Chapter 275 They Had a Common Objective

How long had Chang Baji been practicing martial arts?

He had been taken in as an apprentice by the elder master since his early childhood. Since he had been taught, instructed, and influenced by the elder master personally for so many years, the “Kings of the Army” simply could not be mentioned in the same breath as him. Moreover, he was highly talented, so the elder master had thought pretty highly of him and almost imparted all his skills to him. The elder master probably had been somewhat concerned about his fortune map. Consequently, he had advised Chang Baji to master more skills to keep a foothold in the society, where the weak were the prey of the strong.

Moreover, Chang Baji had gone through a lot of things over the years. He had escaped from the jaws of death many times and fought with many masters, most of whom had not been easy to deal with. When it came to practical combat experience, the so-called “Kings of the Army” could not beat him. At peaceful times, few of them had experienced authentic practical combat. The gap between them and Chang Baji was simply too large.

Consequently, instead of paying attention to this mutual exchange and fancy fighting, Chang Baji had chosen to meet all of them in a straightforward way. He intended to prove himself with his true strength. As long as he was capable enough, he would not care about any partial gain or loss.

Originally, Boss Hu had considered the instructors of his training base more or less excellent, especially the instructor named Shen Congwu, who had ranked at the top of the list many times during the competition. He had been looking forward to a ferocious battle between Chang Baji and Shen Congwu, thinking that Shen Congwu would not disappoint him.

However, it had not occurred to him that Chang Baji would win the competition in such a domineering manner, nor had he ever thought of the possibility that the most amazing instructor under his charge would actually be paralyzed by his counterpart with simply one move. He felt deeply ashamed and thought that he had spent all this money in vain. Fortunately, since he knew Qin Sheng, he eventually figured all these things out.

Qin Sheng was also surprised. He had originally thought that Chang Baji would meet these instructors in almost the same way he had met the security guards in Shangshan Ruoshui last time. It had not occurred to him that Chang Baji would meet the instructors in a more domineering and straightforward manner.

Everybody on the scene stared at Chang Baji as if they were staring at a monster, especially those instructors, who had been super arrogant a moment ago. Usually, they thought pretty highly of themselves. It was not until today that they finally understood what an authentic master should look like.

“He is the most amazing one in your eyes, isn’t he?” Chang Baji asked resolutely, mockery filling his eyes. It seemed that he simply did not give a damn about the group of people in front of him.

Chang Baji added, “To be frank, I am very disappointed. I wonder what the scoundrels who have been trained by you will be able to do in the end. They will ruin Boss Hu’s genuine reputation. In my opinion, everything you have learned is just fancy fighting. I know many of you look down upon Chinese martial arts and think of them as fake tricks to trap people. In the following days, I will make you understand what can be considered authentic traditional martial arts. You can rest assured.”

Upon finishing his words, Chang Baji stepped back to Qin Sheng’s side. Boss Hu, who felt somewhat embarrassed, did not want to stay anymore. As a result, he told the chief instructor, “Take Congwu to the medical office and tell the others to leave immediately. I hope you can learn something from what happened today. You have led too comfortable a life.”

After finishing his words, Boss Hu left along with this group of people, including Qin Sheng and Chang Baji. When he was in his office, he said in a low voice, “Lao Chang, I hope you will pay more attention to the situation taking place on my side.”

“I will try my best to do what I was entrusted with. Since I have consented to your request, I certainly will do what I’m supposed to,” Chang Baji said gently.

Boss Hu nodded quietly. Then, he walked toward Qin Sheng, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “Little Qin, I have to express my gratitude for what you have done. If you need my help in the following days, as long as I am capable, I certainly will try my best to help you.”

Qin Sheng smiled happily as he said, “Boss Hu, you are too polite.”

Of course, Qin Sheng knew those social interactions would not have a big impact within a short period. However, as the saying went, still water ran long. He believed that, as time went by, those social interactions would play their part gradually. As for the social interactions he needed to conduct with Boss Hu, he could entrust them all to Chang Baji. He firmly believed that Chang Baji could conquer Boss Hu’s training base with his personal charisma.

Since Qin Sheng already knew that this pre-known crisis was on its way, he armored himself without a stop and prepared to face his enemies. Though he had no idea when his enemies would launch their attack, he would not just sit and await his doom.

As the saying went, even though life maltreated people thousands of times, they still regarded it as their first lover. After all, there were far more beautiful things in the world. People could not simply put these beautiful things behind because of a small hardship or failure in front of them.

Third Master Wu’s birthday was drawing closer. Qin Sheng did not know what was going on with the painting “An Old Steed in the Stable” on Master Liu’s side. Of course, he intended to use this painting as a gift. However, drawing was not easy. After all, an elder like Master Liu probably could not finish this painting within 5 days. It would be too much for him based on his current spiritual state.

Besides this piece of painting, he also needed to prepare a calligraphy piece with a simple Buddha saying on it. He knew Third Master Wu believed in Buddhism. Consequently, he intended to finish the calligraphy piece with a wild-cursive style, achieving a complementary state. How he would get it done would depend on his sensation.

Qin Sheng was making the necessary preparations. Meanwhile, Yan Chaozong was not idle either. Speaking of the first confrontation between them, both of them had been sort of defeated and wounded. Yan Chaozong had lost Lin Su, and Qin Sheng had almost died. As a result, when it came to the second confrontation, neither of them wanted to be the loser.

Yan Chaozong had been in Hangzhou for several days. During this period, he had done many things. He had prepared the first appetizer for Qin Sheng. However, this was not an end, but simply a beginning.

Since Yuan Ke was Qin Sheng’s most powerful enemy in Hangzhou, Yan Chaozong had originally intended to meet him in person. Surprisingly, with the help of Lao Zheng, the Old Monk’s grandson would meet him. The Old Monk’s grandson was indeed far more important than Yuan Ke.

The place where they were going to meet was still in Amanfayun. Yan Chaozong sent the beautiful campus queen away, asking her to go shopping with her friends. Yan Chaozong naturally would not take seriously anything that could be solved by cash.

In the hall were a pot of good tea, a stick of sandalwood, and a piece of a Buddha song.

Yan Chaozong’s mind settled like still water. In the hall, only Feng He stood by his side, reporting that Qin Sheng had gone to visit Boss Hu’s security base yesterday. It had not occurred to Yan Chaozong that Qin Sheng would actually be pretty capable. Not only was he related to Third Master Wu, but he was also affiliated with Boss Hu. However, Yan Chaozong did not consider those people a big deal, as they valued their interest more than personal loyalty.

Lao Zheng walked into the yard slowly along with the Old Monk’s grandson. Yuan Ke was behind them. When it came down to playing against Qin Sheng, Yuan Ke would certainly show up and participate.

Upon walking into the yard, Lao Zheng, who looked chubby, yelled out loud and said, “Lao Yan! Ha ha ha… Get out quickly. I brought Young Master Qu here on your behalf.”

Yan Chaozong stood up gladly, smiled, and walked out as he greeted them. “I have heard about Young Master Qu in Hangzhou from many friends of mine. I am so honored to meet you in person today.”

Since the family name of the Old Monk was Qu, Young Master Qu was the Old Monk’s grandson.

Although Lao Zheng had already notified Yan Chaozong in advance, Yan Chaozong had thought that he was going to meet Yuan Ke. Surprisingly, this powerful master had come instead. Yan Chaozong thought in secret, Qin Sheng is indeed still not good at getting along with people. However, even though he was facing Young Master Qu, he was still pretty confident. Compared to the Yan Family’s background, Young Master Qu’s family background was indeed nothing.

There was a trace of viciousness at the corner of his lips as Young Master Qu stared at Yan Chaozong and said, “Oh. I’m surprised Brother Yan has ever heard of me before. You are not joking, right? I rarely go to Shanghai.”

“Speaking of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, these are not big regions at all. Consequently, any signs of disturbance or trouble will be known soon. You are pretty famous in Hangzhou,” Yan Chaozong said casually. After all, they barely knew each other. They were supposed to flatter each other when they met for the first time. This was a simple trick of social interactions.

Young Master Qu laughed out loud as he said, “However, I am famous in Hangzhou. I could not possibly compare to you, Brother Yan. Speaking of your reputation in Shanghai, it is universally known. Many people address you as the No.1 Young Master of Shanghai, right?”

Yan Chaozong did not know whether Young Master Qu was flattering him or mocking him. He chuckled as he said, “If I had been the No.1 Young Master of Shanghai, I would not have turned to you today because of this petty issue, Young Master Qu.”

Young Master Qu replied with interest, “Brother Yan, as expected, you are very straightforward. I like it. You are very interesting indeed.” Of course, he could understand the hidden meaning of Yan Chaozong’s words. It seemed that Yan Chaozong sort of looked down on him.

Lao Zheng made fun of them as he said, “Neither of you is ordinary. Stop flattering each other. Go, go, go. Let’s continue this discussion after we are all inside. It is raining outside.”

Yan Chaozong did not turn around or walk inside in a hurry. Even though Young Master Qu was right in front of him, he would not ignore Yuan Ke. After all, the people with real power in their hands would carry out the plan. Young Master Qu would probably not be that influential, as he only held a title.

Upon looking at Yuan Ke, who was at the rear, Yan Chaozong took the initiative to stretch out his hands and greet him. “You must be Brother Yuan, right?”

Yuan Ke, who was somewhat moved by Yan Chaozong’s action, replied in a hurry, “Master Yan, you are too polite.”

Of course, Yan Chaozong would not make Young Master Qu feel uncomfortable. After shaking hands with Yuan Ke and greeting him, he smiled and said, “You are two distinguished guests. Come in, please.”

When they arrived at the hall, Feng He had no choice but to act as a temporary waiter. After all, some words could not be heard by outsiders.

“According to Lao Zheng, Brother Yan asked us to come because of a common enemy. Brother Yan, since you actually rushed to Hangzhou in person to eliminate him, I wonder what he had done to offend you,” Young Master Qu said curiously.

Yan Chaozong let out a sigh as he said, “It would not be convenient for me to confess something to you. I can only tell you that there is a deeply-rooted grudge between him and me. We could not co-exist. I will definitely make him pay the price.”

Upon hearing what Yan Chaozong had said, Young Master Qu and Yuan Ke were surprised at first. Then, they were overjoyed. It had not occurred to them that Qin Sheng had actually offended such a powerful opponent. Qin Sheng was pretty good at getting into trouble.

Yuan Ke asked pretty curiously, “I heard that he was in Shanghai before. In that case, why didn’t you deal with him right away at the time? Why did you give him a chance to cause trouble in Hangzhou?”

Yan Chaozong asked out of curiosity, “I certainly planned on dealing with him right away at the time. However, due to my negligence, he ran away luckily and concealed his identity for half a year. Some time ago, I heard news of him. That’s why I am in Hangzhou now. I wonder how he offended you?”

Young Master Qu replied quite straightforwardly, “The very sight of him annoys me very much. He even dared to disgrace the Qu Family, so I can’t put up with him.”

Instead of elaborating on this bullsh*t, Yuan Ke smiled gently and said, “Speaking of the grudge between him and me, there is just too much going on. It’s a long story, so I will just skip it.”

Yan Chaozong could tell that both of them resented Qin Sheng very much. As a result, he said, “In that case, we have a common objective. The way I see it, if we united, even if he had nine lives, he would not survive our torture.”

Young Master Qu, who liked this kind of wording, said excitedly, “Ha ha ha ha! Let’s hold a discussion about how to torture our prey mercilessly. I am dying to see him crying in front of me and begging for my forgiveness.”

Yan Chaozong smiled happily and started to elaborate on his plan…