Chapter 278 Running into a Member of the Lin Family Again

What Qin Sheng had experienced a few days ago was still fresh in his memory. He had been tortured so mercilessly by this girl who came from a rich family. It did not occur to him that he would meet her here again. He thought, “Alas! I forgot to check the lunar calendar to see whether it was suitable for me to go out today or not.”

As Qingning had said, he and Yang Deng were friends to each other, more or less. However, due to the different standpoints they took, it was not possible for them to become very close friends. At this moment, both his sister Qingyu and he had already noticed Qin Sheng and Yang Deng at a short distance, who were walking out. It did not surprise them at all that they would meet Yang Deng. After all, Third Master Wu would celebrate his birthday tomorrow. As his sole foster son, Yang Deng certainly would go to Putuo Mountain to attend the birthday party. But Qingning felt confused when he saw Qin Sheng by Yang Deng’s side. Originally, he had thought that Qin Sheng was just an acquaintance of Yang Deng. Surprisingly, he was also connected to Third Master Wu, which he found somewhat intriguing. After all, not everybody could attend the birthday party.

Qingning went on walking in an extremely natural manner. However, after glimpsing Qin Sheng, Qingyu felt so angry that she walked toward Qin Sheng as if she had come across her long-time enemy.

Yang Deng also saw the brother and sister of the Dugu family. Of course, he knew both of them. Since he met them now, he certainly needed to exchange greetings with them. However, he did not know what had happened between them and Qin Sheng at all.

Several seconds later, as expected, they met each other.

Before Qingyu greeted Yang Deng, Qingyu directly lashed out her anger as she said with sarcasm, “Wherever I go, I will end up meeting you. You are such a hunter.”

“You speak my mind. I wonder if you have a crush on me. If not, since I just arrived here, why did you immediately show up?” Of course, even if Qingyu’s brother was by her side, Qin Sheng would not spoil her. Based on his knowledge about Qingning, he knew Qingning certainly would not get involved in this kind of issue.

Upon hearing what Qin Sheng had said, Qingyu said agitatedly, “You said I have a crush on you, right? Are you blind? Take a look at your own ugly appearance. Even if all the men in the world would die, I would not take you.”

Qin Sheng shrugged as he said, “If I were the only left man in the world, the way you see it, would I care to give a damn about you?”

At first, Yang Deng felt somewhat confused. After that, he became surprised. Anyone could tell that Qin Sheng and Qingyu knew each other. Moreover, apparently, they bore grudges against each other. Otherwise, they would not have yelled at each other when they had just met.

“You…” Qingyu was speechless. When it came to squabbling, Qin Sheng would never be defeated. After all, he had majored in philosophy and he was skilled in tricking people. Of course, it was not possible for Qingyu to beat him. She shook Qingning’s arms somewhat splutteringly as she said, “Brother, he bullies me. You need to help me teach him a lesson quickly.”

Obviously, it was Qingyu who had spoken out first to offend Qin Sheng. Of course, Qingning could not help her. Moreover, Yang Deng was also on the scene. As a result, he chuckled as he said, “Here we are again. My sister always acts like this. Don’t take her seriously.”

Qin Sheng smiled gently. Qingyu went on babbling as she said, “I am angry now. You are on the wrong side again, brother.”

Instead of paying attention to his sister, Qingning smiled and greeted Yang Deng as he said, “Lao Yang, long time no see, how have you been doing recently?”

Yang Deng smiled happily as he said, “Still the same. Though I thought you definitely would be in Ningbo, so it did not occur to me that we would meet each other here. However, what happened between them?”

Upon hearing Yang Deng’s words, Qingning laughed out loud. He took a glimpse at Qin Sheng first, stared at his sister, then let out a sigh as he said, “As for this, you have to ask them, the interested parties. I will not say anything further.”

Qin Sheng explained randomly, “It’s just a little misunderstanding. That’s all. However, Miss Qingyu is still angry with me.”

Before Qingyu retorted, Qingning stopped her. They were here to celebrate Third Master Wu’s birthday rather than make a scene. In this vast hotel lobby, probably others were also around. After all, many people would be here to attend Third Master Wu’s birthday party and there were just two to three high-end hotels like the Landison Resort on Putuo Mountain.

Qingning asked randomly, “It seems you are planning to go out, right?”

Yang Deng took the initiative to invite them to have dinner together. He said, “We are planning to go out for dinner. It seems you also have not had dinner yet. Would you like to join us?”

“Holy sh*t!” Of course, Qingning dared not say yes. Since Qingyu and Qin Sheng were enemies of each other, it was well-mannered of them to not fight with each other. How could Qingning dare to let them be entangled with each other? As a result, he replied, “Since we already had dinner on the way here, we won’t join you for dinner.”

Instead of adhering to his offer, Yang Deng said in a low voice, “In that case, see you later.”

Since both parties had a chance to meet each other tomorrow, they said goodbye to each other for now. When Qingyu was about to leave, she gave Qin Sheng a sour look mercilessly. But Qin Sheng completely ignored her. Qingyu was always treated like a delicate treasure. Wherever she went, she would be the focus. Consequently, ignoring her would harm her the most.

The weather tonight was quite good. Though the sea breeze was a little bit strong, the bright moon was shining in the sky, every sound of the waves went into one’s ears, and the singing in praise of the Buddha lingered in the air, making people feel extremely pleased.

Yang Deng planned to take Qin Sheng to have dinner in a vegetarian restaurant. On the way, of course, he asked Qin Sheng about what had happened between him and the Dugu family. If nothing had happened, why had Qingyu treated Qin Sheng as if he were her enemy upon seeing him? However, it seemed that they were not at odds with each other. Otherwise, Qingning would not have treated Qin Sheng so politely.

After Qin Sheng finished elaborating on what had happened that day, Yang Deng said surprisedly, “I don’t know whether I should call you a lucky one or not. You even run into such an issue. However, though Dugu Qingyu is indeed self-willed and unruly, she is an innocent girl without sourness. She is lucky to be born in the Dugu family. If she were born in an ordinary family, she would be probably lead a miserable life.”

Qin Sheng put on a long face as he said, “I don’t know whether she’d be miserable or not. Anyway, I am doomed. Now she has her eyes on me. Probably she will try her best to get revenge on me in the future. However capable I am, I dare not to offend the Dugu family.”

Yang Deng made fun of Qin Sheng again and said, “I have a solution for you. It depends on whether you are willing to get it done or not.”

Staring at Yang Deng, Qin Sheng said, “The way I see it, the solution you offer is not a good one, right?” He could tell from Yang Deng’s expression that he would not offer a reasonable solution.

Yang Deng did not even bother to pay attention to Qin Sheng. He said straightforwardly, “Anyway, since you have broken up with the Lin family, you certainly can’t be the son-in-law of the Lin Family. The way I see it, you can just pick this Dugu Qingyu up and become the son-in-law of the Dugu family. In this case, the issue is solved, isn’t it? In the future, you can have everything go your way in Hangzhou.”

Qin Sheng directly swore as he said, “F**k off.”

Yang Deng laughed out loud. He enjoyed chatting and fooling around with Qin Sheng. Both of them changed their moods in recent days. However, his biggest goal was to trick Qin Sheng to be on his Foster Father’s side. That was the reason why he would take Qin Sheng along to attend his Foster Father’s birthday party. On the way here yesterday, he had also heard from Qin Sheng that he had prepared two gifts for the Old Master. Though he had asked Qin Sheng to show him the gifts, Qin Sheng had insisted on refusing him, saying he would reveal the answer at the birthday party. Yang Deng was somewhat expectant.

After dinner, the group including Qin Sheng and Yang Deng went back to the hotel to rest themselves. They already agreed to burn incense and worship the gods tomorrow morning. When it came to the belief, Qin Sheng somewhat believed in it. Though a lot of things might look superstitious, if you did experience them on your own, you would find out that the science could not offer an explanation to them all. Consequently, someone said in a funny manner, “As for the things that can not be explained by science, they are all theologies.”

To the vast universe, the Earth is just a cloud of dust or not a cloud of dust at all. Of course, the civilization on Earth is nothing of importance at all. In this case, what could the so-called science and theology mean to the vast universe? Of course, this topic is somewhat carried away.

After Qin Sheng went back to the room, Luo Changgong soon came to chat with him, who had just returned from the Old Master’s place. He also lived in the Landison Resort. Ever since Qin Sheng had won honor for him that night, he had taken Qin Sheng as his friend. Of course, he knew Qin Sheng also intended to get some profit out of him. However, speaking of the people at his level, they all knew the rules of survival in this society. The reason why most of the people chose to approach them was to get some profit.

Luo Changgong thought, “But if you want to get some profit out of me, you need to make me think highly of you and make me do it willingly. Otherwise, I could take up whichever young man I liked. Why should I take you up specifically?”

In short, Qin Sheng met all of Luo Changgong’s requirements. Firstly, Qin Sheng was already of high social status. Secondly, Qin Sheng did have some cooperation with them. Thirdly, Qin Sheng had powerful connections. Fourthly, Qin Sheng knew how to bear himself in this world.

If he did not take up Qin Sheng, who else could it be?

Yang Deng had booked the hotel in advance. Qin Sheng’s room and Gu Qingyang’s room were next to each other, both of which were executive suites. Qin Sheng planned to read for a while first and rest himself. At this moment, he had no choice but to chat with Luo Changgong for a while.

Luo Changgong said with interest, “I heard from Lao Ba that you had prepared two gifts for the Old Master. He said you were so secretive about revealing what the gifts were. Tell me what kinds of birthday gifts they are.”

Qin Sheng chuckled as he said, “Surprisingly, you are so inquisitive. Regarding the gifts, I prepared a piece of calligraphy and painting. That’s all.”

Luo Changgong questioned him closely as he said, “Oh. It is true that the Old Master likes calligraphy and painting very much. You are doing it to cater to his fancy. I wonder as for the calligraphy and painting, whose works are they?”

Instead of concealing it, Qin Sheng replied, “I asked for a painting from a master in Hangzhou. Brother Luo, you definitely know who the master is. As for the calligraphy, it is a piece of clumsy work of mine.”

Luo Changgong said with surprise, “Besides Master Liu, there are no other masters in the whole Hangzhou area. Qin Sheng, you are on pretty good terms with Master Liu. It actually took me several months to ask for a painting from him relentlessly. However, what surprises me more is that you actually know how to write calligraphy. Speaking of calligraphy, which you are about to present as a gift to the Old Master, it should not be ordinary at all.”

“Ever since my childhood, I have been influenced by my grandfather. Plus, I often go to the Beilin Museum to copy the calligraphy there. Consequently, I’ve made some achievements. The way I see it, Brother Luo, could you please check on it for me to see whether I can bring it to the table?” Qin Sheng said so on purpose.

Luo Changgong smiled happily as he said, “I am somewhat confident about your capability. In this case, I will not be the first one to see it. The result will be naturally revealed tomorrow when you present it at the birthday party.”

Qin Sheng laughed out loud. Instead of intending to stun anybody, he only wanted to get Third Master Wu’s attention and that was all.

Luo Changgong stood up as he said, “All right. I will not bother you anymore. You should rest early.”

After walking Luo Changgong out, Qin Sheng came back to his room, read a few pages, took a shower, and fell asleep.

In the morning, Qin Sheng was awakened by the sound of the sea. He pulled the curtain open and instantly saw the lush Putuo Mountian as well as the temples that were dispersed on the mountain. Upon lifting his head up, he immediately saw an endless sea. A red sun just rose. The horizon still looked somewhat dark and dim. However, it seemed that the weather today was still good.

Qin Sheng, Gu Qingyang, and Yang Deng saw each other in the dining hall. At this moment, many clients were already here to have breakfast. After all, most of them were here to pay tribute to the god sincerely on Putuo Mountian. Yang Deng came across quite many acquaintances.

As expected, they also ran into the brother and sister of the Dugu family, who were also about to burn incense and worship the gods. Qingyu did not even bother to greet Qin Sheng. She directly grabbed some things, sat down, and started to have breakfast. Qingning chatted randomly with Qin Sheng and Yang Deng for a while.

Putuo Mountian was known as the “Buddhist Paradise on the Sea”. As a result, there were many temples here. Qin Sheng and Yang Deng went to two temples randomly and strolled around for a while. It was not until they thought the time was up that they decided to go back to the hotel.

When they just arrived in the parking lot of the hotel, Qin Sheng ran into an acquaintance of his, who was the last one he wanted to see. Though Yang Deng had warned him that the Lin family would definitely send someone here to attend the birthday party, it did not occur to Qin Sheng that Lin Ze, Lin Su’s brother, would be the one.