Chapter 263 Want to Cooperate?

Han Bing had arrived at Hangzhou.

Qin Sheng was not very surprised when he received her phone call. After all, he had discussed it with Han Bing before. Later, Hao Lei and Han Bing talked about it again, but Han Bing did not elaborate further. But no one knew that she would just turn up, without saying anything.

Qin Sheng did not know how to respond to Han Bin’s love, though he understood everything. He had never thought about being in love with anyone, and it was unfair to both Lin Su and Han Bing. He just hoped that Han Bing could forget about the past, or meet someone better.

Anyway, Han Bing was in Hangzhou now. As a friend, Qin Sheng needed to see her. So he went to Han Bing’s place in Hangzhou with Chang Baji and Hao Lei. Han Bing was now living in a high-end community.

It was a house owned by Han Bing’s friend. It was located on the bank of West Lake, so she had a beautiful view, whenever she opened the door. Though she had arrived at Hangzhou only this morning, her room had already been cleaned by someone, and she could move in directly.

Han Bing was unpacking her things, when Qin Sheng and his fellows knocked at the door. Han Bing was happy to see Qin Sheng again, and said, “Now I’m back with the team, are you happy with that?”

Hao Lei had known Han Bing for a long time, and was one of her closest friend, so he said happily, “Welcome to beautiful Hangzhou.”

Qin Sheng said, “Why did you come over without letting us know in advance?”

“Because I wanted to surprise you”, Han Bing, who had dolled herself up today, smiled and said. Her eyes were gentle, when she looked at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng said coldly, “Not a surprise, but a scare.”

“You are so boring! Don’t you want me to come to Hangzhou? Don’t worry, I will not bother your peaceful life.” Han Bing’s outburst made Qin Sheng embarrassed.

Chang Baji went to the balcony to enjoy the beautiful view of West Lake, after saying hello to Han Bing. This city was famous for its West Lake. He wondered what the city would look like, if there was no West Lake.

“I called you a few days ago. But you did not say anything. I thought you are not coming to Hangzhou.” Hao Lei tried to help Qin Sheng.

Hao Lei was in a good mood these days. He was not as bored as before, because he had Qin Sheng to talk to. Maybe it was because he went to Shanghai with Qin Sheng, and did not have too many friends at that time, so his life was centered around Qin Sheng. He would do whatever Qin Sheng told him to do. People around them knew that Qin Sheng and Hao Lei were friends. But a person who was not familiar with them, might think that Hao Lei was just Qin Sheng’s helper. Or, maybe, he would only look up to Qin Sheng, what he did, who his friends were. Hao Lei was a little bit lacking in confidence. He seldom talked when Qin Sheng was around him, though he was familiar with Qin Sheng’s friends.

Qin Sheng didn’t notice this until Lin Su told him casually, a few days ago. She said that he and Hao Lei did not give the impression of being friends, but more like a boss and a subordinate. Hao Lei was silent in Qin Sheng’s presence, and he would agree with everything Qin Sheng said.

Qin Sheng then realized that this was not right. He thought he had ignored Hao Lei’s feelings. So he talked to Hao Lei for a while. It would not be a problem, if he had talked to someone else, but they were friends, and they needed to relax. Hao Lei didn’t take it as a problem. But he changed his way of dealing with different things, after his talk with Qin Sheng.

Han Bing smiled when she heard what Hao Lei said, “You are all in Hangzhou. I feel bored when I’m alone in Shanghai”.

“How about your company?” Qin Sheng asked. After all, Han Bing’s design company was doing well, and it was what Han Bing liked to do.

Han Bing shook her head and said, “Don’t worry about that. I have made all the arrangements. I will open a branch office in Hangzhou. We have many clients in Hangzhou, but it will be great if you can introduce more clients to me.”

Since Han Bing had already made her own arrangements, Qin Sheng did not comment further. It was Han Bing’s choice. He could not stop her unless she was willing to do that.

It was already lunch time, after they chatted for a while. They found a restaurant near the community to have lunch. Qin Sheng and his friends left after lunch, as Han Bing had plans to meet some friends in the afternoon.

Hao Lei and Chang Baji went back to the office, and Qin Sheng went to Guangyin LIVE first. Guangyin LIVE was closed for renovation works. Yu Fengzhi was in charge of everything, and Guangyin LIVE would reopen in the middle of next month. She also contacted some performance companies, and was selecting bands for every month, with Yu Yixiao. Yu Yixiao would be checking the quality of music.

Qin Sheng went to brother Luo’s office where he stayed in Guangyin LIVE for a while. Today brother Luo had something to discuss with him. He said he wanted Qin Sheng to meet his friend. Yang Deng would be there too, since he was the one who introduced brother Luo and Qin Sheng to each other.

When Qin Sheng arrived at the private club at Bei Shan road, the others were already there, waiting for them. Yang Deng said this club was an exclusive one, it was not open to everyone. There were many precious wine stored in the club. People had to first join this club, if they wanted to be in the same circle as Third Master Wu.

A beautiful female manager led Qin Sheng to the cigar room. Palls of smoke hung thickly in the air, when he stepped into the room, and it was mixed with the fragrance of different cigars. With the exception of brother Luo and Yang Deng, there were two other men, who were chatting and laughing.

“Hey, Qin Sheng, you are here. Come and have a seat.” Brother Luo waved to him casually. He did not get up, because he treated Qin Sheng as a friend.

Yang Deng asked Qin Sheng to sit next to him, and asked the waiter to give Qin Sheng a glass of wine. He said, “Mutong in 2005, have a taste.”

The next day, at the underground boxing match, Qin Sheng personally delivered Master Liu’s painting to brother Luo. Brother Luo was surprised at that. He had never thought that it would be Qin Sheng who would be delivering the painting. It was a known fact that Qin Sheng was close to Master Liu. Besides, what happened the night before yesterday evening, and the relationship between Qin Sheng and Yang Deng, made him start treating Qin Sheng well.

“Qin Sheng, let me introduce two new friends to you.” Brother Luo pointed at the mustachioed middle-aged man on the left, “This is the boss of the underground box stadium we were at the other night, boss Hu. He appreciates what you have done and wants to make friends with you. You helped him earn a lot of money that night. He earned 20 million dollars at the last challenge match. I’m jealous of him.”

Qin Sheng knew that someone sitting together with brother Luo, would not be an ordinary person. But he was shocked when he heard brother Luo’s introduction. He had never thought that this nondescript man could be the boss of the underground boxing stadium. Yang Deng and brother Luo had filled him in about the underground boxing stadium at the dinner, it was one of the best places in Jiangzhe area. There were only five or six matches every year; however every match was profitable, and was known as the golden brand in the boxing area.

This man was dressed in a casual outfit today. He wore a long sleeved shirt, jeans and sport shoes. His figure was good and his eyes were sharp. Qin Sheng kept staring at him, from the moment he entered the room.

Qin Sheng then shook hands and said politely, “Nice to meet you, boss Hu.”

After shaking hands with Qin Sheng, boss Hu said, “Little Qin, Yang Deng told me that you are also a good boxer. Wlould you be interested in having a match at my place?”

Luo Changgong said, “Qin Sheng, boss Hu has a security company, which is the most powerful company in Zhejiang. I have worked many times with him already, and he has many brutish boxers in his company. You can go and see if you have time.”

Qin Sheng was surprised, “Okay, I will find some time to go. To be honest I have not practiced for a long time.”

“I like professionals like you. Don’t worry, I will not disappoint you.” Boss Hu said confidently. He definitely had the confidence. His family background was powerful in Zhejiang, even Third Master Wu, the old monk and Old Master respected him. No one dared to offend him.

Luo Changgong continued, “This is my second brother, today he came at the right time. You are in charge of the two clubs belonging to Cao Da. You can talk to my second brother if you are interested, he is the big boss of Huadu International Club.”

Qin Sheng was shocked to hear the name, Huadu International Club. It was the top club in Hangzhou, and was as famous as Star East. It was said that the boss had two top clubs, Qin Sheng had never imagined he could meet this boss here tonight.

“You guys carry on talking, I have to go first, I am busy with something.” The man in a suit and an extraordinary temperament got up and left. He did not wait for Qin Sheng to say hello to him. He had asked his friends to come here to talk about some business. He was getting ready to leave, when he met Luo Changgong and Yang Deng. and also boss Hu. So he sat down and drank, and lighted up a cigar, since they were all friends.

Luo Changgong and Yang Deng got up hurriedly. Luo Changgong smiled and said, “See you then, my brother, don’t forget to attend Old Master’s birthday party this weekend.”

Boss Hu got up too, nodded to the man and watched, as he left.

Qin Sheng felt embarrassed at being ignored by this gentleman. However he did not feel sad, after all, this man was the top boss in Hangzhou, and he was nothing, so it was reasonable to be ignored. He was not good enough to win the respect from these top bosses. One day when he succeeded, he would naturally be respected by others.

Yang Deng had some opinions about his second brother’s attitude toward Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng was his friend, as well as brother Luo’s friend, how could he do something like this? But Yang Deng could also understand, since the social status of the second brother was higher than theirs.

“Never mind, he just likes to pretend to be a gentleman”, Yang Deng said to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng thought it was both funny and annoying. Yang Deng was really a straightforward guy. He didn’t treat him like an outsider, and judged his brother like this.

Luo Changgong tried to find a new topic, when they sat down, “Qin Sheng, the reason why we asked you to come, is because boss Hu needs your help. That night, we all saw how powerful Lao Chang was. To be honest, I don’t know how Lao Chang was able to hide himself like this. Now boss Hu needs a kungfu teacher in his company, so he wants to know whether Lao Chang is willing to do it.”

Qin Sheng frowned slightly. They really needed his help with something. No wonder he had the chance to see all the big bosses, so easily today. Finally it was they who were asking him for a favor.

Boss Hu said politely, “Little Qin, you can think about it. I will pay you a lot and I will never treat my friend badly. I’m not taking away your fellow, I just want him to teach my boys five or six days a month, is that okay?”

It was hard to reject this request, since the boss had shown him so much respect. Qin Sheng thought hard. It was not a difficult thing, but he didn’t say yes easily. He said, “Boss Hu, I have to talk to uncle Chang when I go back, and I will give you the answer later. How is that?”

“Thanks.” Boss Hu said politely. “However, little Qin, I think you know many good boxers. I will give you a position if you are willing. You will definitely be satisfied with the profit.”

Boss Hu gave Qin Sheng some serious food for thought. The profit amount was not little. It was related to many things. He could not help, but start to think if he should cooperate with boss Hu.