Chapter 274 Who Is He?

Boss Hu’s training base lay at the foot of Mountain Tianmu, a land area of nearly one thousand acres that had been founded on the basis of a several-hundred-million capital investment. Under normal circumstances, it was also an outward-bound base for many large companies in Hangzhou. In this case, the outward-bound base would be separated from the training base for self-use.

That day, Qin Sheng arrived at the training base along with Chang Baji. He also wanted to see how powerful Boss Hu was on his own. After he arrived at the training base, as expected, he was shocked. Boss Hu was pretty abundant. It was said that Boss Hu got along with the military region well. Numerous scouts and special forces who had retired from the army would start their career here. Many bosses would also come to pick out their bodyguards and drivers. No wonder neither Third Master Wu nor the Old Monk dared to offend the Hu Family.

The recent game held by Boss Hu was set on New Year’s Day. The news would be announced in a few days. When that time came, each notable financer would find players at a high price. After all, they could earn quite a large amount of commission out of each game as well as additional income by gambling.

Qin Sheng had a discussion with Chang Baji about whom they should send out to take part in the game. Since Chang Baji had been pretty occupied recently, he did not have time to go out and look for candidates. Consequently, they decided to send both Gu Qingyang and Gu Xiaobo to participate in the game. Based on their capabilities, as long as they did not take part in the last heavyweight game, they would certainly have victory in the bag. Even if they lost the game, they would not lose in a disgraceful manner.

Boss Hu implemented full militarization management at the training base, so the security of the training base was pretty strict. It was not until the sentries at the entrance directly called Boss Hu’s office that they allowed both Qin Sheng and Chang Baji to enter the training base. Then, guided by a sightseeing bus, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji rushed directly to the building, where Boss Hu’s office was.

In a vast office, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji saw Boss Hu, who was dressed in a camouflage uniform. He looked pretty formidable and completely different from how he had been when Qin Sheng had met him that day.

“Whoops. Little Qin, you are here.” Boss Hu stood up happily as he greeted Qin Sheng, which indicated that he thought highly of Qin Sheng. After all, anyone who could sit beside him was not an ordinary person.

Qin Sheng smiled happily as he said, “Boss Hu, nice to meet you again. I’m surprised that you look so much like a military man when you are wearing a camouflage uniform.”

Boss Hu smiled as he said, “Ha ha ha… You probably don’t know about my story. I was a soldier in the army for ten years. However, I made some mistakes later on. Plus, the members of my family suggested that I come back home to take over the family duties. Consequently, I retired from the army.” What he said about himself was a fact known by a lot of people in Hangzhou. It was also the reason he had chosen to establish this company that specialized in security. At first, he had done this to find a resting place for his comrades. It had not occurred to him that his company would become one of the most powerful companies that specialized in security among the whole Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

Qin Sheng was pretty surprised by this news. He respected Boss Hu earnestly and he adored military men instinctively. So far, his biggest regret was never being a soldier in his entire life. It had not occurred to him that Boss Hu had actually served in the army before. Everything related to Boss Hu seemed to take place naturally.

Qin Sheng said respectfully, “I actually did not expect this. It turns out that Boss Hu is a veteran. No wonder that you have such a perfect body.”

“It’s due to the habits I have maintained for so many years. I don’t want to become a big-bellied middle-aged man who gets exhausted by drinking and womanizing and is afflicted by several ailments when he gets old. In that case, what is the point of being vastly wealthy?” Boss Hu replied happily.

Qin Sheng nodded as he said, “Boss Hu, there you go.”

Suddenly, Boss Hu looked at Chang Baji. He eyed this homely man up and down as he said in an approving manner, “I finally see your real appearance. Speaking of the big battle you took part in that night, it is the most amazing game I have seen in the past two years. I wonder how I should address you. Master?”

Chang Baji had been cultivating his mind for many years. Never could he play up to anybody in power. Even Qin Sheng could not understand what on earth he was after. “Boss Hu, you are flattering me. I am nothing but a rough-neck. You can just call me Lao Chang,” he said calmly.

“Lao Chang, you are being too modest. Speaking of the last move named ‘Mars Crashes the Earth’, which you played against monk Yan Qing last time, clients have been indulging in elaborating on it recently. Many people have asked me about you. Plus, quite a number of big bosses wanted to hire you for a handsome salary. However, I rejected all their offers in a subtle way,” Boss Hu said half-jokingly, as he respected Chang Baji highly.

Chang Baji did not say anything. He knew Boss Hu had said this to butter him up. That was all. He had experienced too many situations like this before.

“If you have some free time, I can show you around this small pond. The contract is being stipulated currently, but it doesn’t have any wordy clauses at all. It won’t be too late if we sign it later,” Boss Hu said, showing due respect for both Qin Sheng and Chang Baji’s feelings.

Qin Sheng chuckled as he said, “Boss Hu, I deeply appreciate your effort.”

In the following more than half an hour, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji, guided by Boss Hu, looked around the training base in an accumulator car. Although it was noon already, many training activities were still ongoing. They were almost the same as military training activities. After all, the majority of this group of instructors had officially served in the army before.

When the time they looked around, which lasted for half an hour, came to an end, Qin Sheng was stupefied. Boss Hu took them to the indoor training base, where all the instructors had gathered to await their arrival. There were more than twenty instructors there who were divided into different groups. Each group was assigned one principal. There was also one chief instructor and one deputy chief instructor. Administration and logistics were totally separated from training.

The chief instructor was a military man who was over forty years old. Following the rules of the army, he ran forward and said, “Reporting, Sir! All the instructors are here. We are waiting for further orders.”

After nodding quietly, Boss Hu said, “Be at ease.” Although he was not angry at the moment, he still projected natural dignity and power.

“Yes, sir!”

“At ease!”

Boss Hu slowly walked forward as he said, “The reason I ordered all of you to gather here is not due to anything important. I just wanted to make an announcement. We have a new team member named Chang Baji. Starting today, Chang Baji will be a special instructor here. He will offer specialized training to both you and the outstanding trainees.”

Upon hearing what Boss Hu had said, the group of instructors who were under Boss Hu’s charge was aroused in an instant. It had not occurred to any of them that Boss Hu would actually specifically get someone to train them. All of them were elites born once in a million who had been “Kings of the Army” . As a result, it was completely impossible for them to obey Chang Baji, especially the young instructors, who were ambitious and arrogant. Of course, they were not convinced by Boss Hu’s arrangement.

Qin Sheng was just a bystander who waited to see how Chang Baji would react. Anyway, he remembered clearly back when Chang Baji had freshly joined Shangshan Ruoshui and had taught the group of security guards a merciless lesson. At the time, he had successfully made them submit to him with the simplest method. Qin Sheng wondered how he would do today.

While walking forward slowly, Chang Baji lowered his head slightly and said, “Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Chang Baji. You can just call me Lao Chang later. I do not possess any amazing skills. As a jack-of-all-trades, I feel really honored about earning Boss Hu’s recognition. I will definitely do my best to be at your service. It’s said that most of you are elites from the army. In that case, of course, I am not qualified to give you any instructions. However, since Boss Hu assigned me this task, I have no choice but to force myself to do it. I know you are not convinced and want to question my capability and eligibility, so I naturally have to show you who I am.”

As the saying went, based on the situation, one had to choose between keeping a low profile or a high profile in a flexible way. Since Chang Baji was not good at currying favor, he would not deliberately get along with this group of instructors. He knew why he was here. Plus, speaking of this group of instructors, they were supposed to have a bad temper. Consequently, it was better for Chang Baji to act more straightforwardly, which was also his usual style.

After hearing Chang Baji’s words, Boss Hu was pretty satisfied. He was dying to see how Chang Baji would tame this group of jackals and tigers.

Qin Sheng smiled playfully. What Chang Baji was doing suited his usual style quite well. Chang Baji thought in secret, I don’t want to talk bullsh*t with you. Since you are all good at fighting, I will beat you down until you obey me.

You are all doubting my capability, right?

What Chang Baji had said had annoyed this group of elites. Anger filled their eyes. If it had not been for the strict rules of the training base, they would have rushed forward to beat Chang Baji earlier.

The people on the scene all expected that Chang Baji would speak further. However, Chang Baji directly took off his short-sleeved shirt, showing off his slim muscles. It was indeed amazing that a man in his 40s had such a body. At the same time, scars filled Lao Chang’s upper body, making it look more horrifying than Qin Sheng’s body. Everybody on the scene was startled by this sight. Chang Baji snorted as he said, “You are nothing at all in front of me. You brag about being elites, right? Who is the best at fighting? Step forward. Let me see how amazing you are.”

When Chang Baji finished his words, it seemed like the air was frozen for more than one second. A bang suddenly rang out. Five or six instructors took one step forward, standing out.

Of course, Chang Baji knew that this group of people had a bad temper. However, he continued provoking them by saying, “It seems you are all good at fighting, huh? I like this kind of opponent. However, I was talking about the best one.”

Boss Hu looked at the chief instructor, who directly yelled out loud and said, “Shen Congwu, dequeue.”

Shen Congwu was not among the group of people who had stepped forward on their own. Though he was not the best instructor, he certainly was the one best at fighting and he turned out to be Boss Hu’s favorite.

Shen Congwu stepped forward immediately with a bang. Then, he trotted forward with a quick step, confronting Chang Baji directly.

“Shen Congwu? That’s a good name. As the saying goes, men should engage in martial arts. Let’s fight now,” Chang Baji said in a magnificent manner.

Shen Congwu eyed Chang Baji up and down. Since he was not a boorish fellow who was out of his mind, he did not push his way by shoving around. As a special instructor hired by Boss Hu to train them, Chang Baji had to be capable. Without any skills and capabilities, nobody would dare to flaunt their prowess here. It was well-known that this place was extremely dangerous.

Even though he did not trust Chang Baji, he had no choice but to at least trust Boss Hu.

As the saying went, if the enemy did not strike out first, his counterpart should take no action either. As a result, both Chang Baji and Shen Congwu were motionless, which probably was how masters who played against each other looked like. However, could Shen Congwu be considered a master in front of Chang Baji?

It was unknown how long it had been. The weather was so hot and sultry that it left people soaked in sweat. There were not any traces of cool breeze whatsoever. By the time a drop of sweat flew down Chang Baji’s forehead toward his eyes, Shen Congwu had finally struck out and rushed over at him silently.

Instead of taking Shen Congwu seriously, Chang Baji wiped the drop of sweat off slowly. Meanwhile, Shen Congwu had already rushed over to him in the blink of an eye and kicked at Chang Baji’s shoulders.

Chang Baji stood still on the spot, not moving at all. By the time Shen Congwu stabilized himself, he had already almost kicked Chang Baji’s shoulders successfully. It was not until this moment that Chang Baji chose to fight back. He simply kicked back. However, compared to the speed and force of Shen Congwu’s kick, Chang Baji’s attack was far more ferocious.

A thump rang out.

Shen Congwu’s kick landed directly on Chang Baji’s shoulder. Chang Baji, who had already launched his attack with one foot, was almost motionless. Meanwhile, his kick aimed right at Shen Congwu’s chest.


Shen Congwu was knocked into the air. He leaned back as if he were a kite with a broken string, falling down on the ground heavily. Blood immediately gushed out of his mouth.

Everybody on the scene was stupefied by this sight.

Chang Baji, who was simply aggressive, was also really domineering.