Chapter 277 What a Small World

Back when Third Master Wu had planned to celebrate his 70th birthday, he had intended to keep a low profile. However, based on the current situation, it was impossible for him to do so. Otherwise, he would have chosen to go back to Hangzhou instead of staying on Mountain Putuo. The reason he chose to stay on Mountain Putuo was to stay away from these worldly things so that he could enjoy some peacefulness. However, although he was trying his best to avoid worldly etiquette, others simply could not make light of his 70th birthday. They still needed to be courteous and considerate. Even though Third Master Wu could say no to the people who were not capable enough, he could not do the same with those who were not easy to deal with. It was not possible for Third Master Wu to turn all of them down, neither would he do so.

As a result, besides Qin Sheng’s group, other people were also on their way to Mountain Putuo. Many of them were going to attend Third Master Wu’s birthday party on behalf of their families or the tycoons behind the scene.

The brother and sister named Qingning and Qingyu respectively, who came from the Dugu family, were also included. This pair of siblings, whose characters were completely different, also set off in the afternoon. Though Qingning planned to go to Mountain Putuo to attend Third Master Wu’s birthday party, Qingyu went there to worship the Buddha and pray for blessings. The health condition of her mother was not good during this period, as she had just gone through minor surgery. Consequently, Qingning took advantage of this opportunity to conveniently worship the Buddha.

Based on the relationship between Qingning and Yang Deng, it could be easily seen that the Dugu Family also got along with Third Master Wu quite well. Although fights and confrontations had been going on for years, they did not quarrel with each other openly. After all, they had to be on good terms for appearances’ sake. As the saying went, harmony begot wealth. With such a big piece of cake in front of them, they had many opportunities to earn money. It was not necessary for them to become completely indifferent around each other in their life.

Moreover, the time when fighting and quarreling had been common was gone. The members of the older generation had basically taken a back seat. Their successors took advantage of their influence and earned their living delightfully.

Qingning and Qingyu sat on the back row of a Mercedes G63. The driver and the security guards were driving for them. Besides, there were two more cars following them. When the descendants, who came from powerful families, went out, they would typically put on a grand display.

Qingyu played a mobile game and muttered to herself randomly. Then, she said, “Brother, after we are done worshiping the Buddha tomorrow morning, I will go home first. You go to the party on your own at noon since you know I don’t like this kind of occasion.”

Qingning, who was reading the news related to current affairs, directly refused by saying, “No, you can’t. This is a task assigned by Dad. According to him, many young geniuses will certainly attend this time. He asked me to pick out a Mr. Right for you so that we can marry you off early. That way, you will stop acting frivolously every day.”

By taking advantage of an exclusively female armor, Qingyu started to behave in a cute manner. She shook Qingning’s shoulders and said, “Brother, kindly convince the Old Master of our family. You are the one who treats me the best. I am begging you.”

Qingning directly refused and said, “You should convince the Old Master. If you dare to do it, feel free to do so. Unless you are afraid that the Old Master will cut off your allowance.”

Qingyu started to get upset. It was true that Qingning loved his sister dearly. Thus, he frowned as he said, “As a matter of fact, you will just be there to put on a show. You will accompany me there to show me around. When the party is over, we will go back. Why would I push my lovely sister into someone else’s arms? At worst, I should find a man you will like, right?”

Upon hearing Qingning’s words, Qingyu hugged him tight and almost kissed him excitedly. Then, she said, “Brother, I knew it. You are the kindest person ever.”

At the moment, they had already pushed any thought of their Dugu Elder Dad far behind…

By the time Qingning and Qingyu set out, members of Qin Sheng and Yang Deng’s group had almost arrived in Ningbo. Of course, they did not need to enter Ningbo. All they needed to do was drive along the highway toward Mountain Putuo. On the way there, they had talked about many things. Of course, Qin Sheng had brought up the fact that he and Chang Baji had visited Boss Hu’s training base a few days ago. After all, it was Yang Deng and Brother Luo who had set this up for him.

Yang Deng teased Qin Sheng on purpose by saying, “Since we arrived in Ningbo, the way I see it, as a son-in-law whose wife comes from Ningbo, you need to enter the city and visit your father-in-law and mother-in-law. Anyway, as long as we arrive on Mountain Putuo this evening, we are in no rush.” Of course, he knew all the unpleasant things going on between Qin Sheng and the Lin Family. Otherwise, Qin Sheng and Lin Su would not have run away secretly from Shanghai. However, he did admire Lin Su’s courage and resolution very much. As Qin Sheng’s girlfriend, she had left her big family and life of luxury and privilege behind and chosen to endure hardships with Qin Sheng. She must have summoned great courage to make such a decision.

Upon hearing Yang Deng’s words, Qin Sheng gave him a hard look and said, “You are so idle now that you are making fun of me, aren’t you? Even if I enter Ningbo alive, I doubt whether I will get out of it alive.”

Yang Deng smiled happily as he said, “It wouldn’t go that far. Since you have been with Lin Su for such a long time, what is done can’t be undone. I have figured out a solution for you. How about you go home directly with your baby? I am pretty sure the old lad, Lin Changting, won’t kick you out.”

Qin Sheng taunted him by saying, “You f**k off. The dignity of the Lin Family, which has hundreds of years of history, is not easy to deal with.”

Yang Deng reminded Qin Sheng in a friendly tone, “Well, if you are not willing to do it, that’s it. However, based on my estimation, you will definitely meet the members of the Lin Family tomorrow. You need to be psychologically prepared for that.”

Qin Sheng frowned as he said, “Will the Lin Family also send someone over to attend the party?”

Lin Deng said thoughtfully, “Of course. The Lin Family still has many business transactions with us. Moreover, the Old Master is on Mountain Putuo and the Lin Family is a local tyrant of Ningbo, so they will not possibly neglect to show some courtesy. It is unknown who will attend the celebration on the Lin Family’s behalf.”

Qin Sheng shook his head as he said, “Okay. They already knew my whereabouts in Hangzhou and have not taken any action yet. In that case, I will seize the chance to probe tomorrow. I will probably be able to scrounge a free meal in Ningbo after the party.”

Yang Deng teased him. “Ha ha ha… You are good at seeking joy amidst sorrow.” He did not say anything else.

What Yang Deng had said was right. The Lin Family in Ningbo definitely would send someone to attend Third Master Wu’s birthday party. However, the two elders of the Lin Family would not show up. Instead, Lin Su’s brother, who had failed to live up to the expectations would show up on their behalf. No matter how incapable he was, he was still the successor of the Lin Family. Of course, Lin Changting would train him slowly.

In the ancestral house of the Lin family, Lin Changting left Lin Ze some advisories as he said, “I have already prepared the gifts. You will leave early tomorrow morning. Don’t be late.”

Lin Ze nodded as he said, “No worries, Dad. I will get up at 6 o’clock and set out. I promise that I won’t ruin it.” Since he had a chance to look good and gain glory, he would naturally not miss it.

Lin Changting felt somewhat exhausted. In the past six months, nothing had gone well with the Lin Family. It was unknown what had gone wrong. However, he planned to hire a master who was good at fortune-telling to look into the source of the issues.

“Okay.” Lin Changting, who was somewhat drowsy, waved his hands, indicating that Lin Ze could leave.

Lin Ze did not leave. Instead, he asked, “Dad, what on earth are you going to do with them? Will you let them keep living in Hangzhou and disgracing our family?”

Lin Changting let out a sigh as he said, “You don’t need to worry about these things. After all, she is still my daughter, not matter what she has done.” He knew who had sent the document to him. What had happened to the Lin Family made him feel worn out. Thus, he started to wonder whether God was punishing him for this.

If he just let them go, he would feel somewhat reluctant. After all, he did not like the young man. He definitely would not let him take advantage of his amazing daughter that easily. However, his daughter had actually abandoned everything for him, which made him feel pretty helpless. Speaking of his so-called dignity, at first, he had been pretty agitated. However, nothing mattered to him now. If he decided to give up looking into Qin Sheng and Lin Su’s issue, he would not be able to explain to the Yan Family. Since the relationship between the Yan Family and the Lin Family was complex, if the members of the Yan Family were angry, he would not be able to put up with it. Plus, so many issues had come up.

“Dad. The way I see it, you are going to let them go. How are you going to deal with the Yan Family? I know it is not possible for this marriage alliance between us to be completed. However, since the Yan Family values dignity the most, they certainly won’t spare Lin Su and Qin Sheng. I know Yan Chaozong’s temper more than anyone else. If we let them go, Yan Chaozong will probably vent his anger on us. Anyway, we owe the Yan Family an explanation.” Lin Ze felt conflicted in secret. After all, everyone wanted to be Yan Chaozong’s older brother-in-law. However, what had been done could not be undone. He would never be Yan Chaozong’s older brother-in-law. Since Qin Sheng had beaten him once, it certainly was not possible for him to let him go that easily.

“You can just stay out of this issue. I will ask your Second Uncle to go to Hangzhou again. He will talk to them. If they can reach an agreement, it will be great. If not, we can think of another way.” Lin Changting already felt somewhat indecisive. What could he do? He really had no way out. Lin Su was his biological daughter. He simply could not have Qin Sheng killed. If he did, Lin Su would probably hate him bitterly for the rest of her life. Plus, in that case, he would not be able to explain to Grandma, who had turned her back on him due to Lin Su’s issue.

Lin Ze felt somewhat helpless. However, his father was right. This was the only way out now.

By the time this group of people, including Qin Sheng and Yang Deng, arrived in Ningbo, it was already dark. It took them four full hours to get there by driving. Throughout the whole journey, Gu Qingyang had been the only driver. He had not asked Yang Deng or Qin Sheng to take turns and drive.

They stayed at Landison Resort, where the birthday party would be held tomorrow. After all, the courtyard, where the Old Master was going to enjoy his life in old age, was small. It could not accommodate so many people. Yang Deng asked Qin Sheng and Gu Qingyang to rest first. He had to report to the Old Master. Everyone had most likely arrived today. So had his brother, who had rushed all the way from Shanghai. Yang Deng had not seen him in a long time.

Qin Sheng let Gu Qingyang rest first. He needed to call Lin Su, as it was a part of his daily routine. As the saying went, what a female needed the most was a sense of security and consideration.

When the call was picked up, Qin Sheng started to nag Lin Su with various questions, such as how she was doing there, if she had eaten and rested well, when she would come back, and so on. Lin Su answered all the questions. She would fly back tomorrow night.

Qin Sheng said randomly, “Do you know where I am now?”

Lin Su replied, sounding somewhat surprised, “Where are you?”

Qin Sheng replied slowly, “In Ningbo.”

Upon hearing this news, Lin Su was startled. She was silent for a long time. She thought Qin Sheng had rushed back to the Lin Family to conduct a negotiation on his own.

Qin Sheng said happily, “Ha ha ha! You are an idiot, right? I told you that Third Master Wu would hold his birthday party tomorrow. I am here to attend his birthday party.” In that case, he needed to rush back after the birthday party came to an end tomorrow. Since he had not seen Lin Su for a week, he had missed her very much.

Lin Su came back to her senses and replied gently, “Oh…” Then, she let out a sigh.

Qin Sheng said out of concern, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Su replied honestly, “Lin Yue called me again today. Grandmother has not been in a good condition recently. Lin Yue always asks me when I can go back to see my Grandmother. Ever since my childhood, among all my family, Grandmother is the one who’s loved me the most. I feel somewhat sad deep down.”

What Lin Su had said made Qin Sheng feel uncomfortable. He knew how much Lin Su and Grandma loved each other. Since Lin Su had abandoned everything for his sake, after pondering for a while, he had no choice but to make up his mind. Grinding his teeth, he said, “When you return, I will accompany you to Ningbo. Since Grandma is old, we should try our best to see her, in case we will regret this later. We can deal with everything else together.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Su felt warm deep down in an instant. This was the man she had chosen to stay with. He would not flinch under any circumstances.

After Qin Sheng finished talking to Lin Su, Yang Deng soon came back. He had stayed there for a short while. After all, there were many people in the Old Master’s place. He simply did not like that kind of atmosphere.

Consequently, Yang Deng planned to take both Qin Sheng and Gu Qingyang out to have dinner. After all, he knew Mountain Putuo the best.

However, as soon as they arrived at the hall, they accidentally ran into the brother and sister from the Dugu family, who also lived here. What a small world.