Chapter 272: I Am Waiting Right Here

When it came to the relationship between men and women, no one was at fault. Qin Sheng was not wrong, neither was Lin Su. Of course, the same applied to Yan Chaozong. However, some things they had done for the sake of love were wrong, which had led to a bitter result and a feeling of gratitude or resentment. It had occurred to none of them that things would end up this way. Nobody wanted to see the current situation take place.

As the saying went, a marriage between families of an equal social rank was the most perfect match, which made sense. However, love was the prerequisite of marriage. Only the purest love could lead to the most perfect marriage. If marriage and love were mixed up with many other things, of course, they would become disgusting and revolting. This was especially true when it came to Lin Su’s marriage and love.

Consequently, instead of choosing Yan Chaozong, who was of an equal social rank with her, she had chosen Qin Sheng, who could go through thick and thin with her.

However, nobody wanted to bear the consequences caused by her choice. Qin Sheng almost lost his life. Both the Yan family and the Lin family felt disgraced about losing their dignity. Consequently, as the saying went, if the beginning was a mistake, whatever happened later on would also be a mistake.

Upon thinking about what had happened previously, Yan Chaozong still could not understand why he had been beaten by Qin Sheng and why Lin Su had chosen Qin Sheng over him. Could Qin Sheng be really amazing and remarkable? Or were there any other reasons behind this choice?

However, it was impossible for him to forgive both Qin Sheng and Lin Su…

Yan Chaozong had been staring at both Qin Sheng and Chang Baji for more than ten minutes, when the beautiful camp-queen could not help but ask in the end, “Brother, who are they?”

Yan Chaozong replied inexplicably, “Two old friends.”

“In that case, why didn’t you get out of the car to meet them?” The beautiful camp-queen simply did not know what had happened. She really mistook these two individuals for Yan Chaozong’s friends.

Yan Chaozong shook his head as he said, “It’s not the time to meet them yet. When that time comes, of course, we will meet each other. Feng He, let’s go.”

Feng He started the Mercedes and glimpsed at both Chang Baji and Qin Sheng in a resentful manner. His goal was to be capable enough to challenge Chang Baji. He was not resigned to getting beaten by Chang Baji last time.

It definitely did not occur to either Chang Baji or Qin Sheng that Yan Chaozong was watching over them around the corner. This time, they were an easy target out there, and Yan Chaozong was in the dark. However, even if they knew about Yan Chaozong’s information, what else could they do? It was impossible for Qin Sheng to directly rush over and get Yan Chaozong killed to take revenge.

“If they know, let it be. They will know sooner or later. However, there is a problem. How are you going to deal with them?” Chang Baji said slowly.

Qin Sheng sighed as he said, “It’s happening too quickly. Based on our current strength in Hangzhou, we still cannot withstand the attack coming from the Lin family and Yan Chaozong. If they were kept in the dark for six more months, even if I lost at the time, I would not suffer a heavy defeat.”

Chang Baji sighed gently as he said, “You are a bit too pessimistic. It is not necessarily certain that you will lose in the end. At least, you are in Hangzhou now. Compared to the time you were in Shanghai, you get many more cards to play with. They are Zhuang Zhou, Cao Da, Xue Qingyan, Master Liu, Yang Deng, and Luo Changgong. As long as you can exploit their connections well, it is not necessarily definite that they won’t help you. There is a powerful force behind all these people. As long as they can help you restrain the Lin Family, it will do. Moreover, I hear that both the Yan Family and the Lin Family have had quite a turbulent life recently. In that case, some people will try to profit in troubled times.”

“Yang Deng asked me to accompany him to Putuo to celebrate the birthday of Third Master Wu this week. In your opinion, should I go or not?” Qin Sheng was asking for Chang Baji’s advice.

Chang Baji replied in a low voice, “I know you are not willing to go there. However, you have no choice but to do it this time. Even if you need to put on a show, you have to stick until the end. If you get connected to Third Master Wu, you will have more bargaining chips. Then, all you will need is time.”

“Okay, I will go,” Qin Sheng said, nodding without any hesitation. Speaking of the things that he was not willing to do, he had to get them done now. After all, he was not doing this for himself. There were many people standing behind him.

After Chang Baji pondered it for a while, he made an arrangement and said, “In order to avoid the situation that took place last time, I will ask Gu Qingyang and Gu Xiaobo to be your drivers during these days. Wherever you go, they will always stand by your side. They will work in two shifts to guarantee that nothing will happen to you.”

Of course, Qin Sheng had no problem with Chang Baji’s arrangements. If he had Gu Qingyang and Gu Xiaobo by his side, his safety would be somewhat guaranteed.

By the time they finished drinking, it was almost early in the morning. Gu Qingyang immediately rushed to the food stall and escorted Qin Sheng back to the Golden Coast. When he left with Qin Sheng, Chang Baji entrusted him with some information. After hearing what Chang Baji had said, Gu Qingyang nodded solemnly. He seemed to be promising Chang Baji something.

On his way back home, Qin Sheng told Gu Qingyang as he smiled happily, “Qinyang, you have been working hard these days. Thanks for your effort.”

Gu Qingyang, who was simple-minded, shook his head and said, “Brother Qin, it is my duty.”

Qin Sheng knew Gu Qingyang’s personality and temperament well. Thus, he did not talk much with him. Instead, he kept looking outside the windows. Although it was pretty late in the evening, people had not settled down yet. He wondered how many people were in the same situation he was in. Faced with such an environment, they all had no choice but to make up their minds.

After going back to the Golden Coast, Qin Sheng locked himself in the study. He smoked continuously, lighting up cigarettes one after another. He had barely escaped with his life with great difficulty. Of course, he was not willing to plunge himself into the dead valley again.

After pondering this for an hour, Qin Sheng first made a call to Zhuang Zhou, who had pulled him back from the jaws of death. It was not until several seconds had passed that the call was picked up. Qin Sheng had rarely ever called Zhuang Zhou. The same applied to Zhuang Zhou. Perhaps, the relationship between the two men was quite straightforward. However, Lin Su greeted Zhuang Zhou often. After all, he was Qin Sheng’s savior.

“Uncle Zhuang, have you not fallen asleep yet?” Qin Sheng greeted him in a respectful manner.

Zhuang Zhou, who was in the area along the Northeast border, said in a deep voice, “I am still outside. I have not gone back home yet. You rarely call me. Could there have been a mishap?”

Instead of making small talk and elaborating, Qin Sheng got straight to the point and said, “They knew that I am in Hangzhou.”

Zhuang Zhou was at a loss for a while before he replied, “I get it. I will call you back later.”

Upon finishing this sentence, Zhuang Zhou hung up. While listening to the busy tone over the phone, Qin Sheng wondered what Uncle Zhuang’s answer would be.

After Zhuang Zhou hung up the call, he immediately called Gongsun. Upon hearing the details, instead of feeling anxious, Gongsun was somewhat happy. Why?

Because he disliked the Lin Family and the Yan Family so much. The livelier they were, the more determined his Master would become to deal with them.

The situation this time was completely different from last time. As long as they made any movement, they would get relative retaliation, which was a price they would have to pay. As the saying went, when two dogs strived for a bone, a third one ran away with it. Someone would always gain extra profit out of a commotion.

By this time, Qin Changan had already fallen asleep. As a result, Gongsun planned to inform him about this news tomorrow.

The second call Qin Sheng made was to Xue Qingyan. Since he was not sure whether Xue Qingyan had fallen asleep or not, he felt somewhat regretful for making such a call. Was he becoming so anxious that he had fallen into disarray first?

Luckily, the call was picked up.

“Qin Sheng, why are you calling me at such a late time? Is there an issue?” Instead of giving Qin Sheng a chance to greet him, Xue Qingyan took the initiative to speak out first.

Qin Sheng did not plan on informing her about the news. Instead, he said, “Sister, I consent to the thing you brought up last time.”

Xue Qingyan had just arrived home. After drinking some red wine tonight, she felt somewhat drunk. Upon hearing Qin Sheng’s words, she did not come back to her senses immediately. Consequently, she asked in surprise, “What is it?”

Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said slowly, “I will acknowledge Master Liu as my teacher.”

Sensing that something was wrong with Qin Sheng, Xue Qingyan questioned him closely and asked, “Qin Sheng, has there been a mishap? You can speak out frankly. It is not necessary for you to work too hard. As your sister, I don’t want to see you wrong yourself.”

Qin Sheng had been trying to convince himself. However, upon hearing what Xue Qingyan had said, he felt somewhat hesitant. As a result, he was silent again. He did not know what to say next.

Xue Qingyan frowned as she said, “Why are you silent?”

Qin Sheng gave up in the end. It was not necessary to go that far yet. Consequently, he made an amendment quickly and said, “Because I want Master Liu to do me a favor.”

“What is it? You can tell me,” Xue Qingyan said with concern.

Grinding his teeth, Qin Sheng said, “An elder is going to celebrate his birthday this week. I want to ask Master Liu to make a painting for me. However, I don’t know how to take the initiative to voice my request. It would be easier if I acknowledged him as my teacher first.”

“Is it necessary for you to go that far because of such a petty issue? I don’t know how to scold you for that. You don’t need to attend this event anymore. I will call Master Liu tomorrow. When the time comes, you can go there directly and talk with Master Liu.” Instead of giving Qin Sheng a chance to speak further, Xue Qingyan agreed to help him and take care of this issue right away. However, she still felt that something had gone wrong. Perhaps, due to the rising alcoholic level in her, she had not come back to her senses instantly. Otherwise, she would have found out that the excuse made on Qin Sheng’s side was feeble.

Qin Sheng replied in a hurry, “Sister, thanks a lot. I mean that sincerely.”

“Alright. I will hang up now. I need to go to sleep. I feel really sleepy.” Xue Qingyan muttered a few words as she spoke. Then, she hung up.

Since Qin Sheng was going to celebrate Third Master Wu’s birthday, he naturally needed some precious and valuable gifts. He had already figured out a solution to this problem. The painting made by Master Liu would be just one among many gifts he would send to Third Master Wu.

After he confirmed that every issue had been settled, Qin Sheng dialed Yang Deng’s cell phone number again. This should be the last call he would be making that night.

As a person who went to bed late, Yang Deng often fell asleep after two or three o’clock in the morning. Soon, he picked up the phone and teased Qin Sheng. “Are you calling to ask me out to have a drink with you? I am in G+ now. Ma Chao is also here. Are you coming over?”

Upon hearing the noisy voice over the phone, Qin Sheng said politely and subtly, “I won’t go there tonight. However, I am calling you to inform you that I consent to going to Mountain Putuo with you this week.”

“Ha ha ha ha… I knew you certainly would consent to it,” said Yang Deng, who was in a very good mood.

Instead of speaking further, Qin Sheng replied, “Okay. You attend to your own chores first. We can remain in touch by phone later on.”

After making these calls, Qin Sheng let out a long sigh.

Come on, Lin Family.

Come on, Yan Chaozong.

I am waiting right here…