Chapter 268 Being Despised

Hardly had Qin Sheng opened up a new prospect and gained a firm foothold in Hangzhou, when Yan Chaozong arrived there without any delay upon hearing the news. It was as if he was a wolf, who sensed the existence of its prey. It was unknown whether Qin Sheng could ride out the storm this time or not. Perhaps he knew this day would come someday, sooner or later. After all, the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions were within a big circle. Since he had done quite well in Hangzhou, Yan Chaozong would find him in the end, anyway.

Of course, Qin Sheng hoped that the later this day arrived, the better it would be for him. However, Yan Chaozong certainly would not give him such a chance. Compared with what Qin Sheng had been in Shanghai, Qin Sheng was somewhat better equipped to fight with Yan Chaozong now. But he also had more opponents now.

Upon receiving Yan Chaozong’s order, Feng He went out to visit Yuan Ke. Yan Chaozong was waiting for the arrival of his hardcore follower, who was pondering on how to teach Qin Sheng a lesson.

At this time, the beautiful camp-queen came back after swimming, and was in a black bikini. Except for her bosom, which was not that outstanding, her other parts were remarkable. What made her stand out was the fact that she did not look like the other internet celebrities, who were all identical, after going through the same plastic surgeries. She looked quite pure and clean, without any makeup on her face. No wonder she could arouse Yan Chaozong’s attention.

The beautiful camp-queen clasped Yan Chaozong’s neck from behind, as she said in a cute manner, “Brother, where are we going to enjoy ourselves this afternoon?” The way she spoke, was delicate and subtle, which made everyone feel at ease. Of course, Yan Chaozong loved her dearly.

Yan Chaozong took a platinum card from his wallet and handed it over to her, as he said, “I have some issues to attend to this afternoon, so I will not be with you. You can go to Hangzhou Tower to shop and relax. I will pick you up at nightfall, and bring you to have dinner by the West Lake Side.”

The beautiful camp-queen looked pretty upset, as she said, “I feel unhappy.”

Yan Chaozong kissed her gently on her ear, and he said, “Be obedient. Otherwise, I will deal with you tonight, after I come back. I will accompany you tomorrow. What do you think of it?”

“Alright. You have to honor your words. Otherwise, I won’t pay any attention to you,” The beautiful camp-queen spoke as if she had been wronged.

Yan Chaozong patted her on her butt, indicating she should leave now. He loved this kind of smart woman, who knew how to stay away from him and hold the sense of propriety at the same time. She needed to be obedient, lovely, and insightful, without too many inordinate ambition in mind. After all, both of them knew clearly that they were just taking what they needed from each other. That was all.

After getting changed, the beautiful camp-queen dressed in a becoming outfit. Then, the driver drove her to Hangzhou Tower. Soon after she left, Yan Chaozong’s friend turned up. He had such a loud voice that his presence was made known, even before he showed up.

“Lao Yan, the way I see it, can you change your taste to another place? Every time when you are in Hangzhou, you will always stay at this desolate place, which is in the middle of nowhere. At night, it is so creepy. Aren’t you afraid that you will run into the ghost?” Lao Zheng cursed him.

Yan Chaozong replied calmly, “Speaking of the nearby attractions, they are all the Buddhist Holy Lands. There are so many masters here. No wandering ghost would dare to act rashly at their own will here. You are just a layman. Of course, you don’t know how to appreciate this artistic conception.”

“Well. I am a layman and you are a person of poetic temperament,” Lao Zheng shrugged as he said, “Why are you visiting Hangzhou all of a sudden, today? Could it be that you have hooked up with some beauties in Hangzhou recently? Based on my knowledge, you are coquettish, dissolute, and lowly now. Previously, you led an honest and clean life. However, now, you have so many girlfriends, that they come and go frequently.”

“Where did you get such news? It is just an exaggeration. I have some serious matters to attend to in Hangzhou, this time. It happens that I need your help. If you are not willing to help me, I will stay here forever,” Yan Chaozong teased him as he said.

Though he looked casual and careless in appearance, Lao Zheng was actually prudent, cautious, and punctilious. He did not want to hold his friend back. As a result, he said in a low voice, “You tell me how can I be of help first. I will try my best.”

“I need you to help me deal with one person,” Yan Chaozong said slowly.

Lao Zheng replied thoughtfully, “Who is it?”

“It is the loser, who disgraced me so much in Shanghai. He is hanging around in your realm now. This time, I need you to strike out,” Yan Chaozong explained calmly and peacefully.

Lao Zheng immediately came to his senses and said, “He is in Hangzhou. In that case, Lin Su is also here, right?”

Yan Chaozong nodded quietly.

“Tell me the details,” Lao Zheng said solemnly. In this case, it was no wonder that Yan Chaozong would rush to Hangzhou. It turned out that he was here to take revenge on his enemy.

Yan Chaozong told him everything related to Qin Sheng in detail, including what Qin Sheng was doing in Hangzhou now, how the connections behind him were linked with each other, and so on. Of course, he would not keep Lao Zheng in the dark. Otherwise, in the future, if Lao Zheng knew the truth, he certainly would not be happy.

“As for this issue, we need to talk it over at length. I will inquire about Qin Sheng’s information during these two days. After that, we will have a discussion.” Lao Zheng was as prudent as always. Whether his opponents were strong or weak, he needed to know their details first. After that, he would stipulate detailed plans. No mistakes were allowed to happen.

Yan Chaozong nodded as he said, “I’ll be waiting for your news.”

After that, they talked casually for a while. Anyway, they had already finished with this topic in the end. However, at this time, Lao Zheng spoke out all of a sudden, “By the way, I heard that some time ago, you were humiliated by a group of rich playboys from Sijiu City. What exactly was going on?”

“Speaking of that, I am still confused now. I dare not get into any conflict with any one of them. After the issue took place, I even thought about visiting them personally to offer my apologies. However, they did not even bother to pay any attention to me. Though I checked around for the information from so many sides, I still do not know what went wrong” Yan Chaozong said indignantly. He had been disturbed by this issue for so long a time. What he feared was that he would run into powerful counterparts, who would plot against him secretly.

Shaking his head, Lao Zheng smiled bitterly as he said, “Wherever they are, this group of rich playboys all hold their heads high. It is true that we can do nothing about them. Anyway, it is fine if no other incidents happen later on. I am concerned that you may have offended someone.”

“Yes. I agree with you. Everything is OK now,” Yan Chaozong chucked as he said.

Lao Zheng stood up as he said, “Okay. I will stop talking about bullshit. I will take you to lunch first. After that, I will help you inquire about Qin Sheng’s information this afternoon. In the evening, we can ask others out for drinking and enjoy ourselves.”

After Lao Zheng finished speaking, both of them stood up and left the Amanfayun Hotel. Clouds and mists shrouded the hotel. The Brahma chanting was on continuously. Unfortunately, these beautiful things could not erase the foul and evil-foreboding air in these people’s hearts. As a result, people, who felt miserable and suffering, would always exist in this world. It was not easy for the Buddha to free the common people.

Qin Sheng had been busy attending to the chores in the subsidiary the whole morning. However, he did not handle the overall situation. Instead, he left this task to Ms. An, who would negotiate with the partners. As for him, he was just learning and taking in the experience. The company’s team was already in shape, and Ms. An’s capability was acknowledged to be really strong. To most of the employees in the company, though Qin Sheng was a general manager, he was just like a decoration only; He was the one who would look over the documents and sign them at times. For other issues, they would turn directly to Ms. An.

At noon, after having lunch with Ms. An, several executives in the company, and the partners, Qin Sheng left first. As for the rest of the issues, they would be under the charge of the team in the subsidiary. This time, they had directly signed three agency contracts and snatched the agency of the whole Hangzhou region, into their pockets, which could be credited to the capital support coming from the head office. The team in the head office even dared to cut down the budget for Lao Zhou’s company. However, they dared not do the same with Qin Sheng’s company.

In the afternoon, Qin Sheng went to the West Lake International Golf Club located in Zhijiang Road. It was not far away from Jiuxi Rose Garden, which was the best golf course in Hangzhou. Cao Da had asked several friends of his, to enjoy themselves there, and he also hung around there often. Of course, Qin Sheng was there to help entertain the guests.

It took some time for Qin Sheng to get there from the Euro America Center. Qin Sheng was in quite of a rush. On his way, he came across an interesting situation. He ran into a beauty, who drove a Ferrari Convertible. Unfortunately, she drove at an extremely slow speed, which made Qin Sheng feel that she was making minimum use of this luxurious car.

When they stopped at the red traffic light, they waited there, side by side. Qin Sheng rolled down the car window and had a glimpse of her. It turned out she was wearing sunglasses, had long tresses and was quite beautiful. Sensing Qin Sheng’s stare, instead of avoiding his look, the beauty glimpsed at him subconsciously. They stared at each other for several seconds.

When the green light was on, the beauty surged forward in her Ferrari. However, before she went far away, she drove at a slow speed again. After Qin Sheng caught up with her, they were abreast again. Giving the beauty another look, Qin Sheng smiled faintly and directly overtook her. Unfortunately, before he could get far away, the beauty caught up with him again. What’s worse, she directly drove her car in front of Qin Sheng. Obviously, she felt angry now. Qin Sheng was pretty speechless at her behavior.

Qin Sheng thought of every way to overtake her and sped up. Soon, the beauty caught up with him again. This time, she was directly alongside Qin Sheng. When Qin Sheng stared at her, she suddenly stuck her middle finger at him. At that moment, Qin Sheng felt instantly angry.

Qin Sheng thought, “How could this be tolerated?”

As a result, he began to speed up. This time, instead of driving at a slow speed, she directly rushed through madly. Apparently, she was skilled at driving, shuttling, and weaving among the traffic. Soon, she could not be seen anymore. Qin Sheng smiled helplessly. Today, he had been despised, more or less. He thought, “When I become rich in the future, I will also buy a sports car. I strongly believe that we will meet each other again.”

After getting changed, Qin Sheng located his two friends, with the help of the caddie. Smiling happily, they were playing golf at the nearby green. The three men were all dressed in standard golfing outfits. Several caddies were standing behind them.

Before Qin Sheng approached them, Cao Da already waved his hands, as he called out, “Qin Sheng, come here quickly. Why are you so late?” The other two men stopped what they were doing at this moment. They turned around and stared at Qin Sheng, who was walking toward them.

After walking over, Qin Sheng explained, “I had lunch with the partners of my company this afternoon. That is the reason why I am late.”

“Let me introduce my two old friends to you. They are Lao Yang and Lao Zhao.” Cao Da introduced his friends, in a random manner.

Qin Sheng stretched out his hands hurriedly, and greeted them.

“Little Qin, do you know how to play golf? We have made a wager today,” The man named Lao Zhao asked in an amicable manner.

Qin Sheng replied modestly, “I know a little only. But I definitely cannot be as skilled as you, since you are all masters. I will not disgrace myself here. Let me act as your referee, uncles.”

“Hahahaha. Okay. Then, you can be our referee,” Lao Yang said happily. After that, he said to his friends, “Let’s get started and play a decisive match today.”

As a result, Qin Sheng stood aside as an on-looker. Of course, he knew how to play golf and played pretty well. Back when he had been in Xi’an, Uncle Lin had taken him and Xin Xin to the golf course frequently. For a smart person like Qin Sheng, as long as he could grasp the skills, he would certainly become skilled after much practice. Consequently, he could be counted as a master at a medium level, more or less.

On the one hand, Qin Sheng observed the competition as an on-looker; on the other hand, he was looking for the beauty, who drove a Ferrari. Holy shit, since she had stuck her middle finger at him, he definitely needed to pay her back for that.

About ten minutes later, Qin Sheng finally caught sight of her. She was practicing playing golf alone, around the corner. After notifying the group of people, including Cao Da, Qin Sheng directly rushed to her side.