Chapter 271 The Dugu Family

Qingyu, who could drive a Ferrari, also visited the golf club and the Queen Club often. Plus, her temperament was quite cranky. Consequently, it could be easily seen that she was a fair-skinned, beautiful lady from a rich family who did not lack any money. As the saying goes, skills and tactics are needed to reincarnate into a rich family.

Since Qin Sheng did not intend to get into a conflict with his counterpart, he was not willing to take any of the blame. He directly denied every charge made against him, which made Qingyu feel so angry that she pointed at his nose and cursed him as she said, “Though you dared to act, you dare not bear the consequences. Are you a genuine man or not?”

Qin Sheng lashed out at her directly and said, “Unless you are blind, you must know how to tell a man and a woman apart.”

Upon hearing this counterattack, Qingyu did not know how to fight back momentarily. When he saw his sister’s dejected look, the man with the great temperament in front of Qin Sheng almost failed to hold himself back and burst into laughter.

Previously, due to the dim light, he had not recognized Qin Sheng. However, he had already recognized Qin Sheng’s facial appearance now. Thus, he said calmly, “It did not occur to me that it was actually you.”

Qin Sheng said in surprise, “Do we know each other?”

“Though you don’t know me, I do know you. Your name is Qin Sheng. Back when the competition was taking place in Boss Hu’s boxing field, I took my friends there to enjoy the contest. You made the best of the wind in the end and caused Yuan Ke to lose any dignity,” the man said slowly.

Upon hearing this sentence, Qin Sheng came to his senses. He had indeed run into a spectator who had attended the contest.

Qingning changed his attitude all of a sudden. He chuckled as he said, “I am Qingning. This is my sister, Qingyu. The way I see it, you must have misunderstood each other. My sister has a bad temper, but I hope you can forgive her if she offended you.”

The originally tense atmosphere disappeared in a flash, making Qin Sheng feel somewhat surprised. He had thought that he might need to strike out and fight and he had been fully prepared for that. After all, Qingyu was not easy to deal with. Surprisingly, her brother was quite modest. Consequently, Qin Sheng could naturally not act anymore. He was anxious to end this misunderstanding soon. Though he could not get into a fight with Qingyu, he could still avoid her.

After taking one step back on his own, Qin Sheng said, “You are acting politely. There are also some faults on my side.”

Qingning chuckled as he said, “If you don’t mind, we could become friends. This is my name card. I will treat you to drinks and food one day. I am somewhat familiar with Yang Deng.”

“Oh?” Qin Sheng, who was more surprised by this news, took the name card calmly and handed over his name card to him at the same time.

“Brother, what do you mean?” Qingyu asked, feeling pretty unhappy.

While putting his arms around Qingyu’s shoulders, Qingning said, “Well, I know you quite well. You have never been bullied by anyone. It is always you who bullies others. I have asked Xiaosong about this issue. You actually deflated his tires and even asked Xiaosong to beat him. Unfortunately, Xiaosong is not as skilled as he is.”

When Qingyu was undermined by her own brother like this, she felt somewhat awkward and said in a cute manner, “Brother…”

Suddenly, the security guard ran back and handed the key to Song Wei, saying that he had finished checking the car and found nothing wrong with it. After nodding quietly, Song Wei returned the key to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng took the key and said gently, “Since we have cleared up this misunderstanding, we will leave first. I hope we get a chance to meet again in the future.”

Qingning took the initiative to stretch out his hand and said, “Okay, see you next time. I’m so sorry for all the inconveniences caused this time.” In accordance with his social status, he was quite modest and preferred to keep a low profile, unlike his sister, Qingyu.

They shook hands with each other, which could be considered an indication that they had resolved the misunderstanding. At first, due to what Qingyu had done, Qin Sheng had been in a bad mood. Fortunately, her brother was kind, so he did not intend to meddle with them anymore. He immediately turned around and got ready to leave.

Qingyu, who was unwilling to submit to this result, yelled at him loudly and said, “This thing between us is not over. Why are you leaving first?”

While holding his sister back, Qingning said, “That’s enough. He’s already left. Are you planning on keeping up this show? The way I see it, you are too idle. You have nothing to do all day. I should assign you some tasks.”

When Qin Sheng was far away from them, Qingyu simmered with laugher and said, “Ha ha ha ha… Brother, who is this man? He is pretty interesting. He’s actually made me suffer from losses two consecutive times.” She was not that calculative anymore, so she looked completely different from the way she had a moment ago.

“Don’t tell me this kind of bullsh*t ever again. If you are capable, speak out in front of mom and dad. I promise they will scold you heavily. As the saying goes, girls are better when they are born with silver spoons in their mouths. Did you know that? You don’t love me dearly at all. Am I still your biological sister? Have you had any love affairs with other women outside recently? I will definitely inform my sister-in-law about this,” Qingyu said argumentatively.

Qingning was completely defeated. He had no choice but to admit his defeat in a hurry.

After Qin Sheng and Song Wei left the Queen Club, they directly entered Yunding International and arranged a private room for themselves. The manager of the Public Relations Department, Yin Jing, went into the private room right away to serve the two big bosses in person. Song Wei had already notified her early that if Qin Sheng was seen walking into Yunding International, she would certainly need to serve him on her own the whole time.

Qin Sheng had always wondered why such a beauty would get such a name, which sounded somewhat thought-provoking in an evil way.

“President Qin, do you know who you talked with a moment ago?” Song Wei asked with great interest. He had been hanging around Hangzhou for many years and had seen various people from different walks of life.

Surprised, Qin Sheng asked, “Who? Do you know them, Brother Song? I really have no idea who they were. Without the interlude that happened today, we would probably not have connected with each other.”

“That is not certain. As long as you continue hanging around Zhejiang, President Qin, you will communicate with their family members sooner or later,” Song Wei said happily. Since Cao Da had taken a back seat and started leading a joyful life in his old days, Qin Sheng had taken in all of Cao Da’s connections. It was estimated that he would not submit to leading an ordinary life. Of course, he would build his own career and empire sooner or later. That was why Song Wei had abandoned Lao Zhou and turned to support Qin Sheng, who was a potential big boss. Though he did not know what Qin Sheng would think of him, he was sure that as long as he did not do anything inappropriate, he certainly would rise along with Qin Sheng.

After hearing Song Wei’s words, Qin Sheng felt even more surprised. Thus, he looked at him closely and said, “Brother Song, tell me all the details.”

“The man with the graceful bearing is the eldest son of the Dugu family, Dugu Qingning, whom I’ve met by accident on several occasions. However, we did not connect at all. After all, becoming friends with him was out of my league. Since we know who Dugu Qingning is, the identity of the beauty is obvious. She is the youngest daughter of the Dugu family, Dugu Qingyu. She also has a sister named Dugu Qinghe, who is said to have married an influential young master in Beijing. Her husband’s family is quite powerful and influential in Beijing. The two families were old friends through various generations, so this marriage could be considered an alliance between two strong families.” Song Wei shared every detail of the Dugu family with Qin Sheng. Speaking of the individuals who ranked at the top of Zhejiang, the members of the Dugu family definitely topped the list, which, of course, did not include glamorous local tycoons. The level and state the Dugu family had achieved so far was not limited to the Zhejiang region.

After hearing all these details, Qin Sheng was quite stupefied. It had not occurred to him that a connection between him and the Dugu family had actually been formed today, which was quite interesting. Such an event had a small probability of happening, yet it had happened to him.

So far, Qin Sheng had gotten into touch with Third Master Wu, the Old Monk, Boss Hu, and the Dugu family. A magnificent show that depicted the good and bad blood between different families was about to take place.

“So that is what this is. I actually met both the son and the daughter of the Dugu family today. However, these siblings are quite different character-wise, which made a somewhat stark contrast. Dugu Qingning keeps a low profile and stays modest. Dugu Qingyu is arrogant and unruly. I wonder what Dugu Qinghe is like?” Qin Sheng asked thoughtfully.

Song Wei smiled happily as he said, “I did meet Dugu Qinghe by chance. It would be somewhat superficial and vulgar of me to describe her as a beautiful woman. She has an elegant, graceful bearing. Speaking of the men who chased after her for years, they could form two circles beside West Lake. Consequently, she ended up getting married to that young master in Beijing. That’s also one of the reasons nobody dares to provoke the Dugu family. After all, their son-in-law comes from a really powerful and influential family.”

This time, Yin Jing, who had been pouring wine and listening to the story, intercepted and said, “President Qin and President Song, Dugu Qingning is also quite handsome. In the beginning, he was actually the vice-president of the Student Union at Zhejiang University, where I graduated. He definitely was one of the most beautiful camp-kings. There was a big number of female juniors who chased after him or had a crush on him, and I was one of them. However, at the time, nobody knew about his family background. That’s all.”

Qin Sheng, who found this funny, said, “It did not occur to me that you actually graduated from Zhejiang University, Beauty Yin. In that case, a lot of young men must also have courted you.”

“Of course,” Yin Jing replied proudly. As for why she would become the Public Relations Department manager of this place, although she had been an outstanding student who had graduated from Zhejiang University, her life had been full of twists and turns. Qin Sheng was not interested in the details. After all, twists and turns were quite common in everybody’s lives.

Qin Sheng and Song Wei did not chat with each other for a long time. Soon, Gu Qingyang and Hao Lei were also there. They all drank wine and chatted randomly. Since Song Wei was already on Qin Sheng’s side, he got along with Hao Lei and Gu Qingyang quite well. As a worldly, wise man, he naturally knew how to conduct himself in society.

Qin Sheng did not stay too long in Yunding International. After all, he could not stand in these people’s way. They were all busy attending to their own chores. The business of Yunding had been quite prosperous recently. After all, its geographical location was advantageous and superior.

Qin Sheng dumped his car in Yunding. Then, he ordered a car to meet Chang Baji. When he left Yunding, he stared at the Star East across him thoughtfully. Cao Da had been anxious to retrieve the Star East right from the beginning. It was unknown when he would help him make this petty wish come true. When that happened, he could offer it as a reward to Cao Da for what he had done for him.

He and Chang Baji had agreed to meet at a food stall by the roadside. They would enjoy some barbecue and drink beer there. Qin Sheng enjoyed this kind of life the most. Although he might be mocked as a loser by many people due to his lifestyle, he could be considered an important figure more or less.

Chang Baji was already there. Since he knew what was Qin Sheng’s favorite, he had already placed the order. After sitting down, Qin Sheng immediately started eating. To Qin Sheng, the so-called table delicacies from the land and sea that he had eaten over dinner really could not be considered as solid as a bowl of oil spill noodles. Thus, he was already hungry.

“You told me over the phone that you had something to discuss with me. What is it?” It was not until Chang Baji saw that Qin Sheng had enjoyed quite a lot of food that he picked up his glass and made a toast with Qin Sheng. Though he had rarely drunk previously, it was unrealistic for him not to drink at a place like Poly International. However, while drinking, he tried his best to draw a fine line.

After putting down the wine glass, Qin Sheng lifted his head, stared at Chang Baji, and said pretty solemnly, “The Lin Family already knew we were in Hangzhou. It’s estimated that Yan Chaozong knew as well.”

Upon hearing this news, Chang Baji was speechless. Just like Qin Sheng had thought, this situation would take place sooner or later. After all, Qin Sheng had been in Hangzhou for a long time right under their noses. Moreover, now that Qin Sheng had achieved this social status, if the Lin family and Yan Zhaozong were still in the dark, they would be simply blind.

In a black Mercedes S600L parked by the roadside around the corner, Yan Chaozong put his arms around the beautiful camp-queen, staring at Qin Sheng and Chang Baji intently as they were drinking beer at the barbecue food stall by the roadside. The look in his eyes was quite complex, which made the beautiful camp-queen by his side feel somewhat confused. However, she did not ask why. Instead, she snuggled up to Yan Chaozong as if she were a small wounded cat.