Chapter 26 Familiar…

Of Han Guoping’s three henchmen, namely Zhao Dongsheng, Liu Hejun and Zheng Ping, was the professional manager. According to Chen Beiming’s analysis, Zheng Ping was not crafty and devious like Zhao Dongsheng and Liu Hejin. His ambition was to make use of Guoping Group as a platform to realize his personal goal and value, which was why Han Guoping trusted him and put him in an important position to maintain a neutral office environment.

On the other hand, Zhao Dongsheng’s position in the company was second to Han Guoping and it would seem reasonable for him to take over Han Guoping’s position after he died. However, not only was he too impatient, he was incapable of standing up to Han Guoping’s rivals. In the end, he could only give way and partner up with Zhou Wenwu. In this way, he could get what he wanted as well as win Zhou Wenwu’s support, thereby consolidating his position in Shanghai. At this moment, the rise and fall of Han Guoping ‘s inheritance was the least of his concern. After all, Han Guoping had died.

Unlike the society in the past where people fought and killed as and when they like, these people were businessmen who made use of the company as a platform to manage their business circle. In this light, Han Bing was the only beneficiary of Han Guoping’s company shares. Put simply, Zhao Dongsheng would be able to lay hold of the shares only if Han Bin died.

This was the reason for the attempted assassination at Tianshui…

Qin Sheng finally knew the culprit behind the incident in Tianshui. Chen Beiming had suspected that it was either Liu Hejun or Zhao Dongsheng who was behind this. Indeed as the truth reviewed that it was Zhao Dongsheng.

Four people were dead and none of their bodies was found yet, and even he was almost killed. How could Qin Sheng let Zhao Dongsheng and Zhou Wenwu off such great revengement?

Jiang Xianbang could see that Qin Sheng was intent on killing Zhao Dongsheng and Zhou Wenwu. The whole matter was getting more complicated and what Qin Sheng said was reasonable. What best to settle this quickly in one decisive move? In so doing, Han Bing’s problem would be solved immediately.

“Zhou Wenwu, Zhao Dongsheng, …” Qin Sheng mumbled and smiled, revealing his killing desire.

“Remember to be cautious. Don’t leave any foothold if you want to remain in Shanghai. As for Third Master Wu, I will make my request known to him personally. He is not a petty and calculating person, although it looks like I have to part with another of my treasure.” Jiang Xianbang sighed.

Qin Sheng laughed and said, “I don’t know what other treasures you have under your sleeve but I really owe this to you. I will repay you next time.”

“Oh, don’t bother to repay me. I will treat it as a payback for your grandfather’s kindness once and for all. However, don’t come looking for me after this and I guess we won’t cross-paths after this,” Jiang Xianbang said.

Qin Sheng knew Jiang Xianbang did not really mean what he said. Jiang Xianbang would not be doing so well today if not for his grandfather’s guidance…

After Qin Sheng left Jiang Xianbang’s office, he went to the basement carpark and went into his car. In no hurry to leave, he sat in the car and lit a cigarette. He had not had killing intentions for a long time. While it was relatively easy to kill someone, it would be challenging not to leave any trail or foothold. It really depended on whether Zhao Dongsheng and Zhou Wenwu would leave him loopholes as an opportunity for attack.

Eventually, just as Qin Sheng was about to drive off, a group of people emerged from the lift. Among them were some men dressed formally in suits and ties and in their midst, standing out, was a tall lady about 1.7 meters tall in heels. Although she was made up lightly, she was exuberating an exceptional aura.

Qin Sheng could not take his eyes off her, although he could only see her profile. A wave of excitement washed over Qin Sheng as he found her familiar. Could it be pure coincidence to meet her here?

Before Qin Sheng calmed his senses, a fleet of Bentley and Mercedes cars came rolling up to them. The group of people packed themselves into the cars and left in a flash. Qin Sheng quickly followed behind them, wanting to confirm if the lady was who he was thinking about.

Unfortunately, he failed to follow closely behind those cars after leaving Guojin Tower as he was caught by the red light. By the time the traffic light turned green, the fleet of cars was nowhere to be seen. How frustrated he was! However, after a while, he snickered and thought that maybe he had seen wrongly. After all, they were just acquaintances who were rather congenial, but did not have much chance of interaction. Both had thought to leave it to fate if they would meet again.

Qin Sheng held out his mobile phone and contemplated whether to call her. However, after some hesitation, he aborted the idea.

“Where are you and what are you doing right now?” flashed across his mind.

After passing the traffic light, Qin Sheng was on his way back to Zhongyin Tower although it was almost time to knock off from work. Little did he expect that while he was trying to follow the group of people earlier, someone else was following him at the same time.

Qin Sheng purposely drove around for a while to confirm if he was the target for the car following behind. Smirking as he drove towards Guojin Tower, he was certain this was the doing of Zhou Wenwu and Zhao Dongsheng.

In the Guoping Group office in Zhongyin Tower, Han Bing was still very busy while Hao Lei and Chang Baji waited for her in the resting room. After another meeting, Zheng Ping continued trying to dissuade Han Bing from her initial decision to no avail. Helpless, Zheng Ping could only proceed with Han Bing’s decision.

Zheng Ping had meant well for her to continue developing Han Guoping’s company business, but he was unaware of all the hidden crisis for Han Bing and her company both internally and externally.

“Not done yet?” Qin Sheng arrived at the resting room only to catch Hao Lei dozing off there. On the other hand, Chang Baji had got hold of a magazine and was reading it with interest.

Chang Baji sighed and said, “Looks like it’s going to take some time.”

“Someone was following me just now,” Qin Sheng said, taking a seat beside Chang Baji and holding up a cigarette.

This did not surpise Chang Baji who calmly said, “As expected.”

“Are you married with kids?” Qin Sheng started chatting with Chang Baji, since there was nothing much they could do.

Chang Baji stared at Qin Sheng for a moment and then burst out laughing, saying, “How could a person like me have a wife and kids? I am meant to be lonely.”

Chang Baji seemed to have a contracting character. Sometimes he was so playful and cheerful that he could joke around with everyone, while other times, he would appear so serious that people around him hesitated to come near him. He flip-flopped between these two characters with ease and that the people around him got confused.

“Have you ever killed anyone, Brother Chang?” Qin Sheng asked with a calm voice.

The smile on Chang Baji’s face vanished instantly and he said, “A real man would have killed, what do you think?”

“We might need to kill someone, so if things didn’t work out well, we have to run,” Qin Sheng said with some reservation. This was his first day with Chang Baji after all so he was not familiar with Chang Baji’s personality and disposition and therefore, he was more cautious when giving him information.

Chang Baji said flatly, “Now that Master had asked me to come to Shanghai to help you, I will do whatever you ask and will not ask you for the reasons behind it.”

“Ha ha, I’m glad you don’t mind obeying the instructions from a young man like me. I don’t want you to feel that you are subjected to me.” Qin Sheng continued.

Chang Baji shook his head in disagreement and said, “The man’s age is not reflected on his identification, but rather on how much he had gone through in life. There is no need to discuss about whether I feel subjected to you. I will make my judgements along the way as I get to know you better. If ever I feel dissatisfied with you, I will leave after accomplishing my mission.”

“I like how straight forward you are in your dealings.” Qin Sheng laughed, having understood Chang Baji’s philosophy.

“That’s good,” Chang Baji said calmly.

By the time Han Bing finished all she needed to do, it was already 8 p.m. “Sorry to have kept you waiting, guys,” Han Bing said, apologetically, when she walked out of the office with Zheng Ping.

“It’s alright, let’s go have dinner,” Qin Sheng said, light-heartedly, as Chang Baji and Hao Lei also got to leave.

Zheng Ping walked up to Qin Sheng and patted his shoulder, saying, “Not bad, Qin Sheng. I know you have done everything in Han Bing’s interest. However, I still don’t understand how you had the guts to speak to Zhao Dongsheng in that manner. A word of advice from me, be very careful, for he is not an easy man.”

“Thanks for your thoughtful advice, Manager Zheng,” Qin Sheng said politely.

When they came out of Zhongyin Tower, this time Qin Sheng and Han Bing’s car was in front while Hao Lei and Chang Baji’s care was following them. Not only did they know that someone was following them, Chang Baji even discovered that there was more than one car following them.

There was no way they were going to give Zhao Dongsheng any chance at his attempts.

Qin Sheng brought them to his favorite Szechuan restaurant. On the last occasion he came, he was with Xia Ding and they merely drank alcohol. He had already planned to thoroughly enjoy the delicious food here this time round.

Qin Sheng greeted the boss of the restaurant politely before finding a table to sit everyone down. When some students who were having their meals in the restaurant spotted Han Bing, the great beauty, their eyes were popping out. This was normal for university students. At that age when hormones were working most actively, this was a common reaction to beautiful girls. Qin Sheng was like that at their age too.

“This was where we, the students staying in the halls, visit weekly to eat,” Qin Sheng explained, otherwise the others did not know why he chose this restaurant to have dinner here.

Surprised, Han Bing asked, “Don’t tell me you graduated from Fudan University or Shanghai School of Economics?”

The universities closest to this restaurant were Fadan University and Shanghai School of Economics. The students who were having their meals in this restaurant must be from those two schools.

“I graduated from Fudan’s faculty of Philosophy,” Qin Sheng said, casually.

Hao Lei knew with certainty that Qin Sheng was a top student at high school and he had received love letters from numerous girls in school. How else was he able to win the heart of Su Qin, the campus belle?

Han Bing could hardly believe her ears. “Are you a graduate from Fudan University? I thought you were just a high school graduate!”

“Are you sure I look that uneducated and uncultured?” Qin Sheng had never been ridiculed by her and the rest of the people roared with laughter at her innocent comment.

Han Bing also burst out laughing. Qin Sheng had not seen her laugh for a long time, and it was the first time Chang Baji and Hao Lei had seen her laugh. She looked really pretty when she laughed.

Being stared at by the three men, Han Bing lowered her head in embarrassment. To save her from the awkwardness, Qin Sheng began taking order for the dishes and made some recommendations.

While Qin Sheng settled their dinner, there was someone worrying over him…