Chapter 264 Reject

Boss Hu’s name was Hu Deyong, He came from Jixi, Anhui. He and Hu Xueyan, a world-famous Hongding business man at that time, shared the same origin. However his family was not the major group. Later he and his family sank their roots in Zhejiang, and now they were a big, famous family in Zhejiang.

Though Hu Deyong and Luo Changgong looked like intimate friends, actually Hu Deyong was intimate with everyone. He was also friends with Yuan Ke and drank with him. Everyone knew about his temper. He would not offend anyone, and no one dared to offend him. He could help anyone if he could, so he took to Hangzhou, like a duck to water.

The underground boxing stadium was one of Hu Deyong’s small businesses. However he earned a lot of money from it every year. He was a good person, and he didn’t make this his sole business. He asked some big characters in Hangzhou, including the bosses in government departments, to join his business. Hu Deyong just took boxing as a way of entertainment. Nevertheless, the net profit of his boxing stadium could be more than a hundred million, not including the part he shared with other holders.

Yang Deng told him that, though Qin Sheng was a newcomer, he had great fighters in his hands, and that was what the boxing stadium needed. Only when the quality of boxers was better, would the boxing matches become more eye-catching, and the audience would be loyal fans of his matches. He did not mind sharing his money with Qin Sheng.

Although it was the first time Hu Deyong saw Qin Sheng, he took the lead to invite Qin Sheng to join him. He never hesitated in doing business, and, of course, he had heard something about Qin Sheng, from Yang Deng and Luo Changgong.

“Boss Hu, I don’t know much about this kind of business. Please tell me the collaborative mode first.” Qin Sheng was interested in that, so he smiled and asked.

Hu Deyong knew Qin Sheng was interested in that, so he said slowly, “You have to promise that there will be high-quality boxers participating in every match. And if we win the match, I will give you 20% of the net profit; and if we lose, I will give you 10% of the net profit. At the end of the year, I will give you 5% of performance shares profit. According to the average profit of last year, you can earn two or three million dollars if we win the high quality matches, and you can also get a million dollars if we lose. You can have an additional ten million when the year ends. What do you think?”

After Qin Sheng listened to boss Hu’s explanation, he started to get interested in it. It was not a little bit money, but a large amount of money. He could get twenty or thirty million dollars if they won every match. Nobody will reject such a proposal.

Qin Sheng needed to think twice about it, since Boss Hu was really generous. Luo Changgong said, “Qin Sheng, Boss Hu have never been so active before. When I first became a shareholder of the boxing stadium, I did a lot of work. And I did not have any participation profit at that time. Boss Hu takes you as his one of his own, now.”

“What I am after is the biggest profit. Little amounts of money can be changed into large amount of money. However I have a precondition for you. Your boxers have to be of high quality. My bodyguard will check on it.” Hu Deyong continued to say.

Qin Sheng did not respond to him immediately. He raised his head and said, “Boss Hu, give me three days to think about it. I will give you my answers to these two questions. I need to talk to my friends.”

“Don’t worry, I am a patient man.” Hu Deyong said, with a smile. He picked up his wine glass and said, “Let’s raise a toast for our cooperation first.”

Qin Sheng, Yang Deng and Luo Changgong picked up their wine glasses together and said, “To a nice cooperation.”

After drinking wine and chatting, Hu Deyong left, feeling very satisfied. He had invited Qin Sheng for this matter, mainly. When Hu Deyong left, Luo Changgong said with a smile, “Qin Sheng, don’t worry, Hu Deyong is a nice guy. Though it is hard to become his friend, he will not cheat you, if you don’t offend him. What’s more, you have us.”

Qin Sheng said smilingly, “Thank you for your help, brother Luo.”

“You are very welcome. We are friends. What’s more, you are close to Master Liu. And I frequently ask Master Liu for hep. I will need more of your help in the future.” Luo Changgong laughed.

Qin Sheng deliberately made fun of it. “Brother Luo, don’t joke. You are the dearest guest of Master Liu, how you will ever need my help.”

“Hahaha, fine. Let’s stop flattering each other. I have not met excellent youngsters like you for a long time.” Even though Luo Changgong actually enjoyed the way they kept flattering each other, he had other things to talk to Qin Sheng, today. He continued, “Qin Sheng, I have something else to discuss with you.”

“What is that? Just tell me, brother Luo.” Qin Sheng asked curiosly.

Luo Changgong chuckled, “Why is it that such an excellent young guy like you, is willing to work for Cao Da. His status in Hangzhou is not as powerful as before. Why not work for me? I definitely will treat you well. Or you can join our group. Yang Deng said he will introduce you to San Ye. If San Ye likes you, then you will have your own successful career in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, not just in Hangzhou.”

When Luo Changgong finished talking, the smile on Qin Sheng’s face froze. Yang Deng also stared at Qin Sheng. He had brought this up with Qin Sheng before, but Qin Sheng had rejected him. Brother Luo asked again today, as he had no idea whether Qin Sheng would say yes or no. He had an idea that, during the birthday party of his foster father next week, he would introduce Qin Sheng to his foster father. He though that if his foster father would think about it, then Qin Sheng could have more chances.

Qin Sheng was very surprised about that, but he thought it was still a reasonable question. He hesitated for a moment and said, “Brother Luo, I am not an ungrateful person. When I came to Hangzhou, in the beginning, it was uncle Cao who helped me to stay here. If someone treats me with kindness, then I will pay him back with my loyalty.”

When Luo Changgong heard this, he knew that he had underestimated Qin Sheng, and said in a light tone, “Fine, since you have said something like that, I think I don’t have to say anything else. There are not many young guys like you today. But I will keep my door open. You can come to us whenever you want.”

Qin Sheng quickly picked up the wine glass and said, “Thank you for your appreciation, brother Luo. This toast is for you.”

Having been in this private club for more than an hour, they drank a bottle of wine and smoked two cigars. Then Qin Sheng and Yang Deng went out, though brother Luo still had to wait for his friends.

“Qin Sheng, so you just rejected him? Don’t you want to think about it again? It is not a chance that happens frequently.” Yang Deng still hoped Qin Sheng would join them. According to Qin Sheng’s ability, he could work better and faster in such a group.

Qin Sheng chuckled. “I am not a person who forgets honor at the sight of money. If I choose to leave uncle Cao and follow brother Luo, will you be disappointed in me?”

Yang Deng laughed when he heard this. Qin Sheng was really a respectable guy.

At this moment, Yang Deng took out a debit card and gave it to Qin Sheng, “This is what you won today. I planned to transfer it to you, but I finally decided to apply a debit card for you. The password if 666666, and the amount is five hundred and twenty million dollars in total.”

Qin Sheng nearly fell down when he heard the figure. It was really an industry with excessive profit. Lao Chang had just fought in a match to practice his boxing skills, and he earned so much money. Then he could rely on Lao Chang in the future. It was a joke of course.

“What an extravagant profit.” Qin Sheng said, as he took the debit card.

Yang Deng said smilingly, “So think about the cooperation with Boss Hu. It is a way of earning money.”

Qin Sheng was speechless.

Qin Sheng left from Bei Shan road. He had parked his car outside the club, since he drank wine. He took a taxi to a cafe in Hangzhou Tower, and accompanied Xue Qingyan to have afternoon tea. Xue Qingyan would be going back to Shanghai later.

She had stayed in Hangzhou for a long time. The old master was in bad health, and her brother was too busy to come back. So she just took over the responsibility to care for her old master. Family was important to Xue Qingyan. She could do without her job. But she had to find time to stay with her family. This was the responsibility of a daughter. Still, she was a little dissatisfied with her successful brother. However, sometimes she thought that since she had not reached the level as her brother, she could not understand why he only cared about himself, and did not care about his family.

Most of the people in the society were vulgar, and everyone took each other as a vulgar person. But when you met someone who was beyond you, you realized there were differences between people.

When Qin Sheng came into the cafe, Xue Qingyan was drinking coffee and eating a piece of cake. She waved to Qin Sheng when she saw him. Qin Sheng came to her and sat down slowly, “You are alone, my sister?”

“I will be leaving soon, and am feeling bored. So I asked you to come to have coffee with me.” Xue Qingyan said. She had stayed at home during these days.

Qin Sheng made fun of her, and said, “Such a busy person like you can still feel bored?”

“Maybe I am too tired, these days, so I don’t want to do anything.” Xue Qingyan shook her head and said, “Well, how about the thing I told you last time, you said you needed to think about it, Master Liu is still waiting for your answer.”

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “My sister, I will find a time to thank Master Liu. I cannot break the promise I made to my grandfather.”

Qin Sheng also talked to Lin Su about this thing, it was all about advantages, and Lin Su had no objection. She wanted Qin Sheng to follow his heart, and she would support him in whatever he did.

Qin Sheng rejected it, after thinking about it seriously.

“Oh, you have made up your mind?” Xue Qingyan sighed. She had never thought that Qin Sheng would reject it. If it was a youngster who was emulative, he would definitely say yes.

“Yes, my sister, you are disappointed with me?” Qin Sheng nodded and said. After all, this was about Xue Qingyan’s reputation. He had rejected it and Master Liu would be unhappy. Xua Qingyan would feel ashamed, when she faced Master Liu.

Xue Qingyan shook her head. “No, but it was mentioned by Master Liu. So I am just asking you. If you really reject him, I will explain on your behalf. Master Liu is a nice guy.”

“Sorry for the trouble, my sister.” Qin Sheng said in a low tone. He wanted to stay in touch with Master Liu. After all, Master Liu could help him to contact the Chen family, and it was the only way to get to know his family background.

Xue Qingyan stared at Qin Sheng and said, “That is enough.”

He stayed in the cafe with Xue Qingyan for a while, and finally Qin Sheng sent Xue Qingyan to the high-speed rail station. He had nothing to do anyway. Originally he wanted ask Xue Qingyan to take care of Xin Xin when Han Bing was not in Shanghai. Later he thought of Xia Ding, so he did not ask Xue Qingyan anymore.

Qin Sheng was on his way to Poly International to look for Chang Baji, when he sent Xue Qingyan away. At this time, Lin Su called and told him that she had a slight problem. Qin Sheng did not say anything, but rushed off to look for her, in a taxi.