Chapter 282 Windfall

Lin Changting had his own plan. After all, he was the master of his family. This thing had happened for half a year, so there was nothing he could do to go back to the beginning. The most important thing was that Lin Su was firm about this and had never thought of it. That was why many things had happened. What was more, the old lady didn’t like him a lot. She hadn’t seen him in half a year.

Lin Changting had to make his choice. He could not offend the Yan family, so he could just use Qin Sheng as a sally port. Of course, he would not quarrel with Qin Sheng anymore, as he admitted that Qin Sheng was important to Lin Su.

That was why he had asked Lin Changhe to talk with Qin Sheng.

However, Lin Ze didn’t know what his dad meant. He thought his dad had done this for the Lin family’s reputation and that his family would continue to torment Qin Sheng. Thus, he was not polite to Qin Sheng.

He definitely did not know that his dad still loved his sister, but his love was deep in his heart. Because his dad was a real man, as well as the master of the Lin family, he had to conceal all his emotion and try not to be too straightforward. Lin Su would suffer more if he treated Lin Su well. His wife and relatives would not let Lin Su live a good life.

What was more, Qin Sheng used to beat Lin Ze in front of the Lin family. Lin Ze was a stingy man who bore grudges in his mind, so he would do something harsh to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng rejected Lin Ze’s requirement, but Lin Ze didn’t take Qin Sheng seriously. Whether Qin Sheng was willing or not, he had to go with Lin Ze that day. If Qin Sheng could not be persuaded, Lin Ze would take tough action and Qin Sheng would deserve it.

Fu Bo knew that today was Third Master Wu’s birthday, so he could not cause trouble. However, since Lin Ze had told him to do that, as a servant, he had to listen to his master. However, he still said nicely, “Why bother? Just follow us.”

“Fu Bo, you want to fight with me?” Qin Sheng said firmly. Last time, he had been beaten by Fu Bo in the Lin family’s house. However, he had gotten injured and hurt himself. If he really fought with Fu Bo, Fu Bo would not beat him.

Fu Bo had no choice. He had no way out, so he just said, “Sorry.”

After saying that, Fu Bo caught Qin Sheng’s shoulder by using the golden cicada hand. Qin Sheng held his breath and used the strength of his body, opening Fu Bo’s arms by using only one hand. Fu Bo definitely would not give up. When he failed to catch Qin Sheng’s shoulders twice, he caught Qin Sheng’s arms directly and tried to drag Qin Sheng out.

Qin Sheng’s scorn was evident on his face. He was not who he had been before. Thus, he took a step forward and lifted his knee to force Fu Bo to back off so that Fu Bo would just retreat. Qin Sheng put his legs in the middle and pulled Fu Bo’s arms back before following up with an elbow attack against Fu Bo’s chest. Fu Bo could only loosen Qin Sheng’s arms and use his arms to stop Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng suddenly lifted the leg he used to maintain his position and attacked Fu Bo’s abdomen. Fu Bo had no way to avoid this. All he could do was stay away from them. Thus, he was nearly attacked by Qin Sheng.

“What are you doing here? What do you think this place is?” The fight between Fu Bo and Qin Sheng had attracted many spectators, so they were surrounded by both sides of the aisle. This big movement had startled the masters of the house. Yuan Zhou came out with Wu Yongchuan and some other fellows and shouted at the people.

Lin Ze said impolitely, “This is our business. It’s none of your business.”

“What did you say? Why is the Lin family from Ningbo bothering us here?” Of course, Yang Deng would stand by Qin Sheng, so he spoke without hesitation. They immediately stood by his side.

Lin Xe suddenly felt embarrassed. He did not know how to respond.

Wu Yongchuan asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Qin Sheng did not want to embarrass his brother-in-law. After all, he was Lin Su’s brother. Thus, he said, “It’s just a misunderstanding.”

Yang Deng, who did not give up, said, “If you want to make a mess here, think about who you are. Don’t play tricks on me, or I will not treat you well.”

Lin Ze’s face was changing. He stared at these people and was deep in thought for a while before he told Qin Sheng, “You are lucky today. Let’s see, Fu Bo. Let’s go.”

Then, Lin Ze left with Fu Bo. Of course, he would not stay here to look for trouble.

This trouble was finally over. Yuan Zhou and Wu Yongchuan stared at Qin Sheng for a few seconds and then went back with their fellows. Everyone had left, but Yang Deng and Qin Sheng were still there.

Yang Deng frowned and said, “Why did the Lin family look for you?”

Qin Sheng nodded with a frown. He signed, as he knew this would happen sooner or later.

“Later, you’ll go back to Hangzhou with me. Let’s see whether the Lin family will still dare to hurt you,” Yang Deng said.

Qin Sheng frowned. “That is okay, I should go back to Hangzhou earlier. Tonight, Lin Su will be back from a business trip, so I have to pick her up at the airport.”

Yang Deng paused and said, “But the old master just told me that he wants to talk to you after the party. He thought you wouldn’t leave so soon.”

“The old master wants to talk to me?” Qin Sheng was surprised.

Yang had a bitter smile on his face. When Qin Sheng heard this, he hesitated for a while. It seemed that he didn’t have too much time. He had no choice, so he could only ask Chang Baji to pick up Lin Su if he could not go back in time.

“I’ll get some rest first. Call me later.” Qin Sheng, who could only stay, went back to his room after saying that.

The birthday party was coming to an end. All the guests started to leave, and Third Master Wu had been sent back to the house located by the sea. Qin Sheng rested in the room. Yang Deng called Qin Sheng to tell him that he was waiting for him at the hall.

Qin Sheng finished his check-out with Gu Qingyang and was led to Third Master Wu’s yard by Yang Deng. It was a place near the temple, so Third Master Wu would stroll over there, chat and drink tea with the masters.

There were few cars parked on the road outside the yard. These were all important fellows of Third Master Wu, so of course they would not leave in a hurry.

Qin Sheng told Gu Qingyang to wait outside before he and Yang Deng went into the yard. The man, who was over fifty years old, was standing outside the yard and chatting with a few men. Yuan Zhou and Wu Yongchuan, who were not far away, were also chatting and smoking. When Qin Sheng came in, they all looked at him. Qin Sheng just nodded at him.

Yang Deng took Qin Sheng to the study. Qin Sheng’s calligraphy was on the rosewood desk in the study. Third Master Wu was playing with the Buddha beads with his hands while appreciating the calligraphy with a smile on his face. In his opinion, Qin Sheng’s calligraphy was undoubtedly the best present for his birthday.

Yang Deng said in a nice manner, “Dad, Qin Sheng is coming.”

Old Wu raised his head, waved at the others and said, “You guys go out.”

“Master…” Third Master Wu’s bodyguard said as he frowned.

Third Master Wu thought it was funny. “Why not?”

Since Third Master Wu had said so, they could only walk out of the study.

Third Master Wu looked at Qin Sheng and said, “I met you last year. I felt some resentment for Han Guoping at the time, so when he got into trouble, I naturally hit him while he was down. This is what I did. Though I’m a vegetarian and I pray to Buddha, I’m not a generous man. I take revenge on those who offend me. Thus, I asked Yang Deng to go to Shanghai and give Han Guoping a lesson. He unexpectedly met you. You are better than him. However, although he was defeated by you, you didn’t kill him. Finally, Jiang Xianbang took two old treasures to beg me to forgive you. I’m very curious about the relationship between you and Jiang Xianbang.”

Qin Sheng had never thought that Third Master Wu would have such a good memory. It was said that old people forgot things easily. However, he could still remember these old things.

“Uncle Jiang knew my grandpa,” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully. He didn’t mention his grandpa much.

Third Master Wu said, “No wonder he treated you so well. I heard that you followed him for a long time. You would live a good life if he was still here. What a pity.”

Qin Sheng did not talk too much. He called Uncle Jiang when he was back and told him what had happened in Hangzhou. Uncle Jiang did not have an opinion. He was just happy that Qin Sheng was still alive. He told Qin Sheng to be careful when he was in Hangzhou and gave him some suggestions. He could not help Qin Sheng too much. After all, he was not in Hangzhou anymore.

Now Jiang Xianbang was living a good life in Hongkong. Sometimes, he would travel to Southeast Asia and try to come back when all these things passed. It might take two or three years. Qin Sheng had worried about Qing’er at the beginning. After all, he didn’t know what was going on with Qing’er when he was not in Shanghai. However, Jiang Xianbag had said that Qing’er was good, so Qing Sheng didn’t worry about it anymore.

“I heard Yang Deng say that you are now working for Cao Da?” Third Master Wu asked.

Qin Sheng nodded honestly. “Yes, I’ve been working for Uncle Cao since I came to Hangzhou.”

“Xiao Luo said you are close to Master Liu. No wonder you have this painting. It is a painting of an old man lying down in a room. However, I don’t have the same ambition anymore.” Third Master Wu sighed. The old man on the painting still had ambitious eyes, yet Third Master Wu wasn’t ambitious anymore. He was getting old, and society was different.

Qin Sheng continued to stay silent. He had to be cautious before saying anything.

“Is this calligraphy your work?” Qin Sheng was silent, which made Third Master Wu feel bored. Thus, he paid attention to the calligraphy he loved. He still couldn’t believe it was Qin Sheng’s work.

Qin Sheng thought it was funny. “Master Liu said my work could be considered professional.”

Qin Sheng’s answer was really ingenious. Master Liu was a professional calligraphy evaluator, so if he had approved of Qin Sheng’s work, Third Master Wu would certainly not doubt it anymore.

“I will keep this calligraphy piece. I can promise you one thing that I am able to do for you. Just call me whenever you need me.” Of course, Third Master Wu was clear about what Qin Sheng wanted to do. However, he didn’t agree with Yang Deng’s idea to accept Qin Sheng into his circle. This circle was complex enough that it would be really complex if he let Qin Sheng in. He was old and he didn’t want to deal with this trouble anymore.

What Third Master Wu had said had already surprised Qin Sheng a lot. He didn’t think too much. This was a windfall, so he immediately said, “Thank you, old master.”

Third Master Wu nodded and said, “If you are able to write down the second half, I will promise you another thing. Just visit me at any time.”

These words gave Qin Sheng so much power. He would definitely write it down if he had time. However, he didn’t say yes immediately. Third Master Wu would understand.

Third Master Wu continued to appreciate Qin Sheng’s calligraphy after this conversation. What a good calligraphy work. It actually featured the styles of Huai Su and Zhang Xu, but Qin Sheng did not have the same strength.

Qin Sheng left politely. The trip to Putuo Mountain had helped him reach his goal.