Chapter 262 Facing the Challenges

Whatever everyone had guessed before the match and however expectant everyone had been during its progress, at that moment, the result in front of them was the most obvious reality. All needed to accept it.

Chang Baji had won and Yan Qing had lost. Plus, the price Yan Qing had paid was that he probably would have to stay in bed and recover from his injuries for several months. Because his legs had been seriously injured. He was not able to stand up anymore.

Undoubtedly, the process of the match was pretty amazing. Both parties had served the audiences with a visual feast to their eyes. However, after the result of the fight was out, some felt happy and some others felt miserable. Since Chang Baji had won within the shortest period, the group of people, including Luo Changgong and Yang Deng, had become the biggest winners on the scene. Excluding the scattered people in the audience, the people on their side had placed bets on Chang Baji, which amounted to 35 million dollars. The group of people, including Yuan Ke, had become the biggest losers, who had lost most of what they had gained that night. As for those in the audience who had placed their bets on Yan Qing, they all mourned grievously. It did not occur to them that the ordinary-looking and middle-aged uncle could actually beat the monk. Ever since the boxing field had been founded, he was the second player who had won a match initiated by a challenger.

After a short quietness, all the people present burst out in an instant. Various kinds of voices filled the place. The host was announcing that Chang Baji was the winner.

Sitting on their seats, the group of people, including Luo Changgong, all smiled happily. They would be glad to see how depressed the group of people, including Yuan Ke, had become. They thought in secret: “since you were pretty arrogant a moment ago, why did you stop showing off now? You were all dumbstruck, right?”

Though feeling somewhat nervous, Qin Sheng had been sitting there all the time, drinking tea. He was pretty confident about Lao Chang. At that time, he was enjoying others’ congratulations and wishes. Luo Changgong could not help but say, “Qin Sheng, surprisingly, your underling actually has got such amazing fighting skills. You should’ve let me know earlier.”

Qin Sheng smiled faintly as he said, “Brother Luo, Lao Chang is not an ordinary one at all.”

“Hahahaha. Thanks a lot for what you have done today. I have many words to say, but I will just skip them. I will treat you to dinner tomorrow evening.” Not only had Luo Changgong won the money, but he had also recovered his dignity. Of course, he felt extremely happy.

Yang Deng was still recollecting the process of the game a moment ago. He had to get the videos related to the several fights that night so that he could study them later on, especially the one recording how Chang Baji had been fighting ferociously with Yan Qing, which could be counted as a classical example and should be written down on the textbook.

Ma Chao ran to Qin Sheng buoyantly as he said, “Brother Qin, you are so amazing and you are my idol now. Whoever believes in Brother Qin can survive. Hahaha.”

Qin Sheng rolled his eyes at him.

The trusted subordinate by Li Jun’s side on the other end smiled as he said, “Boss, won’t you go over and offer your congratulations? Anyway, you are old friends.”

“Better not. We will have multiple chances ahead. Let’s go now.” Li Jun stood up happily. He remembered that Qin Sheng had not gotten along with the Yan Family well. Since he was somewhat well-known in Hangzhou at the moment, the Yan Family should have already been informed. At that time, another war would begin. Of course, he was not willing to get himself into trouble.

As for Yuan Ke and his precious and rich Young Master, they had not been as calm as before. The looks on their faces were quite complex. The rich Young Master sneered as he said, “Uncle Yuan, you said we could win, right?”

“Young Master, it is my fault. It did not occur to me that Qin Sheng would bring over a master,” Yuan Ke said viciously. He had actually failed miserably in a very easy task. Qin Sheng had actually overturned the situation, which had been favorable to them.

The rich Young Master said deprecatingly, “It’s okay. Never have I came across such an interesting person for a long time. As long as he is in Hangzhou later on, we have multiple chances to play with him. Let’s go.”

As a result, the rich Young Master left together with the group of people, including Yuan Ke, exasperatedly. The people with Luo Changgong, did not think of mocking them mercilessly at all.

In the VIP room of the underground boxing field, a tycoon was staring at the monitors. He focused himself completely on Qin Sheng and ordered with great interest, “Do it according to the rules. Let’s give him five more points. I guess we should cooperate with each other in the future.”

Two of his underlings retreated hurriedly. Since the earning made out of the game initiated by the challenger was additional, both the winner and the loser could get the commission by proportion. Of course, the boxing field would take off the largest part. The winner would be ranked as the next and the loser was ranked at the rear. So, at that moment, Qin Sheng was completely ignorant of that unexpected wealth, which should be said to have been earned by Chang Baji.

On the stage, Chang Baji did not leave yet. Because he had already done his best that night and he had come across an opponent whom he could appreciate and respect. Instead of being his enemy, Yan Qing was just his opponent. Consequently, Chang Baji had respected Yan Qing much due to a rule set between the ones who studied martial arts.

Yan Qing, who had already gotten up off the ground, shook his head and smiled bitterly as he said, “You are so amazing that I have nothing to justify my losses.” Since his legs had lost mobility at that moment, he certainly would need to go to the hospital and go through an operation. Yuan Ke, who could be counted as being kind, more or less, and did not abandon Yan Qing because of his losses. He had already arranged someone to cope with the aftermath for Yan Qing. After all, Yan Qing was somewhat related to the Old Monk.

Chang Baji nodded quietly as he said, “If we have a chance, we can communicate with each other in the future, you will be welcomed at any time.”

“Okay.” Yan Qing replied. The looks in his eyes were fierily blazing. He wanted nothing more than this. Namely, he could have chances to communicate with authentic masters.

After being done with what they should have done, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were not interested to stay there anymore. At that moment, the staffers of the boxing field stopped him and informed him that he would probably get a considerable amount of commission because of the rules set up during the game initiated by a challenger.

Qin Sheng said to Yang Deng by his side, “Arrange this for me and transfer the money to my bank card later on. It will do.”

“Okay. I will give out the order now,” Yang Deng said randomly. He took that as an indication that Qin Sheng trusted him, more or less.

After greeting Luo Changgong’s group of people, Qin Sheng left together with Chang Baji first. He knew that Chang Baji had already become well-known in all Hangzhou city after that night’s combat.

On their way home, Qin Sheng chatted with Chang Baji casually. He asked, “How do you feel now? Did you enjoy yourself tonight? I estimate that you have been somewhat itching in the past half-year.”

“Yes. It was uncommon for me to have run into an opponent whose strength was quite this good,” Chang Baji chuckled as he replied.

Qin Sheng smiled happily as he said, “You are well-known after what happened tonight, more or less. In this case, it would be easier for you to communicate with Luo Changgong in the next few days. According to Yang Deng, Brother Luo had been frequently looking for fighters to participate in the combats. He certainly will turn to you later on.”

Chang Baji replied thoughtfully, “If we have a chance, we can let Xiaobo and Qingyang have a try. It could act as training for them.”

“Alright. As for this, you can talk with Brother Luo in later days. At least, you could earn some extra money. It is estimated that you will earn quite a large commission due to the game tonight. I will transfer it to your bank account soon.” Since Qin Sheng did not need the money and Chang Baji had earned the money for him, Chang Baji deserved it. Of course, he would not take possession of it.

Chang Baji shook his head as he said, “I still don’t need it. You take it first. It is not necessary for us to set everything clearly apart.”

Qin Sheng was pretty moved at what Chang Baji had said. The trust existing between them did not show up between him and any others. As a result, he did not say anything further. As for what should be supposed to belong to Chang Baji in the future, he would give it all back to him.

By the time when Qin Sheng went back to the small comfortable housing in the Golden Coast, Lin Su had already finished taking a shower. She lay on the sofa and read books, waiting for Qin Sheng’s return. Since she had been off work pretty early that day, she had cooked on her own. Qin Sheng had already informed her that he might arrive home late, so she did not worry at all. The thing she was confident about Qin Sheng the most was that, however occupied Qin Sheng had been outside, he would go home at night. Lin Su was pretty moved at his doing so.

After Lin Su stood up and greeted Qin Sheng, she said casually, “I cooked some porridge tonight. If you are hungry, you can have some.”

It was true that Qin Sheng had been a bit hungry. Consequently, he ran to the kitchen and prepared himself a bowl of porridge. At the same time, he said, “Wife, I have earned an unexpected wealth tonight. We can settle down in Hangzhou now.”

Upon hearing Qin Sheng’s words, Lin Su was somewhat confused as she asked, “Could it be that something fell on your lap?”

Of course, Qin Sheng would not conceal anything from Lin Su. Consequently, he told her what he had gone through that night. After Lin Su heard him out, she frowned slightly as she said, “In the future, when it comes to those kind of things, it’s better if you don’t take the risk to do it.”

Qin Sheng explained, “I know. That was not my original intention at all.”

Lin Su pondered for a while. After that, she said, “As for buying the houses, let’s not do it rashly. Since we have been living here quite comfortably, let’s talk about it after the Spring Festival of this year. Save some of this unexpected wealth as a back-up. As for anything else, I will use it in investment and financing. As for Lao Chang’s share, you can feel free to inform me whenever he needs it.”

Of course, Qin Sheng would be obedient to Lin Su’s arrangement. He chuckled as he said, “Everything will go as you have arranged, wife.”

Lin Su gave Qin Sheng an angry stare and did not pay attention to him anymore.

As usual, life in the following days was still uneventful. Qin Sheng and Lin Su attended to their own businesses every day. However, two days later, Lin Su went on another business trip again. Qin Sheng hated to part with her. However, since it was Lin Su’s passion, Qin Sheng could not interfere with her.

In the next consecutive days, Qin Sheng had been attending social activities. He had finally managed to find time to hang around in Poly International and Yunding International for a few times. When he went to Yunding International again, as expected, Song Wei treated him with another completely different attitude. He began to favor Qin Sheng completely and stand up for him. Lao Zhou was a professional manager by then. Obviously, it was impossible for him to retrieve his previous position at all.

Currently, speaking of the most influential person inside Yuan Da, of course, it would be Qin Sheng, a rising star. Of course, Song Wei dared not to treat Qin Sheng as he used to, unless he intended to get out of Hangzhou.

As for the one Qin Sheng was going to meet in the following days, of course, it would be Yan Chaozong, who had already been briefed about his information. On the next morning, Feng He had already rushed to Hangzhou. It had only taken him a few days to completely figure out what Qin Sheng had gone through in Hangzhou. After all, what had happened to Qin Sheng in Hangzhou was well-known to all. Feng He did not need to exert any efforts at all.

Of course, Yan Chaozong would not face Qin Sheng on his own that time. Since the members of the Lin Family were powerful businessmen in Zhejiang and they had natural connections and resources there, he could tell them to strike first to gain the initiative. He could hide behind the scene to plot against Qin Sheng. That time, he intended to play dirty tricks.

As a result, after Yan Chaozong told the Lin Family the news that Qin Sheng and Lin Su had been staying in Hangzhou, Lin Changting, who had been unable to restrain his anger, rushed to Hangzhou directly. Due to the news that his daughter had eloped with a man, the Lin Family had lost all dignity. Plus, the past half-year had been an eventful period to the Lin Family. As a result, Lin Changting’s rage was reignited. That time, he certainly would put an end to what had been going on between Qin Sheng and the Lin Family.