Chapter 269 You Go Ahead

It was a lovely day today, more or less. The weather was cloudy and the sun was nowhere to be seen and a cold breeze was blowing. A number of guests came to West Lake International Golf Club to play golf. Speaking of those who could afford to play golf here, they were either rich or powerful. After all, every membership card here would cost a lot of money.

There were not many people on the lawn, where a Ferrari was being driven by a beauty. Apparently, she had specifically found a quiet place for herself. It was estimated that she must have been hit on many times. After all, beauty was a kind of rare resource. In a place where the rich would show up frequently, of course, millionaires were quite common.

Cao Da was sitting under a beach umbrella, resting himself and chatting. After notifying him, Qin Sheng directly walked over there. The beauty who drove the Ferrari was dressed in a short gray skirt and a white T-shirt. She also wore a white sunhat and a pair of sneakers, fully showing off her two straight, slim, beautiful legs. The muscle lines of her legs were quite delicate, which displayed some sense of her fitness. Her height was about 168cm. However, due to the distance between them, Qin Sheng could not see her appearance clearly. After all, back when they had run into each other on the way, she had worn a pair of bulky sunglasses. Qin Sheng just sensed intuitionally that this beauty was exactly the same one he had met on the way.

There was only a little girl by her side, who was supposed to work part-time as a caddie on Sunday. When Qin Sheng approached the beauty, she swung the iron gently, seemingly not caring about the result too much. She sighed as she said, “I don’t like being disturbed.”

Obviously, what she had said was directed at Qin Sheng, who had come over to her rashly. However, Qin Sheng did not leave consequently. He thought, “Back when you stuck out your middle finger at me, why were you not so reserved and cold?”

“I am just here to ask for an explanation from you, okay?” Qin Sheng said mildly.

The beauty turned around and stared at Qin Sheng. She frowned slightly as she said, “Why do I need to explain it to you? Do I know you?”

Subconsciously, Qin Sheng thought he had recognized the wrong person. However, he did not think so, going by his intuition. Obviously, this should be a trick on her part. As the saying goes, beauties have a lot of tricks. So Qin Sheng needed to be wary of her.

“Back when we were on the way a moment ago, you were driving a red Ferrari. After overtaking me, you drove next to me. Moreover, you even stuck out your middle finger at me. Do you think that I’d forget your face, even though you deny having met me?” Qin Sheng said in an aggressive manner. He thought, “Though you are a beauty, it is still impossible for me to give in to you. Holy sh*t.”

Holding the iron in her hands, the beauty stared at Qin Sheng with interest. She burst into laughter as she said, “It turns out it is you. I thought it was someone else. Though you were driving an Audi A8, you were not amazing at all. Plus, you even overtook me on purpose. I did nothing wrong by sticking up my middle finger at you. Could it be that you are asking for compensation for your moral damage? How about I make it up to you in this way? I will sleep with you for one night. What do you think?”

In the beginning, Qin Sheng could still understand her behavior. After all, she was an arrogant girl who came from a rich family. However, he was totally caught off guard by her last sentence. “What the hell?” This beauty turned out to be quite a wild one. However, Qin Sheng did not think she would really sleep with him for one night. Apparently, she was teasing him. Even if she was willing to do that, he feared that it might be a sexual trap.

Qin Sheng looked stupefied. However, staring at his awkward expression, the beauty who drove a Ferrari laughed herself into a convulsion. Perhaps she teased others in the same way frequently. She did look pretty when she smiled, especially when she showed her spotlessly white and neat teeth, which made her smile look even more attractive.

“Are you done laughing?” Qin Sheng said, feeling quite unhappy.

Obviously, she knew that Qin Sheng was angry. As a result, she tried to hold her laughter back and look solemn. However, when she was about to speak, she burst out laughing again. Even the little caddie by her side could not help herself, covering her mouth and smile with her hand.

Qin Sheng felt quite depressed. Not only had he been disdained on the way, but he was also taunted and ridiculed in such a starking way at this moment. Holy sh*t. Consequently, he let himself go and directly slapped the beauty on her butt. It just so happened that she was also bending over. Her position was just perfect.

A smack rang out. This motion made the air freeze instantly.

The beauty who drove a Ferrari looked incredulous. Perhaps it did not occur to her that Qin Sheng would actually dare to be all hands. The caddie by her side also looked quite confused. She had seen numerous men who tried to hit on this Sister Dugu. However, none of them were as bold as Qin Sheng because this sister did not have a good temper.

“You go ahead and smile,” Qin Sheng said triumphantly. He had to admit that the touch felt so good, which was quite bouncy. He thought, “Since you dare to tease me, I will do the same to you. Let’s see who is much more sophisticated.”

The smile on the beauty’s face had already disappeared. Anger filled her face now. She yelled at Qin Sheng loudly as she said, “Did you actually dare to touch me?”

Upon finishing her words, she quickly tried to slap Qin Sheng, not planning to let him go easily. Of course, Qin Sheng would not let her have her way. He immediately got hold of her arms. Instead of giving him up right away, the beauty kicked at Qin Sheng’s crotch without any hesitation. Qin Sheng grabbed her beautiful legs once again, turned around, and confined her in his arms. At this time, the way they looked was quite ambivalent. Fortunately, she was dressed in safety shorts. Otherwise, she would have been had a baring accident. Undoubtedly, safety shorts were a big obstacle to humanity’s progress.

Feeling both ashamed and indignant, the beauty struggled as she said, “Let go of me.”

Qin Sheng snorted as he said, “I can loosen you. But you can’t be all hands.”

As the saying goes, better to bend than break. So, she snorted as she said, “Okay. I promise you.”

Qin Sheng let go of her out of his trust of her. Hardly had he just released her when she kicked at him directly and mercilessly. Fortunately, Qin Sheng was already prepared in advance. Dodging backward in a hurry, he snorted as he said, “What the predecessors in ancient times have said is quite true. As expected, only women and flunkies are hard to live in peace with.”

“You are a ruffian. Do you know who I am? You actually dare to bully me. You will have a hard life in the future.” The beauty was so angry that she kept stamping her feet, no longer looking cold and noble.

Qin Sheng shrugged as he said, “We are even now. We owe each other nothing.”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng was about to turn around and leave. The beauty who drove the Ferrari snorted as she said, “Could it be a trick you use to hit on a girl? At least you should leave your number or WeChat account to me. Otherwise, how can I contact you next time?”

“I have a girlfriend who is much more beautiful than you, so I am not interested in you,” Qin Sheng said quite bluntly.

She sneered as she said, “You are bluffing, right? Could someone be more beautiful than me? Don’t expect that you can attract me and get an advantage by making a concession.”

“You are boring,” Qin Sheng murmured. After that, he left mercilessly.

Instead, she questioned him closely and asked, “My name is Qingyu. What’s your name?”

“Qin Sheng,” he replied without ever looking back.

A shrewdness showed up on the corner of the beauty’s lips. She murmured in secret, “All right. As long as I know your name, I will find you in the end. At that time, you will have to kneel down and beg for my forgiveness. Hmph!”

By the time Qin Sheng got back to the place Cao Da was, they had already almost finished the golf match. Cao Da had noticed what had happened on the other side, more or less. He had also witnessed how Qin Sheng and the beauty had pestered each other.

“Is that beautiful girl your girlfriend?” Cao Da asked casually.

Qin Sheng said flatly, “She sort of is.”

“I have seen her playing golf here frequently. Many young people have gone over there to hit on her. Unfortunately, they all left sulkily in the end. Surprisingly, Little Qin actually knows this beauty,” Lao Zhao said in a semi-joking way.

“That’s quite good. After all, it’s not a man’s fault at all to have several females to be intimate with. As the saying goes, beauties always like heroes, which has been a universal truth from ancient times.” Lao Yang laughed happily as he spoke. If he were a young man, of course, he would also not let go of such a beauty. After all, speaking of going after women, in order not to miss any potential one, all men needed to cast a very wide net.

Cao Da shook his head helplessly as he said, “All right. Let’s play a while more. After that, we can have dinner together. I have already arranged it. Don’t expect to run away tonight, Lao Yang and Lao Zhao. You two need to drink more.”

Qin Sheng went on to accompany several old men to play golf. He did not even bother to pay attention to the beauty who drove the Ferrari. Oh, her name was Qingyu, which was quite tasteful. By the time Qin Sheng recollected her name, he lifted his head, looked over, and found that the beautiful girl named Qingyu had already disappeared.

At about five o’clock, the golf match between several old men came to an end finally. Since their drivers were all waiting outside, they all left first. Qin Sheng would pay the bill with Cao Da’s membership card first. After that, he would rush over there and accompany them.

When he went to the parking lot to fetch his car after finishing up, he found the beauty named Qingyu sitting in her Ferrari. At this time, she had already gotten changed and was wearing a pink dress.

Biting her red lips, Qingyu said in a tempting manner, “Hey handsome, we meet each other again.”

Qin Sheng did not bother to pay attention to her. He was about to leave straight away. Surprisingly, at this time, a strong muscular man stood in front of him and stopped him. Obviously, he was a helper hired by Qingyu. Qin Sheng stared at her. She sneered as she said, “You expect that you can just run away easily after taking advantage of me, right? It’s not that easy at all. Xiaosong, deal with him seriously and let him remember this lesson well.”

“Okay, young lady.” The muscular man named Xiaosong nodded slightly. After finishing his words, he directly rushed at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng was already speechless. Could it be that today was not a suitable date for him to go out, which had been clearly indicated on the calendar, and he also forgot to check it before going out today? How could he have run into such beauty, who was persistent in playing against him?

Qin Sheng did not have much time to think further. After all, he needed to solve the most urgent trouble currently. He had no choice but to face his enemy helplessly. He only heard Qingyu by his side say, “Xiaosong, don’t be lenient on him. Beat him badly.”

This beauty named Qingyu who drove a Ferrari actually liked to make a big scene.

Speaking of the muscular man, who looked strong in appearance, he actually was weak in reality. As a result, Qin Sheng did not give a damn about the threat lying in front of him at all. Even if his opponent was really powerful, he was confident that he would not be in a disadvantageous position.

By the time the man rushed in front of him and threw a blow at him, Qin Sheng had already figured out his method of fighting. He dodged sideways with ease. After that, the man struck at him with an elbow, and Qin Sheng dodged the blow successfully again. However, this time, instead of being lenient, Qin Sheng hit the man’s stomach directly with a blow, making him take two steps back.

Qin Sheng yelled to Qingyu by his side as he said, “If you don’t ask your friend to stop, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Qingyu replied in disapproval, “Don’t be lenient. I didn’t ask you to do that.”

This time, Qin Sheng really got angry. When the man directly kicked at him, he also kicked back at him, striking him on his knee. The man felt so much pain that his face writhing in agony. He was even somewhat unstable when he landed on the ground.

Qin Sheng edged forward and got hold of the man’s arms. Using his elbow, he hit his chest with two blows. The man staggered backward several steps. Instead of giving him the chance to fight back, Qin Sheng immediately smacked him with his shoulders, making him take several steps backward again. He struck out another kick between the man’s legs, turned around, and exerted great effort to throw the man two meters away with a low kick.

The man fell down on the ground heavily. He felt so much pain that he could not even stand up.

Instead of bothering with the man, Qin Sheng stared at Qingyu. He snorted as he said, “Are you done fooling around?”

It did not occur to Qingyu that Qin Sheng was actually that skilled at fighting. He had beaten her friend with ease. Seeing that the matter was in a bad way now, she started her Ferrari hurriedly and intended to take off. Qin Sheng would not give her any chance at all. He rushed over with a big stride and pulled out the key of the Ferrari.

At this time, Qingyu had already admitted defeat. Qin Sheng stared at her as he said, “You go ahead.”