Chapter 265 Play A Game with Me

Lin Su had just got off work, and was now on her way to a cafe, together with a well-connected colleague. She said she had some work issues to discuss with her. Lin Su wanted to go home earlier, after all she had to go on a business trip tomorrow. She wanted to go home and pack. But she had no choice, but to follow her colleague.

However her colleague did not talk about work at all. They stayed in the cafe for a while, and then a second rich generation guy came. Lin Su frowned and immediately knew what was happening.

During this half a month, this second rich generation guy had been waiting for her at the company nearly every day. He sent flowers and gifts to Lin Su, but Lin Su never accepted them. Actually she regarded it as a problem. He was disturbing her life and work.

Most of people in the company knew she had a boyfriend. At the beginning, Lin Su told them she was married, however later everyone knew she was lying. Some of the colleagues in the other departments did not even know that she had a boyfriend. They thought it was an excuse for her to reject any pursuers.

She met this second rich generation guy in an appreciation dinner held by her company. This second rich generation guy’s family was a big client of Lin Su’s company. This guy fell in love with Lin Su, the first time he saw her. Lin Su had rejected him many times, but he was really persistent.

Lin Su knew that her colleague had been bribed by this guy, when she saw him coming in. She stared at her colleague without saying anything. But this pretty girl said, “Lin Su, he is our VIP client, we cannot offend him. Please don’t get me wrong, you just have to deal with him.”

Lin Su thought about it for a while, then decided not to leave, but she went to the washroom and called Qin Sheng. She wanted Qin Sheng to solve this problem. She did not want to be bothered by it anymore, as it had affected her work badly.

This second rich generation guy was a typical playboy. He was good looking, plus his dad was rich, so he could drive everywhere and flirted with the girls. Some materialistic girls in the charity were fascinated by him, and Lin Su’ colleague was one of them. When he met Lin Su by accident that day, he decided to pursue her, since such a beautiful girl was rare in the world. However he was rejected all the time. So he bribed this female colleague two days ago. If she could help him to get Lin Su, he would pay her one hundred thousand dollars. This material girl said yes, without any hesitation. Lin Su was the star of the company, the leader took care of her, and all her colleagues treated her well. It made her jealous.

“Bai Jing, I told you I have a boyfriend.” Lin Su said unhappily.

The second rich generation guy named Bai Jing, smiled and said, “Lin Su, I know you have a boyfriend. I just want to be your friend. You will give at least give me the chance, right?”

Lin Su’s colleague said, “That’s it, Lin Su. Mr. Bai is a nice guy, he often donates money to our charity, and his family has a good relationship with our company. Just be friends with him.”

“Sorry, my boyfriend will be jealous.” Lin Su found an excuse.

Bai Jing then said, “If a man is possessive in his love life, this man must be not confident enough, or he does not trust his girlfriend. Or maybe, this man has some mental issues.”

“What about you?” Qi Jie chuckled.

Bai Jing shook his head and said, “I’m just a little bit chauvinistic, however I will trust my girlfriend. She can have her own life, and I will not disturb her.”

“Mr. Bai, the one who marries you will be happy. You are rich, handsome and young. And the most important thing is, you have such a good temper.” Qin Jie flattered him. These two were creating drama together.

However, Lin Su did not fall for their little trick. She had encountered many types of men during all these years. She even knew the tricks they got up to, in order to pursue a girl, even though she was a girl.

Lin Su was born beautiful, so she had no choice. She often felt troubled, because of her pretty face. She could not control what others did, and she had wasted too much time on it.

Lin Su did not respond to the drama played by the two people. Bai Jing raised his hand and showed off his A.Lange & Sohne German watch, deliberately, smiled and said, “It is time to have dinner, let me invite you to have dinner tonight, two beautiful ladies.”

“Thanks, but I have something else to do.” Lin Su rejected him, without any hesitation.

Bai Jing was a little annoyed, but he still said patiently, “My pretty Ms. Lin, you have rejected me more than ten times. Don’t embarrass me, just give me one chance.”

“Come on, Lin Su, it is just a dinner.” Qi Jie said hurriedly.

Lin Su did not treat Bai Jing politely and said directly, “I’m waiting for my boyfriend, he will be coming soon.”

“Your boyfriend is coming? That’s cool. Let’s have dinner together, and get acquainted with each other.” Bai Jing said happily, when he heard this. He wanted to see Lin Su’s boyfriend. If this guy was as rich and powerful like what the others said, he might give up; if this guy was just an ordinary guy, he would have more confidence.

Lin Su was too angry to say anything. It seemed that she was unable to do anything. Bai Jing really annoyed her.

After a while, Qin Sheng who was not far away, came by, in a taxi. He saw Lin Su instantly when he walked into the cafe, since his girlfriend always stood out in a crowd.

Qin Sheng walked to their table slowly. Lin Su finally smiled when she saw Qin Sheng coming in. She got up, took Qin Sheng’s arm, and introduced him in a manner of a little woman, “This is my boyfriend, Qin Sheng.”

Bai Jing stared at Qin Sheng calmly. Qin Sheng was wearing simple khaki pants, leather shoes and a POLO shirt. It was hard to tell what the brands were. He had an old style Shanghai watch on his wrist. All the stuff on his body might be worth no more than two thousand dollars. Bai Jiang now understood. Qin Sheng was not a second rich generation guy, he was just a poor guy. But he did not know that Qin Sheng’s watch was more precious than anything in the world. No one knew the story of this watch, until now.

“Hi.” Lin Su had told Qin Sheng about the whole incident on the phone, thus Qin Sheng did not have a good impression of the two. He just nodded his head, and did not shake hands with them..

Bai Jing and Qi Jie greeted Qin Sheng casually. Qin Sheng sat beside Lin Su, and Lin Su held his hand tightly. Her gentle gaze on Qin Sheng made Bai Jiang unhappy.

“You are Lin Su’s boyfriend? A little bit different from what I imagine.” Bai Jing said carelessly.

Qi Jie said, “Well, I finally know what Lin Su’s boyfriend looks like. I’m just wondering what kind of man Lin Su will choose. Now I know.”

Since Qin Sheng had arrived, Lin Su could not stop staring at him. She didn’t care about anything else, and passed the buck to Qin Sheng. She believed that Qin Sheng could help to make things better.

Qin Sheng was about to say something, when Bai Jing forestalled him by saying, “Ms. Lin, since your boyfriend is here, let’s have dinner together. I know there is a great western-style restaurant nearby.”

Qin Sheng deliberately played dumb on purpose, “A western-style restaurant?”

“Mr. Bai, it seems that we can ask Lin Su’s boyfriend to pay for dinner tonight.” Qi Jie said deliberately.

Qin Sheng continued with his pretence, “You go ahead with the dinner, I have something else to do.”

“Ms. Lin, it seems that your boyfriend is not polite.” Bai Jing said coldly.

Lin Shu looked at Qin Sheng, and he felt awkward, “You go together with them. I have something to discuss with Lao Chang. He is not far from here and I will pick you up when you are done.”

Lin Su had no idea what Qin Sheng wanted to do, she said, “Okay, I’ll call you later.”

By now, Bai Jing was sure that Qin Sheng was a not second rich generation guy at all. He was even afraid of going to the western-style restaurant, so he must be poor. Today, he could show off and said, “Okay, Ms. Lin, let us go.”

When they got up and were ready to leave, Bai Jing went to the parking lot to drive his car round. Qin Sheng, Lin Su and Qi Jie waited by the roadside. Qin Sheng said to Lin Su softly, “Don’t stand on ceremony with him, just order the most expensive dishes, and let me handle it.”

“You’re up to your tricks again.” Lin Su chuckled.

Qin Sheng said coldly, “He dares to disturb my girlfriend, so I must let him pay for it.”

A few minutes later, Bai Jing stopped his latest Porsche Panamera at the roadside, wound down the car window and said, “Let’s go, ladies.”

Qin Sheng had a smile on his face. Since this second rich generation guy did not want to give up pursuing his girlfriend, he must do something to let this guy to remember him by. Qin Sheng wanted him to know that not all the beautiful girls could be flirted with.

Lin Su gave Qin Sheng a look and got into the car with Qi Jie. Bai Jiang then bragged, “Hey man, how will you get to your destination, do you want a lift?”

Qin Sheng continued with his humble act, “That is fine, I can take a taxi.”

When Bai Jing heard this, he looked down on Qin Sheng again. He did not even have a car, and still pretended he was a rich guy? How did he manage to charm Ms. Lin. Bai Jing felt sad when he noticed that Lin Su was so taken by such a guy.

After Lin Su left, Qin Sheng took a taxi to the Poly International, nearby. It was quite close to Poly International, so Qin Sheng had asked Gu Xiaobo to look out for him, if he did not come out. Gu Xiaobo followed Qin Sheng as he did not trust anyone.

Chang Baji was waiting for Qin Sheng at Poly International. At this moment, the business of Poly International had not started yet. Chang Baji had just finished the meeting, and was drinking tea, in his office. When he saw Qin Sheng, he asked, “What did you ask Xiaobo to do?”

Qin Sheng responded, “Just some trivial things.”

Chang Baji stopped asking and said, “You said you have something to tell me, what is it?”

“Today, Yang Deng gave me a card. It is the bonus from the last match that night. Guess how much is in it” Qin Sheng said.

Chang Baji frowned and did not ask, but just waited for Qin Sheng’s answer.

“5.2 million dollars.” Qin Sheng said.

When Chang Baji heard the numbers, though he had experienced many things, he was still surprised by it. He muttered, “It seems that I have an option to earn money if one day I can’t do anything else.”

“I asked Lin Su to invest in something by using this amount of money. Just tell me if you want to use it.” Qin Sheng said. Qin Sheng just wanted to gain a little from this dirty money, and he would give the rest to Chang Baji. After all, Chang Baji won it by his own efforts.

Qin Sheng continued, “That will be the deal if you are interested. Today I met the boss of the boxing stadium at Lao Luo’s place. He talked about two things with me, and asked me think about it. I want to discuss this with you.”

“What is that?” Chang Baji asked.

Qin Sheng told Chang Baji what he talked to Boss Hu today, Chang Baji was deep in thought when he heard that. If the boss mentioned by Qin Sheng was powerful enough, it would be an interesting business.

“I don’t have any opinion on the first thing, but I have to think about the second thing. It is not easy to find great boxers for every match.” Chang Baji said.

Qin Sheng nodded, “Okay, you think about it first. I will tell him later.”

The two talked about the recent affairs for nearly half an hour. Lin Su called him to let him know that her dinner was going to end soon. Qin Sheng got up and said to Lao Chang, “Come on, help me play a game”.