Chapter 270 What if I Deny It?

Fortunately, Qingyu was driving a Ferrari convertible. Otherwise, Qin Sheng could do nothing to her. Also, it was lucky for Qin Sheng that as a sports car, a Ferrari still needed a key to be started. It was not like most of the cars nowadays, which could be started with a button.

Qingyu had run into a tough opponent today, more or less. Originally, she had planned to get revenge after being taken advantage of by Qin Sheng. Unfortunately, she simply could not beat Qin Sheng. Instead of beating him, she suffered a double loss.

However, though Qingyu looked arrogant, she was wise enough to not fight against impossible odds. She replied hurriedly, “Handsome guy, it is just a misunderstanding. That’s all.”

Qin Sheng did not have time to mess with her. He snorted as he said, “I will take the key. You order a car by yourself and leave, which could be counted as a punishment from me, more or less. If you want to get your key back, visit me in person and apologize to me later on.”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng did not pay attention to Qingyu’s confused look anymore. He turned around and walked toward his Audi A8L. Qingyu called him from behind as she said, “Are you a gentleman or not? After all, I am a beautiful girl. Don’t you know that you should love beautiful girls tenderly?”

After walking to the front of his Audi, Qin Sheng was about to start it and leave, but then, he found that somebody had f**king deflated all four tires. Qin Sheng almost could not hold back his anger. He yelled out, “F**k!”

Who could f**king be that selfish? At this moment, Qin Sheng only got one answer. Except for this beautiful girl who drove the Ferrari and who was persistent in messing with him, he really could not figure out who else it could be.

As a result, Qin Sheng walked toward Qingyu angrily again and stared at her in an aggressive manner. Qingyu was so scared that she jumped out of the car hurriedly and ran away as she said, “If you dare to hit me, I certainly will not spare you. If you don’t believe it, you can give it a try. Don’t expect that I will be afraid of you even though you are somewhat capable. Hmph!”

Qin Sheng was in a rush to get to the villa, where Uncle Cao and other uncles were waiting for him. He could not make them wait for him for too long. Otherwise, he would probably be scolded by Uncle Cao then. As a result, after pondering on it for a while, Qin Sheng took out a business card from his pocket and placed it on the car by his side as he said, “This is my card. I am in a rush now and I don’t have time to fool around with you. I will leave in your car first. After you fix my car, call me to get your car back.”

Qingyu was hesitant. She was not sure whether she should do it or not. After all, she had just met Qin Sheng and they had barely known each other for even half a day. Also, in terms of value, her Ferrari was equal to several Audi A8Ls, which Qin Sheng was driving now. However, before she could make up her mind, Qin Sheng had already gotten into her Ferrari and started it. Since he had driven Ferrari sports cars before, he started it like an expert and left.

By the time Qingyu came to herself, Qin Sheng had already left in her Ferrari, which made her feel so angry that she kept stamping her feet. She had come across a tough opponent today, who had overwhelmed her in every aspect. However, it was her own fault. After all, it was she who had deflated all of Qin Sheng’s tires.

After sighing heavily, Qingyu picked up the business card that Qin Sheng had placed on the car by her side. She murmured, “Vice President of Yuanda Holding Company. Hey, you actually are quite capable. Though you look so young, you are already a president. No wonder you are so arrogant. Let’s see how I am going to deal with you.”

When Qin Sheng arrived at the villa, the dinner just began. Several uncles were chatting with each other and waiting for his arrival. None of them inquired about why Qin Sheng had shown up late. Instead, they asked Qin Sheng to sit down hurriedly.

As a junior, Qin Sheng acted as a lubricant over dinner. He was already used to dealing with this group of old men. He chimed in on their topics and accompanied them to drink a few glasses of wine at times. The dinner went on with a lively atmosphere. Qin Sheng’s performance at dinner was remarkable. He did not steal others’ thunder. No wonder Cao Da was willing to let Qin Sheng get in touch with his circle and his friends now. Sometimes, Cao Da even sighed with emotion and thought, “If Qin Sheng really is my son, I do not need to worry about anything at all.” Unfortunately, Qin Sheng was not his son in reality.

After dinner, Qin Sheng urged all of the drivers to take the elders back home safe and sound. Of course, he also remembered to give each driver a red envelope as a gift, which contained cash inside. After all, they had been waiting outside the whole night.

It was not until he was done with all these issues that he had time to call Lin Su. Surprisingly, Lin Su spoke in advance. “I was also about to call you.”

“What’s happened? Have you come across any issues there?” Qin Sheng asked anxiously. Since Lin Su was in a strange place and he was not by her side, he was sometimes concerned that Lin Su would encounter a mishap. Most importantly, speaking of the places they visited, they were all remote and desolate villages. As the saying goes, rogues always live in barren and dangerous surroundings. Consequently, Qin Sheng at times really wanted to convince Lin Su to get another job instead of sticking with the current one.

Lin Su, who had just taken a shower after returning to the hotel and was about to rest, said depressedly, “The members in my family already knew we were in Hangzhou. Lin Yue just called to inform me about this.”

This news made Qin Sheng become nervous in an instant. It did not occur to him that the Lin family would know about their news so quickly. However, when pondering it, he found out since the Lin family’s base camp was right in Zhejiang and most of their businesses also prospered in Hangzhou, it was not at all difficult for them to be informed about the news that Qin Sheng and Lin Su were both in Hangzhou. As a matter of fact, based on the Lin family’s capability, it was already a little late for them to learn this news. Consequently, Qin Sheng had earned much more time for himself.

Qin Sheng was silent for a while. After that, he comforted Lin Su as he said, “Don’t worry. If they know it, then that’s it. We are in Hangzhou and just under their noses. They will be informed sooner or later. You continue attending to your own business trip. I will call you if anything arises.”

Lin Su shook her head as she said, “I’m fine. What I fear is that they may plot against you. So you need to watch out in the coming days. After I go back, we will talk about everything. Whatever we come across, we will face it together.”

“I know.” The two simple words that Qin Sheng said indicated that he and Lin Su trusted each other well. After that, he continued comforting Lin Su and urged her to take care of herself well there. Then, he hung up.

At this moment, Cao Da and his two friends all left. Sitting on the sofa, Qin Sheng was at a loss. He had asked the servant to make a pot of tea for him to sober himself up.

All of his friends knew that he showed up in front of everybody after he had disappeared for such a long time. They even knew that he had headhunted a group of people, including Yu Fengzhi, to Hangzhou. If the Lin family was still kept in the dark, he would be somewhat speechless by that.

Since the Lin family now knew the news of him and Lin Su, what about Yan Chaozong? This was where Qin Sheng’s confusion lay. Did Yan Chaozong know about this or not? However, in Qin Sheng’s opinion, based on the relationship between the Lin family and the Yan family, it was just a matter of time before Yan Chaozong was also informed. Consequently, Qin Sheng had to be prepared for embracing the furious storm on the way.

After drinking several cups of tea, Qin Sheng was about to discuss this issue with Chang Baji. Apparently, he needed to be careful in the upcoming days. He was not willing to be put in the same situation as he had experienced last time. After all, he was not a cat demon, which had multiple lives.

At this time, a strange number called. Qin Sheng was hesitant for a while, after which he put it through and said, “Hello. Who is it?”

“What the hell? You actually are asking who this is? You are such a dirty ruffian. Return my car to me quickly. I am waiting for you at the entrance of the Queen Club. Be quick. Call me when you arrive.” Qingyu interspersed her talk with curses as she spoke, having just arrived in the Queen Club to drink and have fun.

Qin Sheng sneered as he said, “It turns out it is you. You actually are so bold. Aren’t you afraid that I have already sold your Ferrari?”

“It’s OK if that car is gone. Since I definitely can find you, as long as you don’t feel regret, you can sell the car at your own free will. After all, it is just a crappy car, isn’t it?” Qingyu snorted. She simply did not take Qin Sheng’s threat seriously.

Instead of talking bullshit with her, Qin Sheng, who was not in a good mood, replied, “See you later.”

Upon finishing his words, he hung up directly, which made Qingyu so angry that she cursed as she said, “You actually dare to hang up my call. How bold you are.”

“Qingyu, who on earth is it? He actually has made you so angry,” a beautiful girl by her side asked. She sensed subconsciously that Qingyu had looked pretty moody today, as was still muttering to herself continuously over dinner.

Qingyu shook her head as she said, “Nobody, except for an idiot. That’s all.”

Since Qin Sheng had drunk some wine previously, of course he could not drive. As a result, he called over a bodyguard in the villa who knew how to drive and asked him to accompany him there. The meeting location was the Queen Club and Yun Ding was just around the corner, so of course Qin Sheng was not afraid that a mishap would happen to him.

Never had the security guard driven a Ferrari before, and he was driving in a somewhat cautious manner. So Qin Sheng had to spend some time teaching him how to drive. After that, they started to head toward the Queen Club.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the entrance of the Queen Club. Qin Sheng told the security guard to order a taxi by himself and go home first. After that, he called Qingyu and said, “I am already at the entrance. Come out quickly.”

“Wait there,” Qingyu said pretty reluctantly.

After calling Qingyu, Qin Sheng waited there for her for nearly a full half-hour. He knew she had to be doing it on purpose. So he did not bother to pay attention to her. He called Song Wei and asked him to come out for a chat if he had nothing to do.

A while later, Song Wei met with Qin Sheng. He asked confusedly, “What’s going on here? Since you are already at the entrance, why you don’t go up and sit there for a while?”

“Forget it. I ran into something troublesome today,” Qin Sheng said, feeling helpless and speechless. Consequently, he told Song Wei about what had happened today in detail. After hearing Qin Sheng’s story, Song Wei failed to hold himself back and burst into laughter immediately, which made Qin Sheng feel more depressed.

Smiling happily, Song Wei teased him by saying, “Oh, that’s why. I was just confused about why you were equipped with a new car, which is even a Ferrari convertible sportscar. Obviously, that is not your style at all. It turns out that you had a love affair today.”

Qin Sheng sighed helplessly as he said, “It was not a love affair at all. Obviously, it was love trouble. I must have owed her in my previous life.”

Before they spoke about more details, Qingyu had already come out of the Queen Club, leading four to five men. She easily found Qin Sheng, who stood by the roadside. After that, she questioned him in a demanding manner as she said, “Give me back the key to my car.”

“Where is my car?” Qin Sheng was not overwhelmed by the numerous strength on his opponent’s side. Since Yun Ding was just nearby, he could call over dozens of security guards with a casual and random order, so of course he was not afraid of them at all. Plus, only an idiot would create a scene in this kind of lively and prosperous location. If they did so, the patrol officers would arrive here soon.

Song Wei was quite insightful. He called and ordered the head of the Security Guard Department to send several security guards here right away.

“Hey. Originally, I thought you were bold and afraid of nothing. It turns out you also have a helper,” Qingyu said disdainfully.

Qin Sheng snorted as he said, “It turns out you did the same. I have to watch out when it comes to dealing with a woman like you. After all, not every woman dares to deflate tires.”

Qingyu replied deprecatingly, “Not every man bullies women. You are a dirty ruffian.”

“You…” Qin Sheng was in a rage.

Qingyu snorted as she said, “Could it be that you intend to beat me again? Try it today and see what will happen to you.”

Hardly had Qingyu finished her words when four or five strong muscular men stepped forward two steps. Apparently, as long as Qingyu waved her hands, they would kill Qin Sheng.

At this time, the security guards of Yun Ding also rushed over. Song Wei indicated for several of them to stay then handed the key over to one of them, telling him to go over to see if Qin Sheng’s car was in a normal condition.

When they were clashing against each other in a tense manner, another man who was dressed in Western-style clothes and leather shoes walked over. There were two underlings behind him. Apparently, he was not an ordinary person at all, who simply was not at the same level as the four or five strong muscular men at Qingyu’s side.

Upon seeing the man dressed in Western clothes and leather shoes walking over, Qingyu quickly changed the expression on her face. Holding the man’s hands, she said in frustration, “Brother, you are finally here. It was him who had bullied me.”

Squinting his eyes, Qin Sheng eyed the man in front of him up and down. It turned out he was about 35 or 36 years old. He had an extraordinary temperament. The look in his eyes was fierce. Qin Sheng had no choice but to be mindful of him.

After walking to the front of Qin Sheng, the man asked straightforwardly, “It’s you who has bullied my sister, right?”

Of course, Qin Sheng was not willing to take the blame. Instead, he asked rhetorically, “What if I deny it?”