Chapter 267 He, Whoever Is the Enemy of Your Enemy, Would Be Your Friend

Speaking of how to deal with these rich playboys like Bai Jing, it did not work at all if Qin Sheng only threatened him with words. Without a clear target, they would not take any action at all. As a result, it was better for Qin Sheng to be direct about it. Pretending to be pitiable, he beat him up at first, then showed out his identity to make fun of him, which was counted as charging him with a little interest, more or less. After all, this lad had been harassing Lin Su for half a month, and who simply did not take Qin Sheng seriously.

Actually, Qin Sheng had other ways to deal with Bai Jing. For example, he could directly employ someone to abduct him, teach him a good lesson, and threaten him in the end. Or he could turn to Yang Deng or Brother Luo and get them to send some of their underlings to warn him. However, other ways were less satisfying than this way, even though it was somewhat vulgar.

Some readers might ask, in that case, shouldn’t Qin Sheng just do a hit and run. Why did he reveal his identity to Bai Jing? Qin Sheng could remain anonymous, so that it would take some time for Bai Jing to locate him.

Of course, Qin Sheng would not do that. If he did so, he would divert the threat to Lin Su. He would definitely not allow this kind of situation to take place. This issue should be dealt with between the men. Men were destined to protect women.

The group of people, including Bai Jing, saw Qin Sheng, Lin Su, along with Chang Baji and Gu Xiaobo leave in a Mercedes-Benz E, which was around the corner. None of them dared to chase after them. All members of his gang had bloody noses and swollen faces. They all looked pretty awkward. Holding Qin Sheng’s name card in his hands, Bai Jing looked thoughtful. The name card revealed Qin Sheng’s identity as the Vice-President of Yuanda Holding Company.

He already knew that he had been tricked by this Qin Sheng, who was not a loser at all, but a dumb player. Upon thinking back about what had just happened, he admitted it was his own fault. Before he hit on Lin Su, he had not inquired about any information related to her boyfriend. Plus, a woman like Lin Su, would not fall into the hands of any ordinary loser.

What the hell? He had disgraced himself so thoroughly tonight.

Qi Jie ran over hurriedly as she said, “Bai Jing, are you okay?” Originally, she had been anxious that Qin Sheng might meet with a mishap. After all, Bai Jing had called so many helpers over. However, it did not occur to her that the result would not turn out the way she wanted. As a matter of fact, Qin Sheng had also called some helpers over. Plus, the three people on his side, had actually managed to beat up all the ten people on Bai Jing’s side. Qi Jie, who had been standing by the side, was in a mess. She simply did not know what had happened.

Feeling pretty depressed, Bai Jing did not bother to pay attention to the others. He glared at Qi Jie as he said, “Get away from me. I asked you to be my undercover and you don’t even know what her boyfriend does. Why should I keep you?”

Qi Jie tried to weep but failed to shed any tears. She thought secretly, “Though you were beaten, why are you angry at me? I told you before that Lin Su’s boyfriend is a rich second generation guy. However, you just would not listen to me. Plus, this is the first time I have seen Lin Su’s boyfriend, since she never talks about her boyfriend.

Of course, Qi Jie was not stupid at all. She would not stay here to bear the brunt of Bai Jing’s anger. Though she was a smart woman, she was only so, in a cheeky way. What she feared most was that Qin Sheng would turn on her.

“Bai Jing, who on earth have you provoked? These people are not ordinary people at all,” One of Bai Jing’s friends stood up, as he asked. They were not stupid at all. Of course, they would not take the risk to be together with Bai Jing.

Bai Jing snorted as he said, “Let me ask someone to help me check on him. If he is just an ordinary person, I certainly will take revenge on him. If he is really some extraordinary, I will just have to put up with getting the worst of it.”

Before Chang Baji drove a distance away, Qin Sheng told Gu Xiaobo, “Xiaobo, you keep an eye on Bai Jing for me these two days. If he has any new movement, you should inform me.”

Gu Xiaobo nodded as he said, “Okay. I will do it now.” He did not make any complaints at all. After that, Chang Baji pulled over, and Gu Xiaobo alighted first.

After Chang Baji drove to the entrance of Poly International, Qin Sheng said to Chang Baji, “Lao Chang, you go up now. I will take this car and return it to you tomorrow.”

Chang Baji did not say anything further. Neither did he feel concerned over the petty issue, which had taken place a moment ago. Based on Qin Sheng’s current strength and connections in Hangzhou, this petty issue was just a piece of cake to him.

When Qin Sheng was driving Lin Su back to Golden Coast, Lin Su asked him, out of concern, “Will there be some issues?”

“Nothing will happen. You can go on your business trip with peace of mind. Everything will be fine when you come back. However, if this kind of issue happens again in the future, you should inform me as soon as possible, and I will take care of it,” Qin Sheng said casually.

Qin Sheng nodded quietly.

“By the way, speaking of your business trip this time, where are you going to?” Qin Sheng asked with someconcern.

Lin Su replied, “I am going to Guizhou this time. Probably, I will be back about a week later. When I am not here, you have to take care of yourself well. Be on the alert, I will check on you from time to time.”

Qin Sheng took hold of Lin Su’s hands, as he said gently, “Noted. My Lord Wife.”

The next morning, after dropping Lin Su off at the airport, Qin Sheng went to the subsidiary branch. Ms. An had already made several rounds of appointments with the representatives from the domestic well-known catering companies, which currently did not have any franchise stores in Hangzhou. She intended to win over the companies on these agency listings. So far, they had come to an agreement, and would get the relative contracts signed today.

After all, speaking of the income sources of the subsidiary, it could not be dependent on two nightclubs and one bar. They had to find a new source of profit. Qin Sheng trusted Ms. An’s ability, more or less.

Though Lin Su left Hangzhou, someone had arrived in Hangzhou quietly. Of course, this comer was Qin Sheng’s long-time enemy, Yan Chaozong. This time, he was no longer so high profiled anymore. Instead, he chose to stay behind the scene, to plot against Qin Sheng.

Yan Chaozong stayed at Amanfayun beside Tianzhu Ancient Village, which could be counted as the best hotel in Hangzhou, more or less. It was hidden in the valley. The surrounding environment was pretty quiet. Along the road, the bamboo forest was dense. The trees and grass were verdure. It was like a primitive ancient village, which exactly represented Amanfayun’s design concept. Yan Chaozong was Aman Hotel’s hardcore fan. Every time he was in Hangzhou, he would only stay here. Every morning, he would go to several nearby ancient temples. There, he would burn incense to worship the gods, or take part in the morning classes. After all, the most famous Lingyin Temple or Tin Chuk Temple was just around the corner.

When Yan Chaozong lived in Aman Villa, he needed to pay almost twenty thousand dollars per night This price was a whopping price for any ordinary person; however, it was nothing at all to Yan Chaozong. Though his family had quite many housing properties in Hangzhou, he still preferred to stay at Amanfayun.

Speaking of the purpose of his trip to Hangzhou this time, on the one hand, Yan Chaozong was here to relieve his boredom. So he brought his new girlfriend here, a beautiful campus-queen from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He supported her, in exchange for sex, with one hundred thousand dollars every month, and she obeyed him in every way he wanted. Ever since the incident between him and Lin Su, he felt completely degraded.

After taking a shower and getting dressed, the beautiful campus queen went swimming in the outdoor swimming pool. Yan Chaozong was awaiting for Feng He’s arrival. During this period, Feng He had been in Hangzhou all the time. He was checking up on everything about Qin Sheng and Lin Su in detail.

Half an hour later, Feng He finally arrived. Yan Chaozong brewed a pot of tea. Amanfayun had its own tea mountain. Back when the owner of Amanfayun had bought this village, all the tea mountains were retained. The staffers of the hotel would make tea for the clients every year.

After meeting Feng He, Feng He greeted him in a deep voice as he said, “Young Master, you are finally here.”

Yan Chaozong poured a cup of tea for Feng He, as he said smilingly, “You have gone through a hard time these days.”

“Young Master. Not at all. I am doing this to make up for my mistake. I hope I will not disappoint you this time, Young Master,” Feng He replied in a calm tone.

Yan Chaozong said thoughtfully, “Tell me what you have found out during this period. How are they doing now?”

“Lin Su just left Hangzhou, and has gone on a business trip to Guizhou this morning. Qin Sheng is still in Hangzhou. He had a little conflict with a gang last night,” Feng He said slowly.

Yan Chaozong waved his hands as he said, “Go on.”

“I already figured out all of Qin Sheng’s ins and outs in Hangzhou. Currently, he is close to Yang Deng and Luo Changgong, who are on Third Master Wu’s side. He is in conflict with Yuan Ke, who is on the Old Monk’s side. It seems that Yuan Ke intends to play against him. Besides that, Cao Da is his biggest connection and support. However, Cao Da does not have much influence in Hangzhou,” Feng He added. It was pretty easy for him to get these information.

Sensing Feng He had more to say, Yan Chaozong frowned as he said, “Just speak out frankly. Don’t hold anything back.”

“The relationship between him and Xue Qingyan is not simple at all. Back when they were in Shanghai, they seemed pretty close. The Xue Family is very influential in Zhejiang, also in Shanghai…” Feng He said cautiously.

Yan Chaozong said, with a complicated look in his eyes, “I know about what happened between him and the Xue Family. No wonder back when he met with a mishap, Xue Qingyan had been trying his best to help him all the time. Apparently, the relationship between them is quite intriguing.”

“Young Master, the situation is tricky,” Feng He said, whose intention was to warn Yan Chaozong.

Yan Chaozong did not say anything at all. To him, the Xue Family was not such an obstacle for him. He added, “Why did the Lin Family do nothing at all?”

“I have no idea,” Feng He shook his head as he said.

Yan Chaozong snorted as he said, “Are you sure you have informed him?”

“I have asked someone to send all the documents to Lin Changting. Four days have passed. Perhaps, the Lin Family are just confirming the authenticity of the news. Or they could be doing some prearrangements,” Feng He explained.

What Yan Chaozong feared most was that the Lin Family would stop the fighting, and start to think about whether they could accept Qin Sheng or not. After all, compared with his situation in Shanghai, Qin Sheng was doing much better in Hangzhou now. Upon pondering on it, Yan Chaozong did not think the Lin Family would do so. After all, for a great family like the Lin Family, they all valued their dignitiy the most. Since Qin Sheng had disgraced them, how could they still accept him? Plus, what the Lin Family needed was an alliance to amplify their influence and connections. However successful Qin Sheng was now, it was impossible for him to hit on the Lin Family’s criteria.

In Yan Chaozong’s opinion, either the Lin Family were discussing the solution or they were waiting for a chance.

“Okay. I get it,” Yan Chaozong snorted as he said. Currently, the Lin Family had not contacted him yet. Yan Chaozong guessed that everything was still within control. As a result, he smiled as he said, “You can send someone to leak this news to my Elder Brother-in-law and ask him to ignite this powder keg.”

“I get it. I will send someone to do it now,” Feng He smiled happily as he said.

After coming to his senses, Yan Chaozong asked closely, “Based on what you said a moment ago, who was in conflict with Qin Sheng?”

“Yuan Ke, who is under the charge of the Old Monk. It seems the grandson of the Old Monk also dislikes Qin Sheng. It was said that in the Hu Family’s underground boxing field, Qin Sheng helped a group of people, including Luo Changgong, disgrace the people on the Old Monk’s side a few days ago. Yuan Ke’s gang were also there. At that time, the grandson of the Old Monk was also present,” Feng He replied in a hurry.

Yan Chaozong sneered as he said, “The Old Monk is quite influential in Zhejiang. Since they are enemies, as the saying goes, “whoever is the enemy of your enemy, will be your friend”. In this case, I will find a chance to visit the grandson of the Old Monk.”

Upon hearing what Yan Chaozong said, Feng He laughed sullenly. He could already foresee what would happen to Qin Sheng in the end.

At this time, Yan Chaozong glimpsed the time displayed on his mobile. He chuckled as he said, “Lao Zheng should be here now. He and I will serve Qin Sheng with an appetizer first. Then, he will know that even if he is in Hangzhou, it is still pretty easy for me to handle him.”

Lao Zheng was Yan Chaozong’s friend, whom he hung out with frequently. As long as he was in Shanghai, he would certainly visit Yan Chaozong. Previously, he had introduced Ye Muyang to Yan Chaozong at the high-end private club in Shanghai.

The Old Master of the Zheng Family was a prestigious leader in the province, who had powerful connections in Zhejiang. Since Yan Chaozong was in Hangzhou now, of course, he certainly would take advantage of this connection.

It’s time to use this connection now…