Chapter 281 Not Going

Calligraphy as an art form that has been inherited for thousands of years is charming and unique. The writing system is a kind of art, and many people have been fascinated by it. However, those who have been able to make significant achievements and leave their names in calligraphic history are few.

The Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xizhi, Huaisu, and Zhang Xu, the masters of running style calligraphy; four great masters of regular calligraphy, Ouyang Xun, Yan Zhenqing, Liu Gongquan, Zhao Mengfu; and masters from the Song dynasty, such as Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fei, Cai Xiang, and so on…

These master left masterpieces in every dynasty. Wang Xizhi’s Preface to the Poems Collected from the Orchid Pavilion had been regarded as the top handwriting in the world. It was said that his work was buried with Emperor Taizong of Tang Li Shimin, or in the Qian mausoleum of Wu Zetian. Some wanted to dig up the graves to see Wang Xizhi’s writing, and some would even spend their whole lives to see it. However, no one could have the chance to see it.

Nowadays, even those scholars could only learn some basic techniques from predecessors. Most of them are clowns that display their slight skills before experts, but few of them can really become professional. Everyone calls himself a calligrapher, but their calligraphy works are not that good.

Qin Sheng dared not say that he was a master in calligraphy since he had only learned some simple skills of calligraphy. But he was much better than the so-called calligraphers. That was his confidence. He was influenced by the environment since he was a child. Having such an advantage, he also had talent in calligraphy, so he could make achievement in calligraphy.

That was the reason why Qin Sheng spent so much time on this work and made Third Master Wu stunned when he saw the first line. When Qin Sheng finished half of his work, Third Master Wu even stood up and shouted out that it was a masterpiece. Qin Sheng thought he could only create one masterpiece in his whole life.

Modern society is not like the ancient times, writing could not be a kind of ability. After all, people didn’t know much about calligraphy, especially classical calligraphy. They saw Third Master Wu acting so excited, so they all looked over here with curiosity.

Of course, there were some professionals in the crowd. When Qin Sheng’s work had been shown on the screen, many people felt surprised by it. This piece of calligraphy work was excellent, it was a piece with a freely flowing style of writing that made people linger on it. What calligraphy!

“Awesome, he is really awesome,” Dugu Qingning stared at Qin Sheng’s calligraphy and said. He knew a little bit about calligraphy. His old master also liked calligraphy, and he pursued to be an integral part of nature.

Qingning said, “What is that, just like a mess. I can’t even recognize a word. Is it really a good work? It is pettifogging.”

Something that could make Third Master Wu stunned would not be pettifogging. Qingning shook her head and said, “Yu’er, you don’t understand. If this work was created by a master, guess how much it could fetch if it was put up for auction.”

“How much? I would not buy it even it just cost me 50 cents,” Qingyu said.

Qingning said slowly, “At least a million dollars.”

If she told Qingyu the calligraphy was brilliant, she could not appreciate it. It was better to tell her which hero was more powerful in the glory of the king. But if he told her how much the calligraphy was, she could certainly understand it. So when Qingyu heard her brother say that the calligraphy could be worth a million dollars, she had nothing to say. But she wondered, was it really a good work?

She was not a pretty, rich girl that didn’t know anything. She had been studying drawing since she was a child, and she loved music. She was artistic. This calligraphy made Third Master Wu stunned, and surprised all the guests tonight. It seemed that everyone believed it was good.

Third Master Wu stared at the calligraphy, he was still into it. It seemed that he had already been attracted by Qin Sheng’s calligraphy style. People who stood behind were also feeling surprised, they had never thought that a piece of calligraphy work would make the old master have this kind of reaction. Some of these people could understand why this calligraphy work was great, but some of them could not.

Qin Sheng’s brother-in-law, Lin Ze, didn’t pay attention to his work, all he could see was Qin Sheng. Lin Ze didn’t care about the beauty anymore, he also didn’t care about the atmosphere when he came back to earth. He left directly, and he wanted to inform his dad about it. He wanted to see how his family was going to deal with this.

Qu Huanxi and Yuan Ke were vulgar people. They didn’t know much about calligraphy so they could not understand everyone’s reaction. Qu Huanxi muttered, “Isn’t it just a piece of calligraphy? Is it really good? I can also find a work like this in my home.”

“Don’t look down upon Qin Sheng, Young Master. He is excellent. Not everyone could use a piece of calligraphy work to make Third Master Wu happy,” Yuan Ke said calmly.

Third Master Wu finally came back to earth. He said in a low voice, “Is this really your work?”

“To be honest, I also couldn’t believe that was my work when I awoke from a drunken sleep.” Qin Sheng told him the truth. This state could be discovered but not sought. He was just very lucky to create something like this.

Qin Sheng also catered to his pleasure. This is like a passage in the Prajnaparamita : When the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara was coursing in deep Wisdom, he perceived that all five skandhas are empty, thus, he transcended all suffering. Form does not differ from emptiness and emptiness does not differ from form; form is emptiness and emptiness is form. All dharmas are empty in nature; neither arising nor ceasing, neither impure nor pure, neither increasing nor decreasing.

Qin Sheng knew that with his energy, he could not write the complete text of the Prajnaparamita, so he only wrote half of it. Even so, when Qin Sheng finished writing, he had spent all his energy so he went to sleep directly, and came back to earth a few days later.

“Drunkenness makes a man arrogant, you are learning from the old man. I didn’t expect such a brilliant work to be from a nobody like you. It’s interesting. But there is only half of it,” Third Master Wu said when feeling pity.

Qin Sheng was neither humble nor pushy as he said, “I’m afraid the final version of the work would be not that good. This work was out of expectation.”

“Okay, I will take this work. I’m afraid no one will believe it is yours,” the Old Master nodded and said.

Qin Sheng knew how to behave in such a situation, so he no longer said anything. He had achieved his purpose. It was conspicuous to stand here. Yang Deng, who was standing behind, felt really happy. These two gifts that were carefully prepared by Qin Sheng could finally impress the Old Master today. No wonder Qin Sheng did not allow them to see it. They might not have understood what the painting was about, Master Liu would help them even they didn’t understand. However, even if they might not understand this calligraphy work, it was very bad to know nothing.

Qin Sheng went down from the stage and walked to his seat. He could feel the scorching and confused eyes of people, but he didn’t care about being watched.

But when he looked at the seat of Lin Ze, he found it to be empty. Qin Sheng smiled and didn’t say anything. Since they all knew he was in Hangzhou, and they didn’t do anything, they just waited for him to tell the truth.

When Qin Sheng returned to his seat, people at his table began to chat with him. The domineering lady Miss Yang was very polite. “Xiao Qin, I didn’t expect you to hide your ability so deep. It’s too bad. Do you have time today? Chat with me tonight.”

This woman took the initiative to get close to Qin Sheng. Other ordinary men might already have been attracted to her, but Qin Sheng was not interested. He could insist on keeping his distance from Lin Su, just because he had his own principles. How could he mess around with women outside? Furthermore, Miss Yang was not beautiful enough to attract him.

Mr. Qian was straightforward as he smiled and said, “Qin Sheng, drink with me when you come to Shanghai.”

“Thanks, Mr. Qian, I will come to see you,” Qin Sheng said. He didn’t refuse him.

More than 10 minutes later, the birthday party was finally over. Third Master Wu returned to the main table with two foster sons and many confidants. Third Master Wu chatted with friends and accepted the blessings of everyone. Others began toasting on behalf of Third Master Wu, thanking him for coming to join them.

Luo Changgong and Yang Deng walked together, and when they stopped at Qin Sheng’s table, they first toasted everyone. Then they stood behind Qin Sheng and joked, “You are in the limelight today.”

“This is the limelight?” Qin Sheng did not think so.

Luo Changgong said happily, “Many people are talking about you, my father is still talking about your work, isn’t it the limelight?”

“Okay, that is enough. You have to invite us to drink when I come back to Hangzhou. We have to go now.” Yang Deng smiled. Later, Luo Changgong left after informing everyone.

Qin Sheng got up and was ready to leave when the party was coming to an end. He had to go back to Hangzhou soon to pick up Lin Su. The domineering lady Miss Yang and Mr. Qian also came out together. They didn’t know the background of Qin Sheng, but today they had a great conversation. So their relationship could be maintained.

When they walked into the corridor, Lin Ze blocked Qin Sheng’s way with Fu Bo, and said to Qin Sheng in a weird tone, “Qin Sheng, it is so surprising to see you here. You are brave enough to come to Ningbo.”

“What should I call you? Brother-in-law?” When Lin Ze left his seat, Qin Sheng knew that he had already found out, so he provoked him directly.

The three words “brother-in-law” were like knives to him. Lin Ze restrained himself and said, “Brother-in-law? Don’t expect to come into the house of our Lin family.”

“When did you start deciding the things in the Lin family?” Qin Sheng didn’t care.

Miss Yang and Mr. Qian were confused about this situation. They didn’t know how Qin Sheng had some relationship with the Lin family of Ningbo. But these words were quite interesting. “Brother-in-law?”

They knew it was inappropriate to stay here, so they said goodbye to Qin Sheng and left. Qin Sheng smiled and nodded.

Lin Ze said with a cold face, “I don’t have time to talk to you, my second uncle wants to see you. Just follow me, or you will be in trouble.”

Of course Qin Sheng would not follow him. Who knew if it was true or not. This was Ningbo, the local place of the Lin family. He would not take such a risk, so he refused. “No.”

Lin Ze had already hated Qin Sheng for some time. The Lin family and the Yan family would have already become one big family if it were not for Qin Sheng. He could be successful in Shanghai, but Qin Sheng had ruined all these plans.

What Lin Changting meant was to have his second brother meet Qin Sheng. This was his intention. So Lin Changhe asked Lin Ze to take Qin Sheng to come. But Lin Ze had bad manners, his attitude was too tough.

So when he heard what Qin Sheng said, he said directly, “Fu Bo, go.”