons became emotional and dizzy, they would raise their bets on the spot.

In that underground boxing field, you could gamble unrestrainedly as if you did not lack money at all, as long as your bet was within the limit set up by the bet pool bonus. Once, there had been a big boss, who had placed an extravagant bet of 80 million dollars on his boxing players. In the end, he had gained almost 200 million dollars. That victory was later known as the largest gambling party with 300 million dollars at stake.

As long as the audience dared to raise their bets, the boxing field would dare to accept the bets. As to those who could afford to raise the bets, they were all the VIP members and distinguished guests of that boxing field; the boss there knew about their property well, more than anyone else. Never would the boss be worried about someone fall behind in their bills. It did not matter even if you did not have any cash. A loan with a pretty low interest was provided there, as long as you dared to take part in the game.

After all, whenever it was, the boxing field would make a profit. The difference lay in whether the amount of the gain was large or little.

After Qin Sheng and Yang Deng reached their seats, Yang Deng’s friends by his side mumbled and said, “Lao Yang, where have you been?” Their seats were at the third row, which was closer to the ring. Each seat would cost tens of thousands of dollars. The boxing field could earn tens of millions of dollars out of selling tickets solely. It could be seen how profiteering the gain was.

Yang Deng explained randomly, “I was out to pick up my friend. How is it going on now? Who won the second round?”

Yang Deng’s friend mumbled as he said, “The player coming from Northen Jiangsu won.” He had a crew cut. Wearing earrings; he looked cynical.

Yang Deng cursed smilingly as he said, “You should have listened to me. If you had placed your bet on him, you would have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars tonight.”

“What the hell. Nobody knew the player from Shanghai was actually cheap and nasty. He actually was beaten by the little and slim cheat. F**k him!” Yang Deng cursed.

At that time, Yang Deng introduced Qin Sheng as he said, “Let me introduce him to you. He is my friend, Qin Sheng, who is also a master. Since you like this kind of friend, he can teach you a few skills and tricks in the future.”

Yang Deng’s friend said excitedly, “Is he more amazing than you?”

“Of course he is,” Yang Deng said deprecatingly.

“Nice to meet you.” Upon hearing Yang Deng’s words, his friend stood up excitedly right away. He smiled happily as he said, “My name is Ma Chao. You can just call me Xiao Ma.”

“Let’s watch the competition for now,” Yang Deng said casually.

At that time, a male fighter and a female fighter were contending on the ring. The female was good looking; she was dressed in a suit of close-fitting sportswear. Her breast stood tall and the muscles all over her body were prominent, which made most of the men feel somewhat ashamed. As for the male player, he had a mustache covering a good part of his face; he looked pretty exhausted and weary. However, his body figure was definitely formidable. His upper body was exposed. There were several scars on his back. His chest and abdominal muscles were tight and bloodshot. The attacks he launched were sharper, which made the woman feel too tired to deal with them.

“Under whose charge is she?” Qin Sheng asked randomly.

Ma Chao explained evenly, “The woman is under the charge of Lin Songhao, who comes from Ning Bo. He is a collateral relative of the Lin family. Over these past years, he has been tyrannically abusing his power in Ningbo, liking dogfights and boxing the most. As for the man, he is said to be under the Landlord Tian coming from Suzhou. Landlord Tian is said to be the one who has reserved the most lands among all the local real estate developers in Suzhou. The two bosses both placed a bet of ten million dollars. The way you see it, who will win?”

Yang Deng frowned as he said, “Though it is just the third round, the situation is already that fierce. There are still five more rounds later on.”

“I’ve already placed a one hundred thousand dollar bet on the player from the Landlord Tian’s side. Since we are all rich, why do we need to care about that much?” Ma Chao said pretty disdainfully.

“Qin Sheng, since you have been watching for some time, from the perspective of an expert, who will be the winner?” Yang Deng asked with interest.

Qin Sheng replied directly, “The female.”

After Qin Sheng finished his words, Ma Chao laughed out loud merrily. Obviously, he somewhat looked down upon Qin Sheng’s opinion.

After retrieving his smile, Ma Chao explained, “Oh, my brother. You can rest assured that the female certainly can’t win. Never has a female player been a winner in this boxing field. Do you know about the gambling odds tonight? The gambling odds for the female player are two to one.”

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “Though the female player looks somewhat strenuous, I feel that she is acting weak and reserving her strength on purpose. Though the male has never weakened his attack, the female player has never been injured seriously. So far, the favors the male player has gotten from the female are the small ones. The woman is just waiting for a chance. As the saying goes, women’s hearts are just like a needle at the bottom of the sea.”

Yang Deng did not pay attention to the noise ongoing in the surroundings. After he had been watching the competition attentively for more than ten seconds, he rang the service bell right away. Soon, a beautiful attendant ran over and asked, “Sir, how can I help?”

Yang Deng replied without any hesitation, “I want to raise my bet on the female player with an additional five hundred thousand dollars.”

Upon hearing Yan Deng’s words, Ma Chao frowned as he said, “Lao Yang, have you gone crazy? Never has a female player won in this place. The way I see it, your money will just go down the drain. If you don’t believe me, let’s see what the result will be in the end.”

Yang Deng did not pay attention to him at all. At that time, Qin Sheng smiled as he said, “Place another bet at one hundred thousand dollars on the female player for me. Since I am the poor one, my bet will be of a lesser amount. My bet will be added on to yours. If we lose it in the end, I will transfer you the relative amount.”

Instead of being wordy, pulling out the black card, Yang Deng delightfully consented to Qin Sheng’s request as he said to the attendant, “Alright. I will add my bet with an additional six hundred thousand dollars. Here is my VIP card. You go and charge it up.”

Looking dumbstruck, Ma Chao stared at them closely. He couldn’t understand why Qin Sheng had gone crazy. After all, it was supposedly Qin Sheng’s first time attending. Moreso, Yang Deng was a frequent visitor there. How could he not know that none of the fighters were ordinary at all and that a female had never won in that ring?

The situation ongoing between the two players reached a deadlock. Though the female player was at a disadvantage, which was quite obvious, she could pull herself back successfully at every critical time. The male player seemed to have turned somewhat flustered and exasperated. He did intend to take the woman down at a dash, but he could not find the woman’s most fatal vulnerability at all. His steps and movement both became somewhat messy.

After the attendant returned Yang Deng’s VIP card, Qin Sheng asked curiously, “What are the rules in this boxing field?”

“There are no rules at all. They all play with their true capabilities and they can play any kind of trick. They don’t need to fear that they will paralyze, injure, and kill their opponents, as long as they can make their counterparts lose their combat power. However, it happened once when one of the players died. At other times, the players basically got injured seriously,” Yang Deng explained.

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “Actually, they are playing wildly. However, in a place like this, only this kind of playing method could attract the audiences’ attention.”

Ma Chao did not bother with those two lunatics at all. Instead, he watched the situation ongoing in the ring attentively. He was dying to see how the result would act as a slap in their faces.

“The Xingyi Boxing the male player has struck out with is not at its optimal yet. Back when Xingyi Boxing was freshly founded, it was called Shape and Mind Boxing of Six Fitting Movements, namely mind fits the state, state fits Qi, Qi fits power, shoulder fits the crotch, elbow fits the knee, and hand fits the foot. It could be divided into Hacking Boxing, Drilling Boxing, Crashing Boxing, Cannel Boxing, and Swinging Boxing. Shape and Mind Twelve Style Boxing is a set of practical combat techniques created out of imitating the movement features of twelve kinds of animals. It could be divided into Dragon Shape, Tiger Shape, Bear Shape, Snake Shape, Inferior Horse Shape, Monkey Shape, Horse Shape, Chicken Shape, Swallow Shape, Chinese Alligator Shape, Sparrow Shape, and Eagle Shape. Look at his movements, which, obviously, are somewhat out of shape. He strikes out too forcibly and he doesn’t know how to retrieve the power. He only knows how to overwhelm others with his imposing manner,” Qin Sheng started to explain.

Yang Deng looked thoughtful. He was a martial master, whose combatting skills were amazing, more or less. However, he was not as discerning and experienced as Qin Sheng.

Following that, Yang Deng asked closely, “What about the female player?”

Qin Sheng went on analyzing and said, “The female player has more tricks. She knows Wing Tsun Boxing, Hung Boxing, and leg kicking. I think leg kicking is where her true strength lies in. At every critical moment, she reverts the situation successfully with leg kicking.”

Ma Chao doubted whether the female player could win. However, after hearing Qin Sheng out, he observed the situation ongoing in the ring according to Qin Sheng’s words; he found out that the situation went on as what Qin Sheng had described. He started to doubt the situation that night.

At that time, the male player seemed to be somewhat physically exhausted. His movements began to be out of shape. The attack he launched every time could not be executed forcibly and effectively. As for the female player, who had been playing the trick of retreating for the sake of advancing, she began to fight hard.

Most of the audience present was cheering for the male fighter and urged him to fight and win the battle quickly. Everyone was waiting for the last highlight show. After all, there were five more fights ahead. Some in the audience did cheer for the female player, whose voices were drowned by the crowd. Obviously, they had placed their bets on the female player, which was to use leverage to maximize returns.

At that time, the female player took advantage of the male player’s side flaw, lifted her knees, and exerted her force all of a sudden. Stepping on the male player’s leg and back, she sprang to her feet. After that, she kicked forcibly at him on the back of his head. Since the male player had been benumbed by her, he did not even come to his senses at all. He was directly brought down to the floor and felt completely dizzy.

All the audience was astounded. A wave of hisses and screaming rang all around.

“What the hell,” Ma Chao yelled out subconsciously. Following that, realizing that Qin Sheng had already made the right bet that night, he rang the service bell in a hurry and intended to tell the attendant to raise the bet for him.

Qin Sheng shook his head as he said, “It’s too late.”

Since she had made great efforts to locate the male fighter’s weak point successfully, she did not want to let go of such an opportunity easily. The back of the head was one of the most vulnerable positions. Her kicking sufficed to make the man feel dizzy for a few seconds.

When masters fought with each other, to them, a short period of several seconds was a critical moment to decide life or death. The female player continued edging forward and struck out with several moves, most of which were fatal strikes. She hit directly at the man’s important parts, especially his head.

Within less than ten seconds, the man fell down with a bang. Never could he stand up again.

The whole boxing field broke into a sea of shouting. The woman yelled out loud, roaring to all the audience at the top of her voice, unleashing all of her resentment.

Her boss smiled happily on his seat. Due to that competition, excluding the boxing ring’s commission, he had earned more than nine million dollars.