Chapter 266 Hit and Run

Speaking of how to deal with those ones born with silver spoons in their mouths and who liked to show off, Qin Sheng already thought of many ways on how to handle them. At worst, he would have a good conversation with him about his life and his ideals, making him understand that he could not hit on every woman he liked.

As Qin Sheng was a little screwed up, Chang Baji followed him out and he left Poly International in a confused state. After all, he was already done with all the meetings and taken care of all the prearrangements. There were only some special clients, whom he had to drink a toast to, in person. As for the other clients, the managers under his charge would take care of them.

The restaurant, where Bai Jing and Lin Su, were at, and where Qi Jie would show up later, was indeed not far away. It took them only ten minutes to drive over. Chang Baji went there in a Benz e class, which was provided by the company. After all, he was the main person in charge of Poly International, and he certainly deserved this.

In the Western restaurant, the one who was the happiest, was not Bai Jing and Qi Jie, but Gu Xiaobo, who was sitting nearby. To him, today’s outing was a chance for him to enjoy the food and drinks at public expense. Rarely had he enjoyed this kind of high-end Western food. Of course, he would not let go of such a rare opportunity, today. As a result, he ordered so many dishes that even the waiter was concerned whether he could finish everything.

As for Lin Su, since Qin Sheng had made such an arrangement, of course, she would do as what she was told. Instead of saving money for Bai Jing, she ordered the most expensive dishes. Besides that, she also ordered a bottle of wine, which was priced at more than six thousand dollars. At first, Bai Jing had planned to get Lin Su drunk, so that he could make this dinner pretty worthwhile. Unfortunately, after Lin Su finished ordering the wine, she did not plan to drink it at all, which made Bai Jing feel so angry that he almost made a scene. However hard he and Qi Jie had tried to convince Lin Su, she just would not drink it.

After Lin Su enjoyed the food, she stood up, went to the bathroom, and called Qin Sheng to come over to pick her up.

Bai Jing and Qi Jie were discussing the countermeasures. Bai Jing snorted as he said, “Whatever happens today, I will take her down, whether it is by using harsh or mild measures. Later on, after we finish dinner, I will invite you to the bar. At that time, you need to find ways to get her drunk. If the plan works successfully today, I will pay you fifty thousand dollars more.”

Upon hearing that it was possible to get another fifty thousand more dollars, Qi Jie roused herself immediately. However, she felt somewhat anxious as she said, “Lin Su’s boyfriend is going to pick her up here, right? At that time, what should we do?”

Bai Jing sneered as he said, “You should think of a way to trick him into going to the bar with us. I will find more friends to help me with this. At that time, we will also get him drunk. As for the rest, it’s none of your business.”

Stroking Bai Jing’s thigh, Qi Jie said in a dissolute manner, “I am at your service and I will be obedient to your every order. If you say that is the way, then, that’s it.”

Gu Xiaobo, who was around the corner, observed what was going on between Bai Jing and Qi Jie. He finally understood why Brother Qin had asked him to come over here. So, this couple of bitches actually intended to scheme against Brother Qin’s girlfriend. They certainly were playing with fire.

Soon, Lin Su was back. She said in a low voice, “Let’s go.”

Bai Jing smiled happily as he said, “Since it is still early, how about going to the bar?”

Lin Su frowned slightly as she said, “My boyfriend will be here soon. I will not go to the bar. You enjoy yourselves there.”

Qi Jie chimed in with Bai Jing as she said, “Lin Su, you should come with us. It will be boring if we were to go there without you. You can ask your boyfriend to join us. The more people, the merrier it will be.”

Bai Jing immediately added, “We will wait for your boyfriend. I will explain to him later. He will certainly agree with our suggestion. What do you think?”

“We will talk about it after my boyfriend is here,” Lin Su said, as she intended to settle for the next best solution. She really had no idea what Qin Sheng wanted to do.

About several minutes later, Qin Sheng finally showed up. However, instead of going upstairs, he waited below. After Lin Su got his call, she went down, along with Bai Jing and Qi Jie. Chang Baji was waiting for Qin Sheng outside, in the car.

After Bai Jing met Qin Sheng, he taunted him quite straightforwardly as he said, “Yo, brother, since you are already here, why did you not go upstairs? Are you afraid that you will have to pay for the bill? Take it easy. It’s my treat today.”

Qin Sheng chuckled as he said, “Since you are richer than me, of course, you will be the one who will be paying the bill. It is not possible for me to be such a squanderer.”

Knowing how stingy Qin Sheng had become, Lin Su, who was by Qin Sheng’s side, could not help bursting into laughter. She knew Qin Sheng was starting to make fun of Bai Jing.

Bai Jing knew well that Qin Sheng was teasing him. He snorted as he said, “It is not my fault that I am rich. It is those poor ones who should be held responsible. The poor are quite common at all these days. However, some poor ones still think highly of themselves.”

“Don’t be afraid. I am not here to borrow money from you. If there are no issues, we will leave first,” Qin Sheng said tentatively. His intention was to see whether this lad had any other tricks up his sleeve.

Upon hearing this, Bai Jing said, “Why are you in such a rush? According to our discussion a moment ago, we planned to go to the bar to enjoy ourselves. Lin Su said she would wait for your arrival first. Since you are here now, let us go together. However, rest assured that it is still my treat. You don’t need to pay for anything.”

Qin Sheng took a drag at his cigarette as he said deliberately, “Going to the bar? I have never been to a bar. Forget it.”

Bai Jing said hurriedly, “Let’s go together. Since we already have a deal, if you are not coming, Lin Su certainly won’t go there. Brother, do me a favor.”

“Who on earth are you? Why should I do you a favor?” Qin Sheng replied deprecatingly.

Qi Jie came to help Bai Jing’s help in trying to convince Qin Sheng. She said, “Qin Sheng, let’s go there and have fun together.”

Qin Sheng stared at Qi Jie as he said, “Do I know you? Am I familiar with you? Why should I go to the bar with you?”

Instead of taking what Qin Sheng had said seriously, Bai Jing tried to trick him as he said, “Brother, I am just trying to make friends with you. If you need my help in the future, just come to me. I can also help you take care of Lin Su.”

Qin Sheng started to provoke Bai Jing by saying, “You really think I am that stupid, right? You have intentions to hit on my girlfriend. Speaking of rich second generation guys like you, you only know how to hit on women, using your wealth, every day. I will not fall into your trap. Let me warn you, you should stay away from my girlfriend in the future.” He cursed Bai Jing in his heart and thought, since Bai Jing had actually been hitting on his girlfriend for such a long time, he certainly would teach him a lesson.

It did not occur to Bai Jing and Qi Jie that Qin Sheng would react so drastically, which caught them totally off guard. They stared at Lin Su, intending to ask Lin Su to help them convince Qin Sheng. However, Lin Su was of no help at all, instead, she just stared at the distant scenery.

“Brother, you are mistaken. Lin Su and I are just friends. Since she is your girlfriend, if you don’t trust me, you should trust her.” Bai Jing said, intending to sow dissension between Qin Sheng and Lin Su.

Qin Sheng sneered as he said, “Why should I care so much about that. Anyway, you should stay away from my girlfriend. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite to you.”

“What if my answer is no? What can you do to me?” Since Bai Jing’s temperament had been worn away, he did not intend to be polite with Qin Sheng anymore. Since Qin Sheng dared to talk with him in this manner, of course, he would not spare his feelings anymore.

Qin Sheng liked him to react in this way. After he heard what Bai Jing said, he directly flicked his cigarette butt onto Bai Jing’s body. He cursed him as he said, “In that case, I will punch you every time I see you.”

“F*k. You are actually so shameless.” Qin Sheng’s move made Bai Jing feel angry instantly. Instead of tolerating Qin Sheng, he rushed at him directly.

Qin Sheng did not wait to see him strike first. After Bai Jing landed a direct punch at him, Qin Sheng instantly grabbed his arms. Following that, he pushed his head downward, lifted up his knee casually, and bumped it into his abdomen. With a few simple movements, he had caused Bai Jing to be in a terrible state.

Instead of beating up Bai Jing mercilessly, after Qin Sheng had worked off his anger, he pushed Bai Jing out. After that, he said indignantly, “I am a 5th Dan of Taekwondo. I am more than capable to deal with you.”

Bai Jing stood up awkwardly. He bent over, pressed his hands on his stomach, and pointed to Qin Sheng as he said, “How dare! You actually dare to hit me. I f**king certainly won’t let you go today.”

“Okay. I will wait for you here. You can ask your people to come over. Whoever leaves first will be the coward,” Qin Sheng said disdainfully.

Since Qin Sheng intended to show off, Bai Jing certainly would make him pay the price. He directly walked to the side, made a call, and ordered his friends to bring reinforcements over immediately.

Gu Xiaobo had been watching all this from behind. Originally, he had intended to show up early and start the fighting. However, he decided not to, in the end. By that time, Chang Baji had already alighted from the car. He understood what Qin Sheng planned to do, more or less. Qin Sheng gave Gu Xiaobo a wink. As a result, Gu Xiaobo went over to Chang Baji’s side first. Bai Jing did not notice this at all.

Lin Su felt somewhat anxious. Qin Sheng chuckled as he said, “Speaking of people like him, you have to deal with him in a tough way. Otherwise, he won’t know how it feels to be scared.”

Qi Jie said angrily, “Qin Sheng, we are all friends with each other. It is not necessary for us to make such a scene. You have made a lot of trouble here. I advise you to apologize to Bai Jing. Otherwise, you will be in trouble later.”

“Why do I need to apologize to him? He was the one who made the first strike. Do you still think that I am ignorant of what you and he have been plotting against us? Next time, if you get involved again, watch out. Because I may sell you to a human trafficker.” Qin Sheng warned her mercilessly.

Qi Jie replied deprecatingly, “Who do you think you are?”

Qin Sheng did not bother to reply. He turned around to face Lin Su. He pointed at a nearby cake shop and said to her, “Go to the cake shop and sit there for a while. After I settle the issues here, I will look for you there.”

Lin Su nodded. After that, she walked directly to the cake shop and did not pay any attention to Bai Jing, who was around the corner, along with Qi Jie. She was so angry that her face was ghastly pale.

Standing at the same spot, Qin Sheng started smoking. Chang Baji and Gu Xiaobo were sitting and waiting in the car. About twenty minutes later, Bai Jing’s helpers arrived. After three luxurious cars parked by the roadside, ten young men got out from the cars and rushed over, after catching sight of Bai Jing. Upon seeing this, Chang Baji and Gu Xiaobo followed behind them, without any hesitation. However, they still kept some distance from this crowd.

Qi Jie was afraid that some brawls would take place. At that time, she certainly would be involved. So, she said hurriedly, “Qin Sheng, you apologize to him quickly. Probably Bai Jing will spare you.”

Bai Jing’s friends asked him in an unruly way, “Lao Bai, who beat you up?”

Pointing at Qin Sheng, who was around the corner, Bai Jing said, “He.”

A group of men directly circled Qin Sheng as they said, “Are you f**king fed up with your life? You actually dare to put your hands on him?”

Qin Sheng did not pay attention to them at all. He asked them quite straightforwardly, “Are you here for arguing and reasoning, or fighting?”

Several men asked indignantly, “F**k. Who is here to reason and argue with you? We are going to get you killed today.”

“In that case, why have you not started the fighting yet? Are you here just for fun?” Qin Sheng sneered at them.

After Qin Sheng finished talking, he directly made the first move, and rushed at the man, who had cursed him a moment ago. He kicked at his face directly, making his nose bleed profusely.

It did not occur to the other men that the man in front of them would dare to strike first and fight mercilessly, without saying anything at all. However, right at this moment, there was a commotion coming from behind them, all of a sudden. Two men, who were at the rear, were directly kicked at. After that, they screamed in pain.

This was because Chang Baji and Gu Xiaobo had made their moves.

When ten men, who at best only worked out at the gym, faced three tough guys, namely, Qin Sheng, Chang Baji, and Gu Xiaobo, what would the relative results be?

The result was self-evident. Within a few minutes, all the ten men fell, with bloody noses and swollen faces, including Bai Jing, who had already beaten up by Qin Sheng once. Blood streamed from their faces.

Qi Jie, who had witnessed the whole process, felt so scared that she was thrown into a panic. She did not know what she should do at all.

At this time, there were many on-lookers surrounding them. Qin Sheng did not want to be the center of attention, so he walked toward Bai Jing, stamped on his body and said, “Do you really think I am an idiot? Next time, if you want to hit on a girl, check first whose girlfriend she is, first. Stop showing off and disgracing yourself.”

After that, he took out a name card and tossed it at Bai Jing, as he said, “This is my name card. If you want to take revenge on me, I will be very glad to accompany you to the end. However, I advise you that you should get more information about me, first.”

After he finished speaking, Qin Sheng did not pay attention to this group of people anymore. He went to the cake shop, picked Lin Su up and left with her. Since he had finished showing off, he certainly needed to leave now. It was impossible for him to stay here and wait for the policemen to show up.